Chinese authors sue Apple for copyright infringement: report

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The Economist's Chinese competition

Guardian – 2012-01-30

The Economist has introduced a weekly section devoted to the coverage of China. In a leader announcing the move, the magazine said it is the first time since 1942 - when the US section was introduced...

NYT publishes Chinese translation of story about workers who make Apple products

Poynter. – 2012-01-27

The New York Times The New York Times has published a Chinese translation of its story about worker conditions inside the Chinese factories that make Apple products. “The goal was twofold: to share...

Chinese Writers Sue Apple for Allegedly Hosting Pirated E-books

PC World – 2012-01-10

A group of Chinese writers has filed a lawsuit against Apple, alleging that the company's App Store sells pirated versions of the authors' works.

Chinese e-tailer Dangdang launches e-book platform

The Bookseller – 2011-12-23

China's biggest online book retailer Dangdang has launched its e-book platform in China, with...

Chinese writers demand more book translations

CBC – 2011-08-26

More Chinese books need to be translated and more thought-provoking ideas need to be used in novels to elevate China's literary standing in the world, some of the country's top writers said Friday.

How the Chinese edition of my book about the periodic table got such a risqué cover.

Slate – 2011-08-17

I've been lucky enough to have my book published in a few countries now, and despite the universal subject matter—the periodic table—each country has had a different take on it. Some publishers...

Chinese writers to petition Apple over book downloads-report

Reuters – 2011-07-07

SHANGHAI, July 7 (Reuters) - A group of Chinese authors will petition Apple Inc to stop the distribution of their books in electronic format through various applications in Apple's App Store, the...

Apple Under Fire for Conditions at Chinese Plant

Editor & Publisher – 2011-05-02

Many of the 500,000 workers at Foxconn International Holdings Ltd.’s facilities in Shenzhen and Chengdu are working excessive hours under draconian conditions, according to a report by...

Celebrating Chinese New Year with Cheryl Lu-Lien Tan

Publishers Weekly – 2011-02-07

It seems like most of the subway car empties at the Grand Street stop in the heart of New York City’s Chinatown. Just as the last person makes it off, the conductor announces, “Stand clear of the...

Chinese Journalist Forced Out

The New York Times – 2011-01-27

Chang Ping, a prominent newspaper columnist who challenged government censors by writing about corruption and political reform, was fired by his publisher.

Police Toss Out Arrest Warrant for Chinese Reporter in Hiding

New York Times – 2010-07-30

For China’s investigative journalists, who grapple with censors, the case of a Shanghai reporter appears to offer a positive turn.

Cracks in Great Chinese Firewall, even without Google

Reuters – 2010-03-23

BEIJING (Reuters) - Facebook, Twitter and YouTube are out, but in China's vast and bewildering online universe you can freely read the New York Times or visit a favorite porn site.

Chinese media chastise Google over threat to leave

AP via Yahoo! News – 2010-03-22

China's state-controlled media intensified criticism of Google on Monday, accusing the U.S. company of playing politics by threatening to shut down its China-based search engine.

Editor Is Fired After Criticizing Chinese Registration System

New York Times – 2010-03-10

Zhang Hong’s dismissal is a fresh warning that journalists who challenge government policy too directly can face retribution.

Chinese writer under house arrest in Chengdu

ABC Radio Australia – 2010-03-03

Chinese writer Liao Yiwu is under house arrest in the south western city of Chengdu.

Google is sued by Chinese author

BBC – 2009-12-29

A Beijing judge tells Chinese novelist Mian Mian, who is suing Google over its online library plan, to hold settlement talks.

Volunteers Put the Economist Into Chinese

New York Times – 2009-03-02

A Chinese group has been working to translate each issue of the British newsweekly The Economist, a risky enterprise since authorities have banned the magazine in the past.

'FT' Launches New Publication Dedicated to Chinese Investments

Editor And Publisher – 2009-02-25

The Financial Times is launching an electronic newsletter and Web site covering investment opportunities in China, the pink-hued paper said today.

