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Art Check: Gursky's Extraterrestrial Perspective

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Art Check: Gursky's Extraterrestrial Perspective

Publishers Weekly – 2012-04-27

Three photos that tell a very short version of Gursky's story: his images are epic, his subject matter is the entire world, and his perspective is, in his words, "alien”—a view from above and beyond.
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Art Check: Timekeeping for Aesthetes

To kick off the new year, Flammarion (and their distributor, Rizzoli) shares some captivating images from the forthcoming volume The Mastery of Time, an illustrated history by Dominique Flechon. | Publishers Weekly – 2012-01-06

The Amazon Price Check App and The Battle over 'Showrooming'

If “showrooming” wasn’t part of the industry lexicon before last week, it is now, thanks to Amazon’s price check app that gives customers up to $15 in discounts to those who scan prices of... | Publishers Weekly – 2011-12-09

Idaho newspaper publishes prominent fact-check of senator’s press release

The Visual Side of Journalism The Times-News of Twin Falls, Idaho ran a full-page illustration on its Sunday opinion section front that fact-checked, point-by-point, a press release from Republican... | Poynter. – 2011-10-11

Check Out What You Can Check Out at a Wisconsin Library: The Apple iPad

While many libraries are now checking out e-books and digital audiobooks in addition to physical media, the Eau Claire library is taking things a step further by lending out iPads themselves. | AllThingsD – 2011-09-22

Baltimore libraries will soon check out Nooks in addition to books

Pilot program to lend out electronic readers, pre-loaded with best-sellersThe City That Reads will soon be a leader in bringing new technology to library patrons — electronically. Two branches of... | Baltimore Sun – 2011-08-08

News Corp's Australian papers check their books for wrongful payments

News Limited boss says 'ludicrous' claims that phone-hacking scandal may extend to Australia demand a responseRupert Murdoch's Australian newspapers have launched a review of all editorial... | Guardian – 2011-07-13

Publishers Starting to Name-Check iTunes "Top Grossing Apps"

From Yahoo's The Cutline: At a panel during the TechCrunch conference in New York last week, Greg Clayman, publisher of News Corp.'s Daily iPad publication, said the application had "almost a million... | Folio Magazine – 2011-05-31

You’ll be able to check out books on your Kindle – and write in them

paidContent.orgAmazon announced this morning that sometime later this year, Kindle owners and Kindle app users will be able to check out its e-books from local libraries. The service will enable... | Poynter. – 2011-04-21

Check it Out: Amazon Will Add 11,000 U.S. Libraries to the Kindle [eMoney]

Amazon just eliminated one of the biggest differences between the Kindle and competing e-readers. It said today it will be rolling out the Kindle Library Lending feature later this year, allowing... | AllThingsD – 2011-04-20

Check Google Books data for errors, publishers warned

Written By: Caroline Horn Publication Date: Fri, 04/02/2011 - 09:01 Publishers are being warned to check their Google Books data online as thousands of titles have been mistakenly attributed to... | The Bookseller – 2011-02-04

Check out Punch, the Mad mag for the iPad people

Punch is an iPad-only satire magazine that combines pop culture references and popular Internet memes with interactive game play. The New York-based start-up launched its app, and well let's just... | GigaOM – 2012-04-12

Art Check: Harvey Pekar, Back From the Dead

For Harvey Pekar's Cleveland, Top Shelf and Zip Comics recruited artist Joseph Remnant, whose work recalls longtime Pekar collaborator R. Crumb, but with a lighter touch and a charm all its own. | Publishers Weekly – 2012-05-04

Art Check: A Broadway Couple Shoots NYC

In the handsome new coffee table book The Outdoor Museum, stage actress Margery Gray Harnick sets the scene while her husband, Pulitzer-winning lyricist Sheldon Harnick, provides poetic accompaniment. | Publishers Weekly – 2012-05-11

10 reasons to check out Funny Or Die’s iPad magazine

Funny Or Die has never been afraid of diversifying, leading to a history filled with successes and less-than-successes. It's early to say what category The Occasional, the company's new experiment in... | GigaOM – 2012-06-10

Paul Krugman Shows Newsweek How to Fact Check

Paul Krugman is pretty much done picking on Niall Ferguson for his widely-criticized takedown of President Obama and is moving on to Ferguson's publisher Newsweek. As Krugman sees it, the... | The Atlantic Wire – 2012-08-22

NYT reporter was supposed to help fact-check a column, not send it to CIA

Politico Mark Mazzetti reports on national security for The New York Times. He sent the text of a Maureen Dowd column that hadn’t yet been published to CIA spokesperson Marie Harf, Dylan Byers... | Poynter. – 2012-08-29

