FBF: UK worst country for protecting chains

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Retail sales see 'second worst January' since records began

The Bookseller – 2012-02-07

UK retail sales returned to negative like-for-like growth last month, in what was described as...

Retail sales growth "worst for 6 months"

The Bookseller – 2011-12-06

The British Retail Consortium has labelled November sales growth "the worst for six months...

Ireland's love of print can survive the worst of recessions

Guardian – 2011-05-16

This is a small country of 4.5 million but these are people who buy newspapersIreland will soon play host to the Queen and Barack Obama – like all good US presidents, Obama claims Irish descent....

Sun worst for digital usability

Guardian – 2011-05-13

Red-top comes bottom in report looking at how user-friendly papers are on platforms including internet, iPad and iPhoneIt may be the biggest-selling daily in the UK, but the Sun has come bottom in a...

Trade experiences worst March since 2005

The Bookseller – 2011-04-07

Written By: Philip Stone and Graeme Neill Publication Date: Thu, 07/04/2011 - 09:11 Spending in March has hit a six-year low, with sales slumping by 8.7% year on year. read more

Japanese book trade facing worst crisis since WWII

The Bookseller – 2011-03-22

Written By: Graeme Neill Publication Date: Tue, 22/03/2011 - 16:31 The Japanese earthquake and tsunami has caused the worst disruption to the Japanese book industry since the Second World War, the...

UK's big four could be worst hit in REDgroup collapse

The Bookseller – 2011-02-25

Written By: Charlotte Williams Publication Date: Fri, 25/02/2011 - 08:45 The UK's big four publishing groups—Penguin, Hachette, Random House and HarperCollins—could be the worst hit in terms of...

Newspaper Q3 Ad Revenue Sank 18.1% In Worst Quarterly Performance Ever

Editor And Publisher – 2008-12-01

Print and online newspaper advertising revenue plunged 18.11% in the third quarter of this year -- the worst decline by far in the nearly four decades the Newspaper Association of America (NAA) has...

Worst is yet to come for Europe's ad market

International Herald Tribune – 2008-07-14

Advertising executives and media owners are worried that European marketers will slash their ad budgets, as many of their counterparts have already done in America.

Encyclopedia of evil: a catalog of history's 100 worst atrocities

The Christian Science Monitor – 2012-02-24

Librarian Matthew White discusses 'The Great Big Book of Horrible Things' and his desire to set the record straight. 

Was Einstein ‘world’s worst husband?

Hindustan Times – 2012-04-24

Albert Einstein may be regarded as one of the world’s most important scientists but despite his innumerable professional successes, he found it hard to sustain a happy married life and treated his...

The Worst Baby Advice Ever

Slate – 2012-11-23

In the annals of bad baby advice, a dubious prize goes to Tennessee preacher Michael Pearl, who provoked outrage last year when it came to light that a book he’d written with his wife, To Train Up...

The worst publisher of all time

Salon.com – 2013-01-10

If you think writers and publishers today are dodgy, get a load of the crooks and scoundrels of 18th-century London

Amanda McKittrick Ros, the Worst Novelist in History

Slate – 2013-01-23

This is an excerpt from Mark O’Connell’s Epic Fail, an original e-book published by The Millions.

Worst Magazine Cover of the Year?

Slate – 2013-03-29

A decade ago, when I was on the national desk at Newsweek, a handful of us would spend slow nights competing to see who could come closest to writing the Platonic ideal of a perfect coverline. 

The future is no fun: Self-publishing is the worst

Salon.com – 2013-05-04

I published three novels at big houses to good reviews. Now I'm my own publisher, and the media wants no part of me

Is this the worst book of the year?

Stuff – 2013-06-03

There are so many things wrong with the new book The MILF Diet by former Whole Foods chef Jessica Porter it's difficult to know where to begin. But its name is probably the most glaring so let's dive...

Which airports, airlines perform worst?

CNN – 2013-07-12

Need to get somewhere on time? Don't book a connecting flight through China.

Vopak worst hit as European shares slip back

Reuters – 2013-07-19

LONDON, July 19 (Reuters) - European shares slipped back on Friday, with Dutch group Vopak lagging after cutting its profit outlook, and several traders said they would look to sell to book profits...

