Book Talk: Michelle Obama on White House kitchen garden

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A Talk with Neil Van Uum

Publishers Weekly – 2011-12-02

Last November, when Barnes & Noble announced that it was putting itself up for sale, Neil Van Uum’s bank called in the loan for his Joseph-Beth Booksellers chain. The ensuing bankruptcy has since...

Media Talk: How OK is OK!TV? And there's a Rastamouse in the kitchen

Guardian – 2011-02-17

Stephen Brook is in the chair this week, following Matt Wells's 'middle class, middled aged and mildly pretentious injury' … Matt's words, not ours.Stephen is joined by two fine media brains:...

Writers Are Asked Not to Talk About Author of ‘O’

The New York Times – 2011-01-19

Simon & Schuster requested that journalists and other writers not comment if asked whether they were responsible for the novel “O,” about a fictional 2012 presidential campaign.

Media Talk: Kindle Books in Snack Sizes

New York Times – 2010-02-08

FT Press is selling stripped-down, 1,000- to 2,000-word versions of books, for $1.99, and a new series of essays of about 5,000 words, for $2.99.

Media Talk: For New and Healthy Recipes, a Magazine Turns to Leftovers

New York Times – 2010-02-08

The editor of Health said cost concerns did not drive the decision to recycle recipes from Real Simple.

NewsWatch: N.Y. Times, Mexican telecom exec Slim talk investment: Journal

Market Watch – 2009-01-19

New York Times Co. is in talks under which the Mexican telecommunications investor Carlos Slim would invest in the publisher, possibly through an issue of preferred stock, people familiar with the...

Book Buzz: 'Beedle' sells; more 'Clues'; kid knows 'How to Talk'

USA Today – 2008-12-11

Most people who snapped up J.K. Rowling's The Tales of Beedle the Bard bought the $12.99 edition, but some are buying the $100 collector's edition. One False Note, the second in a 10-book adventure...

Media Talk: Fox News Joins a Social Network, but Not Its Parent’s Site

New York Times – 2008-08-18

Fox News Channel wants more friends. But instead of using the News Corporation’s own social network, it’s choosing to network on the site’s chief rival, Facebook.

Media Talk: ‘Gossip Girl’ DVD Extra Tries to Steer Buyers to the Books

New York Times – 2008-08-18

The DVD set “Gossip Girl: The Complete First Season” includes a free electronic version of the original novel on which the show is based. But — OMG! — it’s an audio book.

Big Publishers Join Blog Talk Radio

Publishers Wekly – 2008-08-06, the blog and social networking site that functions like an Internet radio station, is starting to attract big trade book publishers.

Media Talk: Protest Blog Aims at Tribune Boss

New York Times – 2008-07-21

One problem with managing a bunch of print journalists is that when you fire them, they are still journalists, prone to grumbling about whatever they consider unfair.

Media Talk: Murat libel award

Guardian – 2008-07-18

Robert Murat's unprecedented settlement, more doom and gloom for newspapers, and the Media Guardian 100. Plus your poems about the BBC.

Media Talk: Rare Indeed: A Chain Committed to Selling Out-of-Print Books

New York Times – 2008-07-16

Small, niche booksellers have been closing right and left, but that has not deterred Barnes & Noble from expanding into one of their businesses.

Media Talk: Big-Time Cable News to Small-Town Paper

New York Times – 2008-07-14

Roger Ailes, the chairman of Fox News, liked his local newspaper so much he decided to buy it.

Murdoch sees no deals for News Corp., talk centers on Yahoo-Microsoft dustup

International Herald Tribune – 2008-07-09

News Corp. Chairman Rupert Murdoch plans to forgo making deals at this year's Allen & Co. media retreat, dampening the five-day event renowned as an incubator for big-time media and Web...

Microsoft will talk to Yahoo 'if it replaces board'

Guardian – 2007-07-08

Microsoft has said it is willing to re-enter takeover talks with Yahoo, but only if the internet firm is under new management. By Richard Wray

Media Talk: Ads Are a Reminder: It’s Not Just Soap; It’s a Soapbox

New York Times – 2007-07-08

A new ad from Dove tries to tie the company more closely to a self-esteem program for girls.

Media Talk: Blackjack Makes a Move From the Web to Television

New York Times – 2007-07-08

With the premiere of “Catch 21,” a TV version of a popular online blackjack game, winners on the Internet get a chance to say “hit me” on the living room screen.

