B&N, Microsoft team up for digital biz

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Yahoo, Microsoft, AOL team up on ads

San Jose Mercury News – 2011-09-15

Yahoo, AOL and Microsoft are joining up to sell each other's advertising inventory, according to published reports

Microsoft Launches Public Sector Magazine

PC World – 2011-06-25

Microsoft has quietly created a new group, the office of civic innovation, as well as a new online magazine designed to promote its public sector initiatives.

Google 'Panda' update downgrades UK tech sites - and Microsoft's Ciao

Guardian – 2011-04-13

Voucher sites, 'content farms', and some finance sites also hit by rejigging of search algorithms - while winners include Mirror, Independent, and YouTubeA number of prominent UK technology news...

Google antitrust probe: Microsoft files complaint with EU

San Jose Mercury News – 2011-04-01

Microsoft on Thursday threw its weight behind an existing probe by European Union authorities into whether rival Google is unfairly thwarting competition in the online search market.

Microsoft and Apple Sue Over E-Readers, App Store

Folio Magazine – 2011-03-22

As the competition heats up, so do the lawsuits.

Microsoft sues Barnes & Noble over Nook patents

San Jose Mercury News – 2011-03-22

Microsoft is suing Barnes & Noble and two electronics manufacturers, saying the Nook e-book reader infringes on patents.

Google Says Microsoft Patent Lawsuit Threatens Innovation

PC World – 2011-03-22

Google took a slap at Microsoft on Tuesday, saying the software giant's patent lawsuit against bookseller Barnes & Noble's Android-based e-reader stifles...

Microsoft to introduce tracking blocker in IE9

Media Week – 2010-12-08

Microsoft has announced plans to add a privacy feature to its Windows Internet Explorer 9 (IE9), which will prevent web sites from tracking users' online activity.

Microsoft, Amazon sign patent deal

Reuters – 2010-02-22

SEATTLE (Reuters) - Microsoft Corp said on Monday it signed a patent agreement with Amazon.com Inc that allows the two companies to share technology in several areas including Amazon's Kindle...

Advertising in print is twice as effective as TV, says Microsoft

Times Online – 2009-12-28

Print advertising is more than twice as effective as television advertising for large retailers, according to new data seen by The Times.

Microsoft accepts defeat to Wikipedia and kills off Encarta

Times Online – 2009-03-31

Microsoft has announced it will kill off Encarta, its encyclopaedia software and website, later this year, which has crumbled in the face of competition from Wikipedia, the leading encyclopaedia on...

DealBook: Microsoft Chief Still Stuck on Yahoo

New York Times – 2009-02-24

Yahoo may have a new chief, but Steven A. Ballmer appears to be getting the same cold shoulder.

Microsoft to publishers: Help us avoid ad screw-ups

CNET – 2009-02-24

Company announces consortium of Web publishers to guide its design the next incarnation of Microsoft's online publishing platform

Microsoft Coalition of Publishers to Consult on Ad-Management Tool

Editor And Publisher – 2009-02-23

Microsoft has formed a coalition of prominent online publishers to consult on the development of PubCenter, its still-in-beta ad management tool.

Far from Silicon Valley comes challenge to Google and Microsoft

Times Online – 2009-01-12

When Olli-Pekka Kallasvuo joined Nokia 28 years ago, the Finnish group was making car tyres and rubber boots. Then he was part of the team assembled by Jorma Ollila, the former chief executive, that...

Microsoft in major restructuring of ad publisher division

Mad.co.uk – 2008-12-10

Microsoft Advertising has conducted a major restructuring of its advertiser and publisher sales division in an attempt to gain market share from rivals AOL and Yahoo.

Microsoft releases open-source content management app

InfoWorld – 2008-12-09

Microsoft has released an early version of an open-source content management platform that developers can use to build sophisticated blogs or large Web sites. Called Oxite, its creators describe it...

Journal Calls Report of Yahoo-Microsoft Deal Baloney

SYS-CON Media – 2008-12-01

According to the Times of London, Microsoft is in talks to acquire Yahoo's search business. The Wall Street Journal says the story is utter hokum. The British paper puts the price at $20 billion –...