Brazilian Publishing Industry Sees Worst Decline Since 2002

Publishing Perspectives – 2013-08-02

Hit by inflation and lower government purchases, Brazil's book market shrank by 2.64% last year, the worst decline in real value since 2002.

Best and Worst Pod Coffeemakers Tested

ABC News – 2013-08-26

You don't have to buy the most expensive machinery for the best pod coffee makers, according to a test by Consumer Reports magazine.    

Why Even the Worst Bloggers Are Making Us Smarter

Wired – 2013-09-17

We write the equivalent of 520 million books every day on social media and email. The fact that so many of us are writing ? sharing our ideas, good and bad ? has changed the way we think. Just as we...

Ten of the worst publishing moments

Guardian – 2013-09-27

A televised scuffle on the Brighton seafront made a laughing-stock of editor Iain Dale this week - but that's nothing compared with the humiliation of the publishers who turned down Harry PotterIain...

Worst movie ever? 'The Disaster Artist' explores 'The Room'

Los Angeles Times – 2013-09-27

'The Room' costar Greg Sestero and Tom Bissell detail the making of this cult movie and the actor's history with Tommy Wiseau in 'The Disaster Artist.'Many movies have been awarded the dubious honor...

Book reviews roundup: In It Together, Worst. Person. Ever., Tune In

Guardian – 2013-10-11

What the critics thought of In It Together by Matthew d'Ancona, Worst. Person. Ever. by Douglas Coupland, Tune In by Mark LewisohnMatthew d'Ancona's In It Together, an insider account of the...

Report: Stories About Politics Inspire Best, Worst Comments

Editor & Publisher – 2013-10-15

Researchers from the World Association of Newspapers and News Publishers (WAN-IFRA) spoke with online editors and community managers at 104 news organizations from 63 countries to help assemble a...

Jonathan Franzen’s Worst Nightmare

Slate – 2013-10-16

To many devoted readers, bookstores, and collectors, a book is good, but a signed book is best—and the absence of a title page to autograph is just another reason for purists to eschew those...

Students 'worst' at e-book piracy

BBC World – 2013-10-17

Students are the worst when it comes to e-book piracy, says an online data monitoring company.

Sorry, But Even Your Favorite Actors Have Starred In The Worst Movies Ever

The Huffington Post – 2014-02-14

Even great actors have embarrassing movies on their resumes. Colin Farrell, Russell Crowe and Eva Marie Saint are among some of the latest performers to add a bust to their respective careers with...

The Worst Poems By Great Writers

The Huffington Post – 2014-02-21

Poor Kristen Stewart. Last week she allowed Marie Claire to publish a poem she'd written. It didn't go down well. Newspapers, critics and Twitter users fell over themselves to condemn it as "the...

The Best And Worst Design From The 2014 Olympics

Fast Company – 2014-02-21

From the minimal logo to the super-sized halfpipe, here's a roundup of the best and worst design at the Olympics this year.1. BEST: Photographs Of Life In Sochi Before The Olympics Swept In Before...

Is this the worst site on the Internet?

Digiday – 2014-02-28

For legitimate online publishers that rely on display on advertising, it's getting increasingly difficult to make ends meet. That's thanks in large part to long-tail sites that have learned to game...

The 10 Worst Pieces of Advice From Susan Patton's 'Marry Smart'

The Huffington Post – 2014-03-06

Susan Patton, also known as “The Princeton Mom,” first caught the public eye in March 2013, when she published a letter to the editor in The Daily Princetonian. The letter advised the young...

Mike Huckabee’s worst nightmare: Meet the radical sisters who revolutionized 19th century America

Salon.com – 2014-03-09

Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity wouldn't have known what to do with Victoria Woodhull and Tenny Claflin!

Leonard Cohen’s worst tour ever: “I want to play mental asylums”

Salon.com – 2014-04-07

Naked people, acid trips, asylums. Welcome to Leonard Cohen's off-the-rails 1970 concert tour

Watch Gary Shteyngart blurb the world’s worst books

Salon.com – 2014-05-13

Though the author swore off blurbing, he indulged an audience at an improv show

W H Smith defends "worst retailer" rating

The Bookseller – 2014-05-22

W H Smith has defended its customer service record after being voted the worst retailer in the UK...