Chinese proofreader fined after 'Such a**e-kissing!' ends up in print

Times Online – 2009-02-23

A show of lèse-majesté and a lapse of concentration have resulted in an editing error in a Chinese newspaper that highlights the frustrations felt by many local journalists at the strict...

KBA Commander for Chinese Provincial Publisher

Editor And Publisher – 2009-02-23

Dazhong Daily Newspaper Group has placed an order for a two-section KBA Commander press line to print the 70-year-old Dazhong Daily, a 400,000-circulation newspaper published in Jinan, capital of...

Chinese Writer Is Stabbed At A Beijing Reading

Arts Journal – 2009-02-17

"A prominent Chinese writer known for provocative, antiestablishment Web postings was stabbed and wounded during a book reading on Saturday.

Leading Chinese Editor/Blogger Stabbed

Editor And Publisher – 2009-02-16

Anti-establishment figure.

Chinese Plant to Install Second Goss Universal

Editor And Publisher – 2009-02-06

China's Zhengzhou Daily ordered a 75,000-cph Goss Universal press to improve productivity and color capacity. The press -- the plant's second Universal -- will have 16 shaftless printing units, two...

Chinese net companies apologize for lewd content

CIOL – 2009-01-07

BEIJING,CHINA: Three Chinese Internet operators have apologized for failing to purge "vulgar" content following a government pledge this week to expose and shut down offending websites.

Detained Chinese writer allowed meeting with wife

AP via Yahoo! Philippines News – 2009-01-05

A Chinese writer detained for almost one month has been allowed a meeting with his wife, his lawyer said Monday, adding that police said they have not decided how to proceed with his case.

Noted Chinese author Sun Shuyang publishes "Tibet Reader"

People's Daily – 2008-12-31

The renowned Chinese contemporary author Sun Shuyang, who has so far composed more than a dozen influential contemporary works, has published a new book named "Tibet Reader", after his magnum opus...

Petition over detained Chinese writer goes international

International Herald Tribune – 2008-12-23

More than 160 prominent writers, scholars and rights advocates outside mainland China have signed an open letter to President Hu Jintao asking him to release Liu Xiaobo.

Chinese author of book on famine braves risks to inform new generations

International Herald Tribune – 2008-12-18

A book published this year in Hong Kong has been hailed as the most comprehensive account by a mainland Chinese writer of the Great Famine of 1958-62, with a toll he puts at 36 million.

China 'bans BBC Chinese website'

BBC – 2008-12-16

China appears to have barred access to a number of websites unblocked during the Olympics, including the BBC Chinese site.

Senior Chinese official urges efforts to increase media influence

People's Daily – 2008-11-14

Senior Chinese official Li Changchun on Thursday urged the country's media to step up efforts to enhance their domestic and international influence. The media should, instead of mainly reporting...

Chinese Printer Refuses Biography for Mentioning Tibet China Border

Phayul – 2008-10-08

Dharamshala October 8 – A Chinese printer has refused to print a book by Felicity Jack for University of New South Wales Press as it mentions the China-Tibet border.

Nicky Harman: We should bring more Chinese literature to British readers

Guardian – 2008-10-05

Nicky Harman: We need to bring more of China's literature to a British readership, but publishers need to understand Chinese fiction better

Beijing unblocks BBC Chinese site

BBC – 2008-07-31

Chinese authorities appear to have unblocked the BBC's Chinese language website, amid a row over internet censorship.

Web site of Chinese newspaper censored after publishing photograph from 1989 Tiananmen protest

AP via Yahoo! Malaysia News – 2008-07-25

An aggressive tabloid newspaper has had its Web site censored and could face further punishment by China's media authorities for running a photograph from the still-taboo 1989 Tiananmen Square...

Committee calls for more content for elderly, children in Chinese TV shows

Channel NewsAsia via Yahoo! Philippines News – 2008-07-08

SINGAPORE : The Advisory Committee for Chinese Programmes (ACCESS) wants to see more content for the elderly and children, and fewer commercialised variety shows and dramas capitalising on...