Microsoft aims to synchronise your life with Windows Live

Times Online – 2008-11-13

Microsoft has announced ambitious plans to integrate Windows Live, its portfolio of online services such as Hotmail and Messenger, with other popular sites including Flickr, Twitter and Facebook.

Microsoft’s Chief Denies Any Interest in Buying Yahoo

New York Times – 2008-11-08

The comments by Steven A. Ballmer set off a 13 percent decline in Yahoo’s share price.

Microsoft says next Office suite will go on the Web

USA Today – 2008-10-29

The next upgrade of Office business software from Microsoft Corp will include a version that edits word processing documents and spreadsheets inside a Web browser, the software maker said Tuesday.

Human Rights and Internet Companies: Google, Yahoo and Microsoft Agree to Principles

Electronic Frontier Foundations – 2008-10-29

For almost two years, EFF has been a participant in negotiations between human rights groups, investors, academics and Internet companies -- including Yahoo!, Google, and Microsoft -- aimed at...

A Web-Based App Builder With a Microsoft Twist

PC World – 2008-10-23

Caspio Bridge, like a Microsoft Access on the Web, allows nonprogrammers to easily create online databases and the Web forms to fill them.

Open Text Furthers Content Services For Microsoft Office SharePoint Server With New Storage Services

EnterpriseContentManagementConnection-ECM – 2008-10-08

Open TextT Corporation (NASDAQ: OTEX, TSX: OTC), a global leader in enterprise content management (ECM), today announced Open Text Storage Services for SharePoint, the latest addition to the...

Microsoft rewards search -- but only with Internet Explorer

New York Times – 2008-10-01

As a sign of how desperate Microsoft is to draw U.S. Internet users to its Live Search site and away from rival Google , the company is now offering frequent flyer miles to frequent searchers but...

Google's New Web Browser Aimed Right at Microsoft

Fox News – 2008-09-02

Google launches new Web browser, Chrome, further escalating search giant's competition with Microsoft over Internet technologies.

Microsoft buys ciao.com to boost e-shopping search

Reuters – 2008-08-31

LONDON (Reuters) - Microsoft has agreed to buy Greenfield Online, owner of popular European price comparison website ciao.com, for about $486 million to boost its Internet search and e-commerce...

Microsoft web browser that covers its tracks could hit Google’s advertising

Times Online – 2008-08-28

Mousetrap weblog: Will Internet Explorer 8 cost Google dear?

Microsoft Adds Privacy Tools to Internet Explorer 8

New York Times – 2008-08-26

Microsoft spelled out new privacy tools in Internet Explorer 8 that some have dubbed ?porn mode? in a nod to the most-obvious use of a browser privacy mode.

John Dvorak's Second Opinion: How Adobe can stop Microsoft

Market Watch – 2008-08-15

Microsoft's Silverlight is a direct attack on Adobe's Flash, and Adobe has to do something other than run away from Microsoft, writes John Dvorak.

Microsoft seeks an ad friend in Facebook

International Herald Tribune – 2008-07-25

It failed in its pursuit of Yahoo. It is paying people to use its search engine. Now Microsoft thinks it has found a source of users for its foundering search service: Facebook.

Microsoft online chief exits after Yahoo! failure

Times Online – 2008-07-24

Kevin Johnson, a Microsoft veteran and one of the key players in the software giant's failed $47.5 billion ($£23.9 billion) bid to buy Yahoo!, is leaving as the company attempts to re-energise its...

AOL and Microsoft chiefs discuss a Yahoo! break-up

Times Online – 2008-07-17

Executives of AOL, the internet arm of Time Warner, met for formal talks with Microsoft yesterday afternoon to discuss a $40 billion ($£20.02 billion) break-up of Yahoo!, the internet search...

