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Amazon yanks 5,000 Kindle titles in fight over terms

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Amazon yanks 5,000 Kindle titles in fight over terms

GigaOM – 2012-02-23

Amazon has turned off the buy button on nearly 5,000 Kindle titles from distributor Independent Publishers Group after IPG refused to capitulate to Amazon’s demand for better terms...
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News like: 'Amazon yanks 5,000 Kindle titles in fight over terms'

Apple, Amazon Inform Customers of Settlement Refunds

According to the terms of a settlement between the DoJ and three major American publishers, some customers may receive refunds on their e-book purchases. | Publishing Perspectives – 2012-10-16

Amazon struggles to get its books onto the bestseller charts

Books published by Amazon like the Penny Marshall memoir 'My Mother Was Nuts' have not seen strong sales. | The Christian Science Monitor – 2012-10-19

Is Amazon Really Buying Brazil’s Biggest Bookstore Chain?

Amazon is said to be negotiating to acquire Saraiva, Brazil's dominant bookseller, with 102 stores. Is it realistic? We break down the facts and scenarios. | Publishing Perspectives – 2012-10-19

Waterstones and Amazon begin Kindle promotion

Waterstones has begun promoting the Amazon Kindle devices that will be on sale in stores from... | The Bookseller – 2012-10-22

Amazon 'charging publishers 20% for e-book VAT'

Amazon is forcing publishers to start negotiations over e-book prices exclusive of the full 20%... | The Bookseller – 2012-10-22

Much Ado About Why Greg Smith Left Goldman Sachs; Amazon's Making No Friends

Today in books and publishing: Conflicting takes on Why I Left Goldman Sachs; Amazon "are not pleasant people to do business with"; the genre markings of literary fiction; Animal... | The Atlantic Wire – 2012-10-22

A healthy reminder from Amazon: You don’t buy ebooks, you rent them

Although it's not clear exactly why, an Amazon customer in Norway has lost access to all of the books she bought with her Kindle -- a healthy reminder of how with ebooks, we have very little actual... | GigaOM – 2012-10-23

Amazon joins crowded field with Japan Kindle release

TOKYO (Reuters) - Inc will make Japanese language Kindle e-readers and tablets available next month, as the U.S. online seller joins a slew of e-book makers in trying to win market share... | Reuters – 2012-10-24

Amazon confirms Japan Kindle launch

Amazon will open a Kindle store in Japan next month, selling Japanese language Kindle e-readers... | The Bookseller – 2012-10-24

Waterstones’ Daunt Pimps for Amazon Kindle: Good Idea?

As the Kindle goes on sale at Waterstones stores, MD James Daunt has been defending the highly criticized decision, insisting it is to his company's advantage. | Publishing Perspectives – 2012-10-26

Amazon reports losses in third quarter

Amazon reported a loss of $274million (£170m) in its third quarter, blaming an unfavourable... | The Bookseller – 2012-10-26

Don’t Shout Too Loud, Amazon Might Hear

Dallas-based startup Bookshout is looking to disrupt the current e-book ecosystem with its new offering of Apple and Android mobile apps. | Publishing Perspectives – 2012-10-27

Random House and Penguin merge to take on Amazon, Apple

LONDON (Reuters) - Britain's Pearson and Germany's Bertelsmann plan to merge their publishers Penguin and Random House, aiming to gain the upper hand in their relationship with Amazon and Apple, the... | Reuters – 2012-10-30

Amazon may be in talks to buy Brazilian retailer is in talks to buy Brazil-based book retailer Saraiva's online operations, giving the U.S. giant a foothold in Latin America, according to media reports. | CBC – 2012-10-31

Here Is the First Book Ever Ordered on Amazon

And the packing slip that came with it | The Atlantic – 2012-10-31

Amazon finds its books aren’t welcome at many bookstores

“Care of Wooden Floors,” by Will Wiles, is the kind of novel you’d expect to see on a “staff picks” shelf at an independent bookstore. A slim but sophisticated farce by a relatively unknown... | The Washington Post – 2012-10-31

