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Amazon Might Slash e-Book Prices to $9.99

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Amazon Might Slash e-Book Prices to $9.99

ABC News – 2012-04-12

Morning Business Memo: Amazon is the big winner in the government’s decision to go after Apple and major publishers over alleged e-book price fixing. Amazon might decide to slash the price of many bestsellers from $14.99 to $9.99. The Justice Department and 15 states sued...
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News like: 'Amazon Might Slash e-Book Prices to $9.99'

George R R Martin in Amazon imprint launch

Amazon Publishing has revealed a new imprint dedicated to comics and graphic novels, called Jet... | The Bookseller – 2013-07-09

Amazon announces new comics imprint, just in time for Comic-Con

Tuesday morning Amazon Publishing announced a new comics and graphic novel imprint, Jet City Comics. It will publish graphic novels by George R.R. Martin, of "Game of Thrones" fame and others.It was... | Los Angeles Times – 2013-07-09

Amazon bags Game of Thrones author for its Jet City Comics imprint

New division will also publish work by Hugh Howey and Neal Stephenson as digital comics and print editionsAmazon is getting into comics and graphic novels publishing – both physical and digital... | Guardian – 2013-07-10

The real villain in the ebooks case isn’t Apple or Amazon — it’s publishers’ addiction to DRM

The major publishers say they needed to cut an ebook deal with Apple in order to blunt the force of Amazon's monopoly -- but they themselves helped construct that monopoly by insisting on... | GigaOM – 2013-07-10

Penguin Random House aims to bookend Amazon's rule

Almost overnight, the New York book publishing landscape got a lot smaller—or bigger, if you happen to work for Random House or Penguin, which last week became the publishing industry behemoth... | Crains New York – 2013-07-07

Amazon creates a new comic books imprint

The imprint, titled Jet City Comics, released its first title, a work named 'Symposium #1," on July 9. | The Christian Science Monitor – 2013-07-12

For Amazon, another role: comic book publisher

SEATTLE (AP) — Online retailer Inc. will start publishing more original comics through its new imprint, Jet City Comics.     | – 2013-07-12

How Amazon Became the King of Audiobooks

Recorded books are now a billion-dollar business, which Amazon dominates perhaps like none other.     | The Atlantic – 2013-07-17

Here’s how Amazon self-destructs

If Amazon puts bookstores out of business, it will destroy the main way readers learn about new books to buy | – 2013-07-19

Goodreads doubles membership despite Amazon controversy

The social media reading website Goodreads angered many earlier this year when they became affiliated with Amazon, but the company recently announced they doubled their membership in 11 months. | The Christian Science Monitor – 2013-07-25

Amazon Kicks Off 'Kindle Singles Interview' Series

Expanding the range of its Kindle Singles offerings, Amazon has kicked off an interview series on the e-reader. The first installment of "The Kindle Singles Interview" series features... | AdWeek – 2013-07-25

Amazon's Kindle Singles will include interviews with 'iconic figures'

Amazon's Kindle Singles will feature interviews with some of the world's biggest names as part of their Kindle Singles store. | The Christian Science Monitor – 2013-07-26

Amazon hikes sales, but posts $7m loss in second quarter

Amazon posted a surprise loss of $7m (or £4.56m) in its second quarter, despite achieving a... | The Bookseller – 2013-07-26 leases nearly 130,000 square feet in Cambridge

Online retailing behemoth Inc. will take up 129,125 square feet across six floors in a Kendall Square office building located at 101 Main Street, according to documents filed with local... | – 2013-07-27

Some Amazon Reviewers Really Hate Reza Aslan's 'Zealot'

Reza Aslan's Zealot has become a national sensation ever since he shamed a Fox News reporter who questioned his academic credentials. But she isn't the only one who has a hard time believing... | The Atlantic Wire – 2013-07-29

Are Amazon's new book discounts a 'declaration of war'?

The online bookseller had dropped prices on some of its top-selling hardcovers, as much as 64% off retail.Bargain book shoppers must have been pleased looking at Amazon's bestseller list this... | Los Angeles Times – 2013-07-29

Obama's embrace of Amazon dismays many booksellers

President Obama will highlight Amazon as 'a perfect example of the company that is investing in American workers and creating good, high-wage jobs,' according to the White House. Independent... | The Christian Science Monitor – 2013-07-30

Are and Amazon in a price war? is offering 'tens of thousands' of books at '10 percent off Amazon's book prices.' Now Amazon has reduced the prices of many of its bestsellers by as much as 50 to 65 percent. | The Christian Science Monitor – 2013-07-30

Overstock Battles Amazon on Book Prices

The only way to beat Amazon is by playing its game. Here's what happened when tried.     | The Atlantic Wire – 2013-07-30

Ether for Authors: Is Amazon-Bashing Productive for Publishing?