Book Talk: Carol O'Connell on life with Mallory

Yahoo! News – 2012-02-16

TOKYO (Reuters) - Green-eyed, blonde and tall, Kathy Mallory is respected and feared by the cops who work with her, described sometimes as a cat playing with a mouse and nicknamed "Mallory the...

Book Talk: A tale of love and loss, sisters and secrets

Yahoo! News – 2012-02-23

TOKYO (Reuters) - Korean-American Janie's family has lost a daughter in each generation, her grandmother says. So when her younger sister Hannah suddenly vanishes, Janie sets out to track her down...

Fast Talk: How This "Sneakerhead" Built A Major Online Magazine

Fast Company – 2012-02-27

Meet Kevin Ma, whose website Hypebeast began as a sneaker blog, but now gets up to 3 million visitors per month.Kevin Ma is the founder and editor of Hypebeast, an online magazine covering fashion,...

Book Talk: The case for a U.S. mission to Mars

Yahoo! News – 2012-03-08

NEW YORK (Reuters) - Americans have forgotten how to dream about the future in the nearly four decades since they last set foot on the moon, and risk falling behind economic rivals such as China,...

Book Talk: Deceit and espionage in darkest Luxembourg

Yahoo! News – 2012-03-15

TOKYO (Reuters) - The worst thing about Kate's life in Luxembourg as the trailing spouse of a man hired to work on banking security at first simply appears to be the boredom of spending days among...

Penguin, Macmillan and Nosy Crow talk digital books for children

Guardian – 2012-04-15

How publishers can make reading experiences that parents feel 'more positive about than Angry Birds'For much of the book publishing world, the move to digital is all about e-books. That brings big...

Ex-regional newspaper boss to talk of industry's self-inflicted problems

Guardian – 2012-04-26

Former regional newspaper boss Chris Oakley is to speak at a Society of Editors' conference, which asks: Is there a future for the regional press? In his address, called Five minutes to midnight, he...

Book Talk: Fuller takes readers on unforgettable cocktail hour

Yahoo! News – 2012-06-07

JOHANNESBURG (Reuters) - Alexandra Fuller gained a loyal following of readers with her best-selling memoir "Don't Let's Go to the Dogs Tonight" about growing up in Zimbabwe during the country's civil...

Book Talk: The good and the bad of modern India

Yahoo! News – 2012-06-14

NEW YORK (Reuters) - The cryptic title of Akash Kapur's book, "India Becoming," is deliberately ambiguous. Becoming what? Raised in India but educated from age 16 in the United States, Kapur has...

Book Talk: Antigone in a remote Afghan military post

Yahoo! News – 2012-06-21

TOKYO (Reuters) - A legless Afghan woman pushing herself in a cart appears outside a remote U.S. military outpost after a desperate, dusty firefight, demanding the body of her brother - one of the...

Book Talk: Former Peace Corp volunteer finds Africa changed

Yahoo! News – 2012-06-28

NEW YORK (Reuters) - A former Peace Corps volunteer who views his time in Malawi in the 1960s as the highlight of his life goes back when his marriage falters, only to find the southern African...

Media Decoder Blog: Bird Talk to Stop Print Magazine and Shift to Web Only

The New York Times – 2012-08-13

The September issue of Bird Talk is the last to appear in print, leaving disappointed subscribers only with as the way to read the publication's information on all types of birds.

Media Decoder Blog: As Bird Talk Flies Off, a Question: What Magazine Do You Miss Most?

The New York Times – 2012-08-13

Prompted by the end of publication Bird Talk, with its small but devoted audience, a question for readers: What was your most bittersweet magazine loss?

The Writing Life: Straight talk with Susan Straight

Los Angeles Times – 2012-09-30

The author finds inspiration in her hometown of Riverside, especially in her trilogy about an African American family, including the new 'Between Heaven and Here.'Susan Straight lives mere blocks...

Book Talk-Dinosaur digger disappearance sparks murder mystery

Yahoo! News – 2012-11-08

NEW YORK (Reuters) - Medical examiner Kay Scarpetta receives a short video clip by email but the closing image of a severed ear is enough to start her investigating the disappearance of a woman...

Book Talk: Papal resignation a PR coup for Vatican journalist

Yahoo! News – 2013-02-14

VATICAN CITY (Reuters) - Few authors can boast that Pope Benedict helped sell their books, but the pontiff's shock resignation has boosted interest in all things Catholic just as veteran Vatican...

