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Apple, two publishers hold out against settlement: report

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Apple, two publishers hold out against settlement: report

Reuters – 2012-04-05

(Reuters) - Apple Inc and publishers Pearson and Macmillan are reluctant to agree to terms sought by U.S. and European antitrust authorities investigating possible electronic-book price-fixing, the Wall Street Journal cited sources as saying on Wednesday.
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Damages in Apple E-Book Case to Be Decided in May

U.S. District Judge Denise Cote, the jurist who ruled last month that Apple illegally conspired with five major publishers to raise prices of e-books, has set a date for the trial that will determine... | AllThingsD – 2013-08-16

The top 10 books on Apple's iBooks

iBooks' Official Book Charts for the week ending Aug. 19, 2013:     | – 2013-08-22

Justice Department scolds Apple while seeking lighter e-book penalties

Even as federal antitrust lawyers proposed a slight reduction in their proposed penalties in the Apple e-book case, they stepped up their criticism of the company for continuing to insist it did... | Los Angeles Times – 2013-08-23

Feds reduce Apple's proposed punishment in e-books case

Apple may face a reduced punishment for conspiring with publishers to raise e-book prices under a new proposal from the federal government. | San Jose Mercury News – 2013-08-24

Apple battles U.S. over scope of e-books injunction

NEW YORK (Reuters) - The United States offered to ease the terms of a proposed civil injunction against Apple Inc for conspiring to raise e-book prices, but the company said the revised proposal is... | Reuters – 2013-08-23

UPDATE 1-Apple battles U.S. over scope of e-books injunction

NEW YORK, Aug 23 (Reuters) - The United States offered to ease the terms of a proposed civil injunction against Apple Inc for conspiring to raise e-book prices, but the company said the revised... | Reuters – 2013-08-23

DOJ proposes shorter e-books injunction for Apple

Apple may face a reduced punishment for conspiring with publishers to raise e-book prices under a new proposal from the federal government.     | – 2013-08-23

DOJ Softens Proposed Apple E-Book Injunctions, Slightly

A few changes, but hardly the ones for which Apple has been angling. | AllThingsD – 2013-08-24

DOJ offers to cut injunction time in Apple e-book case, stays firm on key points

The US Justice Department was insistent that its proposed injunction against Apple for alleged e-book price fixing was the proper remedy earlier this month, but it's now willing to budge on that... | Engadget – 2013-08-24

Apple duels with U.S. over e-book price-fixing remedies

Apple and the U.S. Justice Department filed dueling proposals for a court order that will cover the company's conduct in e-book sales after a judge found the government's original recommendations... | San Jose Mercury News – 2013-08-24

Apple: Feds aim to “give Amazon a significant competitive advantage” in ebooks case

Apple responded to various aspects of the DOJ's proposed injunction against it in the ebook pricing case. It doesn't want to change the way it does business in the App Store, but agreed to stagger... | GigaOM – 2013-08-27

Apple Says DOJ's E-Book Remedies Are Biased in Amazon's Favor

"Plaintiffs are seeking a remedy that would give Amazon significant competitive advantage over Apple -- an advantage it is neither entitled to nor deserves." | AllThingsD – 2013-08-27

In Apple e-books case, judge inclined to appoint antitrust monitor

Apple may escape some of the penalties sought by the government in the e-book price-fixing case.     | Los Angeles Times – 2013-08-28

Judge in e-books case doesn't want to affect Apple's business

A New York judge says she doesn't want to intrude much on how Apple does business after ruling that the company fixed prices on electronic books. | San Jose Mercury News – 2013-08-28

U.S. judge wants external monitor for Apple in e-books case

NEW YORK (Reuters) - A U.S. judge weighing remedies to assure that Apple Inc does not fix prices again in the e-books market said on Tuesday that she plans to require it to hire an external monitor,... | Reuters – 2013-08-28

NY judge pledges not to overdo Apple book remedies

A judge who ruled that Apple Inc. colluded with publishers to fix e-book prices promised on Tuesday not to intrude much on how it runs its business.     | – 2013-08-28

