Apple\'s iTunes education gamble is about building loyal consumers early

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Apple and four publishers seek EC deal; Penguin does not

The Bookseller – 2012-04-12

Five of the companies under investigation in Europe over e-book pricing have made representations...

Feds allege Apple, publishers fixed e-book prices

San Francisco Chronicle – 2012-04-12

The U.S. Justice Department filed an antitrust lawsuit Wednesday accusing Apple and major publishers of conspiring to raise the price of digital books, in a case that could reshape the burgeoning...

Apple, e-book publishers accused of price fixing

Los Angeles Times – 2012-04-12

Apple's Steve Jobs played a key role in a price-fixing plan with five e-book publishers, federal and state officials say in antitrust lawsuits.WASHINGTON — Former Apple Inc. Chief Executive...

Apple lawsuit may spark lower e-book prices

CBC – 2012-04-13

A return to lower e-book prices and additional industry probes could be forthcoming amid the U.S. antitrust lawsuit against Apple Inc. and several major book publishers.

Apple rejects e-book pricing collusion charge: WSJ

Reuters – 2012-04-13

(Reuters) - Apple has rejected the U.S. Justice Department's allegations that it colluded with publishers over electronic book pricing, calling the charges "simply not true", the Wall Street Journal...

Apple Fires Back at the Feds, Amazon

AllThingsD – 2012-04-13

Apple responds to antitrust charges: "The launch of the iBookstore in 2010 fostered innovation and competition, breaking Amazon's monopolistic grip on the publishing industry."

Apple refutes collusion charge

The Bookseller – 2012-04-13

Apple has joined Penguin and Macmillan in defending itself against accusations of collusion over...

Apple rejects e-book pricing collusion charge

Reuters – 2012-04-13

(Reuters) - Apple Inc has rejected the U.S. Justice Department's allegations that it colluded with publishers over electronic book pricing, calling the charges "simply not true."

Apple: E-book price-fixing accusation 'simply not true'

Los Angeles Times – 2012-04-13

Apple Inc.  is denying antitrust charges filed against it and five major book publishers this week that accuse the companies of a price-fixing scheme to inflate the prices paid for electronic books.

Apple denies feds' charges of e-book price fixing

San Jose Mercury News – 2012-04-13

Apple says the accusation that it conspired with major book publishers to raise the price of e-books is untrue.

Apple says e-book price fixing charges 'simply not true,' Macmillan also responds

Engadget – 2012-04-13

Not that we were expecting Apple and Macmillan to simply fess up and say, "you're right, totally tried to circumvent the free market," but both companies have come out swinging pretty hard against...

Apple defends ebook price-fixing by calling Amazon a monopoly

Betanews – 2012-04-14

Apple shot back at critics and the Justice Department late Thursday, denying claims that it colluded with publishers to keep the price of ebooks artificially high. Even more interesting? The...

Developments in an case against Apple, publishers – 2012-04-14

Developments in an antitrust case against Apple and book publishers over e-book pricing: April 11: The Justice Department and 15 states sue Apple Inc. and major book publishers, accusing them of...

Apple denies it conspired to raise e-book prices

Crains New York – 2012-04-14

Apple Inc. says the accusation that it conspired with major book publishers to raise the price of e-books is untrue.Apple spokesman Tom Neumayr says that, contrary to allegations in lawsuits by the...

Independent booksellers ponder their fate as Amazon and Apple duke it out

San Jose Mercury News – 2012-04-14

When the digital dust settles from the battle over e-book pricing underway among Amazon, Apple, publishers and the Justice Department, much of it will end up in the aisles of small independent...

Apple slams Amazon for behaving just like Apple

GigaOM – 2012-04-14

Apple says it had to cut an agency-pricing deal with publishers in order to weaken Amazon's monopolistic control over the e-book industry. But wait -- didn't Apple behave exactly the same way towards...

Apple denies alleged price fixing on e-books

San Francisco Chronicle – 2012-04-13

E-COMMERCE Apple denies fixing prices on books Apple denied allegations by the U.S. government that it conspired with book publishers to fix prices of digital books to undermine's...