Book Talk: Tragedy prompted author to write novel in six weeks

Yahoo! News – 2013-04-11

By Elaine Lies TOKYO (Reuters) - Elise is a single mother whose only child is killed in a sudden freak accident. Distraught, she at first wants to join her son - but then realizes she must stay alive...

Book Talk: Man seeks joy at end of life in debut novel by 69-year-old

Yahoo! News – 2013-04-26

By Nick Olivari NEW YORK (Reuters) - Salesman or scammer, Jim makes and loses several fortunes in North America and the Brazilian jungle, but then loses himself as he runs over anyone who gets in his...

Brooks’s ‘World War’ Tops Talk

Publishers Weekly – 2013-03-29

Oscar season is over, which means one thing: it’s on to the summer blockbusters.

Book Talk: The tale of a time-travelling serial killer

Yahoo! News – 2013-06-07

By Elaine Lies TOKYO (Reuters) - When Harper meets Kirby, he is a grown man and she is a child. He gives her a toy pony, tells her he'll be back, then vanishes - into Chicago in the 1930s and a...

Book Talk: When North Korea attacks, misfits are Japan's only hope

Yahoo! News – 2013-05-30

By Elaine Lies TOKYO (Reuters) - Banks have failed, the yen has fallen and Japan's economy has collapsed, leading to political turmoil. Its great ally, the United States, abandons it. Then comes the...

Book Talk: Scholar unearths Rose Kennedy's less public side

Yahoo! News – 2013-06-28

By Suzanne Barlyn NEW YORK (Reuters) - Rose Kennedy's public image as the stoic matriarch of America's most famous political family is one that she carefully cultivated, but writer Barbara...

Book Talk: Adam Foulds reflects on fame and his next book

Yahoo! News – 2013-07-04

By Billy Cheung NEW YORK (Reuters) - Adam Foulds has written three critically acclaimed books and was included by Granta Magazine on a once-a-decade list of the best of young British novelists, but...

Book Talk: Chris Bohjalian on history, anxiety and writing

Yahoo! News – 2013-07-11

By Elaine Lies TOKYO (Reuters) - Bestselling novelist Chris Bohjalian had long been searching for a way to write a book set in Tuscany during World War Two, but it wasn't until his daughter performed...

Book Talk: Danielle Steel heads inside the fashion world

Yahoo! News – 2013-07-18

By Elaine Lies TOKYO (Reuters) - The fashion world is the setting for the latest book by bestselling novelist Danielle Steel, a prolific author who continues to produce several books a year. "First...

Talk about "This Town" with Mark Leibovich at Politics and Prose tonight

The Washington Post – 2013-07-23

All of Official Washington has spent the last few weeks abuzz about "This Town," the how-Washington-works tome by Mark Leibovich, the chief national correspondent for the New York Times Magazine and...

Kate's post baby body talk ignites anger days after labour

CBC – 2013-07-25

An OK! magazine cover featuring a story about Kate Middleton's weight loss plan for her post baby body one day after her son's birth prompted outraged people to call for a boycott of the publication.

Book Talk: Susan Choi returns to probe love, youthful selfishness

Yahoo! News – 2013-08-01

By Suzanne Barlyn NEW YORK (Reuters) - Author Susan Choi in her latest book starts with a graduate student's fascination with a professor when she arrives at a prestigious university in 1992. But the...

Book Talk: India and Italy linked by food and mothers

Yahoo! News – 2013-08-15

By Jo Winterbottom NEW DELHI (Reuters) - Driving, queue-jumping, food and mothers are just some of the big issues that India and Italy share, according to Stefano Pelle, whose second book "When not...

Book Talk: The year that comet Kohoutek tore through lives

Yahoo! News – 2013-08-15

By Elaine Lies TOKYO (Reuters) - Alan Broussard is 14 in 1973, the year the comet Kohoutek was set to race across the skies in the astronomical sensation of the century - although it ultimately...

Book Talk: Philip Caputo explores the glue holding America together

Yahoo! News – 2013-08-22

By Dina Kyriakidou NEW YORK (Reuters) - Pulitzer Prize-winning author Philip Caputo has long pondered the question - what holds as vast and diverse a country as America together. In 2011, he set out...