Want to Know What Lena Dunham's Advice Is Worth? Check Her Twitter Account

Lena Dunham's advice is worth upwards of $3.5 million, the reported amount that Random House paid the creator and star of Girls to write her first book, a collection of... | The Atlantic Wire – 2012-10-10

Digg survey: Two in 10 'check Google Reader many times a day'

The furor over Google Reader's eminent demise, while quieter, is by no means over. Today, Digg pours gasoline on the fire, by publishing results from a survey about subscription habits. Late last... | Betanews – 2013-04-12

Check It Out with Michael Kelley: The Provincetown Public Press

Editors Note: When we first signed up the great Nancy Pearl to helm the “Check It Out” library column for Publishers Weekly, she agreed to do it for a year—and then she gave us two great years! | Publishers Weekly – 2013-09-06

Check Out Your Favourite Digital Magazines Free at the Library

Zinio e-magazines added to library's growing e-content selection TORONTO, Sept. 16, 2013 /CNW/ - Toronto Public Library customers now have access to hundreds of current and popular digital maga... | CNW – 2013-09-16

Check It Out With Michael Kelley

The Belfer Audio Archive at New York’s Syracuse University houses one of the preeminent collections of historical sound recordings in the U.S. | Publishers Weekly – 2013-10-20

Check unsigned files at VirusTotal with Sysinternals’ Sigcheck

Microsoft Sysinternals has released Sigcheck 2.0, the latest edition of its digital signature verification tool. Okay, it’s true, a command line utility which scans for signed executables doesn’t... | Betanews – 2013-10-28

Check Out the Top 10 Brands on Tumblr

Tumblr has work to do before becoming the next big marketing channel, but that hasn't stopped brands from getting on board with the hip publishing platform. Union Metrics shared a Top 10 list... | AdWeek – 2013-10-29

Check Out the First Tweets Ever Sent By Nike, ESPN, Xbox, Coke and More

Twitter was founded in 2006, but for brands it all began in 2009 when a critical mass of the nation's biggest marketers started tweeting.As Twitter begins trading on the New York Stock Exchange... | Advertising Age – 2013-11-07

“Hello, baby. Check me out”: Animals speak but don’t say much

Painstaking research identified animal "speech." But despite scientists' hopes, critters are stuck on the basics | – 2013-11-10

ALA 2014 Preview: Check it out with Michael Kelley: A Deeper Dive

Can metered reading work for library e-books? Maybe, maybe not. But the world of digital reading demands experimentation, and who better for publishers to experiment with than libraries? | Publishers Weekly – 2013-12-02

Reality Check: Mobile Ads Have a Way to Go

The mobile ad world has become one of haves and have nots. The Wall Street Journal concentrates on the haves, the platforms like Facebook, but the world of publishers isn’t so luckily.The post... | Digiday – 2013-12-19

An app to check your cholesterol is the latest way smartphones are evolving into medical devices

On mobile phones, health, and fitness are rapidly becoming big business. The latest idea? A concept from researchers at Cornell which demonstrates how your phone could be used to check your... | PC World – 2013-12-21

Airline Business 2014: Centennial Commercial Health Check

Book - Cruising to Profits reveals unconventional methods for airlines to make more money MONTREAL, Jan. 20, 2014 /CNW Telbec/ - Millennium Aviation, Inc. released its strategic airline managem... | CNW – 2014-01-20

The Check Is in the Mail: Patterson Sends over $267,000 to Booksellers

This week James Patterson mailed the first installment of his $1 million pledge to 54 indie booksellers and the NCIBA for California Bookstore Day. | Publishers Weekly – 2014-02-19

Check It Out with Michael Kelley: Small Libraries Make a Big Impact

Big libraries get all the attention. But in late September of 2013, the Institute of Museum and Library Services (IMLS) issued an interesting report on small and rural libraries in the United States. | Publishers Weekly – 2014-02-07

Dude, Check Out This Book Of Gnarly Surfing Photos

A new book from Taschen chronicles the rising tide of surf culture.The design history surrounding the ancient art of surfing is perhaps richer and more colorful than that of any other sport. Since... | Fast Company – 2014-03-04

Check Out This Page-For-Page Digital Companion For Khaled Hosseini's Latest Novel

Afghan tourism footage, real-time weather info, historical photos, interactive video, and more complement the best-seller And the Mountains Echoed.How often can you say that every page of a book... | Fast Company – 2014-03-04

Check It Out With Michael Kelley: The Digital Public Library of America

When it was first proposed, the Digital Public Library of America—a visionary project that aims to make discoverable and accessible online the gems of local library collections nationwide—drew... | Publishers Weekly – 2014-03-07

