Canongate acquires Meek's '21st-century Anna Karenina'

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Canongate bags Gray short stories

The Bookseller – 2012-01-24

Canongate is to publish the complete short stories of Lanark author Alasdair Gray, after...

Belafonte memoir to Canongate

The Bookseller – 2012-01-18

Canongate has bought the memoir of US singer, actor and activist Harry Belafonte. Senior editor...

HC and Canongate back Page's new publishing call

The Bookseller – 2011-12-09

HarperCollins and Canongate have backed Faber’s Stephen Page’s calls for a new...

Bickmore promoted at Canongate

The Bookseller – 2011-10-06

Written By: Charlotte Williams Publication Date: Thu, 06/10/2011 - 15:26 Canongate has promoted senior editor Francis Bickmore to editorial director. His recent publishing includes the Man...

Canongate sells controlling stake in Text Publishing

The Bookseller – 2011-10-03

Written By: Graeme Neill Publication Date: Mon, 03/10/2011 - 15:21 Canongate has sold its controlling stake in Australian publisher Text Publishing to Maureen and Tony Wheeler, the founders of...

Canongate "went to war" over Assange memoir - Michel

The Bookseller – 2011-09-29

Written By: Philip Jones Publication Date: Thu, 29/09/2011 - 15:18 Julian Assange's literary agent and PFD m.d. Caroline Michel accused publisher Canongate of going "to war" with her client and...

2010 profits fall at Canongate

The Bookseller – 2011-09-28

Written By: Graeme Neill Publication Date: Wed, 28/09/2011 - 08:49 Profits at Canongate for its 2010 financial year fell by 42.7%, which the publisher said reflected the cost of acquiring...

Canongate buys stories by US marine

The Bookseller – 2011-09-23

Written By: Graeme Neill Publication Date: Fri, 23/09/2011 - 10:45 Canongate has bought a collection of stories by a US marine and veteran of the Iraq war. Senior editor Francis Bickmore pre-empted...

Canongate: We were right to publish Julian Assange's book

Guardian – 2011-09-23

I've never been afraid of publishing important books, and Julian Assange's memoir offers unique insights into who he is, how he thinks and how WikiLeaks came into beingPublishing Julian Assange: The...

Assange savages "duplicitous" Canongate

The Bookseller – 2011-09-22

Written By: Graeme Neill Publication Date: Thu, 22/09/2011 - 09:19 Wikileaks founder Julian Assange has accused Canongate of "old-fashioned opportunism and duplicity" over it publishing his memoir...

Canongate defends "fantastic" Assange memoir

The Bookseller – 2011-09-22

Written By: Graeme Neill Publication Date: Thu, 22/09/2011 - 10:03 Canongate has said it had "a financial imperative" to publish Wikileaks founder Julian Assange's memoir without his approval but...

Canongate to launch The Canons

The Bookseller – 2011-08-19

Written By: Graeme Neill Publication Date: Fri, 19/08/2011 - 14:01 Canongate is repackaging some of its most "distinctive, original and relevant books" as The Canons, with 12 titles launching...

Decemberists' singer writes kids book for Canongate

The Bookseller – 2011-08-05

Written By: Graeme Neill Publication Date: Fri, 05/08/2011 - 11:01 Canongate has bought a children’s book written by the lead singer of American indie rock band The Decemberists. Senior editor...

Assange Canongate deal "fallen through"

The Bookseller – 2011-07-07

Written By: Charlotte Williams Publication Date: Thu, 07/07/2011 - 08:55 Canongate's near million-pound book deal for the memoirs of Wikileaks-founder Julian Assange is now in doubt, according to...

Tif Loehnis to join Canongate

The Bookseller – 2011-06-10

Written By: Graeme Neill Publication Date: Fri, 10/06/2011 - 15:01 Tif Loehnis, the founder of Janklow and Nesbit’s UK office, is joining Canongate in September as a senior editor. Canongate...

Canongate plans e-book giveaway for Brooks

The Bookseller – 2011-06-03

Written By: Graeme Neill Publication Date: Fri, 03/06/2011 - 14:47 Canongate is planning to give a limited number of free e-book copies of Grow Up, the debut novel by 19-year-old Ben Brooks, ahead...