Hearst Business Media And IDG Buy Chinese Tech Site EE365

CBS News – 2007-03-08

Hearst Business Media, the B2B media arm of Hearst, has jointly bought out a Chinese electronics infomation site, along with its local publishing partner Publishing House of Electronic...

Human flesh search engines: Chinese vigilantes that hunt victims on the web

Times Online – 2008-06-25

She looks like any other disgruntled young person. Arms tightly crossed, mouth twisted in contempt, she could be letting off steam about parents, school, or boyfriends.

Apple is online book pirate: Chinese writers

Hindustan Times – 2012-03-19

A group of prominent Chinese writers have demanded compensation from technology giant Apple Inc. for allegedly selling unlicensed versions ...

Chinese author group sues Apple

BBC World – 2012-03-19

A group of Chinese authors are suing Apple for £2.3m over allegedly pirated titles being published in the App Store.

12 Chinese authors file suit against Apple

The Christian Science Monitor – 2012-03-20

A group of Chinese writers charge that Apple is selling unlicensed copies of their works.

"The Little Red Guard": inside a Chinese family

The Christian Science Monitor – 2012-04-26

Wenguang Huang's memoir about his childhood in Mao's China tells a universal story of the bonds of love – and the pangs of regret – which can shape a family.

Chinese dissident author wins German book prize

Hindustan Times – 2012-06-21

Chinese dissident author Liao Yiwu Thursday won the annual German Book Trade Peace Prize, earning praise for his portrayal of what the judges called "the outcasts of modern China."

Media Decoder Blog: Blind Chinese Rights Activist Is Writing a Memoir

The New York Times – 2012-07-18

Chen Guangcheng, whose nighttime escape and conflict with the Chinese government led to a diplomatic crisis for the United States last spring, is writing a memoir to be published next year.

Chinese activist Chen Guangcheng will release memoir

The Christian Science Monitor – 2012-07-19

The lawyer, who now attends the New York University School of Law, will release a memoir in fall 2013.

Macmillan and 21st Century in Chinese joint venture

The Bookseller – 2012-08-20

Macmillan Publishers and 21st Century Publishing House Co. have launched the Macmillan Century...

Chinese authorities ask booksellers to ban Japanese works

The Christian Science Monitor – 2012-09-26

The government is also pressuring Chinese publishers to stop translating and publishing Japanese content as tension increases between the two countries.

Anne of Green Gables makes Chinese influential novel list

CBC – 2012-12-20

Anne of Green Gables is one of the 50 most influential novels in China this year, according to the country's national publishers association.

Why the West Fails to Understand Chinese Literature

Publishing Perspectives – 2013-01-03

The West, argues Duncan Jepson, will continue to fail to understand China, its people, and its literature so long as it projects its own values onto the nation.

NY Times: The Chinese hacked us!

GigaOM – 2013-01-31

The Gray Lady said Chinese hackers broke into its systems repeatedly over the last 4 months as the company published an expose on Chinese Prime Minister Wen Jiabao.

Apple docked $118,000 by Chinese court for violating authors' copyrights

Engadget – 2013-04-25

Apple will have to pay three Chinese authors a total of $118,000 for stocking their books in its App Store without a proper say-so, according to China Daily. A court ruled that it was Apple's job to...

Survey Says Chinese Youth Unsatisfied with Online Literature

Publishing Perspectives – 2013-05-12

Internet literature may be booming in China, but a recent survey reports that a majority of readers have been disappointed and unsatisfied with the quality of the books.

Chinese Nobel author trades pen for brush

Yahoo! News – 2013-07-03

By Michael Gold TAIPEI (Reuters) - A dark figure stands alone in the centre of a bleak, shadowy landscape in one painting, while an ethereal tree-like form claims attention in another. The haunting...