BEA 2014: Your Opinion Sucks! Best and Worst Book-to-Film Adaptations

Publishers Weekly – 2014-05-31

No one knows how the first book-to-film critics panel at BookCon will go, least of all Matt Atchity, the editor-in-chief of the online film review site Rotten Tomatoes, who is going to be moderating.

This is the absolute worst way to teach your kids to read

Salon.com – 2014-06-13

Apps that force kids to log book time as a way to earn Internet and TV access are a huge mistake

Study ranks Canada's public drug plans from best to worst on access to new drugs: Canadian Health Policy Institute (CHPI)

CNW – 2014-07-02

TORONTO, July 2, 2014 /CNW/ - New research published by the Canadian Health Policy Institute (CHPI) shows that Quebec's publicly funded drug plan provides the best access to new drugs among all...

'Denali's Howl' author Andy Hall discusses one of the worst climbing accidents in American history

The Christian Science Monitor – 2014-07-04

Seven men were killed attempting to climb Mt. McKinley in Alaska in 1967. What happened and why? Hall explores the accident.

Whitewashing Was One Of Hollywood's Worst Habits. So Why Is It Still Happening?

The Huffington Post – 2014-07-11

It probably won't surprise you to learn that early Hollywood's mainstream films were far from racially, ethnically or culturally sensitive. When minority characters were represented at all, they were...

George Clooney rejects Daily Mail apology, calling it 'worst kind of tabloid'

The Guardian – 2014-07-11

Gravity actor accuses paper of a 'cover-up' and telling a 'premeditated lie' after it published a false story about his fianceeGeorge Clooney has rejected the Daily Mail's apology for a false story...

George Clooney rejects Daily Mail apology, saying it is 'the worst kind of tabloid'

The Guardian – 2014-07-11

George Clooney has rejected the Daily Mail's apology for a false story about his fiancee's mother, describing the paper as "the worst kind of tabloid".Two days ago, the actor said the...

Is Twitter the worst place or the best after someone famous dies? I think it’s the latter

GigaOM – 2014-08-13

Some argue that social networks like Twitter are the worst possible place after a celebrity like Robin Williams dies, because they cheapen the experience of mourning by making it public -- but I...

Are These Eames-Inspired Nikes The Worst Thing In The World? Point-Counterpoint

Fast Company – 2014-08-22

In which Co.Design senior writers Mark Wilson and John Brownlee debate the merits of an Eames-Nike mashup. Shit gets personal.MARK: John. John. John. My colleague. My co-conspirator. My friend. I was...

Worst Stuffed Animals Ever Showcased in New Book 'Crap Taxidermy' (PHOTOS)

The Huffington Post – 2014-08-27

A lot of people in the taxidermy world would like to stuff a woman named Kat Su. She's the creator of a website called Crappy Taxidermy , which focuses on the most bizarre and awful examples of...

Journalism and the internet: Is it the best of times? No — but it’s not the worst of times either

GigaOM – 2014-08-29

Writer David Sessions argues in a piece at Patrol magazine that journalism is worse because of the effects of the internet -- but most of the things that he and others complain about have been a part...

The Best And Worst People Magazine Covers Of 2014

The Huffington Post – 2014-12-18

Remember all that fuss about People magazine's Hilary Clinton cover image, in which the former Secretary of State appeared to be using a walker? (It was a chair.) Well apparently it wasn't as big...

The top 10 worst security breaches of 2014

Betanews – 2014-12-17

Another year, another batch of damaging security breaches. It seems that as time goes on companies are becoming more and more vulnerable to hackers, viruses and malware. 2013 saw some massive data...

5 YA Books To Help You Get Through Even The Worst Breakup

The Huffington Post – 2014-12-18

Every girl will go through it at least once in their lives: the dreaded breakup.

Here's Proof George R.R. Martin Would Be The Worst Santa Ever

The Huffington Post – 2014-12-24

All Santas must die. If you ever thought author George R.R. Martin would make a fun Santa Claus, it's time to forget that immediately. CollegeHumor's new sketch explores what it would be like if...

Is Evan Davis really the worst-dressed man in Britain?