In Publishing Perspectives' Ether for Authors, Porter Anderson looks at media noise about Amazon, at authentic criticism, and agents' experience of rejection. | Publishing Perspectives – 2013-07-30

Amazon is worse than Walmart

The company's war on bookstores and book culture is increasingly supported by, yes, the Obama administration | – 2013-07-30 Unveils the Most Well-Read Cities in Canada

Vancouver, British Columbia tops the list with the most books purchased per capita of any city in Canada SEATTLE, July 30, 2013 /CNW/ - Today, for the first time revealed its list of... | CNW – 2013-07-30

Kindle team finds handy way to benefit from Obama visiting Amazon warehouse

When President Obama gives a jobs speech from Amazon's Chattanooga warehouse on Tuesday, he'll also provide an interview that Amazon plans to publish as a Kindle Single tomorrow. | GigaOM – 2013-07-31

Obama appearance at Amazon warehouse angers booksellers

President Obama has angered the American Booksellers Assn. with a planned appearance Tuesday at an Amazon warehouse.President Obama, who faithfully shops at independent bookstores when given the... | Los Angeles Times – 2013-07-30

Nook and Amazon in 99p frontlist offer

A Nook promotion of "Hot Summer Books" is selling e-books of frontlist titles from... | The Bookseller – 2013-07-31

Amazon to launch Kindle Singles ebook of Barack Obama interview

US president's visit to Amazon warehouse continues to spark criticism from the books industryPresident Barack Obama's decision to give a high-profile speech on jobs and corporate tax rates during a... | Guardian – 2013-07-31

Amazon jobs are 'a great example of what's possible,' says Obama as more indie booksellers object

President Obama appeared as scheduled at a Chattanooga, Tenn., Amazon warehouse and praised the business, causing even more independent booksellers to express their displeasure with his endorsement. | The Christian Science Monitor – 2013-08-01

Fresh workforce controversy for Amazon

Amazon has faced fresh allegations about its treatment of workers after an investigation of... | The Bookseller – 2013-08-02

Washington Post sold: Amazon's Bezos shocks media with $250m purchase

Deal brings to an end the 80-year control of the paper by the Graham family which steered the Post to national prominenceThe Washington Post is to be sold to Jeff Bezos, the founder of the web retail... | Guardian – 2013-08-06

Jeff Bezos uses Amazon roots to fund expeditions into world of print

The Washington Post's new owner has a sense of adventure that will be tested by the struggling newspaper industryJeff Bezos, one of the wealthiest people in the world with a $22bn fortune made from... | Guardian – 2013-08-06

Amazon founder Bezos to buy Washington Post

Jeff Bezos, the founder who helped bring books into the digital age, stunned the media industry Monday by announcing plans to acquire another pillar of maintstream media: The Washington... | – 2013-08-06

Amazon's Marneur acquires Mel Sherratt

Amazon Publishing senior acquisitions editor Emily Marneur has made her first two acquisitions... | The Bookseller – 2013-08-06

Jeff Bezos buys The Washington Post. What does that mean for Amazon?

Jeff Bezos has stated that 'the values of The Post do not need changing.' But how will the move affect Amazon? | The Christian Science Monitor – 2013-08-07

Will Amazon and Washington Post Work Together? Who Knows?!

While the media industry reels from the news that Jeff Bezos purchasing the Washington Post, it's still anyone's guess as to what the Amazon founder plans to do with the paper. An even more... | AdWeek – 2013-08-07

Amazon Busy Negotiating First Russian Ebook Contracts

Amazon has contracted Rosman to supply its first ebook titles for sale in Russia. For now, the retailer is concentrating on digital in lieu of establishing a Russian print supply chain. | Publishing Perspectives – 2013-08-08

The New York Times Blasts Amazon for Being an E-Book Bully

As the battle over Apple's e-book price fixing continues, The New York Times suggested in a sharply-worded editorial today that the federal government should look to the true bully in... | The Atlantic Wire – 2013-08-09