Chinese E-publishing Platform Shanda Cloudary Takes in $110m Investment

Publishing Perspectives – 2013-07-10

Goldman Sachs and Singapore's Temasek have invested $110 million in Shanda Cloudary, China's leading digital publishing platform, now valued at $600 million.

Elle rolls out Chinese shopping guide

Media Week – 2013-07-26

Hearst Magazines UK has published a shopping guide in Mandarin Chinese, which is being handed out with 10,000 copies of the latest Elle Collections luxury fashion biannual.

Mitchell in Chinese translation competition

The Bookseller – 2013-08-01

A competition has been launched for Chinese readers to translate stories by novelist David...

HTC executives steal trade secrets for Chinese city government: report

Reuters – 2013-09-04

TAIPEI (Reuters) - Three HTC executives, arrested on suspicion of leaking trade secrets, were illegally passing on confidential technical information belonging to the Taiwanese smartphone maker to...

S&S to Distribute Chinese Language Ebooks from Yilin Press

Publishing Perspectives – 2013-10-11

Simon & Schuster will distribute Yilin Press ebooks to Chinese readers around the world. The distribution agreement was signed at the Frankfurt Book Fair.

Chinese Mobile Games Publisher Chukong Technologies Raises $50 Million Series D

AllThingsD – 2013-10-18

Chukong Technologies, the parent company of mobile games publishing brands Coco and CocoaChina, has raised $50 million in new funding, the company announced today in a press release. That brings its...

Nokia leaks Lumia 1520 details on Chinese online store: 20MP PureView camera, Snapdragon 800 processor

Engadget – 2013-10-21

Looking for more evidence that Nokia's about to unleash an oversized Windows Phone? You've got it: the company's official Tmall store (an online marketplace in China) recently published a product...

Would You Change Your Book to Appease Chinese Censors?

Publishing Perspectives – 2013-10-22

A look at some of the compromises made by both Americans and their publishers to please Chinese censors and have their books available to a potential readership of millions.

Chinese journalist 'confesses' to publishing false reports for money

CBC – 2013-10-26

A Chinese financial reporter detained on the suspicion of harming a business' reputation confessed on state television Saturday that he was fed untrue information about the company and filed...

'ABCDEFG,' The Insane Follow-Up Song To 'Chinese Food,' Is New Levels of WTF

The Huffington Post – 2013-11-05

Well! Looks like we have ourselves a new frustratingly bizarre music video, Internet. "Singer" Alison Gold and producer Patrice Wilson -- the man who brought us Rebecca Black's "Friday" -- have...

Why You Can't Talk About "Hair Bacon" (And Lots Of Other Things) On Chinese Social Media

Fast Company – 2013-11-08

A new book explains what the Chinese government doesn't want its people talking about on social media site Weibo. Make sure you don't mention the band Hoobastank. They hate Hoobastank.Hoobastank, the...

New York Times CEO says Chinese language site under review

Reuters – 2013-11-27

NEW YORK (Reuters) - New York Times Co Chief Executive Officer Mark Thompson said the publisher is going to keep all its money losing operations under review - including those in China - as he seeks...

There Are Benefits To China's Smog, Chinese State Media Say

The Huffington Post – 2013-12-10

Thick blankets of smog may have forced schools and airports to close across China, but that doesn't mean air pollution is all that bad -- right? According to the country's state-run media, there are...

Penguin China’s Jo Lusby on Chinese-English Translation

Publishing Perspectives – 2013-12-15

Asia Times Online talks to Penguin China’s Jo Lusby about the publisher's aggressive Chinese-English/English-Chinese translation program.

Washington Post reports servers attacked, suspects Chinese hackers

PC World – 2013-12-19

The Washington Post’s servers were recently broken into by a group of unknown origin that gained access to the user names and passwords of its employees, the paper said on Wednesday.The extent of...

Chinese journalists face Marxist ideology exam

The Guardian – 2013-12-19

Exam to be based on 700-page manual that prohibits published reports from featuring comments that go against party lineChinese journalists will have to pass a new ideology exam early next year to...