Google-Yahoo advertising deal should be blocked, says Microsoft

Guardian – 2008-07-16

The search advertising deal between Google and Yahoo should be blocked, Microsoft has told a US congressional committee. By Jemima Kiss

Yahoo fends off Microsoft/Icahn takeover bid

Guardian – 2008-07-14

Yahoo has rejected a joint takeover proposal from Microsoft and dissident investor Carl Icahn. By Jemima Kiss

Murdoch takes News Corp. out of scuffle over Yahoo, says he expects Microsoft will walk away

International Herald Tribune – 2008-07-11

News Corp. Chairman Rupert Murdoch said his media conglomerate is "very unlikely" to be a part of any deal for Yahoo Inc., scuttling talk that Microsoft Corp. was making headway in enlisting the...

Yahoo CEO says not likely to meet with Microsoft

Reuters – 2008-07-10

SUN VALLEY, Idaho (Reuters) - Yahoo Inc Chief Executive Jerry Yang said on Thursday he was unlikely to meet with representatives of Microsoft Corp at this week's meeting of media and tech executives...

Microsoft, Google push for broad Web privacy laws / Users should control how information is used, companies say

San Francisco Chronicle – 2008-07-10

Microsoft Corp. and Google Inc. told lawmakers Wednesday that Congress should pass basic privacy legislation to protect information about consumers, such as the data being gathered about people's...

Murdoch sees no deals for News Corp., talk centers on Yahoo-Microsoft dustup

International Herald Tribune – 2008-07-09

News Corp. Chairman Rupert Murdoch plans to forgo making deals at this year's Allen & Co. media retreat, dampening the five-day event renowned as an incubator for big-time media and Web...

Microsoft will talk to Yahoo 'if it replaces board'

Guardian – 2007-07-08

Microsoft has said it is willing to re-enter takeover talks with Yahoo, but only if the internet firm is under new management. By Richard Wray

Google picks up where Microsoft left off

International Herald Tribune – 2007-07-08

Like Microsoft in the 20th century, Google is the company that is now rewriting the rule books of the modern market.

Microsoft, Yahoo mull media partner options: sources

Reuters – 2007-03-08

SAN FRANCISCO/NEW YORK (Reuters) - Microsoft Corp and Yahoo Inc have been holding separate talks with other potential media partners after their negotiations with each other broke down, sources...

Microsoft seeks allies for new Yahoo move: report

Reuters – 2007-02-08

(Reuters) - Microsoft Corp is preparing a new bid for Yahoo Inc's search business and has approached other media companies about joining it in a deal that would effectively lead to Yahoo's breakup,...

Microsoft Seeks Path Beyond Gates’s Legacy

New York Times – 2008-06-28

As Bill Gates moves on, it will be up to successors to master the Internet’s challenges or see Microsoft’s stature erode.

Microsoft to Buy Mobile Software Maker MobiComp (PC World)

Yahoo News – 2008-06-27

PC World - Microsoft plans to buy MobiComp to expand its mobile Internet offerings.

Barnes & Noble shares soar on Microsoft deal

Reuters – 2012-04-30

(Reuters) - Barnes & Noble Inc said it will separate its digital and college book businesses into a new subsidiary, giving Microsoft Corp a 17.6 percent stake in the new unit, and the bookstore...

'Significant expansion' for Nook as Microsoft invests $300m

The Bookseller – 2012-04-30

Microsoft has invested $300m in Barnes and Noble, forming “a new subsidiary” of the...

Microsoft invests $300m in Barnes & Noble’s Nook; more e-books for Windows

GigaOM – 2012-04-30

Microsoft and Barnes & Noble are forming a strategic partnership that combines the Nook and college businesses into a new company. Microsoft is making a $300 million investment in the new company...

Microsoft And Barnes & Noble Announce Partnership For Ebooks

Fast Company – 2012-04-30

Microsoft and Barnes & Noble are announcing a new partnership to develop and sell educational ebooks on the Nook e-reader. Microsoft is investing $300 million in the subsidiary, while B&N...

Barnes & Noble, Microsoft team up on Nook, college businesses

Los Angeles Times – 2012-04-30

An infusion of money from Microsoft Corp. sent Barnes & Noble Inc.'s stock zooming Monday, as the software giant established a way to get back into the e-books business.

Microsoft invests in Nook e-books

BBC World – 2012-04-30

Microsoft invests $300m in Barnes and Noble's digital business, providing a boost to the Nook e-book reader.