The Guardian – 2015-01-05

GQ magazine says Newsnight’s Evan Davis resembles ‘a supply geography teacher’ on-screen. Monkey casts a discerning eye over the evidence Continue reading...

Charlie Hebdo Attack The Worst Act Of Violence Against Media Since 2009

The Huffington Post – 2015-01-09

The deadly siege on the offices of satirical newspaper Charlie Hebdo was the worst attack on the media since 2009, the Committee to Project Journalists reported Wednesday. Masked and heavily armed,...

The worst passwords in the world -- is yours on the list?

Betanews – 2015-01-21

Did you resolve to increase your security in 2015? If the list of top passwords used in 2014 is anything to go by, a lot of people should have had this right at the top of their list of New Year's...

15 Of The Best And Worst Love Lessons We Learned From YA

The Huffington Post – 2015-02-10

When we’re teenagers, some of our earliest lessons about life come from reading books — which is good because books have a whole lot of awesome lessons to teach us.

AOL edit staffers fear the worst after Verizon deal

Digiday – 2015-05-15

While there’s still a lot of uncertainty surrounding Verizon’s AOL acquisition, few are more uncertain that employees at AOL’s publishing brands. Those at The Huffington Post, Engadget and...

Chris Harrison's 'The Perfect Letter' Is The Best Worst Book We've Ever Read

The Huffington Post – 2015-05-18

Do you love romance? Do you love reading? Do you love "The Bachelor"? Are you from Texas? If you answered "yes" to any two of those questions, do we ever have a book for you. "Bachelor" host Chris...

The Worst 401(k) Advice Ever

The Huffington Post – 2015-05-20

In our society, those who step the furthest outside of conventional norms tend to get the most attention. See: Kardashian, Kim. Which brings me to today's topic. James Altucher has been getting lots...

'300 Sandwiches' By Stephanie Smith Is The Best Worst Recipe Book/Memoir Ever

The Huffington Post – 2015-05-27

Sandwiches don't get enough love these days, and by love, I mean books written exclusively about sandwiches. 300 Sandwiches, by Stephanie Smith, isn't quite that, but it's pretty close -- and after...

China and Publishing: The Best of Times, or The Worst of Times?

Publishing Perspectives – 2015-05-29

The Chinese publishing market remains intimidating to the West, but the opportunities for publishers are undeniable, even as Chinese publishers struggle. The post China and Publishing: The Best of...

“The worst spot in Gaza”: “You will not understand how hard it is here” until you see this checkpoint

Salon.com – 2015-05-31

A 30-minute trip could take 10 hours -- I wondered how people could accept the unendurable with such quiet patience

What if Cannes Lions celebrates the worst, not the best of advertising?

The Guardian – 2015-06-08

The ad industry’s disconnect from consumers is epitomised by the festival, where we toast an industry that’s in love with technology and itself, not peopleOne of the oddest things about...

Free school visits ‘one of the worst things an author can do’

The Bookseller – 2015-07-07

Following the debate over whether authors should be paid to appear at festivals, children’s writers have warned that fewer schools are now offering to pay for author visits.

‘I still have the ulcer': Veteran editors on their worst mistakes

Digiday – 2015-07-21

As Gawker does battle with itself and the public over a controversial article it posted, then withdrew, we paused to ask longtime editors about the mistakes that plague them. David Plotz’s,...

Pseudo-science and Bible-thumping, the worst of both worlds: The problem with rehab, AA and calling addiction a disease

Salon.com – 2015-07-25

Marc Lewis tells Salon that addiction is about habit — and calling it a disease hinders addicts from recovery

Angels bullpen bails out Andrew Heaney after worst start of season

Los Angeles Times – 2015-08-08

It was a festive night for the Angels, as Mike Trout celebrated his 24th birthday with a home run, the bottom two batters in the order chipped in four RBIs and the team gained another game of...

Why Iraq is the 'worst strategic failure since the foundation of the United States'

CBC – 2015-08-23

Emma Sky’s new book draws on her experience as a civilian volunteer aiding the reconstruction of Iraq and advising U.S. generals. It's a first-hand look at disastrous mistakes made by the Bush and...