Amazon targeted in ethics campaign

A consumer campaign targeting Amazon for “abusing” its power as a market leader is... | The Bookseller – 2012-11-01

Book publishers have long been playing into Amazon's hands

The proposed merger of Penguin and Random House might be too late for a publishing industry seemingly set on self-destructionThere's something quaintly touching about the spectacle of two publishing... | Guardian – 2012-11-04

Amazon Titles Not Welcome in Many Bookstores; James Franco is a Poet Now

Today in books and publishing: Booksellers turn away Amazon-published books; James Franco releases a chapbook; R.I.P. Han Suyin; Pippa fights for her right to party.Related StoriesThe Best... | The Atlantic Wire – 2012-11-05

Amazon Prime flaunts a monthly price tag, now offers streaming and two day shipping for $7.99 per month

Amazon Prime's trifecta of two-day shipping, instant media streaming and monthly Kindle book rentals just became a little more consumer friendly at a slightly higher price. As a Hacking Netflix... | Engadget – 2012-11-06

Exclusive: Amazon to win out over Apple in e-book price tussle

BRUSSELS (Reuters) - European Union regulators are to accept an offer by Apple and four publishers to end an antitrust probe into their e-book prices, two sources said, handing Amazon victory in a... | Reuters – 2012-11-06

Independent booksellers refuse to stock Amazon titles

First Barnes & Noble, then Indigo Books and Music and Books-A-Million – now some indie bookstores are choosing not to add Amazon-published titles to their bookshelves. | The Christian Science Monitor – 2012-11-06

Amazon poised to win e-book fight with Apple

European Union regulators are to end an antitrust probe into e-book prices by accepting an offer by Apple and four publishers to ease price restrictions on Amazon, two sources said Tuesday. | San Jose Mercury News – 2012-11-07

Amazon to win e-book tussle with Apple

European Union regulators are to end a US antitrust probe into e-book prices by accepting an offer by Apple and four publishers to ease price restrictions on Amazon, two sources said on Tuesday. | Stuff – 2012-11-07

DC selling digital comics through Apple, Amazon, Barnes & Noble

In a move that could provide a boost to the small but growing digital comic book business, DC Comics has signed deals to sell comics through online stores owned by Apple, Amazon and Barnes & Noble. | Los Angeles Times – 2012-11-08

Amazon Cuts Japanese Kindle Price; Sony’s eBookstore Again on iOS

Amazon lowered the price of its Japanese Kindle Paperwhite to 100 dollars, matching the price of the recently announced Kobo Glo, while Sony's ebookstore is again on iOS. | Publishing Perspectives – 2012-11-08

Amazon Kindle Paperwhite update optimizes your Manga mania, offers quicker settings

Amazon is on the cusp of launching the complete Kindle line in Japan, so it's only right that the online retailer fine-tune its firmware for local reading habits. A new version 5.3.0 update for the... | Engadget – 2012-11-08

Can Bricks-and-Mortar Bookstores Win a Price War with Amazon?

Australia's Bookworld has guaranteed that it will beat Amazon and other online competitors' prices by 10%. But are they risking losing too much profit? | Publishing Perspectives – 2012-11-09

Why did Amazon turn off buy buttons on Big 6 ebooks last night?

Amazon turned off the buy buttons on big-six publishers' Kindle books for several hours on Thursday night. The problem, which is now resolved, apparently only affected ebooks from big-six pubs, and... | GigaOM – 2012-11-09

A publishing mystery: Amazon 'buy' button disappears

Was the temporary disappearance of Amazon's 'buy' button from books of major US publishers a mere techno glitch – or a kind of threat? | The Christian Science Monitor – 2012-11-10

An Amazon Engineer Had a Little Idea That Turned Into a Billion-Dollar Business

Ten years ago, if asked what company would revolutionize computing, a book merchant with a tech edge probably did not come to mind | The Atlantic – 2012-11-13

