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Angola: Fidel Castro's Book Released on Wednesday

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Angola: Fidel Castro's Book Released on Wednesday

allAfrica – 2012-03-14

[ANGOP] Luanda - the Book "Nuestro Deber Es Luchar" Our duty is to fight, by the Cuban leader, Fidel Castro, will be released Wednesday in Luanda, during a ceremony on the premises of the Ministry of Culture.
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Angola: International Recognition Surprises Writer Isabel Ferreira

Benguela — Angolan writer Isabel Ferreira on Friday in Benguela city said that she is astonished with level of receptiveness of her latest book entitled "O Guardador de Memórias" within the... | – 2009-04-03

Angola: Writer Isabel Ferreira Releases 'O Guardador De Memórias' Book

The Angolan writer, Isabel Ferreira has scheduled for Saturday 15, the release of her latest book entitled "O Guardador de Memórias (memories' keeper)", in a ceremony to take place at the... | – 2008-11-13

Angola: Writer Ondjaki Distinguished With 'Grinzane for Africa' Award

The Angolan writer Ondjaki was recently distinguished in Ethiopia, with "Grinzane for Africa" literary award, in category of young writer, according to a note from Angolan embassy to the east... | – 2008-10-30

Angola: Writer Releases New Literary Work

The Angolan writer Roderick Nehone released last Thursday a book of tales entitled "Uma bÃ'ia na tormenta", which talks about the Angolan daily life, particularly the country's capital city. | – 2008-10-10

Angola: Second Music and Book International Fair Kicks Off

The second edition of the Music and Book International Fair was opened on Monday, in the Journalists Training Centre (CEFOJOR), in Luanda. | – 2008-08-05

Angola: Writer Gaby Simões Releases Books

[ANGOP] Luanda - The Angolan writer Gaby Simões released Sunday in Luanda the books "A pata dos ovos de diamante" and "O pintinho da pata de pau", both part of the... | allAfrica – 2012-02-21

Angola: Book on Information Technology Released

[ANGOP] Luanda - A scientific book entitled "Tecnologias de Informação e Comunicação" by the Angolan writer Victor Fortes was released on Friday in Luanda. | allAfrica – 2012-02-19

Angola: Book Entitled Azombo Presented

[ANGOP] Luanda - The university lecturer Ndombele Silva presented on Wednesday his first work entitled Azombo, which is about habits and customs of the Maquela do... | allAfrica – 2012-02-16

Angola: Writer Wladimiro Cardoso Releases 'Sexo E Comida'

[ANGOP] Luanda - The Angolan writer Wladimiro Cardoso released on Tuesday his new book entitled "Sexo e Comida" in Luanda. | allAfrica – 2012-02-15

Angola: Writer Ndombele Silva to Release Book On Wednesday

[ANGOP] Luanda - The Angolan writer Ndombele Silva will release on Wednesday his first book entitled "A Zombo" in Luanda. | allAfrica – 2012-02-13

Angola: Writers Launch Book in Malanje

[ANGOP] Malanje - Angolan writers António Quino, João Tala and Moisés Kamabaia, launched and sold Friday in this city, their latest literary works under the... | allAfrica – 2012-02-13

Angola: Vice Minister Calls for Public Support in Combat Illegal Sale of Books

[ANGOP] People are urged to avoid acquiring books from informal market with a view to discouraging the illegal sale of school textbooks. | allAfrica – 2012-02-12

Angola: Writer Flávio Armando Releases 'Condutor/Peão' Friday

[ANGOP] Luanda - The book entitled "O Condutor e o Peão" by the Angolan writer Flávio Armando, is going to be released on Friday in Luanda. | allAfrica – 2012-02-10

Angola: Writer Lopito Feijó Releases 'Marcas DA Guerra'

[ANGOP] Lubango - The Angolan writer Lopito Feijó is releasing Saturday in south-western Namibe province the book "Marcas da Guerra, Percepção Íntima & Outros... | allAfrica – 2012-02-27

Angola: Writer Presents Book on Alcoholism

[ANGOP] Lubango - The Angolan writer, Isaura Maria da Conceição panda presented on Saturday her book entitled "Memórias de uma alcoólica" in Lubango city,... | allAfrica – 2012-02-27