The Incredible Shrinking Apple E-Book Remedy

Not quite the "modest" injunction Apple would like, but getting closer. | AllThingsD – 2013-08-28

Apple e-books judge to limit antitrust remedies

The federal judge who last month found Apple Inc. liable for fixing e-book prices said she plans to limit the remedies sought by the U.S. to ensure they "rest as lightly as possible" on the way the... | Crains New York – 2013-08-28

Heads up, ebook buyers: Here’s how much you’re likely to get in the Apple ebook settlement

Consumers who bought eligible ebooks between 2010 and 2012 are likely to receive up to $3.06 per book, according to updated information released by the states' Attorneys General Friday. Here's what... | GigaOM – 2013-08-31

Oyster, a Netflix for e-books, is promising to rival Apple, Amazon

Netflix did it with movies. Spotify did it with music. And now a New York start-up hopes to do the same with e-books.     | Los Angeles Times – 2013-09-06

Judge requires antitrust monitor as part of Apple e-book ruling

Apple must pay for an independent antitrust monitor as part of a permanent injunction handed down on Friday by a federal court in New York.     | Los Angeles Times – 2013-09-06

Judge orders Apple to rewrite e-book contracts

New York judge says Apple must modify contracts with publishers to prevent electronic book price-fixing and will appoint an external compliance monitor to review the company's antitrust policies. | San Jose Mercury News – 2013-09-07

Apple hit with U.S. injunction in e-books antitrust case

NEW YORK (Reuters) - A U.S. judge who found Apple Inc liable for conspiring to fix e-book prices entered an injunction on Friday to bar the iPad maker from further antitrust violations. | Reuters – 2013-09-06

Five-year 'most favoured nation' ban for Apple

A US federal judge has forbidden Apple from enforcing most favoured nation clauses in its... | The Bookseller – 2013-09-06

Judge bars Apple from price-fixing deals with ebook publisher

Apple says it will appeal against a court ruling that bans the company from entering into deals with publishers that could allow ebook prices to be fixed or inflated. The case was raised by the... | Betanews – 2013-09-06

Court bars Apple from making industry-wide ebook deals

The federal judge presiding over the U.S. electronic books case against Apple has barred the company from striking deals that would ensure that it could undercut prices of other retailers in the... | PC World – 2013-09-06

NY judge orders Apple to modify e-book contracts

NEW YORK (AP) — A judge on Friday ordered Apple to modify contracts with publishers to prevent electronic book price fixing and said she will appoint an external compliance monitor to review the... | – 2013-09-06

Apple's E-Book Punishment Court Order Is Final, and Not as Bad as Apple Feared

But Apple says it will still appeal. | AllThingsD – 2013-09-06

Apple's Price-Fixing Penalties Don't Go Beyond E-Books

A judge made various restrictions on the way Apple can sell e-books, but rejected a government request to extend that to other types of digital content | Business Week – 2013-09-06

Apple faces e-book restrictions

A US judge imposes restrictions on the agreements technology giant Apple, after a court ruled it conspired with five publishers to control e-book prices. | BBC – 2013-09-06

UPDATE 2-Apple hit with U.S. injunction in e-books antitrust case

* Court restricts agreements between Apple and five major publishers | Reuters – 2013-09-07

Judge sets final restrictions for Apple on e-books

NEW YORK — As punishment for engaging in an e-book price-fixing conspiracy, Apple will be forced to abide by new restrictions on its agreements with publishers and be evaluated by an external... | – 2013-09-07

Apple e-book restrictions imposed by judge

Looking to force Apple to obey antitrust laws, a U.S. judge has ordered the technology giant to modify contracts with publishers to prevent electronic book price fixing and said she will appoint an... | CBC – 2013-09-07

Apple iPhone 5s, iPhone 5c FCC documents appear, reveal little

Right on time, as Apple's launch event finishes the FCC publishes test documents for its latest hardware. After pawing through the stack we didn't spot any surprises for the iPhone 5c or iPhone 5s --... | Engadget – 2013-09-11

An Oral History Of Apple Design: 2013

Most efforts to explain design at Apple end up reducing a complex 37–year history to bromides about simplicity, quality, and perfection––as if those were ambitions unique to Apple... | Fast Company – 2013-09-10

Apple CEO Tim Cook says iPhone 5C wasn't priced as 'junk'

Despite criticism that Apple's new iPhone 5C is too pricey, CEO Tim Cook insisted in an interview published Thursday that the company never intended to make a "low-cost phone" and that "we're not in... | San Jose Mercury News – 2013-09-20

Distro Issue 108: With the arrival of two new Apple handsets, do the i's have it?