Amazon’s corporation tax slammed by HOC committee

Amazon was yesterday (12th November) accused by the House of Commons Public Accounts Committee of... | The Bookseller – 2012-11-13

Amazon is slammed with $252 million in back taxes by France

Amazon confirmed during a hearing with Britain's Public Accounts Committee that the French tax authority asked them for the amount in September. | The Christian Science Monitor – 2012-11-14

French government demands £160m taxes from Amazon

France has demanded the repayment of £160 million in unpaid tax from Amazon it has been... | The Bookseller – 2012-11-14

Top retail m.d. urges government to tackle 'Amazon problem'

A leading retail m.d. has said the government must "address the Amazon problem" in... | The Bookseller – 2012-11-15

Booksellers back Hodge on Amazon tax avoidance

Tim Godfray, chief executive of the Booksellers Association, has backed the stance taken by House... | The Bookseller – 2012-11-16

'Try W H Smith, not Amazon', says Mirror

Newspapers have appealed to consumers to boycott Amazon this Christmas following its statements... | The Bookseller – 2012-11-19

Five Years After the First Kindle, Amazon Girds for the Digital Fight

The challenge today—to integrate the Amazon media ecosystem—is greater than the battle to win e-books | BusinessWeek – 2012-11-19

Amazon Kindle finally hits Japan

A marathon wait and one Herculean wrestling match with recalcitrant publishers later, the Kindle... | The Bookseller – 2012-11-19

Amazon Kindle celebrates five e-inked years

Can you imagine a holiday season without Amazon's e-reader series? The Kindle celebrates its fifth birthday today -- a device that, since its debut, has added bigger screens, slimmer builds, and even... | Engadget – 2012-11-19

Amazon's Jeff Bezos as 'Businessperson of the Year': Can the book world learn from him?

Fortune Magazine awarded Bezos the title of 'business mind of 2012.' | The Christian Science Monitor – 2012-11-20

Should UK Consumers Boycott Amazon This Christmas?

Editorials are beginning to appear in UK newspapers encouraging consumers to consider boycotting Amazon and other multinationals who avoid paying UK tax rates. | Publishing Perspectives – 2012-11-20

Tech Weekly Podcast: can the Nook e-reader take on Amazon and Apple?

This week in Tech Weekly with Aleks Krotoski we look at the perfect storm of litigation on the horizon for Google, why the BlackBerry might be saved by a boom for the handsets in Africa, will the... | Guardian – 2012-11-20

UK booksellers lash out at Amazon: 'We pay our taxes'

Booksellers across the UK have put up signs in their windows reading 'We pay our taxes' in response to a hearing by the Public Accounts Committee on Amazon's business practices. | The Christian Science Monitor – 2012-11-21

Tablet Use, E-book Sales Grow Beyond Amazon, Nook

Tablets and other digital reading devices are expected to be big sellers this holiday season due in part to the growing number of devices available from a host of manufacturers. | Publishers Weekly – 2012-11-23

Amazon forced to disclose UK sales

Amazon's UK net sales were £2.91bn in 2011, according to information the retailer has... | The Bookseller – 2012-11-26

ASA rules against Amazon on Prime

The Advertising Standards Authority has told Amazon it must change the wording of its Prime offer... | The Bookseller – 2012-11-28

Amazon to begin European publishing push from 2013

Amazon has said that it is to open a European publishing wing headquartered in Luxembourg,... | The Bookseller – 2012-11-29

Amazon adds $1.5m to KDP author pot

Amazon is giving its KDP self-publishing platform a further push before Christmas by putting an... | The Bookseller – 2012-11-29

Amazon Publishing to Open European Division

Amazon's Jeff Belle announced in a letter to literary agents that Amazon Publishing will begin building a European publishing division in 2013. Hiring will begin in January. | Publishing Perspectives – 2012-11-30