Spoof kids' book to Canongate

The Bookseller – 2011-05-13

Written By: Graeme Neill Publication Date: Fri, 13/05/2011 - 10:47 Canongate has bought a foul-mouthed gift book for exhausted parents, which has been the subject of intense hype in the United...

Canongate reveals release date for J J Abrams novel

The Bookseller – 2011-04-18

Written By: Graeme Neill Publication Date: Mon, 18/04/2011 - 15:11 Canongate will publish a book co-created by JJ Abrams, the man behind "Lost" and "Star Trek", next year after a deal was signed...

Canongate captures teen author

The Bookseller – 2011-04-01

Written By: Charlotte Williams Publication Date: Fri, 01/04/2011 - 10:32 Canongate has signed a book it describes as a "fearlessly modern coming of age novel" from a 19-year-old début author....

Three Alaa Al Aswany titles to Canongate

The Bookseller – 2011-03-11

Written By: Graeme Neill Publication Date: Fri, 11/03/2011 - 15:46 Canongate has bought three books by the Egyptian writer Alaa Al Aswany, including one on the recent revolution in Egypt....

Cannon moves to Canongate

The Bookseller – 2011-03-09

Written By: Charlotte Williams Publication Date: Wed, 09/03/2011 - 08:28 Canongate has appointed former Headline and Bloomsbury marketing executive Cate Cannon to the role of digital content...

Franklin to lead Canongate ebook push

The Book Seller – 2009-03-25

Canongate has promoted Dan Franklin to the...

Canongate buys Nick Cave novel

The Bookseller – 2008-09-12

Canongate publisher and managing director...

Six-figure Ozeki deal for Canongate

The Bookseller – 2012-03-14

Canongate has acquired a new novel by film-maker and author Ruth Ozeki, completing a six-figure...

Canongate fires up cookery list

The Bookseller – 2012-04-10

Canongate is stepping into the kitchen for the first time, publishing its first cookery titles...

Canongate nets Ness

The Bookseller – 2012-05-04

Canongate has acquired the first adult novel written by Patrick Ness since 2003, with editorial...

Canongate acquires Grimwood literary novel

The Bookseller – 2012-06-29

Canongate has acquired the first literary novel by Jonathan Grimwood. The author has previously...

Canongate halts sale of Lehrer book

The Bookseller – 2012-07-31

Canongate has stopped the distribution and sale of Imagine: How Creativity Works by Jonah Lehrer...

Canongate and Mr B collaborate over hardback

The Bookseller – 2012-09-17

Canongate and Bath independent Mr B's are co-publishing a hardback of novel The Howling...

Canongate: 'frustrating' 2011 blamed on Assange

The Bookseller – 2012-10-05

Canongate has described 2011 as a "mixed and ultimately frustrating year", with the...

Canongate signs up tale of innocent ‘serial killer’

The Bookseller – 2012-11-01

Canongate has signed up a Swedish true crime book telling the tale of a man wrongly imprisoned...

Canongate buys new Pilkington tie-in

The Bookseller – 2013-01-17

Canongate has bought a new book by TV presenter Karl Pilkington, with the title, The Moaning of...

Canongate signs deal for Creative Freedom

The Bookseller – 2013-05-16

Canongate has acquired world rights in Creative Freedom, a book by artist, writer and documentary...

Canongate buys Bergner on female desire

The Bookseller – 2013-06-19

Canongate has acquired What Do Women Want? Adventures in the Science of Female Desire by Daniel...

Letter campaign for Canongate, signs Simon Garfield

The Bookseller – 2013-07-04

Canongate is to launch a campaign in praise of letter writing, after signing two new books...

Canongate ties up Animals

The Bookseller – 2013-08-02

Canongate has signed world rights to a new novel, Animals, by Emma Jane Unsworth. Publishing...

Canongate buys Rhodes memoir

The Bookseller – 2013-09-27

Canongate has acquired a memoir by classical music star James Rhodes. The publisher signed world...

Canongate buys drought-ridden tale

The Bookseller – 2013-10-04

Canongate editorial director Louisa Joyner and m.d. Jamie Byng have acquired UK and Commonwealth...

Canongate launches Radio Straka

The Bookseller – 2013-10-25

Canongate has launched Radio Straka today (25th October), featuring the first of five hour-long...