HBO adapts 'The Normal Heart' for TV – check out the trailer

The HBO adaptation of 'The Normal Heart' stars Mark Ruffalo, Julia Roberts, and Jim Parsons. | The Christian Science Monitor – 2014-03-14

HBO adapts 'The Normal Heart' for TV – check out the trailer (+video)

The HBO adaptation of 'The Normal Heart' stars Mark Ruffalo, Julia Roberts, and Jim Parsons. | The Christian Science Monitor – 2014-03-14

RPT-Bankers fear leaks from ECB health check

(Repeats, without changes, story first published on Tuesday) | Reuters – 2014-03-19

U.S. Fed to release results of financial industry health check

WASHINGTON, March 20 (Reuters) - JPMorgan Chase, Citigroup, Morgan Stanley and other banks will find out if the Federal Reserve thinks they can cope with the next financial crisis when it publishes... | Reuters – 2014-03-20

Fed to release results of financial industry health check

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - JPMorgan Chase, Citigroup, Morgan Stanley and other banks will find out if the Federal Reserve thinks they can cope with the next financial crisis when it publishes the results... | Reuters – 2014-03-20

Check Your Email, Amazon May Have Just Given You Money

Good news: Amazon is giving out a whole lot of money, and you might be getting some of it. On Tuesday morning, the online retailer sent emails to many customers informing them that they had earned a... | The Huffington Post – 2014-03-25

Check it Out with Michael Kelley: Simon & Schuster’s E-book Lending Pilot

When it comes to the library e-book lending market, it’s fair to say that Simon & Schuster has been the most cautious of the major houses. | Publishers Weekly – 2014-04-04

Check Out How Big The 'Game Of Thrones' Dragons Will Get

George R.R. Martin has released an excerpt from his upcoming history of Westeros book. In a post on his website, the author finally answers the question “Game of Thrones” fans have been... | The Huffington Post – 2014-04-18

Check It Out With Michael Kelley: Open Access Publishing

Can a group of libraries help to pioneer a new path in academic publishing? | Publishers Weekly – 2014-05-02

Check it Out with Michael Kelley: E-books for Arizona Libraries

We’ve heard a lot about the progress libraries have made in the e-book realm. | Publishers Weekly – 2014-05-30

7 Crowdfunded Comics to Check Out

Seven new and notable comics-related projects that are worthy of attention—or support, including "transmedia" storytelling, a "Cringe"-worthy collection, Tezuka on Mars, and the truth behind the... | Publishers Weekly – 2014-06-18

At This School, You Can Check Out Drones Like Library Books

Instead of a library card, you'll need training, a professor's endorsement, and a willingness to assume liability for accidents. | The Atlantic – 2014-06-23

Check it Out with Michael Kelley: The Rise in Digital Pricing

Pricing has always been a sensitive topic for publishers and libraries, dating back to the advent of “big deal” style e-journal packages and the so-called serials crisis. | Publishers Weekly – 2014-07-04

'The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies': Check out the new trailer

'The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies' director Peter Jackson recently revealed a new trailer for the film. 'The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies' is set to be released this December. | The Christian Science Monitor – 2014-07-30

Check it Out with Peter Brantley: E-book Subscriptions

With the launch of Kindle Unlimited (KU), Amazon’s subscription service, consumer-oriented e-book subscription services are beginning to look like a coming thing. | Publishers Weekly – 2014-08-01

Looking for a new green spot for a data center? Check out this desalination plant

A green data center union on the coast of Northern California: a water cleaning plant and a new data center. Looking for a new green spot for a data center? Check out this desalination plant... | GigaOM – 2014-08-15

Check it Out with Michael Kelley: ALA Moves on Legislative Goals

Much of the media coverage of libraries in 2014 to date has centered on the modest progress made on the e-book issue. But 2014 has been a year of significant progress for libraries in the public... | Publishers Weekly – 2014-08-29

Want a full HD Chromebook? Check out the new Toshiba Chromebook 2

As expected, Toshiba revamped its Chromebook this week, bringing more battery life on a single charge. The device is lighter and slimmer as well, plus there's a 1080p option with high-quality IPS... | GigaOM – 2014-09-03

Why Don’t Publishers Fact Check Memoirs More Closely?