Apple denies price-fixing charges on e-books

Los Angeles Times – 2012-04-14

The company says it allows publishers to set their own prices. Several antitrust lawsuits have accused former chief Steve Jobs of inflating prices of new releases and bestsellers.Apple Inc.,...

Apple ebook case won't solve publishing's problems | Emily Bell

Guardian – 2012-04-16

The US department of justice's antitrust case against Apple highlights how little regulators understand the digital worldWatching regulatory bodies deal with issues around fast-moving technologies...

Why Apple's eBook Pricing Defense Is Wrong

PC World – 2012-04-16

Apple responded to DOJ antitrust accusations claiming it simply leveled the playing field against Amazon's virtual monopoly of the ebook industry. I disagree.

The Coming Book Wars: Apple vs. Amazon vs. Google vs. the U.S.

The Atlantic – 2012-04-17

Unresolved conflicts among publishers, sellers, libraries, and the U.S. Justice Department cloud the future of the publishing industry.

Apple vs. Amazon: Who Is Really Fixing E-Book Prices?

PC World – 2012-04-18

A brouhaha is shaping up: Apple and book publishers square off against Amazon and the DOJ over the price of an e-book. Who's right?'s Tom Kaneshige looks back to a Whiz Kid from the '90s for...

Apple wants to go to trial in e-book antitrust case, lawyer says

San Jose Mercury News – 2012-04-19

Apple wants to go to trial to defend itself against U.S. government allegations that it conspired with publishers to raise prices of electronic books, a lawyer for the Cupertino tech giant said in...

Lawyer: Apple wants trial on e-book price-fixing

Baltimore Sun – 2012-04-19

NEW YORK (Reuters) - Apple Inc wants to go to trial to defend itself against U.S. government allegations that it conspired with publishers to raise prices of electronic books, a lawyer for the...

Apple will fight the DOJ

The Christian Science Monitor – 2012-04-20

Apple wants the anti-trust case filed against it by the DOJ to be decided 'on the merits.'

Apple wants a trial in e-book case, report says

The Washington Post – 2012-04-19

Apple is spoiling for a fight with the Justice Department, following charges that the technology giant worked with publishers to fix the prices of e-books. In court Wednesday, Apple lawyer Daniel...

A magazine's look at Apple's impact on design

San Francisco Chronicle – 2012-04-24

The immense and perfectly round headquarters that Apple seeks to build in Cupertino is a) "an alien mothership hanging gently in the middle of Arcadia"; b) "a mere update of a pre-WWII concept"; or...

Clog magazine debates new Apple building's design

San Francisco Chronicle – 2012-04-25

The immense and perfectly round headquarters that Apple seeks to build in Cupertino is (a) "an alien mothership hanging gently in the middle of Arcadia," (b) "a mere update of a pre-WWII concept," or...

Ex-WSJ Editor Defends Apple's Ebook Strategy

PC World – 2012-04-25

The former publisher of the Wall Street Journal has defended Apple's Ebook Strategy saying it is not only good for Apple, but good for consumers and publishers as well.

Apple Rakes in $11.6 Billion in Second Quarter Net Income

Folio Magazine – 2012-04-26

Tech giant Apple reported a net income of $11.6 billion during the second fiscal quarter of 2012, up from $5.9 billion during the same period in 2011. However, international sales represent 64...

Microsoft, Barnes & Noble teach Apple and Amazon a lesson about educational ebooks

Betanews – 2012-04-30

Nobody partners, or negotiates deals, like Microsoft. That's evident from today's stunning agreement with Barnes & Noble, which is sure to turn the ebook market on its head. The two will jointly...

Microsoft gears up for fight with Apple, Amazon by investing in Barnes & Noble's Nook

San Jose Mercury News – 2012-04-30

Microsoft will invest $300 million in Barnes & Noble's Nook e-reader, gaining a foothold in the fast-growing e-books market as the bookseller gets more firepower to compete against's...

Apple loses motion to dismiss ebook antitrust suit

Los Angeles Times – 2012-05-15

Apple was unable to have an antitrust lawsuit over the price of ebooks dismissed.