Just over a week ago, Apple pulled the wraps off of not one but two new smartphone options for the iOS faithful. In this week's edition of our slate magazine, the iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c head through... | Engadget – 2013-09-20

German hackers say old technique can bypass Apple's Touch ID

Apple's Touch ID authentication system can be defeated using a well-honed technique for creating a latex copy of someone's fingerprint, according to a German hacking group.The Chaos Computer Club... | PC World – 2013-09-23

Apple applies for iBook autograph patent

Apple has applied to create a patent for a system allowing authors to sign e-books. This week,... | The Bookseller – 2013-09-27

Scribd Challenges Amazon and Apple With 'Netflix for Books'

Spotify did it for music. Netflix did it for movies. And now, Trip Adler and Scribd are doing it for books. The 29-year-old entrepreneur and his six-year-old San Francisco startup just unveiled an... | Wired – 2013-10-01

New Book Is Catnip For Apple Fans

"Iconic: A Photographic Tribute to Apple Innovation" is a photographic shrine to every single Apple product ever created, from the Apple I computer to the iPad Mini. | The Wall Street Journal – 2013-10-04

Apple Posts Fix for Mountain Lion Update That Caused Webcam Problems

The patch aims to solve an issue with Mac OS X 10.8.6 which caused the camera on the latest Mac Book Air laptops to stop working. | AllThingsD – 2013-10-04

Apple Files Expected Appeal of E-Book Injunction

"Apple also hereby appeals from any and all orders and rulings that were adverse to it." | AllThingsD – 2013-10-05

Apple files promised appeal in book-collusion case

NEW YORK (AP) — Apple is fighting a legal order requiring the company to modify its digital book contracts and submit to oversight by a court-appointed antitrust monitor.     | – 2013-10-05

Apple Fights to Keep its Price-Fixing E-Book Agreements

In July, a U.S. federal judge ruled that Apple violated antitrust laws by collaborating with major publishers to set artificially high e-book prices and knock out competition. Now it turns out Apple... | The Atlantic Wire – 2013-10-05

Court appoints antitrust monitor in Apple e-book case

A federal judge has appointed a former U.S. prosecutor as the monitor who ensures that Apple Inc. complies with a ruling from the e-book antitrust case the company lost this... | Los Angeles Times – 2013-10-17

Prominent attorney named as monitor in Apple e-books case

NEW YORK (Reuters) - Michael Bromwich, a high-profile attorney who recently served as the top U.S. offshore drilling watchdog, has been appointed to monitor Apple Inc's antitrust compliance following... | Reuters – 2013-10-17

Apple Gets Its E-Book Antitrust Monitor

A federal judge taps former federal prosecutor Michael Bromwich to keep an eye on Apple's antitrust compliance. | AllThingsD – 2013-10-17

Apple unveils iPad Air tablet

Apple has released “the lightest full size tablet” onto the market in time for... | The Bookseller – 2013-10-23

Hear From The IT Blogger Whose Review Apple CEO Tim Cook Blasted

Tim Cook's iPad–doubting straw man is real. He's IT consultant Bruce Berls. In the run–up to unveiling the latest iPads on stage in Cupertino on Tuesday, Apple CEO Tim Cook blew through a... | Fast Company – 2013-10-23

Apple's OS X Mavericks Surges Toward 6% Adoption: Report

Just 24 hours after Apple released Mavericks, its latest edition of Mac OS X, the company's operating system is skyrocketing in downloads, according to a new report by Chitika Insights. More On... | Fast Company – 2013-10-24