Digital store comparison: iTunes vs. Google Play vs. Amazon

Apple's iTunes 11 arrived this week, and it's pretty slick. But did you know you can also buy music, movies, shows and books for the iPhone and iPad from other digital stores? | Los Angeles Times – 2012-12-01

Amazon Kindle 3.5 for iOS adds X-ray for extra-detailed searches

Amazon has made a big selling point of X-ray for Kindle books -- but, not surprisingly, for its own platforms first. iOS readers can reclaim some equal footing today now that a Kindle 3.5 update is... | Engadget – 2012-12-05

Amazon launches Kindle content service for kids

NEW YORK (AP) — Amazon is launching a subscription service for children's games, videos and books aimed at getting more kids to use its Kindle Fire tablet devices. | – 2012-12-05

Amazon’s all-you-can-eat kids’ Kindle content should scare competitors

Kindle FreeTime Unlimited, Amazon's new unlimited monthly offering of movies, TV shows, apps, games and ebooks for kids, is a very ambitious program, and it could spur families into buying a new... | GigaOM – 2012-12-05

Amazon tweaks its Breakthrough Novel Award Contest and drops former partner Penguin

Amazon, which formerly collaborated with Penguin to publish the winners of its Breakthrough Novel Award Contest, touts the advantages of working as its own publisher. | The Christian Science Monitor – 2012-12-05

What Amazon’s New Brand Pages Could Do for Publishers

Amazon has introduced a new marketing feature for brands and companies who want to highlight their products on the online retailer's website: Amazon Pages. Could this be a new opportunity for... | Publishing Perspectives – 2012-12-06

Amazon and Google both launch Brazilian ebookstores

A few hours apart, Amazon and Google launched digital bookstores in Brazil. The companies join Kobo in an attempt to gain a piece of the country's emerging ebook market. | GigaOM – 2012-12-06

Amazon and Google shower content love on Brazil

Through the magic of pure coincidence (or not), Amazon and Google have spontaneously started offering e-books in the land of Brazil. In addition, Amazon has also introduced its Kindle e-reader to the... | Engadget – 2012-12-06

Amazon bringing Voice Guide and Explore by Touch features to Kindle Fires for vision-impaired users

Amazon's been attuned to the needs of its vision-impaired customers for years, first rolling out text-to-speech technology on its original Kindle e-reader years ago. Today the company revealed plans... | Engadget – 2012-12-07

Amazon publishes vague numbers surrounding Appstore performance, but they're sure looking good

At this point, expecting Amazon to actually divulge genuine numbers surrounding its Kindle business would be akin to expecting that so-called "fiscal cliff" to just vanish overnight. That said, the... | Engadget – 2012-12-07

Amazon’s Plan: “Sell Millions of Kindles in Brazil,” says Naggar

Through exclusive interviews with Amazon's David Naggar, author Paolo Coelho, and others, we get behind the scenes of Amazon's Kindle Store launch in Brazil this week. | Publishing Perspectives – 2012-12-07

What’s Behind Kobo, Google and Amazon’s Simultaneous Brazil Launch?

In the rush to market in Brazil, three international ebook sellers staked their claim on the same day. Why? The reasons are clear, but perhaps a bit ephemeral. | Publishing Perspectives – 2012-12-07

Amazon's price-beating reputation 'not true', claims study

Amazon only offers the lowest price on its top 20 print bestsellers, with lower-ranked titles... | The Bookseller – 2012-12-07

Amazon Kindle bookstore reaches Canada, cuts Americans (partly) out of the loop

Canadians have had to be content with a form of Kindle Store limbo until now. They could buy Kindle e-books, but they've had to rely on a US-centric portal that scarcely acknowledges their literary... | Engadget – 2012-12-10

Amazon releases Kindle apps and e-books into China

Amazon has started its Chinese Kindle incursion by launching the reader app for Android and iOS in that market, along with a large selection of e-books. There's no mention of any Kindle devices like... | Engadget – 2012-12-13