Why The Worst Thing You Can Do Is Let A Guy Hold You Back From Your Future

The Huffington Post – 2015-08-27

Originally published on Unwritten by Alexandra Sakellariou. "Oh honey, I'm sorry, but (s)he's holding you back." You wouldn't believe how many times I've said this line - whether to other people or...

Apple 'own worst enemy,' U.S. antitrust monitor says in report

Yahoo! News – 2015-10-06

By Joseph Ax NEW YORK (Reuters) - Apple Inc's antitrust compliance program has improved, but the company continues to impede a court-appointed monitor overseeing the program, acting as "its...

Italian olive oil bounces back after one of the worst years in history

Los Angeles Times – 2015-10-16

Touring their centuries-old olive orchard and state-of-the-art oil mill with just a month to go before harvest, Crudo’s Giuseppe Schiralli and Antonio Rutigliano are all smiles. At this time last...

How to fix Windows 10's worst problems -- Part 2

Betanews – 2015-10-23

Let’s be honest here, Windows 10 was released a little prematurely. There are inconsistencies throughout, Microsoft Edge is an unfinished mess, and then there are the bugs… Microsoft has been...

Racist, ​s​exist, ​r​ude​ and crude​: the worst of 20th century advertising – in pictures

The Guardian – 2015-11-19

Beyond Belief, a new book by Charles Saatchi, brings together the most shocking advertising campaigns of the last century. From racism and sexism to dodgy health claims, nothing was out of bounds for...

Second-worst ever PS4 game pulled

Stuff – 2015-11-23

Afro Samurai 2: The Revenge of Kuma has been cut short and pulled from sale due to being "a failure", according to publisher Versus Evil.

The Best- and Worst-Selling Magazine Covers Of 2015

The Huffington Post – 2015-12-15

As magazine newsstand sales continued on their decline in 2015—dropping 12 percent year over year in the third quarter alone, per MagNet—publishers endeavored to produce covers worth...

Roundup: Ellsworth Kelly dies; L.A.'s worst neighbors; a 19th century 'boob selfie'

Los Angeles Times – 2015-12-29

A master of Color Field painting has passed away. A study shows the important role of performing arts in cities. And a look at how L.A. freeways are serving the improbable role of shelter. Plus:...

The worst idea in the presidential debate: a return to the gold standard

Los Angeles Times – 2015-12-31

The physicist Wolfgang Pauli had a concise retort to a theory or paper that was so fundamentally incorrect that it beggared analysis. Such work, he said, was "not even wrong." The judgment could...

The hateful seven: The worst dates to fly this year

Los Angeles Times – 2016-01-24

By now, most savvy air travelers know that the best time to book a flight is about six to eight weeks before the departure date.But flying on certain days is going to cost more, no matter when you...

Lakers rally to avoid franchise-worst losing streak, defeat the Timberwolves, 119-115

Los Angeles Times – 2016-02-03

The Lakers avoided setting a new franchise mark in futility on Tuesday night, ending a 10-game losing streak with a win over the Minnesota Timberwolves at Staples Center, 119-115. While the Lakers...

The 10 Worst Reasons to Quit

The Huffington Post – 2016-02-17

1.You're tired of repetition. My mom used to say that learning, accomplishing or doing anything is like playing the piano. You'll never be any good if you don't sit down every day and do it....

Why you should fly the world's worst

The Sydney Morning Herald – 2016-02-19

Here are five reasons to book your ticket now, before the thrill of flying the world's only one-star airline vanishes forever.

Publishers air their worst ad tech pitches: ‘They’re like the multi-headed hydra’

Digiday – 2016-03-03

For publishers, the flood of pitches for ad tech services embodies the multi-headed Hydra from Greek mythology. Their biggest pet peeves when it comes to being pitched? Ad tech firms that...

These are the worst domains for harboring malware

PC World – 2016-03-07

Generic top-level domains (gTLDs) that have sprung up in recent years have become a magnet for cybercriminals, to the point where some of them host more malicious domains than legitimate...

Sun removes inaccurate article claiming Sheffield estate 'worst in Britain'

The Guardian – 2016-03-22

Sheffield MP Paul Blomfield said online article used outdated quotes and caused ‘huge offence to a great community’The Sun has taken down an article claiming that a Sheffield estate was about to...