Media Talk podcast: Edinburgh TV Festival 2013

Guardian – 2013-08-23

Kevin Spacey has delivered an upbeat message to TV creatives asking them to wrestle their productions from the hands of execs – but are they really to blame? Is this an international problem, or a...

Media Talk podcast: can Lord Hall nudge the BBC to gender equality?

Guardian – 2013-08-29

Joining John Plunkett to discuss the week's media news is Answer Me This co-presenter Olly Mann and Media Guardian reporter Josh Halliday.Director general Tony Hall is aiming for an equal balance of...

Book Talk: Classic memoir author Walls plunges into fiction

Yahoo! News – 2013-08-29

By Bernard Vaughan NEW YORK (Reuters) - "The Silver Star," a new novel by Jeannette Walls, stars two young sisters left largely to fend for themselves while their unstable mother pursues a...

New York Times Book Review Wants Writers to Talk It Out

The Atlantic Wire – 2013-09-04

A new feature in The New York Times Book Review aims to foster debate between writers. The inaugural post went live today with (gently) competing posts by Adam Kirsch and Zoë...

Book Talk: 'Crazy Rich Asians' tackles stereotypes via satire

Yahoo! News – 2013-09-05

By Elaine Lies TOKYO (Reuters) - The wealthy people who fill the pages of "Crazy Rich Asians" think nothing of draping themselves in jewelry, keeping live sharks in their living room or hiring a...

The Wrong Way to Talk About Women in the Book World

The Atlantic Wire – 2013-09-06

Jennifer Weiner responds to our story about her criticism of The New York Times Book Review.    

No longer the talk of the town, Tina Brown bids farewell to Diller's Beast | Michael Wolff

Guardian – 2013-09-12

Not even an operator of her legendary chutzpah could beat digital's destruction of her lifeblood: smart celebrity magazinesThis may be the last time I ever write about Tina Brown.Brown once dominated...

Lucky Editor Eva Chen Wants To Build A Magazine You Can Talk To

Fast Company – 2013-09-12

"I love Times Square." Those might not be the words you would expect to hear out of the mouth of a fashion magazine editor, but this kind of statement is typical of Eva Chen, the new...

Book Talk: 'Empty Mansions' reveals life of reclusive heiress

Yahoo! News – 2013-09-12

By Patricia Reaney NEW YORK (Reuters) - She was one of America's richest heiresses with sprawling apartments, palatial homes and fabulous paintings, but little was known about the reclusive woman...

Book Talk: Best-selling Jamie Ford on writing that second novel

Yahoo! News – 2013-09-19

By Elaine Lies TOKYO (Reuters) - Jamie Ford admits he was taken aback by the runaway success of his debut novel "Hotel on the Corner of Bitter and Sweet" and was sidetracked for a while on his next...

Walls Can Talk: Readers Get Stories of New York Murals

HuffingtonPost – 2013-10-03

According to media lore, thanks principally to the vintage series The Naked City on ABC television, "there are eight million stories" in New York. But one of the great untold stories of this...

Book Talk: Frederick Forsyth on new hunt for an assassin

Yahoo! News – 2013-10-03

By Billy Cheung NEW YORK (Reuters) - More than 40 years after the release of his international best-selling espionage novel "The Day of the Jackal," British author Frederick Forsyth has published...

Do you still talk to loved ones who have died? | Open thread

Guardian – 2013-10-07

Robert Peston keeps up a dialogue with his late wife. Tell us what you do to connect with those who have goneRobert Peston has said that he still goes to his late wife Siân for advice. Speaking at...

UK's Cable says Labour 'irresponsible' to talk up Royal Mail value

Reuters – 2013-10-08

LONDON (Reuters) - British Business Secretary Vince Cable accused the opposition Labour party of irresponsibly talking up the value of shares in the Royal Mail postal service, a day before order...

Book Talk: Nicholas Sparks on telling stories through text, film

Yahoo! News – 2013-10-10

By Billy Cheung NEW YORK (Reuters) - Nicholas Sparks, best known for telling poignant love stories through his novels and their adaptations to film, has written another book, "The Longest Ride,"...

Let's talk about failure | Heather Long

Guardian – 2013-10-13

The most refreshing thing I've read recently is someone's 'anti-resume', their account of the bumps in their careerMonica Byrne experienced the kind of success this summer that most writers fantasize...

'BOYS' Contributors Talk Queer Issues On HuffPost Live

The Huffington Post – 2013-10-25

Last week, HuffPost Gay Voices showcased the publication of a Thought Catalog Books anthology titled BOYS, which chronicles "a collaborative effort among an array of writers that challenges the...