Carl Icahn says Apple should launch $150-billion stock buyback

Carl Icahn, the billionaire activist investor who has made a career of pushing companies to make changes to boost shares, published a letter to Apple Inc. Chief Executive Tim Cook urging the... | Los Angeles Times – 2013-10-25

Apple's revenues expected to decline again

Apple's fiscal fourth-quarter report will close the books on a sobering year for the maker of the iPhone and iPad. | San Jose Mercury News – 2013-10-26

Apple, LinkedIn, Juniper: Silicon Valley tech dominates 2013 corporate expansions

Silicon Valley tech companies like Apple, LinkedIn and Juniper Networks Inc. grew their real estate footprints more than other industries did over the last year, according to a new breakdown of... | Silicon Valley Business Journal – 2013-10-30

UK’s YUDU Sees Future in Apple’s iBooks Platform. Do You?

British multi-platform publisher YUDU is favoring publishing in the robust iBooks platform over stand-alone apps, which entail greater expense and risk. | Publishing Perspectives – 2013-10-30

Patent Suggests Your Future Apple Device Could Convert Solar Power

Could the MacBook one day incorporate solar power? An Apple patent application published Thursday by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office suggests the Cupertino company is exploring a power... | Fast Company – 2013-11-01

Apple: "Our Business Does Not Depend on Collecting Personal Data"

Apple publishes its first formal report on federal government data requests. | AllThingsD – 2013-11-06

Google, Apple, Amazon and Netflix: Surrender your eyeballs

Get ready for the tech industry's war to control your every waking moment | – 2013-11-12

Hedge funds tune into Pandora, discard Apple in third-quarter

NEW YORK (Reuters) - Hedge funds took a liking to online music company Pandora Media Inc in the third quarter but soured on Apple Inc , according to regulatory filings published Thursday. | Reuters – 2013-11-15

Windows Phone, Android Gain Market Share While Apple Slips Despite Growth In iPhone Shipments

IDC published its third-quarter 2013 smartphone market share and sales estimates today. Winners this quarter are Windows Phone and Android. Apple was mixed, while BlackBerry managed to... | Editor & Publisher – 2013-11-14

Will states and consumers sue Apple over e-book prices?

This summer a judge ruled that Apple arranged a conspiracy with major publishers to raise e-book prices. Now Apple faces a class action lawsuit from plaintiff states and a consumer class. | The Christian Science Monitor – 2013-11-20

The Unexpected Source That Inspired Whole Foods, Apple's Sleek Design and The White Album

Mindfulness and meditation are some of the most popular practices among leaders in fields as disparate as business and the arts. But even before meditation entered the mainstream, a few public... | The Huffington Post – 2013-11-20

Just How Important Is Jony Ive To Apple?

The iMac, the iPod, the iPhone, the iPad. These wonder devices were not given to us from the mind of one man, but two. Now with Steve Jobs gone, Apple's most valuable asset is Jony Ive. Just how... | Fast Company – 2013-11-20

Celebrating the art of Apple

A self-professed Apple fanatic, Jonathan Zufi was looking for a book of photography profiling the company's products through the years. | CNN – 2013-11-22

Celebrating 35 years of Apple design

A self-professed Apple fanatic, Jonathan Zufi was looking for a book of photography profiling the company's products through the years. | CNN – 2013-11-22

Apple objects to fees charged by court-ordered monitor in e-books case

Apple believes a monitor appointed by a judge to oversee antitrust compliance in its electronic books price-fixing case is charging too much money. | San Jose Mercury News – 2013-11-30

Apple Doesn't Want to Pay the Feds' E-Book Lawyer $70,000 a Week

Apple lost its antitrust e-book trial this summer. Now it has to pay a court-appointed attorney more than $1,100 an hour to keep tabs on itself. | AllThingsD – 2013-11-29

Apple Gets Full Twitter Firehose With Topsy Acquisition

Apple has acquired Topsy Labs, a social media analysis firm specializing in charting Twitter trends. Price: Somewhere north of $200 million. Topsy, one of handful of companies with access to... | AllThingsD – 2013-12-03