Amazon wins as Apple, publishers settle with EU over e-book prices

European Union regulators ended an antitrust probe into e-book prices on Thursday, accepting an offer by Apple and four publishers to ease pricing restrictions on Amazon and other retailers. | San Jose Mercury News – 2012-12-13

Amazon wins EU e-book pricing battle with Apple

BRUSSELS (Reuters) - European Union regulators ended an antitrust probe into e-book prices on Thursday, accepting an offer by Apple and four publishers to ease pricing restrictions on Amazon and... | Reuters – 2012-12-13

Amazon wins EU e-book pricing battle with Apple and major book publishers

The European Union has accepted an offer from Apple and four major publishers to reduce pricing restrictions on content offered at Amazon and other book-sellers. After being caught out by the EU, we... | Engadget – 2012-12-13

Amazon wins an e-book fight in Europe

European Union regulators ended an antitrust probe into e-book prices after Apple and other publishers offered to abandon the possibility of pricing agreements that would have hindered Amazon selling... | The Christian Science Monitor – 2012-12-15

Amazon starts Boxing Day sale on Christmas Day will begin its Boxing Day sales on Christmas Day this year, responding to the fact... | The Bookseller – 2012-12-17

China ‘investigating Amazon e-books’

Chinese authorities have started investigating Amazon’s methods of selling e-books in the... | The Bookseller – 2012-12-17

'Boycott Amazon' campaign launched

The Ethical Consumer magazine and campaign group has launched a campaign to persuade customers to... | The Bookseller – 2012-12-19

Amazon-Owned Audible Will Sponsor Much of the Guardian's Book Content

Newspapers’ books coverage is even less profitable than newspapers overall, and many book review sections are shrinking or disappearing completely. In an attempt to subsidize such coverage,... | Editor & Publisher – 2012-12-19

"Fifty Shades Freed" most popular book on Amazon in 2012

(Reuters) - E.L. James' erotic romance novel "Fifty Shades Freed: Book Three of the Fifty Shades Trilogy" was the best-selling book on Amazon this year, followed by the thriller... | Yahoo! News – 2012-12-14

Bargain Prices & Amazon Promo Equal Big Sales

Between December 3 and December 14, Amazon ran its “12 Days, 12 Books” promotion, which saw limited supplies of 12 books reduced to bargain prices over 12 days. | Publishers Weekly – 2012-12-21

Crackdown on book reviews roils Amazon

Giving raves to family members is no longer acceptable. Neither is writers reviewing other writers. But showering five stars on a book you admittedly have not read is fine. Drew Kelly The New... | SacBee – 2012-12-23

My New Year’s Resolution is to Dump Amazon, And Why I’ll Fail

For long-time ebook buyers indoctrinated in Amazon's convenient ecosystem, trying to make the switch to a competitor can lead to frustration and disappointment. | Publishing Perspectives – 2013-01-02

French bookshops take up Amazon protest

French bookshops and cultural product chains are following the UK example in protesting against... | The Bookseller – 2013-01-04

Amazon tax fallout boosts indie Christmas sales

The majority of independent booksellers saw a Christmas sales rise in 2012, with fall-out from... | The Bookseller – 2013-01-07

Don’t hold your breath waiting for Amazon to give you Kindle copies of your books

Amazon is offering consumers a free digital copy when they buy a CD. It makes perfect sense to do the same for books -- alas, it's not going to happen. Here's why. | GigaOM – 2013-01-11

Amazon kicks off its Breakthrough Novel contest

Amazon's annual competition comes with some changes this year as the company plans to self-publish the winner and adds new genres for the contest. | The Christian Science Monitor – 2013-01-15

To fight Amazon’s “black box,” iPad publisher Inkling opens its 400 ebooks up to Google

In an effort to aid book discovery and battle Amazon's dominance, iOS publishing platform Inkling will allow its roughly 400 ebooks to be fully indexed through Google search. The company plans to add... | GigaOM – 2013-01-16