Barnes & Noble, Microsoft join to sell e-books

CBC – 2012-04-30

U.S. book giant Barnes & Noble and Microsoft team up to create a new Barnes & Noble subsidiary, housing the digital and college businesses of the bookseller and including a Nook application for...

Microsoft, Barnes & Noble teach Apple and Amazon a lesson about educational ebooks

Betanews – 2012-04-30

Nobody partners, or negotiates deals, like Microsoft. That's evident from today's stunning agreement with Barnes & Noble, which is sure to turn the ebook market on its head. The two will jointly...

Microsoft and Barnes & Noble Create E-Book Partnership

PC World – 2012-04-30

Coming up first: A Metro-style Nook e-reader app for Windows 8 that will be available to U.S. and international users.

B&N, Microsoft team up on Nook, college businesses

San Francisco Chronicle – 2012-04-30

(04-30) 07:17 PDT New York (AP) -- An infusion of money from Microsoft Corp. sent Barnes & Noble Inc.'s stock zooming Monday, as the software giant established a way to get back into the e-books...

A brief history of Microsoft’s e-reader efforts

GigaOM – 2012-04-30

Although Microsoft invested $300 million in a Barnes & Noble spin-off on Monday, this isn't the first time Microsoft played the e-book game. Typical for the company, it often has great ideas,...

Microsoft joins forces with Barnes

The Christian Science Monitor – 2012-04-30

The software company announced it will invest $300 million in the bookseller's e-book and college bookstore ventures

Microsoft finds a nook of its own in Barnes & Noble

Los Angeles Times – 2012-04-30

Microsoft seems to have found an open window back into the e-book business, closing the door on an ongoing patent dispute with its new partner.

Microsoft gears up for fight with Apple, Amazon by investing in Barnes & Noble's Nook

San Jose Mercury News – 2012-04-30

Microsoft will invest $300 million in Barnes & Noble's Nook e-reader, gaining a foothold in the fast-growing e-books market as the bookseller gets more firepower to compete against Amazon.com's...

Microsoft buys Nook stake; Barnes & Noble shares soar

Baltimore Sun – 2012-04-30

(Reuters) - Microsoft Corp will invest $300 million in Barnes & Noble Inc's Nook e-reader, gaining a foothold in the fast-growing e-books market as the bookseller gets more firepower to compete...

Microsoft’s partnership strategy: we’ll take what we can get

GigaOM – 2012-04-30

Microsoft''s $300 million investment in Barnes & Noble's Nook business gives it a piece of an ebook reader also-ran. But this is far fromthe first time Microsoft enlisted a B list ally to attack...

Microsoft Invests $300 Million in Upcoming Barnes & Noble Subsidiary

Folio Magazine – 2012-05-01

After announcing plans to possibly spin off its NOOK business in January, Barnes & Noble enters into a partnership with Microsoft. The tech company invested $300 million in the new subsidiary...

Microsoft gambles $300m on e-readers

Stuff – 2012-05-01

Microsoft is jumping into the fast-growing e-books market by investing US$300 million in Barnes & Noble's Nook e-reader and university business, as it looks to unlock Amazon.com and Apple's...

Microsoft buys stake in Barnes and Noble’s Nook e-reader

The Washington Post – 2012-05-01

Microsoft on Monday announced a $300 million investment in Barnes and Noble’se-reader and tablet business, giving the software giant a late entry into the race for digital publishing and online...

How Microsoft's cash will bolster Nook e-readers

CNN – 2012-05-01

News that Microsoft has sunk $300 million into a venture with Barnes & Noble sends a clear signal that the computing giant and the bookseller aim to shake up the e-book market with new ammo in their...

Barnes & Noble Deal Signals New Microsoft Savvy

PC World – 2012-05-01

The deal with the maker of the popular Nook ebook reader shows that Microsoft, like Apple, understands that ecosystems are the key to success.

Why Microsoft Nabbed the Nook

Knowledge@Wharton – 2012-05-02

Microsoft's $300 million investment in Barnes & Noble's Nook e-reader and digital book subsidiary makes perfect sense, according to experts at Wharton and elsewhere.

