Exciting Lineup of Speakers Announced for Our Interactive Show in NOLA

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Ebooks and apps innovation exciting publishers despite price concerns

Guardian – 2012-01-13

Companies hope quality will be key weapon against wave of 99p competition on ebook and app storesThe evolution of books into interactive, digital products is far from over, according to Henry Volans,...

2010's Most Exciting Food Books

Publishers Wekly – 2010-01-04

There’s a lot to look forward to in 2010. I’ll be watching Chronicle to see what food and drink titles it decides to publish with compatible mobile applications and enhanced e-books; and can’t...

Exciting Lineup of Speakers Announced for Our Interactive Show in NOLA

Editor And Publisher – 2009-03-18

Coming in May.

Namibia: Kerina Promises Exciting New Book

AllAfrica.com – 2008-09-01

One of Namibia's most controversial and leading politicians Mburumba Kerina is writing a book, which is set to be published at the end of next year.

Curtis Brown's self-publishing list 'exciting', say authors

The Bookseller – 2012-12-07

Authors Tony Parsons and Jane Fallon have said Curtis Brown’s new digital self-publishing...

'Exciting' education innovations revealed at BETT

The Bookseller – 2013-02-07

Learning resources for use on tablets and mobile phones were at the forefront of the BETT 2013...

Alice Munro's Nobel Prize: Women On Twitter React To The Exciting Win

The Huffington Post – 2013-10-10

When the news broke this morning that short-story author Alice Munro was the first Canadian and 13th woman to win the Nobel Prize for literature, Twitter basically exploded. Munro's win is exciting...

Somali Actors In 'Captain Phillips' Jumped In Ocean After Being Cast: 'It Was Exciting'

The Huffington Post – 2013-10-11

MINNEAPOLIS -- MINNEAPOLIS (AP) — When Barkhad Abdi and three other amateur Somali actors from Minnesota learned they had won major roles in a new Tom Hanks movie, they tore off their clothes and...

Mark Your Calendars: The Most Exciting Movies, TV, and Books Coming in 2014

Wired – 2013-12-25

It's going to be a good year, you guys. Here's what we're most looking forward to in 2014.    

The most exciting PC games we saw at E3 2014

PC World – 2014-06-13

The sky's the limitToday we close the book on another E3, the gargantuan annual conference where games, games, and more games are thrust into the spotlight and immediately swamped by hordes of...

Why today’s most exciting crime novelists are women

Salon.com – 2014-09-08

The hard-boiled detective tradition is getting tired. Here are some genre- and gender-bending alternatives

Mark Coker Reviews 'Exciting' 2014 at Smashwords

Publishers Weekly – 2015-01-06

In 2014 the number of titles available via Smashwords grew to more than 300,000, and the site now distributes more than 100,000 authors and indie presses.

An Exciting Crossroad: Laurence Laluyaux on Agenting Translated Fiction

Publishing Perspectives – 2015-04-13

Laurence Laluyaux, director at London's Rogers Coleridge and White, sees growing opportunities around the world for agenting literary translations. The post An Exciting Crossroad: Laurence Laluyaux...

In reality, Project Morpheus, Oculus Rift aren't the most exciting things at E3

Los Angeles Times – 2015-06-20

Virtual reality was supposedly the future at the Electronic Entertainment Expo, the shiny new toy that was going to revolutionize gaming. But virtual reality has been the shiny new toy that was going...

'Slow West' speeds up to a funny, exciting frontier gunfight

Los Angeles Times – 2015-07-04

Slow West

5 Exciting YA Book Trends to Look for in 2016

The Huffington Post – 2015-10-21

Are you ready to discover the newest YA titles coming to a bookstore (or e-reader) near you in 2016? As a YA book blogger and book curator, I've scoured the Internet for forthcoming releases and...

Football: Crenshaw-Dorsey, Hawkins-L.A. make for exciting Coliseum League finales

Los Angeles Times – 2015-11-05

If you're a fan of the Coliseum League, you'll have quite a doubleheader to attend on Friday to end the regular season. At 2:15 p.m. at Los Angeles, the host Romans (9-0, 4-0) will try to win the...