Apple E-Book Lawsuit: Steve Jobs Swayed Publisher, Complaint Alleges

PC World – 2012-05-15

The complaint says that Jobs was enlisted to sell high-ranking officials in the publisher’s parent company on the wisdom of the proposed pricing scheme.

Consumers' lawsuit against Apple, e-book publishers withstands judge's scrutiny, proceeds

San Jose Mercury News – 2012-05-16

Apple and five major book publishers have failed to persuade a U.S. judge to throw out a lawsuit by consumers accusing them of conspiring to raise electronic book prices two years ago.

Judge comes down hard on publishers, Apple in e-book case

GigaOM – 2012-05-16

In a strongly worded opinion, US District Judge Denise Cote rejected requests by Apple and book publishers to throw out a class action suit that accuses them of price-fixing.

Apple Is Getting Its Day in Court, Whether or Not It Wants To

The Atlantic Wire – 2012-05-16

MORE FROM PAIDCONTENT Flipboard’s Quittner: Newsstand magazine business is “horrible,” “ugly” 3DTV endures setbacks, but it’s still coming right at us As...

Apple: U.S. e-book lawsuit "fundamentally flawed"

Reuters – 2012-05-24

(Reuters) - Apple Inc is rejecting charges that it conspired to fix prices of electronic books, calling the U.S. government's antitrust lawsuit a "fundamentally flawed" endeavor that could discourage...

Apple defends its e-book pricing as “perfectly proper”

GigaOM – 2012-05-24

In the latest court filing in the ongoing Justice Department e-books price-fixing suit, Apple says it did not conspire to fix the prices of digital books to hurt competitors and its business strategy...

Apple Claims US Government Sides With Monopoly in E-book Case

PC World – 2012-05-24

The U.S. government has sided with monopoly rather than competition in bringing a case of e-book price-fixing against Apple, the company said in a filing on...

The Apple II, as described by Steve Wozniak

Engadget – 2012-05-28

Ask the average geek to describe the Apple II and you'll probably hear something about its legacy or software. Ask Steve Wozniak circa 1977, on the other hand, and he'll write you a technical tome --...

Apple digs in on e-book lawsuit, says Jobs’ quotes will ‘speak for themselves’

GigaOM – 2012-05-30

In a new pushback over its role in an ongoing e-book controversy, Apple said that Steve Jobs' widely reported quotes on Amazon and book publishers "will speak for themselves." The company also denied...

French rival to Apple's Newsstand launches in UK

Media Week – 2012-06-11

Lekiosk, a digital magazine newsstand app, has launched in the UK and is offering subscriptions to around 100 titles from publishers including Condé Nast, Immediate Media and Dennis.

Apple unveils new features for Safari: unified search, iCloud Tabs multi-device syncing and more

Engadget – 2012-06-11

Apple's fresh new hardware may have gotten the headlines thus far during Apple's WWDC keynote today, but there's also some good news for browser aficionados, too. Safari has taken a page out of...

Time to Offer Magazines on Apple’s Newsstand

The New York Times – 2012-06-14

Time will make subscriptions to its magazines, including People, available on the newsstand section of Apple’s App Store.

Apple, Time Inc. Solve Their Subscription Squabble

Editor & Publisher – 2012-06-14

Apple and Time Inc. have settled their differences: The giant publisher is now selling subscriptions to its iPad magazines directly from the apps themselves.   If that seems like non-news,...

IPC to ramp up Apple Newsstand presence

Media Week – 2012-06-18

IPC Media will have 30 of its magazine brands available internationally on Apple Newsstand by the end of August 2012, following recent news that its parent company Time Inc is to put all its US...

Microsoft Takes a Page from Apple's PR Book

PC World – 2012-06-22

Analysis: With its building for mystery announcements and glitzy unveilings, when it comes to hype, is Microsoft the new Apple?

U.S. judge sets 2013 trial date for Apple e-book lawsuit

Reuters – 2012-06-23

NEW YORK (Reuters) - A U.S. judge on Friday set a 2013 trial date for a lawsuit from the U.S. government accusing Apple and book publishers of conspiring to fix the prices of electronic books.