Apple Buys Real-Time Access to Twitter's Feed With Topsy Deal

Apple purchased data-analytics firm Topsy Labs, giving the world's most valuable company new tools to spot trends as they emerge on Twitter's social network.Apple paid more than $200 million for... | Advertising Age – 2013-12-03

Apple to give away songs, e-books, apps during '12 Days of Gifts'

Apple will be giving away digital gifts every day for 12 days after Christmas to users of an app released Tuesday.     | Los Angeles Times – 2013-12-10

Apple Faces Harsh Terms in Its E-Book Defense

The <em>Wall Street Journal</em> mounts a forceful attack on about U.S. District Judge Denise Cote’s handling of Apple's e-book price-fixing trial, as well as the conduct of... | Business Week – 2013-12-10

Apple includes Ridiculous Fishing and Wunderlist in its top iOS and OS X apps of 2013

As is tradition near the end of the year, we look back on our most recent lap around the sun and try to forget all those resolutions we didn't meet. Today, Apple's the one in a reflective mood,... | Engadget – 2013-12-17

Two books on Apple and Google: ‘Dogfight’ by Fred Vogelstein; ‘Jony Ive’ by Leander Kahney

Steve Jobs was many things: visionary, showman, iconoclast, hippie, bully, mentor. It turns out he was also naive. As Fred Vogelstein writes in “Dogfight,” his illuminating, fast-paced book on... | The Washington Post – 2013-12-20

Apple may let you tag iPhone photos using your voice

Tagging greatly simplifies photo searches, but it can be a cumbersome process -- just ask anyone who has typed in keywords for dozens of vacation shots. It may be more intuitive if Apple implements... | Engadget – 2013-12-27

The man behind NYT Magazine's gorgeous covers is headed to Apple

You may not know the name Arem Duplessis, but you've no doubt seen his work on the cover of The New York Times Magazine in the past 10 years. As design director at NYT Mag, he crafted some of the... | Engadget – 2013-12-30

N.Y. monitor: Apple hindering e-book antitrust work

A Washington lawyer monitoring Apple's compliance with antitrust laws after a judge found it conspired with publishers to raise electronic book prices said in court papers filed Monday that the... | San Jose Mercury News – 2013-12-31

NY monitor: Apple hindering e-book antitrust work

NEW YORK (AP) — A Washington lawyer monitoring Apple Inc. compliance with antitrust laws after a judge found it conspired with publishers to raise electronic book prices said in court papers filed... | – 2013-12-31

Justice Department defends Apple monitor in e-books case

NEW YORK (Reuters) - A bitter battle between Apple Inc and a lawyer appointed to monitor its compliance with a court antitrust ruling escalated on Monday, as the U.S. government and the monitor both... | Reuters – 2013-12-31

Apple Feud Deepens With Court-Appointed Monitor

A feud between Apple Inc. and a lawyer appointed by a federal court judge to monitor the company's e-book pricing reform became even more acrimonious Monday. | AllThingsD – 2013-12-31

Apple stocks falls as Wells Fargo cuts rating

Technology stocks lost ground Thursday after some analysts published gloomy notes about companies in the sector. Apple Inc. fell 1.4 percent after Wells Fargo cut its outlook on the stock to... | – 2014-01-03

Apple seeks removal of court-appointed antitrust monitor

NEW YORK (Reuters) - Apple Inc is seeking the removal of a lawyer appointed by a court to monitor its antitrust compliance following a ruling last year that the company had conspired to fix e-book... | Reuters – 2014-01-08

Apple patent details optical image stabilization for iPhone cameras

A recently published patent shows that Apple is working on optical image stabilization for future iPhone cameras. | GigaOM – 2014-01-10

Apple loses court bid to block e-book antitrust monitor

NEW YORK (Reuters) - Apple Inc lost a bid on Monday to block an antitrust monitor appointed after a judge found that the company had conspired to fix e-book prices. | Reuters – 2014-01-14

Apple loses bid to block antitrust monitorship

NEW YORK (Reuters) - Apple Inc lost a bid on Monday to block an antitrust monitor appointed after a judge's finding that the company conspired to fix e-book prices. | Reuters – 2014-01-14