Angola: Brazilian Literary Work Debated in Luanda

[ANGOP] Luanda - The book entitled "O Encontro Marcado" by the Brazilian writer Fernando Sabino was debated on Tuesday here under the Café Literário cultural... | allAfrica – 2012-02-29

Angola: More Children's Book Suggested

[ANGOP] Lubango - Angolan writers are urged to write more children's books so as to stimulate children to like literature, ANGOP has learnt. | allAfrica – 2012-03-02

Angola: Writer Roderick Nehone Releases Book

[ANGOP] Luanda - The Angolan writer, Roderick Nehone, released on Friday his book entitled "O Catador de Bufunfa" in Luanda. | allAfrica – 2012-03-04

Angola: Writer Urges Support of Entrepreneurs for Literature Production

[ANGOP] Luanda - Angolan writer Moíses Sandombe urged Sunday, in Luanda, more participation of national businesspeople in the production of literature work in the... | allAfrica – 2012-03-05

Angola: Writer Encourages Youths to Read

[ANGOP] Luanda - The Angolan writer Moisés Sandombe on Monday here defended the need for adults to help young people to like reading more and more, so as to improve... | allAfrica – 2012-03-06

Angola: Psychologist Releases Book On Friday

[ANGOP] Luanda - The Angolan psycholist Conceição João will release on Friday in m Luanda her book entitled "Estudo dos Conflitos onjugais", aiming at minimizing... | allAfrica – 2012-03-06

Angola: Moises Sandombe Launches Poetry Book

[ANGOP] Luanda - "Recital nos Lábios da Palavras" is the title of the debut book of the Angolan poet Moises Sandombe, launched last Tuesday, in the premises of the... | allAfrica – 2012-03-07

Angola: Luciano Canhanga to Release Second Book

[ANGOP] Luanda - The Angolan journalist and writer Luciano António Canhanga announced this Wednesday in Luanda the launching of his second book entitled... | allAfrica – 2012-03-07

Angola: Writer Lopito Feijo to Release Book in Maputo

[ANGOP] Maputo - The Angolan writer Lopito Feijó will release, on Thursday in Maputo, his latest literary work called Lex & Cal Doutrina, an act that will bring... | allAfrica – 2012-03-08

Angola: Writer Fragata De Morais Releases Book

[ANGOP] Luanda - The Angolan writer Fragata de Morais released on Friday his new book entitled "Batuque Mukongo" in Luanda. | allAfrica – 2012-03-12

Angola: Book On Life, Work of Bishop Emilio De Carvalho

[ANGOP] Luanda - A book on the life and work of the first native Bishop of United Methodist Church in Angola, Emilio de Carvalho will be released Sunday in Luanda by... | allAfrica – 2012-03-16

Angola: Writer Tazuary Nkeita Presents New Book

[ANGOP] Namibe - The writer Tazuary Nkeita presented on Sunday in Namibe his book entitled "The Last Secret", under the 17th anniversary of the local Feasts of the... | allAfrica – 2012-03-26

Angola: Book Promotion Boosts Learning Process - Minister

[ANGOP] Luanda - Angolan minister of Culture, Rosa Cruz e Silva, said Monday in Luanda that the promotion of book and reading ensures the development of teaching and... | allAfrica – 2012-04-24

Angola: Writer Isaura Epanda Presents Book in Huambo

[ANGOP] Huambo - A book entitled "Memória de uma alcoólica", by the Angolan writer Isaura Maria da Conceição Epanda will be presented in Huambo province, during... | allAfrica – 2012-04-26

Book tying Angola generals to diamonds protected

JOHANNESBURG (AP) — Angola received a boost to its free speech from the Portuguese courts, which refused to allow Angolan generals to stop the publication of a book exposing corruption and human... | – 2013-02-13

Prison and intimidation: the price of being a journalist in Angola

Rafael Marques de Morais is facing libel for exposing the horrors of the country’s diamond trade. A veteran investigator, he explains why the situation for journalists is getting worse in the... | The Guardian – 2015-03-18

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