E-book price fixing trial set for 2013: Apple, Macmillan and Penguin prepare for courtroom brawl

Engadget – 2012-06-23

The Justice Department meant business when it accused Apple and five other publishers of price-rigging e-books, and are officially taking Cupertino and two publishers to court. In a hearing on...

Judge sets trial date for Apple e-book lawsuit

Stuff – 2012-06-25

A US judge on Friday set a 2013 trial date for a lawsuit from the US government accusing Apple and book publishers of conspiring to fix the prices of electronic books.

DOJ vs. Apple, e-book publishers: Dispute heats up

The Washington Post – 2012-06-25

NEW YORK — The Justice Department’s price-fixing lawsuit against e-book publishers and Apple will go to trial in June 2013, setting up a long legal struggle sure to reverberate across the...

Secrets From the Apple Store Employee Rule Book (Comic)

AllThingsD – 2012-06-26

Here is the latest comic from our Joy of Tech friends at Geek Culture, Nitrozac and Snaggy. Joy of Tech appears three times a week in the Voices section of this site.

Amazon, Google and Apple Among the Least Transparent Companies in the World

PC World – 2012-07-11

Apple, and Google are among the least transparent companies in the world, according to a survey of 105 publicly traded multinationals published by...

Apple ordered to run Samsung ads

BBC World – 2012-07-18

A UK judge orders Apple to publish adverts saying that Samsung did not copy the design of its iPad.

Consumers face long wait for $52 million tied to Apple e-book ‘conspiracy’

GigaOM – 2012-07-19

Thirty states have bagged $52 million from publishers as part of a price fixing investigation involving Apple. More money is on the way. While state leaders say the money is for overcharged...

Senator Schumer sides with Apple and publishers in ebook price fixing case

Betanews – 2012-07-20

A prominent Senate Democrat sided with Apple this week, and called on the Justice Department to drop its ebook lawsuit against the Cupertino, Calif. company. Sen. Charles Schumer (D-N.Y.) wrote in an...

Justice Department slams Apple, refuses to modify e-book settlement

GigaOM – 2012-07-23

The Justice Department filed its response today to the 868 public comments it received in response to a controversial settlement related to alleged price-fixing by Apple and major publishers. The...

DOJ defends its Apple lawsuit

The Christian Science Monitor – 2012-07-25

After public complaints by Sen. Charles Schumer and others, the DOJ says it's not wavering in its lawsuit against Apple and five major US publishers.

Apple iPad sales up 84% in third quarter

The Bookseller – 2012-07-25

Unit sales of the iPad rose 84% year-on-year in the third quarter ending 30th June 2012, to a...

Apple Will Now Let Any Teacher Publish Content to iTunes U

AllThingsD – 2012-07-26

Apple is upping its bid for its hot-selling iPad to be a teaching device.

American Booksellers Association, Barnes & Noble to weigh in on Apple ebooks case

GigaOM – 2012-08-01

The American Booksellers Association and Barnes & Noble say the DOJ's proposed ebook pricing settlement is so harmful to booksellers and consumers that they want to file their own brief in the...

As verdict on ebook pricing settlement nears, Apple gets 5 pages to respond to DOJ

GigaOM – 2012-08-08

As a verdict on the DOJ's proposed ebook pricing settlement with three publishers approaches, Apple has requested and received permission to file another response to the settlement. Apple has also...

Apple 'in talks' over Women's Prize for Fiction sponsorship

The Bookseller – 2012-08-13

Apple has held talks with the organisers of the Women's Prize for Fiction with a view to...

Apple bashes Amazon and proposed ebook settlement

GigaOM – 2012-08-16

Apple says the DOJ's proposed settlement with three publishers is unlawful because it requires Apple -- which is not settling -- to terminate its contracts with those publishers. A trial is needed,...

Publishers and Apple hit back at DOJ

The Bookseller – 2012-08-16

Publishers and Apple fighting the US' Department of Justice over agency pricing have hit back...

Apple Wants DOJ to Wait Till End of Trial for Settlement With Three Publishers

PC World – 2012-08-16

Apple has opposed a government proposed judgment in an e-books price-fixing lawsuit, stating that the judgement seeks to terminate and rewrite its contracts...