Lakers fall to Jazz, 123-75, and match their worst loss in franchise history

Los Angeles Times – 2016-03-29

Kobe Bryant has received plenty of memorable gifts on his farewell tour.A slab of the Garden court from the Boston Celtics. An elite five-day Napa Valley vacation from Golden State. A giant framed...

Global investment banking fees fall 29 percent in first-quarter, worst since 2009

Reuters – 2016-04-04

LONDON (Reuters) - Global investment banking fees fell 29 percent in the first quarter of 2016 from a year earlier as market volatility put a brake on dealmaking and equity and debt capital markets...

Clippers send Lakers to franchise-worst 62nd loss, 91-81

Los Angeles Times – 2016-04-07

Lakers fans cheered Kobe Bryant as if Wednesday represented the turning point in a late-May playoff series.It was loud when he touched the ball in the post. It was even louder when he scored.When he...

Worst-Case Scenarios

Slate – 2016-04-08

Emailing with cartoonist Jordan Crane about his incredible artwork for this month’s Slate Book Review, I asked if he could dial down, just a little bit, the pools of blood in his illustration for a...

ICYMI: The best ads, the worst publisher tactic and the ugly brand pander du jour

Digiday – 2016-05-27

Welcome to the long weekend. You’ve earned this brief respite. If, on your rush to get out the door and hit the beach, you missed the best Digiday stories this week, this ICYMI roundup has your...

Fifty dead in Orlando gay nightclub shooting, worst mass killing in U.S. history; gunman reportedly pledged allegiance to Islamic State

Los Angeles Times – 2016-06-13

A heavily armed gunman who had reportedly pledged allegiance to Islamic State stormed into a packed gay nightclub in Orlando, Fla., early Sunday, and began rapidly firing into the crowd, killing...

CalPERS posts worst year since 2009, with slim returns

Los Angeles Times – 2016-07-19

California’s largest public pension fund made a return of less than 1% in its most recent fiscal year, the fund’s worst performance since 2009. The California Public Employees’ Retirement...

Movie Alert: 'Middle School: The Worst Years of My Life'

Publishers Weekly – 2016-08-11

It's boy vs. middle school. The live-action adaptation of James Patterson's bestselling novel 'Middle School: The Worst Years of My Life' opens on October 7.

The Worst Of The Internet Is Sabotaging Amy Schumer's Book With Fake 1-Star Reviews

The Huffington Post – 2016-08-18

Amy Schumer’s new book, The Girl with the Lower Back Tattoo, has only been available for one day, but people who desperately need to break the seal of their parent’s...

Alabama hands USC its worst season-opening loss, 52-6

Los Angeles Times – 2016-09-04

Alabama hands USC its worst season-opening loss, 52-6 Sept. 3, 2016, 8:37 p.m. Lane Kiffin got his revenge. Alabama's defense was stifling and its offense just kept rolling. The Crimson Tide...

'Worst President Ever' names a name: James Buchanan

The Christian Science Monitor – 2016-10-13

Although highly qualified for the job, James Buchanan failed massively as 15th president of the United States. Journalist and author Robert Strauss explains why.

Here are the airports expected to have the worst Thanksgiving travel delays

Los Angeles Times – 2016-11-18

With more Americans hitting the road — and the skies — for the Thanksgiving holiday, travelers stuck at airports can expect longer lines and bigger headaches. The busiest airport is expected to...

NBA roundup: LeBron James and Cavaliers hand Knicks their worst loss of season

Los Angeles Times – 2016-12-08

LeBron James scored 25 points, Kyrie Irving and Kevin Love also surpassed 20, and the Cleveland Cavaliers crushed the New York Knicks, 126-94, on Wednesday night at Madison Square Garden.  James had...

Puffin to publish Worst Witch tie-in

The Bookseller – 2016-12-23

Puffin Books will next month publish a new version of Jill Murphy’s The Worst Witch to tie-in with a CBBC adaptation.

The Worst Leader In History

The Huffington Post – 2016-12-31

A couple months ago the Atlantic asked me to contribute to the series the magazine runs on the back page of their magazine. Each month they ask a question to a number of individuals. They said the...

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