A Chinese Publisher in New York

Publishers Weekly – 2013-12-20

While George Zhu, founder of CN Times Books, the newly launched U.S. subsidiary of Beijing Mediatime Books, is impressed by the “professionalism” of U.S. publishing, he’s also surprised by...

Understanding Purchasing of Chinese Parents - "China's 2013 Consumer Research Report for Children and Baby Products Industry" Published by UBM China (Hangzhou)

CNW – 2014-01-07

SHANGHAI, Jan. 7, 2013 /CNW/ - With a population base of 222 million 0-15-year-old children and 16 million newborns each year, as reported by the National Bureau of Statistics of China, China ran...

Newspaper Websites Blocked In China After Reports About Chinese Leaders' Wealth

The Huffington Post – 2014-01-23

The Guardian and several news organizations had their websites blocked in China Wednesday after publishing stories revealing that China's president and other top political leaders have used offshore...

Rare Chinese early music book found

BBC – 2014-03-04

A book of scores that has been stored in Cambridge for the last two centuries is identified as a rare record of early Chinese music.

NSA Spied On Chinese Telecom Giant Huawei, Says Report – 2014-03-24

New information published in The New York Times and Der Spiegel reveals the NSA's targeting of Huawei in order to monitor Chinese targets.    

How Reader's Digest became a Chinese stooge

The Guardian – 2014-03-30

Reader's Digest is alleged to have censored stories in its publication to maintain a cheap publishing deal in ChinaThe notion that the formerly mighty American publisher Reader's Digest would allow...

“The Year She Left Us”: An angry Chinese adoptee’s story – 2014-05-12

Kathryn Ma's multigenerational novel gives glorious voice to one of China's "lost daughters" living in the U.S.

Chinese Company Buys PIL's Kids' Unit

Publishers Weekly – 2014-05-15

Chinese publisher and printer Phoenix Media has agreed to acquire the children's publishing unit of Lincolnwood, Ill.-based Publications International Ltd. (PIL) for $80 million.

Changes (and Opportunities) in the Chinese Children's Market

Publishers Weekly – 2014-05-19

Changes coming to the Chinese education system are aimed at increasing creative activities and broader curricula in lieu of old-school testing and homework.

In Kenya, Running With Chinese Characteristics

Slate – 2014-05-23

Each Friday, Roads & Kingdoms and Slate publish a new dispatch from around the globe. For more foreign correspondence mixed with food, war, travel, and photography,...

Korea’s JR Comics Debuts Chinese Graphic Novels in US

Publishing Perspectives – 2014-06-02

Korean publisher JR Comics debuted its popular graphic novel series based on classic Chinese adventure stories at BookExpo America last week.

Times and WSJ Have Chinese Sites -- Too Bad They're Blocked in China

Advertising Age – 2014-06-16

In 2012, the New York Times hired 30 employees for a Chinese-language news website to appeal to the growing class of "educated, affluent, global citizens" in China not to mention, to luxury...

RPT-Chinese assets warm, not hot for Western investors

Reuters – 2014-07-07

(Repeats story first published on Sunday, wth no change to text)

US claims Chinese exec used hackers to steal warplane data

Engadget – 2014-07-14

The US isn't done throwing the book at alleged Chinese industrial spies. The Department of Justice has charged a Chinese executive living in Canada, Su Bin, with stealing sensitive info for Boeing...

Red-hot Chinese smartphone maker Xiaomi announces an LTE phone and a $13 fitness bracelet

GigaOM – 2014-07-22

Xiaomi, a quickly growing Chinese smartphone company, announced its first LTE handset and a fitness band at a glitzy event in Beijing. Red-hot Chinese smartphone maker Xiaomi announces an LTE phone...

Chinese marketing group to acquire Yves Béhar’s design firm fuseproject

GigaOM – 2014-07-24

The value of design for the tech industry is exploding. Designer Yves Béhar is selling a 75 stake in his design firm to a Chinese marketing group. Chinese marketing group to acquire Yves...

