Angola: Fidel Castro's Book Released on Wednesday

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Angola: International Recognition Surprises Writer Isabel Ferreira – 2009-04-03

Benguela — Angolan writer Isabel Ferreira on Friday in Benguela city said that she is astonished with level of receptiveness of her latest book entitled "O Guardador de Memórias" within the...

Angola: Writer Isabel Ferreira Releases 'O Guardador De Memórias' Book – 2008-11-13

The Angolan writer, Isabel Ferreira has scheduled for Saturday 15, the release of her latest book entitled "O Guardador de Memórias (memories' keeper)", in a ceremony to take place at the...

Angola: Writer Ondjaki Distinguished With 'Grinzane for Africa' Award – 2008-10-30

The Angolan writer Ondjaki was recently distinguished in Ethiopia, with "Grinzane for Africa" literary award, in category of young writer, according to a note from Angolan embassy to the east...

Angola: Writer Releases New Literary Work – 2008-10-10

The Angolan writer Roderick Nehone released last Thursday a book of tales entitled "Uma bÃ'ia na tormenta", which talks about the Angolan daily life, particularly the country's capital city.

Angola: Second Music and Book International Fair Kicks Off – 2008-08-05

The second edition of the Music and Book International Fair was opened on Monday, in the Journalists Training Centre (CEFOJOR), in Luanda.

Angola: Writer Gaby Simões Releases Books

allAfrica – 2012-02-21

[ANGOP] Luanda - The Angolan writer Gaby Simões released Sunday in Luanda the books "A pata dos ovos de diamante" and "O pintinho da pata de pau", both part of the...

Angola: Book on Information Technology Released

allAfrica – 2012-02-19

[ANGOP] Luanda - A scientific book entitled "Tecnologias de Informação e Comunicação" by the Angolan writer Victor Fortes was released on Friday in Luanda.

Angola: Book Entitled Azombo Presented

allAfrica – 2012-02-16

[ANGOP] Luanda - The university lecturer Ndombele Silva presented on Wednesday his first work entitled Azombo, which is about habits and customs of the Maquela do...

Angola: Writer Wladimiro Cardoso Releases 'Sexo E Comida'

allAfrica – 2012-02-15

[ANGOP] Luanda - The Angolan writer Wladimiro Cardoso released on Tuesday his new book entitled "Sexo e Comida" in Luanda.

Angola: Writer Ndombele Silva to Release Book On Wednesday

allAfrica – 2012-02-13

[ANGOP] Luanda - The Angolan writer Ndombele Silva will release on Wednesday his first book entitled "A Zombo" in Luanda.

Angola: Writers Launch Book in Malanje

allAfrica – 2012-02-13

[ANGOP] Malanje - Angolan writers António Quino, João Tala and Moisés Kamabaia, launched and sold Friday in this city, their latest literary works under the...

Angola: Vice Minister Calls for Public Support in Combat Illegal Sale of Books

allAfrica – 2012-02-12

[ANGOP] People are urged to avoid acquiring books from informal market with a view to discouraging the illegal sale of school textbooks.

Angola: Writer Flávio Armando Releases 'Condutor/Peão' Friday

allAfrica – 2012-02-10

[ANGOP] Luanda - The book entitled "O Condutor e o Peão" by the Angolan writer Flávio Armando, is going to be released on Friday in Luanda.

Angola: Writer Lopito Feijó Releases 'Marcas DA Guerra'

allAfrica – 2012-02-27

[ANGOP] Lubango - The Angolan writer Lopito Feijó is releasing Saturday in south-western Namibe province the book "Marcas da Guerra, Percepção Íntima & Outros...

Angola: Writer Presents Book on Alcoholism

allAfrica – 2012-02-27

[ANGOP] Lubango - The Angolan writer, Isaura Maria da Conceição panda presented on Saturday her book entitled "Memórias de uma alcoólica" in Lubango city,...

Angola: Brazilian Literary Work Debated in Luanda

allAfrica – 2012-02-29

[ANGOP] Luanda - The book entitled "O Encontro Marcado" by the Brazilian writer Fernando Sabino was debated on Tuesday here under the Café Literário cultural...

Angola: More Children's Book Suggested

allAfrica – 2012-03-02

[ANGOP] Lubango - Angolan writers are urged to write more children's books so as to stimulate children to like literature, ANGOP has learnt.