Barnes & Noble and Microsoft: A Win-Win?

Publishers Weekly – 2012-05-04

The deal between Barnes & Noble and Microsoft gives both companies things they need—B&N receives a much-needed infusion of cash, while Microsoft gets another chance to participate in the consumer...

Media Decoder Blog: WPP in Microsoft Deal for Digital Ads

The New York Times – 2012-05-23

WPP, one of the world's largest advertising companies, has entered into a partnership with Microsoft that will allow both of the companies to place and sell digital ads for the brands and publishers...

Italy's RCS picks Microsoft exec for turnaround

Reuters – 2012-05-26

MILAN, May 25 (Reuters) - Italian loss-making publisher RCS MediaGroup picked Pietro Scott Jovane, the head of Microsoft Italy, to become its chief executive and lead the business turnaround, the...

Microsoft Surface: first serious iPad competitor?

The Christian Science Monitor – 2012-06-19

The new Microsoft Surface has the capability of a PC and a full multi-touch keyboard.

Microsoft Takes a Page from Apple's PR Book

PC World – 2012-06-22

Analysis: With its building for mystery announcements and glitzy unveilings, when it comes to hype, is Microsoft the new Apple?

Microsoft teams up with shopping search engine for HTML5 digital catalogs

Engadget – 2012-07-26

Dead tree product catalogs -- dated. Fortunate, then, at least for Mother Earth, that Microsoft's unveiled the results of its team-up with retail-focused search engine TheFind, several web-based...

Microsoft set to get back in the news business with relaunched MSN

Engadget – 2012-10-01

Microsoft isn't exactly a stranger to the news business. It founded Slate Magazine way back in 1996 as part of its then still-nascent MSN website, and it partnered with NBC that same year on the...

Microsoft's $300M Barnes and Noble investment promises new Windows 8 Nook app

Betanews – 2012-10-04

Book retailer Barnes and Noble announced on Thursday that its partnership with Microsoft in a new limited liability company called Nook Media LLC is complete and ready to go ahead of Windows 8's...

Hearst hires Microsoft's Stephen Edwards for digital role

Media Week – 2013-03-05

Hearst Magazines UK has appointed Microsoft ad executive Stephen Edwards to the new role of group digital sales director.

Microsoft 'offers' to buy Nook Media

The Bookseller – 2013-05-09

Microsoft has offered to buy Nook Media for $1bn, according to reports. TechCrunch cites...

Microsoft Mulling Nook Media LLC Purchase For $1 Billion

Editor & Publisher – 2013-05-09

Microsoft is offering to pay $1 billion to buy the digital assets of Nook Media LLC, the digital book and college book joint venture with Barnes & Noble and other investors, according to...

Microsoft may buy Barnes & Noble's Nook unit for $1 billion

Los Angeles Times – 2013-05-09

According to internal documents obtained by the website TechCrunch, Microsoft has offered $1 billion for the digital assets of Nook Media, Barnes & Noble's digital book venture.According to internal...

Barnes & Noble shares soar on Microsoft report

Reuters – 2013-05-10

(Reuters) - Shares in Barnes & Noble Inc soared 22 percent on Thursday after a report that Microsoft Corp is considering an offer to acquire the tablet and e-book business of B&N's Nook Media unit.

What would Microsoft buying Barnes & Noble's Nook business mean?

The Christian Science Monitor – 2013-05-10

According to documents found by website TechCrunch, Microsoft is offering $1 billion to buy the digital assets of Nook Media.

If Microsoft Takes Over Nook, What Next?

Publishing Perspectives – 2013-05-12

Microsoft is said to have offered Barnes & Noble $1 billion to buyout the Nook Media business. Where would that leave the retailer going forward?

Microsoft buying Barnes & Noble's Nook Media? Microsoft insider says no

The Christian Science Monitor – 2013-05-15

An anonymous Microsoft source calls talk about Microsoft planning to buy the Nook Media branch of Barnes & Noble 'nothing more than a rumor.'

Microsoft follows Google's lead, files request to reveal more data about FISA orders

Engadget – 2013-06-27

The Wall Street Journal reports that in a move similar to Google's request last week, Microsoft has submitted a motion to the secret FISA court to authorize the release of "aggregate data" about the...