Apple blasts the DOJ's proposed e-book price settlement

The Christian Science Monitor – 2012-08-17

Apple called the DOJ's proposed settlement to the e-book price fixing case 'fundamentally unfair, unlawful, and unprecedented.'

DOJ compares Apple and publishers to big oil in ebooks case

GigaOM – 2012-08-23

In a filing late Wednesday in response to Apple and book publishers, the Department of Justice reiterates its claim that agency pricing and the alleged conspiracy have resulted in "unmistakable...

Feds strike deal with Apple to sell some publications as e-books

The Washington Post – 2012-08-27

Looking for a copy of the appendix to the budget of the United States? It’s now available on iTunes. The Government Printing Office has signed an agreement with Apple, Inc. to sell some federal...

Feds and Apple Strike Unlikely Deal; Henry James' Legacy

The Atlantic Wire – 2012-08-27

Today in books and publishing: Michiko Kakutani pans Zadie Smith's NW; revisiting Henry James; John Jeremiah Sullivan talks with The Guardian​; Apple to sell government...

Court lets Authors Guild, entertainment attorney weigh in on Apple ebooks case

GigaOM – 2012-08-30

The Department of Justice wants the court to accept its proposed ebook pricing settlement with Apple and book publishers, but presiding Judge Denise Cote is allowing more parties who oppose the...

Ebook buyers will get $0.25 to $1.32 per book in Apple price-fixing case

GigaOM – 2012-08-30

State governments, which are suing publishers and Apple for fixing e-book prices, have finally said just how much each consumer will get in a proposed $69 million settlement. We have all the details.

Apple, publishers offer EU e-book antitrust concessions

San Jose Mercury News – 2012-08-31

Apple and four major publishers will allow retailers such as to sell e-books at a discount for two years in a bid to end an EU antitrust investigation, according to a person familiar with...

What the ebook settlement means for publishers, Apple and you

GigaOM – 2012-08-31

States want to give consumers $69 million worth of refunds to compensate them for overpriced ebooks. How much will you get? And how will this affect the publishing industry? Here's a simple guide to...

Apple device IDs hacked: What you need to know

PC World – 2012-09-05

A hacktivist group has published more than a million Apple device UDIDs acquired from a hacked FBI laptop. Is your iPhone or iPad at risk?

Fighting the DOJ’s Apple ebook settlement — in comic strip form

GigaOM – 2012-09-05

Attorney and licensing expert Bob Kohn, who opposes the DOJ's proposed ebook pricing settlement with three book publishers, has condensed his argument into comic strip form. He filed the artsy amicus...

Over Apple's objections, judge OKs settlement in e-book case

San Jose Mercury News – 2012-09-07

A federal judge has approved the U.S. Justice Department's settlement with a trio of electronic book publishers accused of conspiring in a price-fixing scheme orchestrated by the late Steve Jobs.

Amazon goes after Apple with cheaper Kindle Fire

The Washington Post – 2012-09-07

Amazon unveiled a series of new Kindle tablets Thursday as the retailing behemoth set its sights on Apple’s popular iPad as well as a broad array of computer makers, book publishers and...

Leaked Apple device IDs not stolen from FBI, but Florida app maker

GigaOM – 2012-09-10

Wait, what? Anonymous, the shady hacker collective, was not truthful about the source of the UDIDs it dumped on the web last week? It turns out that a Florida company that builds mobile apps for...

App publisher takes blame for Apple ID hack

CNN – 2012-09-11

A small digital publishing company said Monday it was the victim of a hack attack that resulted in the posting online of almost 2 million Apple user IDs last week. Hackers had originally claimed to...

Ebook price drops begin — and Apple is discounting, too

GigaOM – 2012-09-11

Just a few days after the approval of the DOJ's ebook settlement, HarperCollins has entered into new contracts with ebook retailers, and they're already discounting its titles. What kinds of deals...

Apple, publishers offer EU e-book antitrust settlement

Reuters – 2012-09-19

BRUSSELS (Reuters) - Apple Inc and four major publishers have offered to let retailers such as Amazon.Com Inc sell e-books at a discount, in a bid to end an EU antitrust investigation, the European...