Chinese authorities raid several Microsoft offices

GigaOM – 2014-07-28

It's not clear why the company is being investigated, but based on earlier statements by the Chinese government it is most likely to do with the security of Windows. Chinese authorities raid several...

The Story Behind Those Sexy Chinese Peach Butts

Advertising Age – 2014-08-01

Saturday is Chinese Valentine's Day. But why buy your loved one flowers when you can give her peaches wearing panties? Just yesterday, the scantily-clad fruits went viral -- not just in China, but...

Chinese Book Market Snapshot: Bestsellers, E-publishing, Translation

Publishing Perspectives – 2014-08-04

Xiaoying Chu at Charlesworth (Beijing) Information Services details the booming Chinese digital publishing market and the strides being make by online booksellers.

Foreign security vendors can no longer bid for Chinese government contracts

GigaOM – 2014-08-04

A Chinese government supplier list for security firms now includes only Chinese outfits, with Symantec and Kaspersky having been shown the door. Foreign security vendors can no longer bid for...

MacBooks and iPads off the menu for Chinese government departments, report says

GigaOM – 2014-08-06

Days after China removed foreign security vendors from its procurement lists for government departments, it has reportedly done the same with Apple products. According to anonymous sources quoted by...

Snowden: US developed dangerous cyberwar tool, hacked Chinese hospitals and knocked Syria offline

GigaOM – 2014-08-13

In a new interview, Snowden explained how fears of an accidental cyber-war, together with concerns over surveillance of U.S. citizens' web traffic, turned him into a whistleblower. Snowden: US...

Apple reportedly starts storing Chinese iCloud data in China

GigaOM – 2014-08-15

The move will result in a better user experience for Chinese customers, while potentially also mollifying the authorities. Apple reportedly starts storing Chinese iCloud data in China originally...

Apple addresses labor violations at Quanta Chinese factories after 2013 audit

Reuters – 2014-08-16

SAN FRANCISCO (Reuters) - Apple Inc has worked with supplier Quanta over the past year to improve working conditions after a 2013 audit, published on Friday, uncovered a profusion of violations,...

'Factory Man' John Bassett III Fought Chinese Manufacturers To Keep His Furniture Business At Home

The Huffington Post – 2014-08-28

While factory work was once a large part of the American economy, the trend toward globalization and outsourcing has gutted many, and the rural towns that relied on them. But one man took a stand to...

Meizu’s new $300 phone for the Chinese market comes with a surprisingly nice Sony camera

GigaOM – 2014-09-02

Meizu, a handset maker focused on China, packs a 1152 x 1920 screen and a 20-megapixel Sony camera into its latest $300 smartphone, but it uses a less desirable MediaTek chip. Meizu’s new...

Chinese Police Detain Reporters, PR Staff, In Case Involving Paid Journalism

Advertising Age – 2014-09-04

Shanghai police detained the chief editor and other journalists at a well-read financial news website for allegedly blackmailing companies into paying for favorable coverage, one of the most...

Chinese e-commerce giant Alibaba seeks up to $21 billion in US IPO

PC World – 2014-09-06

Alibaba is looking to raise as much as US$21 billion in its U.S. IPO, according to documents filed Friday, making the Chinese e-commerce company’s debut one of the largest initial public offerings...

HarperCollins Inks Partnership With Chinese E-tailer

Publishers Weekly – 2014-09-11

HarperCollins has reached an agreement to sell its English language e-books in China through local online retailer and China National Publications Import.

Chinese Publisher Brings Together Translators at New Event

Publishers Weekly – 2014-09-17

The 1st International Communication Forum on Chinese Culture was held in Qingdao, China on August 24 and 25, bringing together dozens of translators and sinologists from all over the world.

Publishers aim to take Chinese literature to the world

Reuters – 2014-10-16

FRANKFURT (Reuters) - China, the world's second-biggest book market after the United States, has long been a consumer of works from other countries, now it is making a push to export its own...

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