Microsoft patent filing attempts to lock down games with multiple engines running concurrently

Engadget – 2013-06-27

Shortly after Microsoft released its Xbox 360 HD update to Halo: Combat Evolved -- a game which allowed players to seamlessly switch between the original game's graphics and the update -- the company...

Microsoft entertainment head may leave to be Zynga CEO: report

Reuters – 2013-07-01

SAN FRANCISCO (Reuters) - Struggling games publisher Zynga Inc could replace its chief executive Mark Pincus with Microsoft Corp executive Don Mattrick, possibly as early as Monday, according to a...

Microsoft Xbox head named Zynga CEO

Reuters – 2013-07-02

SAN FRANCISCO (Reuters) - Games publisher Zynga Inc has replaced chief executive Mark Pincus with Don Mattrick, the Microsoft Corp executive who headed the critical Xbox business, Zynga announced on...

Microsoft details Xbox One's Reputation system, keeps gentle gamers together

Engadget – 2013-07-04

Good-natured Xbox Live gamers sometimes face a tough choice: they either have to isolate themselves in parties or risk playing against griefers and other ne'er-do-wells. Microsoft could avoid that...

Microsoft to pull apps with critical vulnerabilities

PC World – 2013-07-10

In a bid to purge insecure software from the Windows Store, Microsoft Tuesday announced that it would remove apps that it deems to have critical vulnerabilities. Within 180 days, Microsoft said,...

What Microsoft's new product groups mean for Windows, Office, and more

PC World – 2013-07-12

Microsoft's restructuring places a new emphasis, not on products, but on technologies that will be shared across the company, to tie together and improve the company's overall business as a...

Microsoft Handed User Messages To The NSA On A Silver Platter

Fast Company – 2013-07-12

Newly released documents reveal Microsoft worked with the National Security Agency, creating a secret backdoor in Outlook.com with easy access to emails and chat logs. New info published in the...

Why Microsoft’s reorganization closes the books on an era of computing

GigaOM – 2013-07-14

Software may be eating the world, but unfortunately for Microsoft, it doesn't make as much of that software as it would like. After this week's massive reorg, it's clear Microsoft has decided that it...

Microsoft asks US Attorney General to intervene on security disclosures, denies assisting with NSA interceptions

Engadget – 2013-07-17

Microsoft sits between a rock and a hard place when it comes to privacy -- it can't reveal more about FISA requests, but it's also accused of assisting with NSA eavesdropping. The company is trying...

Microsoft calls for NSA transparency

BBC World – 2013-07-17

The US attorney general is reviewing a letter from Microsoft asking that it be allowed to publish more detail about US National Security Agency requests for user data.

Xbox One retail consoles double as debug units, Microsoft to allow indie self-publishing (update)

Engadget – 2013-07-25

Microsoft's Xbox One is getting decidedly more indie-friendly with today's confirmation from Microsoft that its forthcoming game console will double as a developer debug unit. In so many words, each...

Microsoft Says Developers Can Self-Publish on Xbox One

Wired – 2013-07-25

Microsoft will allow game developers to self-publish their creations on Xbox One, promising more information at next month's Gamescom show.    

Microsoft's SkyDrive, Outlook.com are down for some people

PC World – 2013-08-14

Microsoft’s Outlook.com web mail application and SkyDrive cloud storage service are suffering a partial outage on Wednesday. The problems began at around 10 a.m. EDT and hadn’t been resolved by...

Microsoft's Kinect and $150 software transforms ordinary surfaces into touchscreens

PC World – 2013-08-15

Working with Microsoft, a company called Ubi Interactive is bringing us ever-closer to the day when everything is a touch screen. Microsoft The software from Ubi (no relation to the game publisher...

It's game over for Games for Windows Live: Microsoft shutters PC marketplace

PC World – 2013-08-16

Microsoft will be putting its PC games marketplace to bed next week, bringing an end to the company's efforts to rival Valve's popular Steam marketplace. The Xbox.com Games for Windows Live PC...

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