Cameroon: Police Stop Gbagbo Book Launch

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Cameroon editor jailed after visiting jail

Guardian – 2011-02-24

Cameroon newspaper editor Raphaël Nkamtcheun visited a prison, to interview a former government minister who is serving a jail sentence, and ended up being arrested himself.The editor of La Boussole...

Cameroon: Douala-Based Newspaper Publisher Arrested And Jailed – 2008-09-29

Reporters Without Borders condemns the detention of journalist Lewis Medjo in the western city of Douala. The publisher of the Douala-based "Détente Libre" weekly, Medjo was arrested by the head of...

Amnesty International wants Cameroon to free 84 jailed boys accused of backing Boko Haram

Los Angeles Times – 2015-06-19

The boys are shabbily dressed and carry begging bowls, darting between the traffic in many West African cities - or huddled in dusty alleys reciting verses from the Koran.

Cameroon's World Cup performances impact opportunities for women

Los Angeles Times – 2015-06-20

Cameroon Coach Enow Ngachu said his team's surprising run through group play and into the second round of the World Cup is having a profound impact back home, where opportunities for women in sports...

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