PublishNews Brazil: Amazon Opens Kiosks to Sell Kindles in Brazil

This week on PublishNews Brazil: Amazon partners with a kiosk-retailer to sell Kindles in Brazil, Kobo launches two new ereaders, 33% of Brazilians read a book last month. | Publishing Perspectives – 2013-01-17

Amazon quietly introduces Kindle rentals for US readers, bases prices on duration

Think you can finish a 168-page novel in a month? It might pay to opt for Amazon's new Kindle rental feature, now available on an incredibly limited number of titles. A few options published by... | Engadget – 2013-01-19

Amazon Children’s Publishing expands with more books for younger kids and teens

Amazon is expanding its children's publishing division with two new imprints. "Two Lions" will publish picture books, chapter books and middle-grade fiction, while "Skyscape" is aimed at teens. The... | GigaOM – 2013-01-22

Spar installs Amazon collection lockers

Spar has installed Amazon collection lockers into nine of its convenience stores to make them... | The Bookseller – 2013-01-22

Amazon launches Kindle in Canada

Amazon today (24th January) launches its Kindle range in Canada, the e-reading heartland of... | The Bookseller – 2013-01-24

Amazon 'to put advertising on Kindles'

Amazon is reportedly readying an advertising push for displays on Kindle e-readers after pitching... | The Bookseller – 2013-01-29

Amazon's E-Book Business Is Up 70 Percent, but It's Still Not Disclosing Kindle Sales

Whatever Kindle sales were in Q4, they could have been better had Amazon not sold out of its flagship e-reader. | AllThingsD – 2013-01-30

Bezos: With ebook sales up 70% in 2012, Amazon has hit “transition” it expected

Amazon announced fourth-quarter and full year 2012 earnings report roughly in line with investor expectations Tuesday afternoon. Speaking of ebooks, CEO Jeff Bezos said, "We’re now seeing the... | GigaOM – 2013-01-30

Amazon reports record sales growth

Amazon saw record sales growth of 22% to $21bn (£13bn) over the Christmas period, with the... | The Bookseller – 2013-01-30

Why Apple is the stumbling block in Amazon’s ebook transition

As the ebook transition moves forward, Amazon should worry that Kindle is not going to be the device leading the revolution. | GigaOM – 2013-01-31

Amazon wins broad patent to create marketplace for used digital content

Amazon has won a patent to create a virtual marketplace where users could resell digital content like apps, songs and ebooks. But it's unclear whether such a marketplace would be legal under current... | GigaOM – 2013-02-06

As E-books Grow, So Does Amazon

With e-books’ share of unit sales rising from 14% for the first nine months of 2011 to 22% for the same period in 2012, the biggest winners among retailers were Amazon and dedicated e-bookstores... | Publishers Weekly – 2013-02-08

Amazon Moves Closer to Selling Used Ebooks

Amazon has patented a technology that allows customers to sell their previously read ebooks, audiobooks, music and movies in the same way that they can now sell print books, DVDs, and CDs. | Publishing Perspectives – 2013-02-12

Amazon shares climb on Kindle e-book optimism

SAN FRANCISCO (Reuters) - Inc shares climbed more than 4 percent on Tuesday after an analyst note fueled optimism about the company's Kindle e-book business. | Reuters – 2013-02-14

Amazon attacked in German documentary

Amazon is said to be involved in a scandal in Germany, with a documentary accusing the retailer... | The Bookseller – 2013-02-15

Could the Penguin-Random House Merger Actually Help Amazon?

The just-approved marriage between Penguin and Random House holds that beleaguered publishers will now be able to stand up to bookselling goliath Amazon. But a publishing consolidation might be... | The Atlantic Wire – 2013-02-15

Daunt questions Amazon warehouse practises

James Daunt has restated his view that Amazon operates in an advantageous fiscal environment in... | The Bookseller – 2013-02-18

Amazon fires German security firm

Amazon has fired the security company it employed to oversee its warehouse operations over... | The Bookseller – 2013-02-18

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