Writing for The Atlantic, Kate Newman wonders why memoirs aren't fact-checked more closely and questions whether a lack of resources is really to blame. | Publishing Perspectives – 2014-09-09

Fox News Contributor: Women's Magazine Readers Want To 'Check Out The Latest Fashions,' Not Politics

Attention all women who read articles aimed at women: You probably only care about shoes, not health care, equal pay or reproductive justice. At least that's what a Fox News panel would have you... | The Huffington Post – 2014-09-12

Premier Inn's new smart hotel lets you book, check in and get cosy with an app

More than four years in the making, Premier Inn has taken the wraps off its first smart hotel rooms. The UK's biggest hotel chain has embraced mobile with both hands, letting you book your stay,... | Engadget – 2014-09-30

Check It Out with Michael Kelley: How Libraries Preserve E-books

As the e-book market develops on a licensed-access model, librarians caution that we are tumbling toward a digital memory hole in which large portions of our literary heritage could one day be lost... | Publishers Weekly – 2014-10-03

'Olive Kitteridge': Check out the new trailer for the miniseries

'Olive Kitteridge' is being adapted as an HBO miniseries that will air this November. | The Christian Science Monitor – 2014-10-08

'Olive Kitteridge': Check out the new trailer for the miniseries (+video)

'Olive Kitteridge' is being adapted as an HBO miniseries that will air this November. | The Christian Science Monitor – 2014-10-08

Easyjet now lets you check in using a photo of your passport

Despite being known for low-cost flights, Easyjet often leads the pack when it comes to taking the hassle out of travel. While you can already book a flight using its apps, the airline today... | Engadget – 2014-10-13

'The Hunger Games: Mockingjay – Part 1': Check out the new trailer (+video)

The new movie in the 'Hunger Games' series is being released this November. | The Christian Science Monitor – 2014-10-21

Check It Out with Peter Brantley: New Standards for E-book Distribution

In a fast-changing industry like publishing, the simple things are often the most useful. | Publishers Weekly – 2014-10-31

Check out how designers are fusing fashion and tech

Some of fashion's most innovative designers showed off their high-tech collections at the Make: Wearables on the Runway fashion show at Engadget Expand in New York. Make: Magazine Contributing Editor... | Engadget – 2014-11-08

Check Out Paper's Staggering Traffic From Its #BreakTheInternet Kim Kardashian Cover

Here are this week's 10 most compelling data points from the digital marketing space, including one whopper stat that reveals what a success #BreakTheInternet was for Paper Magazine as well as... | AdWeek – 2014-11-14

Uber to Boston Users: Check the Car Before You Get In

Uber has deployed a “safe ride checklist” in Boston that will pop up for Boston users when they go to book a ride through the app. | – 2014-12-20

Check it Out with Peter Brantley: Privacy for Library Patrons

Patron privacy has long been a concern for libraries and library users in the digital age. | Publishers Weekly – 2015-01-02

Check It Out: Couple's Chic Library Wedding Reception One For The Books

Since medical professionals Michelle Ciarlo and Christopher Jones met as passionate academics, their wedding reception in a majestic library proved to be an appropriate chapter in their love story. | The Huffington Post – 2015-01-05

Coming in 2015: reality check for VC-engorged digital media

Bleacher Report founder Bryan Goldberg writes that the major digital publishing narrative in 2015 will be revenue. Everything else will be a function of how publishers thrive or struggle to... | Digiday – 2015-01-06

Check it Out with Andrew Richard Albanese: Why Do People Challenge Books?

For many, the tragic events in Paris have highlighted the importance of free expression. | Publishers Weekly – 2015-01-30

'Game of Thrones' season 5: Check out the trailer

A new trailer has arrived for the HBO drama's upcoming season, which premieres on April 12. | The Christian Science Monitor – 2015-02-03

'Game of Thrones' season 5: Check out the trailer (+video)

A new trailer has arrived for the HBO drama's upcoming season, which premieres on April 12. | The Christian Science Monitor – 2015-02-03

'The Casual Vacancy': Check out the trailer for the TV adaptation

'Vacancy' debuts on the BBC on Feb. 15. | The Christian Science Monitor – 2015-02-04

Reality Check: Sizing Up VC-Backed Publishers' Prospects

Amid widening concerns that another startup bubble has formed, digital media remains a white-hot market among the private-investment community.Last year, venture capital poured at least $683 million... | Advertising Age – 2015-02-10

Check it Out with Andrew Richard Albanese: The Race for ALA Presidency

As the story goes, in October 1897, the American Library Association (ALA) plunged into controversy when Rutherford P. Hayes (the son of former U.S. president Rutherford B. Hayes) seized the ALA... | Publishers Weekly – 2015-02-27

Check it Out with Peter Brantley: Changes for the NYPL's Summer Reading Program

I just returned from a great visit to the Bologna Children’s Book Fair, where I detailed for a large group of librarians a fascinating development: my current employer, the New York Public Library,... | Publishers Weekly – 2015-04-10

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