Canongate signs Michael Gibney

The Bookseller – 2013-11-20

Canongate has signed an account of life in a professional kitchen from New York chef Michael...

Cumberbatch, Gaiman and Cave in star-studded Canongate event

The Bookseller – 2013-11-22

Gillian Anderson, Benedict Cumberbatch, Nick Cave, Neil Gaiman and Thandie Newton will be among...

Canongate Letters Live raises £11k

The Bookseller – 2013-12-12

Canongate's star-studded Letters Live event (10th December), featuring Neil Gaiman, Benedict...

New Anne Donovan novel for Canongate

The Bookseller – 2013-12-13

Canongate has acquired Gone Are the Leaves, a new novel from Glasgow-based author Anne Donovan...

Canongate to publish Slingerland

The Bookseller – 2014-01-23

Canongate has acquired Edward Slingerland’s book Trying Not To Try: The Anicent Art of...

Canongate signs Costello in 'heated' auction

The Bookseller – 2014-02-21

Canongate Books has signed up Irish writer Mary Costello, a former Guardian First Book Award...

Canongate signs first of Texan crime series

The Bookseller – 2014-03-07

Canongate has signed world rights to Blackbird, the first in a new crime series by Texan author...

Canongate to publish Drabble's digital backlist

The Bookseller – 2014-03-13

Canongate has signed five of Margaret Drabble's backlist to release as e-books for the first...

Canongate confirms Brand kids' books buy

The Bookseller – 2014-04-02

Canongate has confirmed it is the publisher for a series of children's books by controversial...

Canongate acquires second from Killen

The Bookseller – 2014-05-09

Canongate has signed a second novel from Chris Killen. The publisher acquired world rights in In...

New Peanuts series from Canongate

The Bookseller – 2014-06-27

Canongate is launching a new series of Peanuts books, ahead of the comic strip's 65th...

Canongate to publish Guantánamo memoir

The Bookseller – 2014-08-11

Canongate has acquired an account of life at Guantanamo Bay by one of its prisoners, Mohamedou...

Canongate pre-empts detective series

The Bookseller – 2014-09-26

Canongate has pre-empted a new crime series by author Sally Andrew ahead of the Frankfurt Book...

Manchester Literature Festival 2014: Emma Jane Unsworth at Canongate Lates

The Guardian – 2014-10-13

No one chronicles a Manuncian night out like her, says Helen Pidd (who also enjoyed Zoe Pilger, Anneliese Mackintosh and Karima Francis at the book fest)I loved Animals by Emma Jane Unsworth so much...

Canongate signs Kavanagh debut

The Bookseller – 2014-11-18

Canongate has signed a debut novel from Tasha Kavanagh, who has previously published picture books under her maiden name, Tasha Pym. Editorial director of fiction Louisa Joyner acquired world...

Canongate to publish Turkish author Altan

The Bookseller – 2014-11-22

Canongate has signed a novel from bestselling Turkish author Ahmet Altan, the first time one of his books will be translated into English. Publishing director Francis Bickmore signed world rights...

True crime for Canongate

The Bookseller – 2014-11-30

Canongate has signed a bestselling US true crime book, which has been adapted for the screen with Johnny Depp and Benedict Cumberbatch. Black Mass, by journalists Dick Lehr and Gerard O'Neill,...

Canongate signs Highlands nature study

The Bookseller – 2014-12-09

Canongate has signed a book on the wildlife and landscape of the Scottish Highlands, by nature writer and conservationist Sir John Lister-Kaye. Senior editor Jenny Lord signed Gods of the Morning in...

Canongate creates Letters Live company

The Bookseller – 2015-03-10

Canongate has created a spin-off company to further develop its Letters Live series of events. Five shows, which will feature actors Benedict Cumberbatch and Louise Brealey, will run at the...

Canongate acquires non-fiction from Grenville

The Bookseller – 2015-03-14

Canongate has signed a new work of non-fiction from Man Booker Prize-shortlisted and Orange Prize-winning author Kate Grenville. Editorial director of fiction Louisa Joyner signed UK rights in One...

Bukowski on writing for Canongate

The Bookseller – 2015-03-21

Canongate will publish three books by the late American author Charles Bukowski, based on his letters. Publishing director Francis Bickmore signed the books in a deal with Catherine Barbosa-Ross at...