The most exciting science books of 2016 (possibly) | Dean Burnett

The Guardian – 2015-12-30

2015 was a great year for books, science books in particular. 2016 looks set to improve on this with many titles that promise to be exciting and illuminating, as well as non-existentBooks. Everybody...

Essence Magazine Celebrates #BlackGirlMagic In Exciting New Issue

The Huffington Post – 2016-01-06

Essence magazine debuted its first "Black Girl Magic" issue on Wednesday, which celebrates a class of well-deserving and hardworking black women who are paving our future. It is part of the...

In a dilapidated Hollywood strip mall, Baroo chef Kwang Uh is fermenting exciting things

Los Angeles Times – 2016-04-08

Kwang Uh is quietly focused, placing a few pickle slices in an earthenware bowl. The chef and co-owner of Baroo — a restaurant named for the bowls Buddhist monks use to eat their meals — is...

The 10 most exciting PC games of E3 2016

PC World – 2016-06-17

These games got us pumpedThis isn’t your normal “best PC games of E3” roundup.Even though E3’s traditionally been a console show, the number of PC games announced at E3 2016 positively...

'Learning to Swear in America' features lively characters, exciting astrophysics

The Christian Science Monitor – 2016-08-17

'Learning to Swear in America' features lively characters, exciting astrophysics

The 15 most exciting PC games still coming in 2016

PC World – 2016-08-19

The best of what's to comeFeel that chill breeze in the air? Okay, maybe not—it’s still August, after all. But fall will be here soon enough, and with it the vaunted “Holiday Season,” aka the...

Apple filing hints at exciting new iPhone 8 features never before seen on an Apple device

Yahoo! News – 2017-03-09

While a majority of Apple's patent filings are little more than a glimpse into the minds of the company's designers, they occasionally give us an early look at a new feature or improvement...

If rule changes like the international tiebreaker make MLB more exciting, they can't be wrong

Los Angeles Times – 2017-04-01

Heresy! Sacrilege! The World Baseball Classic semifinal between Puerto Rico and the Netherlands, tied through 10 innings, was decided by the international tiebreaker. The Netherlands started the top...

NASA to announce exciting news about ocean planets this week

Yahoo! News – 2017-04-12

NASA makes exciting discoveries about the universe and nearby planets on a regular basis, but the past few months have produced a particularly steady stream of really awesome news about exoplanets,...

New Galaxy Note 8 leak may reveal several exciting new features

Yahoo! News – 2017-06-07

A fresh Galaxy Note 8 leak reveals more details about Samsung’s next-gen phablet, and while the source’s credibility is yet to be established, these tidbits certainly sound...

Software: New HTML5-Based FotoJet Editor Launched with Exciting Improvements

Publishers Newswire – 2017-07-27

Software NEWS: -- FotoJet, a popular image processing tool developed by PearlMountain Limited, today unveiled its HTML5-based editor, a greatly improved version with new graphical user interface...

Spoiler alert: Google's Pixel event will still be more exciting than Apple's iPhone X reveal

PC World – 2017-09-20

So much for the element of surprise. With two weeks to go until Google’s big end-of-year event on October 4, we already know everything that’s going to be announced. After months of rumors and...

'Unbelievable' chronicles the 'most unlikely, exciting, ugly ... bizarre campaign' in US history

The Christian Science Monitor – 2017-10-03

'Unbelievable' chronicles the 'most unlikely, exciting, ugly ... bizarre campaign' in US history

The L.A. Women's March: Exciting, empowering ... and polarizing?

Los Angeles Times – 2018-01-23

To the editor: The Los Angeles Women’s March on Saturday was exhausting but exciting, fun and funny. (“At Women’s Marches nationwide, setting sights on the ballot box and hailing #MeToo,”...

That Blind Item in New York Magazine About the Futurist Who Dated a Fake Heiress Is the Most Exciting Thing to Ever Happen to Futurists

Slate – 2018-05-30

New York magazine’s juicy feature about a faux heiress who scammed her way through fashionable New York society is worth reading for many reasons: The woman at its center, Anna Delvey, aka Anna...

'No task is beneath you': Rolling Stone has an exciting job opportunity, y'all!

Advertising Age – 2018-06-05

Who says there are no opportunities left in publishing?We have confirmation that there's at least one job left in traditional mediaspecifically at Rolling Stone, which is looking for a new editorial...

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