Street Talk

Slate – 2013-11-01

Each Friday, Roads & Kingdoms and Slate publish a new dispatch from around the globe. For more foreign correspondence mixed with food, war, travel, and photography,...

Why You Can't Talk About "Hair Bacon" (And Lots Of Other Things) On Chinese Social Media

Fast Company – 2013-11-08

A new book explains what the Chinese government doesn't want its people talking about on social media site Weibo. Make sure you don't mention the band Hoobastank. They hate Hoobastank.Hoobastank, the...

FutureBook: libraries and publishers talk joint ventures

The Bookseller – 2013-11-21

Collaboration between libraries and publishers in the only way forwards, panellists argued at The...

Survey Proves We Still Really Need To Talk About Photoshop

The Huffington Post – 2013-11-27

There's been a lot of discussion lately about the damaging effects of Photoshop. With all of the media attention the topic receives, some could assume that the use of Photoshop on the vast majority...

ALA 2014 Preview: Let’s Talk It Out

Publishers Weekly – 2013-11-30

The conference theme of the 2014 ALA Midwinter Meeting, set for January 24–28 in Philadelphia, is “the conversation starts here.” It is a perfectly appropriate theme.

Why the Impress Project wants to talk about press regulation

The Guardian – 2013-12-08

The newspaper owners behind Ipso are ignoring the public, so we need to think about building a robust, independent regulatorWhen I was seven years old I launched my own newspaper. For several days I...

Book Talk: The Pike, a biography that reads like a novel

Yahoo! News – 2013-12-19

By Richard Woods LONDON (Reuters) - Early on in her prize-winning biography of Gabriele D'Annunzio, an Italian poet, serial seducer and proto-fascist warmonger, Lucy Hughes-Hallett declares:...

Book Talk: From blog to bestseller - 'Humans of New York'

Yahoo! News – 2013-12-19

By Ellen Freilich NEW YORK (Reuters) - "Humans of New York," a photography book that began as a blog by a former bond trader has captured the heart and soul of New York with pictures and commentary....

When Beyoncé Samples Your TED Talk, This Is What Happens to Your Book

The Atlantic – 2013-12-23

It does well—especially when the New York Times helps.    

VIDEO: Two children's book legends talk

BBC – 2014-01-02

Judith Kerr and Shirley Hughes on why they won't retire

Media Advisory - Turning Digital Into Dollars: CJF J-Talk features Canada's top publishers on what's working for their news outlets

CNW – 2014-01-08

TORONTO, Jan. 8, 2014 /CNW/ - Traditional newspaper outlets are throwing up paywalls, pouring resources into digital, and increasing the amount of sponsored content—all in an effort to find a...

Book Talk: Bill O'Reilly on strong leaders and Jesus

Yahoo! News – 2014-01-09

By Billy Cheung NEW YORK (Reuters) - Having written two biographies about Presidents Abraham Lincoln and John F. Kennedy, political commentator and television host Bill O'Reilly and his...

The CRTC publishes a report on Phase 1 of Let's Talk TV: A conversation with Canadians

CNW – 2014-01-29

OTTAWA-GATINEAU, QC, Jan. 29, 2014 /CNW/ - The Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC) published a report today on what Canadians said in Phase 1 of Let's Talk TV: A c...

Feds pave the way for cars that can talk to one another

PC World – 2014-02-04

The Department of Transportation (DOT) said Monday that it plans to require vehicle-to-vehicle communications in future generations of cars, eventually making the technology as ubiquitous as seat...

Book Talk: Leadership in the world's most extreme workplace

Yahoo! News – 2014-02-06

By Pauline Askin SYDNEY (Reuters) - At age 34, Rachael Robertson accepted the biggest challenge of her life: to lead a large, 12-month expedition in Antarctica. Two months on, she found herself...

Bing's Windows Phone apps now talk to Windows

PC World – 2014-02-19

Microsoft unveiled several useful apps for Windows Phone on Tuesday, including an improved fitness tracker and recipe app, with one thing in common: They finally talk to Windows.In all, Microsoft...

Media Talk podcast: Radio 1 chart show moves the goalposts

The Guardian – 2014-02-20

John Plunkett is joined by MediaGuardian reporter Maggie Brown and Shortlist editor Mike Soutar to discuss the week's media news.Radio 1 has announced another shakeup to the way the Top 40 singles...