Canongate to publish Nick Cave bundle

The Bookseller – 2015-03-21

Canongate will publish a new book from musician Nick Cave, including a limited edition priced at £750. The Sick Bag Song will be published by Canongate on 8th April and sold exclusively through the...

Todd promoted as Canongate restructures

The Bookseller – 2015-03-21

Jamie Byng is to move into a new position at Canongate, with Jenny Todd named publisher. Byng, currently publisher and m.d., will become chief executive, freeing him up to explore new...

Celebration of dogs to Canongate

The Bookseller – 2015-03-28

Canongate has signed a book celebrating dogs of all shapes and sizes by photographer Lynn Terry. Publishing director of non-fiction Katy Follain bought UK and Commonwealth rights, excluding Canada,...

Canongate signs memoir from Liptrot

The Bookseller – 2015-04-03

Canongate has signed  memoir from Amy Liptrot, combining her recovery from alcoholism with a tribute to the natural world. The Outrun was signed by senior editor Jenny Lord in a deal for world...

Canongate signs Kermode and Mayo on film

The Bookseller – 2015-04-11

Canongate has signed a title on films by Mark Kermode and Simon Mayo, the duo behind "Kermode and Mayo's Film Review" radio show. Running since 2001, the BBC Radio 5 Live programme attracts 2m...

Canongate signs more Pilkington

The Bookseller – 2015-05-15

Canongate has signed the latest book from Karl Pilkington, planned for released in summer 2016. The Worldly Wisdom of Karl Pilkington will be Pilkington's fourth book with Canongate, and will see...

Canongate to publish A Girl and Her Greens

The Bookseller – 2015-05-16

Canongate will publish a new cookbook from Birmingham-born chef April Bloomfield featuring recipes using vegetables, titled A Girl and Her Greens.   Jenny Lord, senior editor at Canongate,...

Follain to leave Canongate

The Bookseller – 2015-07-24

Canongate’s non-fiction publishing director Katy Follain is to leave the company “to pursue new career opportunities within the industry”. The publisher said she “played a key role within...

Canongate acquires David Lynch book

The Bookseller – 2015-10-20

Canongate Books has acquired Life & Work, a collaboration between director David Lynch and journalist Kristine McKenna.

Canongate acquires Jules Evans title

The Bookseller – 2015-10-29

Canongate has acquired a new non-fiction title on "ecstatic experience", The Art of Losing Control, by writer and philosopher Jules Evans. In The Art of Losing Control, Evans argues that there are...

Neal Price to join Canongate as sales director

The Bookseller – 2015-11-12

Neal Price is joining Canongate as sales director, following 11 years as sales director for Faber.

Faithless band member's Insanely Gifted to Canongate

The Bookseller – 2016-03-04

Canongate is to publish Insanely Gifted by Jamie Catto, former member of electronica band Faithless.

Canongate to publish 'dazzling' new Drabble novel

The Bookseller – 2016-03-10

Canongate has acquired a "dark and glittering novel" entitled The Dark Flood Rises by Margaret Drabble.

Canongate to publish Michel Faber's poetry on grief

The Bookseller – 2016-04-01

Canongate is to publish Undying, a collection of poetry from Michel Faber in which he honours the memory of his late wife.

Innocent Drinks founder advice book to Canongate

The Bookseller – 2016-04-09

Canongate has signed the first book from Innocent Drinks founder Richard Reed.

Darke début to lead for Canongate

The Bookseller – 2016-04-13

Canongate has signed rights to Darke, the first book from “one of the world’s leading bookmen”.

Canongate to publish 'remarkable' memoir on dying

The Bookseller – 2016-05-07

Canongate is to publish Dying: A Memoir, a “remarkable little book” by Cory Taylor.

Canongate signs 'heart-stealing' title Penguin Bloom

The Bookseller – 2016-05-21

Canongate is to publish Penguin Bloom: The Odd Little Bird Who Saved a Family by Cameron Bloom and Trevor Bradley Greive on Super Thursday (6th October).

Back to black for Canongate

The Bookseller – 2016-06-24

Canongate Books returned to profit in 2015, after a poor performance led to losses a year earlier. The result comes after a restructuring of the business which saw Jenny Todd right promoted to...