Apple Ebooks Settlement Offer

Los Angeles Times – 2012-09-19

Apple Inc., the world's biggest technology company, and four publishers offered to overhaul pricing models for digital books to allay European Union concerns that they blocked competition.

Apple, publishers back off in EU e-book antitrust case

Reuters – 2012-09-19

BRUSSELS (Reuters) - Apple Inc and four major publishers have offered to let retailers such as Amazon.Com Inc sell e-books at a discount to settle an EU antitrust investigation into their pricing...

Apple, ebook publishers look to settle EU antitrust dispute

PC World – 2012-09-19

Apple and four major ebook publishers have offered retailers such as the option to set their own prices for ebooks for the next two years in a bid to end an antitrust investigation in the...

Apple, publishers propose settlement in Europe e-book antitrust case

ZDNet – 2012-09-20

The European Commission has put measures proposed by Apple and four publishers to alleviate concerns over anti-competitive behaviour in the e-book market up for public discussion.

Apple and publishers subpoena Amazon in ebook pricing case

GigaOM – 2012-09-20

With the ebook pricing settlement recently approved, and the Department of Justice's trial against Apple, Macmillan and Penguin set to begin next June, Apple has subpoenaed Amazon in a Washington...

Apple backs off in EU e-book antitrust case

Stuff – 2012-09-20

Apple and four major publishers have offered to let retailers such as Amazon sell e-books at a discount to settle an EU antitrust investigation into their pricing deals and avoid possible fines.

Apple, Amazon Inform Customers of Settlement Refunds

Publishing Perspectives – 2012-10-16

According to the terms of a settlement between the DoJ and three major American publishers, some customers may receive refunds on their e-book purchases.

Apple’s iBookstore Opens in Latin America, New Zealand

Publishing Perspectives – 2012-10-23

By Alex Mutter The iBookstore has opened for business in most of Central and South America, reports The Digital Reader. Books have also gone on  ... 

Apple's iBooks App Gets a Refresh

AllThingsD – 2012-10-23

Apple announced on Tuesday a new version of its iBooks application, the iOS-based software which allows mobile users to read books on their tablets and smartphones. Version 3.0 of the new app comes...

Apple unveils new version of iBooks with continuous scrolling, iBooks Author also updated

Engadget – 2012-10-23

Apple CEO Tim Cook took to a San Jose theater stage today to unveil a new version of the company's literature-based digital storefront, iBooks. Cook says it integrates better with iCloud, allows for...

Apple announces iPad Mini

The Bookseller – 2012-10-24

Apple has lived up to expectations by announcing a new iPad Mini this evening (23rd October), to...

Apple Unveils 4th Generation iPad and iPad Mini

Publishing Perspectives – 2012-10-24

Apple unveiled today the 7" iPad Mini and a new, 4th generation iPad. The Mini will start at $329 and is aimed at book readers. iBooks has also been updated.

Random House and Penguin merge to take on Amazon, Apple

Reuters – 2012-10-30

LONDON (Reuters) - Britain's Pearson and Germany's Bertelsmann plan to merge their publishers Penguin and Random House, aiming to gain the upper hand in their relationship with Amazon and Apple, the...

Former Apple vice president Jay Elliot kicks off Mission College speaker series

San Jose Mercury News – 2012-11-02

Former Apple executive Jay Elliot, who has a new book about Steve Jobs’ business approach, will be the first speaker in a series that Mission College officials hope will raise the...

Sales of three million for latest Apple devices

The Bookseller – 2012-11-06

Apple has announced sales of three million units internationally for its latest tablet devices,...

Apple, publishers' e-book settlement to be accepted by EU, sources say

San Jose Mercury News – 2012-11-06

EU regulators are set to accept an offer by Apple and four book publishers allowing Amazon and other retailers to sell e-books more cheaply than Apple to end an antitrust investigation and avoid...

Exclusive: Amazon to win out over Apple in e-book price tussle

Reuters – 2012-11-06

BRUSSELS (Reuters) - European Union regulators are to accept an offer by Apple and four publishers to end an antitrust probe into their e-book prices, two sources said, handing Amazon victory in a...

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