Apple, e-books monitor told to start fresh with soured relationship

A New York judge has urged Apple to reboot its relationship with a monitor appointed to analyze its antitrust prevention practices, saying disqualifying him is no solution. | San Jose Mercury News – 2014-01-17

Apple's objections show why e-book monitor is needed: judge

NEW YORK (Reuters) - Apple Inc's various objections to a court-appointed antitrust monitor in a case involving fixing e-book prices only confirm the importance of his work, a federal judge said on... | Reuters – 2014-01-16

Apple gets reprieve from e-book monitor's oversight

NEW YORK (Reuters) - A U.S. appeals court gave Apple Inc a reprieve from an external monitor appointed to oversee its compliance with antitrust laws after the company had been found liable last July... | Reuters – 2014-01-21

Apple wins delay of U.S. e-books monitoring until hearing

Apple won a temporary reprieve from having a court-ordered monitor oversee its compliance with an antitrust ruling on electronic book prices until a federal appeals court holds a hearing on its bid... | San Jose Mercury News – 2014-01-22

Apple Wants To Measure Your Mood, Then Send You Targeted Ads

A patent filing shows the company is exploring the possibility of deriving mood from body sensors, user habits, and consumed data to better deliver targeted ads.To better serve ads, Apple wants to... | Fast Company – 2014-01-24

Apple faces $840M e-books claim

Apple Inc. faces as much as $840 million in state and consumer antitrust claims related to electronic-book deals with publishers as it continues to oppose a court-ordered monitor in a related... | Crains New York – 2014-02-03

Court may limit Apple's antitrust monitor after appeal in e-books case

Federal appeals judges in New York suggest they may let a court monitor get back to reviewing Apple's antitrust procedures, but they might limit his duties. | San Jose Mercury News – 2014-02-05

Apple, U.S. clash in court over e-books antitrust monitor

NEW YORK (Reuters) - Apple Inc urged a federal appeals court on Tuesday to put a court-appointed antitrust monitor on hold, arguing that his efforts were harming the company's business. | Reuters – 2014-02-04

Carl Icahn ends bid to get Apple to increase its stock buyback

In a letter to Apple shareholders published on Monday, activist investor Carl Icahn announced he was dropping his shareholder proposal that would have asked Apple Inc. to buy back $50 billion of... | Los Angeles Times – 2014-02-10

Carl Icahn's letter to Apple shareholders

After six months of trying to force Apple to spend $50 billion on buying back its own stock, activist investor Carl Icahn is dropping his campaign. In a letter to Apple shareholders published Monday,... | San Jose Mercury News – 2014-02-11

Apple loses appeal to remove e-books antitrust monitor

A federal appeals panel in New York says a court-appointed monitor evaluating Apple's antitrust policies can resume his work with limits. The 2nd U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals in Manhattan issued the... | San Jose Mercury News – 2014-02-11

Apple loses latest bid to block e-books antitrust monitor

NEW YORK (Reuters) - Apple Inc on Monday lost its latest bid to put a court-appointed antitrust monitor on hold, after a federal appeals court rejected its argument that the monitor's work was... | Reuters – 2014-02-11

Apple monitor to stay in e-books case, with boundaries

Apple will continue to be watched by an antitrust monitor during its appeal of a court order creating the position, a court ruled.While a setback for Apple, which had asked for a stay of the... | PC World – 2014-02-11

Apple stuck with antitrust monitor after appeals court refuses removal request

Apple lost its attempt to remove a monitor who is charged with ensuring compliance with an order of ebook prices, but who Apple accused of conducting a roving investigation. | GigaOM – 2014-02-11

Apple Remains Defiant After Loss on Monitor Appeal

In a letter filed yesterday, Apple advised the court that it would only provide those documents to the monitor that it viewed as being within the monitor’s narrow mandate. | Publishers Weekly – 2014-02-21

After Losing Monitor Appeal, Apple Gets a Referee

The appointment of Dolinger to oversee any future disputes appears designed to ensure any future Apple disputes have merit, and that the parties are at least working constructively to resolve those... | Publishers Weekly – 2014-02-20

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