Robert Webb to Canongate and Audible after 13-way auction

The Bookseller – 2016-07-29

Following a "hotly-contested" 13-way auction, Canongate and Audible have acquired two "major" books - a memoir and a first novel - from comedian and actor Robert Webb.

Thorogood and Knowles to join Canongate

The Bookseller – 2016-08-23

Canongate has made two new senior appointments to its seven-strong editorial team.

'Intense' debut from 'Mad Men' creator to Canongate

The Bookseller – 2016-09-16

Canongate has acquired Heather, The Totality, the debut novel by Matthew Weiner, writer and creator of "Mad Men" and executive producer of "The Sopranos".

Donna Morrissey pens 'rich, atmospheric' novel for Canongate

The Bookseller – 2016-09-24

Canongate is to publish a "rich, atmospheric and compelling" literary novel titled The Fortunate Brother by award-winning Canadian novelist Donna Morrissey.

Matt Lucas memoir to Canongate

The Bookseller – 2016-10-14

Canongate is to publish the memoir from comedian, screenwriter and actor Matt Lucas entitled Little Me: The A-Z of Matt Lucas, in autumn 2017.

Young succeeds retiring Bland at Canongate

The Bookseller – 2016-10-19

Former Hachette US and Orion boss David Young is to succeed Sir Christopher Bland, long-serving chairman of Canongate Books, in January 2017.

New Simon Garfield book to Canongate

The Bookseller – 2016-10-27

Canongate has acquired its fourth book by Simon Garfield, titled In Miniature, describing it as a "big book of small things".

Unspeakable book to Canongate

The Bookseller – 2016-10-29

Canongate has signed Unspeakable: The Things We Cannot Say by Harriet Shawcross, saying it will be the publisher's lead title in autumn 2018.

'Inspiring' former Canongate chairman Christopher Bland dies

The Bookseller – 2017-01-31

Former Canongate chairman Christoper Bland has died aged 78.

Canongate buys rights to Goldsmiths Prize winner

The Bookseller – 2017-02-10

Canongate has acquired UK and Commonwealth rights to Goldsmiths Prize-winning Solar Bones by Mike McCormack.

Dan Richards' exploration of wilderness to Canongate

The Bookseller – 2017-02-21

Canongate has acquired a new non-fiction book by Dan Richards called Outpost.

Former bishop's 'exploration of death' to Canongate

The Bookseller – 2017-02-25

Canongate is to publish The Last Bus, the new non-fiction book by Richard Holloway, the former Bishop of Edinburgh and author of Leaving Alexandria and Looking in the...

English teacher's novel set to be Canongate's lead debut for 2018

The Bookseller – 2017-03-04

Canongate has pre-empted a "rich and wild" debut novel entitled Sal by English teacher Mick Kitson ahead of London Book Fair.

Canongate seals 'sweeping' Shetland tale

The Bookseller – 2017-03-16

Canongate has pre-empted a “sweeping” literary novel by Malachy Tallack.

Canongate signs 'incendiary' Yuknavitch novel

The Bookseller – 2017-05-06

Canongate is to publish a "brilliant and incendiary" novel by Lidia Yuknavitch, a US writer previously unpublished in the UK, titled The Book of Joan.

BookExpo Distribution Notes: Canongate, PGW, Spink, Casemate, OCLC

Publishing Perspectives – 2017-06-02

Among the many partnerships being announced this week during BookExpo in New York City, many include international elements. The post BookExpo Distribution Notes: Canongate, PGW, Spink, Casemate,...

Canongate bags Tracey Thorn's 'exploration of suburbia'

The Bookseller – 2017-06-03

Canongate is set to publish singer and writer Tracey Thorn after publishing director Francis Bickmore acquired world rights to Another Planet.

Alasdair Gray to publish Dante translation with Canongate

The Bookseller – 2017-06-03

Canongate is to publish Alasdair Gray’s Dante's Sublime Comedy: A Paraphrase in Prosaic English Rhyme in winter 2018.

Jenny Todd to leave Canongate

The Bookseller – 2017-07-08

Canongate publisher Jenny Todd is to leave the company after 12 years.

Canongate scoops Gina Miller’s memoir Rise​

The Bookseller – 2017-08-25

Canongate is to publish the memoir of Gina Miller, the business owner who successfully took the UK government to the Supreme Court over its authority to trigger Article 50 without parliamentary...

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