Angola: Writer Roderick Nehone Releases Book

allAfrica – 2012-03-04

[ANGOP] Luanda - The Angolan writer, Roderick Nehone, released on Friday his book entitled "O Catador de Bufunfa" in Luanda.

Angola: Writer Urges Support of Entrepreneurs for Literature Production

allAfrica – 2012-03-05

[ANGOP] Luanda - Angolan writer Moíses Sandombe urged Sunday, in Luanda, more participation of national businesspeople in the production of literature work in the...

Angola: Writer Encourages Youths to Read

allAfrica – 2012-03-06

[ANGOP] Luanda - The Angolan writer Moisés Sandombe on Monday here defended the need for adults to help young people to like reading more and more, so as to improve...

Angola: Psychologist Releases Book On Friday

allAfrica – 2012-03-06

[ANGOP] Luanda - The Angolan psycholist Conceição João will release on Friday in m Luanda her book entitled "Estudo dos Conflitos onjugais", aiming at minimizing...

Angola: Moises Sandombe Launches Poetry Book

allAfrica – 2012-03-07

[ANGOP] Luanda - "Recital nos Lábios da Palavras" is the title of the debut book of the Angolan poet Moises Sandombe, launched last Tuesday, in the premises of the...

Angola: Luciano Canhanga to Release Second Book

allAfrica – 2012-03-07

[ANGOP] Luanda - The Angolan journalist and writer Luciano António Canhanga announced this Wednesday in Luanda the launching of his second book entitled...

Angola: Writer Lopito Feijo to Release Book in Maputo

allAfrica – 2012-03-08

[ANGOP] Maputo - The Angolan writer Lopito Feijó will release, on Thursday in Maputo, his latest literary work called Lex & Cal Doutrina, an act that will bring...

Angola: Writer Fragata De Morais Releases Book

allAfrica – 2012-03-12

[ANGOP] Luanda - The Angolan writer Fragata de Morais released on Friday his new book entitled "Batuque Mukongo" in Luanda.

Angola: Book On Life, Work of Bishop Emilio De Carvalho

allAfrica – 2012-03-16

[ANGOP] Luanda - A book on the life and work of the first native Bishop of United Methodist Church in Angola, Emilio de Carvalho will be released Sunday in Luanda by...

Angola: Writer Tazuary Nkeita Presents New Book

allAfrica – 2012-03-26

[ANGOP] Namibe - The writer Tazuary Nkeita presented on Sunday in Namibe his book entitled "The Last Secret", under the 17th anniversary of the local Feasts of the...

Angola: Book Promotion Boosts Learning Process - Minister

allAfrica – 2012-04-24

[ANGOP] Luanda - Angolan minister of Culture, Rosa Cruz e Silva, said Monday in Luanda that the promotion of book and reading ensures the development of teaching and...

Angola: Writer Isaura Epanda Presents Book in Huambo

allAfrica – 2012-04-26

[ANGOP] Huambo - A book entitled "Memória de uma alcoólica", by the Angolan writer Isaura Maria da Conceição Epanda will be presented in Huambo province, during...

Book tying Angola generals to diamonds protected – 2013-02-13

JOHANNESBURG (AP) — Angola received a boost to its free speech from the Portuguese courts, which refused to allow Angolan generals to stop the publication of a book exposing corruption and human...

Prison and intimidation: the price of being a journalist in Angola

The Guardian – 2015-03-18

Rafael Marques de Morais is facing libel for exposing the horrors of the country’s diamond trade. A veteran investigator, he explains why the situation for journalists is getting worse in the...

Book Talk: The parallel worlds of Angola's oil oligarchs

Yahoo! News – 2015-06-25

By Ed Stoddard JOHANNESBURG (Reuters) - Oxford academic Ricardo Soares de Oliveira contends Angola is a graft-ridden, petro state ruled by a party that has siphoned off or squandered oil dollars on a...

'Cruel and Unusual' revisits and updates the plight of the Angola 3

Los Angeles Times – 2017-06-02

The documentary “Cruel and Unusual,” directed by Vadim Jean, dives into the hellish nightmare of a trio of prisoners who were unjustly confined to solitary in Lousiana’s Angola prison; one of...

US oil firm Halliburton to pay $30 mn to settle Angola bribery case

Yahoo! News – 2017-07-27

Oil field services giant Halliburton will pay nearly $30 million to resolve allegations of bribery in Angola, US regulators announced Thursday. Former Halliburton vice president Jeannot Lorenz also...

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