Real Talk With Rob Smith: Tired of 'Black vs. Gay' (VIDEO)

The Huffington Post – 2014-02-22

This is my response to the tired "black vs. gay" meme that's going on right now: Follow me on Twitter @robsmithonline, and on Facebook. My book Closets, Combat and Coming Out is available now at...

Book Talk: Zen Pencils comic transcends Internet into book deal

Yahoo! News – 2014-02-27

By Brian Leonal SINGAPORE (Reuters) - Pirates and imitators on the Internet are the bane of many aspiring artists. For Gavin Aung Than, creator of the popular Zen Pencils comic, the Web was where he...

Media Talk podcast: BBC3 to be axed

The Guardian – 2014-03-05

Despite the recently launched campaign, director-general Tony Hall is planning to close BBC3. John Plunkett is joined by Heat Magazine's TV editor Boyd Hilton and broadcaster and writer Helen...

Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie On The TEDx Talk Beyonce Sampled And Why We Should Forget Feminism's 'Baggage'

The Huffington Post – 2014-03-07

What does it take to get to the top -- without losing your center? Our “Making It Work” series profiles successful, dynamic women who are standouts in their fields, peeling back the "hows" of...

Professors in homeless shelters: It is time to talk seriously about adjuncts – 2014-03-18

Adjunct abuse is one of higher education's great sins. So why is a leading writing conference not discussing it?

Book Talk: Roddy Doyle on music and language in 'The Guts'

Yahoo! News – 2014-03-27

By Patricia Reaney NEW YORK (Reuters) - Award-winning Irish author Roddy Doyle brings a few of his earliest characters back in his latest book, "The Guts", an achingly funny novel about...

M.F.A. Survey 2014: Agents and Editors Talk M.F.A. Programs

Publishers Weekly – 2014-05-16

Many agents and editors use M.F.A. programs as resources for finding new talent.

BEA 2014: Strong Traffic, Talk of Amazon-Hachette

Publishers Weekly – 2014-05-29

Show-goers have been impressed with BookExpo America 2014 so far, saying it's one of the most exciting and energetic in recent years.

The Way You Talk Could Be Hurting Your Job Prospects

The Huffington Post – 2014-05-30

Turns out, it's better to sound like Clueless' Cher Horowitz than it is to sound like Britney Spears. In a new study published in the peer-reviewed journal PLOS ONE, researchers from the University...

Book Talk: Irish author was told 'didn't fit niche'

Yahoo! News – 2014-05-22

By Verity Watkins LONDON (Reuters) - At 27, Eimear McBride was a young Irish author with a string of rejections from agents and publishers. The Irish response to a problem is denial, which links back...

Book Talk: Oregon writer finds beauty, redemption on death row

Yahoo! News – 2014-05-15

Non-fiction writer Rene Denfeld draws on her work as a death penalty investigator in her first novel, \"The Enchanted\", the story of a prisoner who invents a horrible, liberating beauty deep...

Bill and Willie Geist on 'Good Talk, Dad'

Chicago Tribune – 2014-06-06

The Geists, who will appear at Printers Row Lit Fest, poke fun at their lack of traditional father-son bondingIn their alternately affectionate and raucous joint memoir, "Good Talk Dad," network news...

Stanley Cup: Kings defensemen Voynov, Mitchell talk about fatigue

Los Angeles Times – 2014-06-10

Kings defenseman Slava Voynov has been getting more and more comfortable conducting interviews in English — just as long as there aren't any TV crews around.

Book Talk: Making Soapies in Kabul

Yahoo! News – 2014-06-26

By Pauline Askin SYDNEY (Reuters - To help keep herself safe and sane while making television dramas in Afghanistan, Australian producer Trudi-Ann Tierney devised an ever-more elaborate game of...

New Table Talk magazine hopes to start conversations

The Washington Post – 2014-06-27

In these Huff-Buzz latter days, starting a literary journal sounds like setting up Ye Olde Shoppe of illuminated manuscripts. But who can resist such an act of wild optimism? The latest example comes...

Peter Finn and Petra Couvée talk about 'The Zhivago Affair' and the book that shook the world

The Christian Science Monitor – 2014-07-03

Authors Peter Finn and Petra Couvée explore the history of 'Doctor Zhivago,' the Russian novel that became a worldwide Cold War sensation.

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