American Booksellers to Fight Amazon Through Negative Publicity

The ABA's CEO sent an open letter to independent booksellers encouraging them to publicize Amazon as a company "detrimental" to the book business and buyers. | Publishing Perspectives – 2013-08-11

Amazon's Jeff Bezos can reinvent Washington Post as curator of record

Jeff Bezos has the chance to reinvent publishing in the same way he reshaped e-commerce, says former Daily Mail and Daily Express journalist, Grant Feller, now founder of GF Media. | Media Week – 2013-08-14

New Amazon Biography Series 'Icons' Only Features One Woman

Amazon Publishing announced today a new biography series that will be available through the Kindle platform. Of the first ten "Icons," though, only one is a woman.     | The Atlantic Wire – 2013-08-14

Seth Godin on Why “Vilifying Amazon…Makes No Sense”

Seth Godin traces the ups and downs of the independent bookstore since WWII, while proclaiming that today is "a golden age for books," crediting Amazon. | Publishing Perspectives – 2013-08-15

Amazon imprint holds author conference

Amazon imprint Thomas & Mercer is flying authors out to a party and conference in Seattle... | The Bookseller – 2013-08-15

Amazon lockers blamed in indie closure

Two bookshops have announced they are due to close this summer due to rising competition from the... | The Bookseller – 2013-08-16

Amazon’s Licensing Vonnegut for Fan Fiction Draws Fire

Amazon announced a Kindle World license for the books of Kurt Vonnegut, but not everyone thinks it's a great idea. | Publishing Perspectives – 2013-08-19

Overstock says it will permanently match Amazon’s print book prices

Internet retailer says it will permanently match Amazon's prices on print books. | GigaOM – 2013-08-20

Exclusive : Conde Nast launches new subscriber service with Amazon

NEW YORK (Reuters) - Magazine publisher Conde Nast announced a major partnership with Amazon on Tuesday in which the Internet retailer will handle print and digital subscriptions for its stable of... | Reuters – 2013-08-20

Vogue publisher strikes Amazon subscription deal

Condé Nast teams with online retailer to offer combined print and digital subscriptions for its portfolio of titles in USMagazine publisher Condé Nast has struck a deal with Amazon to offer... | Guardian – 2013-08-20

Condé Nast Inks Big Deal With Amazon

Condé Nast has announced a big deal with Amazon that will let people buy and renew print and digital subscriptions to its magazines on the e-commerce giant. The new service, which Amazon is... | AdWeek – 2013-08-20

Condé Nast-Amazon deal makes magazine subscriptions quicker, but watch the fine print

Condé Nast and Amazon have a new partnership that lets readers subscribe to magazines through Amazon and activate digital access at the same time. It's easy to use, but you need to watch the pricing... | GigaOM – 2013-08-20

UPDATE 1-Conde Nast launches new subscriber service with Amazon

NEW YORK Aug 20 (Reuters) - Magazine publisher Conde Nast announced a major partnership with Inc on Tuesday in which the Internet retailer will handle print and digital subscriptions for... | Reuters – 2013-08-21

Conde Nast launches new subscriber service with Amazon

NEW YORK (Reuters) - Magazine publisher Conde Nast announced a major partnership with Inc on Tuesday in which the Internet retailer will handle print and digital subscriptions for glossy... | Reuters – 2013-08-21

Condé Nast Taps Amazon for 'All-Access' Print and Digital Subscription Sales

  | Folio Magazine – 2013-08-21

Condé Nast launches Amazon subscription service

Condé Nast and Amazon have struck a deal in which the online giant will begin managing print and digital subscriptions for Condé titles, the companies said on Tuesday.The program,... | Crains New York – 2013-08-21

Condé Nast Cuts Deal With Amazon To Turn Magazine Subscriptions Into An All–Access Business

Condé Nast has struck a deal with Amazon that will give the Vogue, Vanity Fair, and New Yorker publisher access to 200 million potential new subscribers who are already spending money shopping... | Fast Company – 2013-08-20

Condé Nast explores new direction for magazines with Amazon

The deal announced yesterday by Condé Nast US and Amazon opens up new opportunities around how magazines can develop subscriptions and distribution models in the future. | Media Week – 2013-08-21 says it will match Amazon's book prices – from now on

Following a promotion in which the site sold books at 10 percent off Amazon's prices, says it will now match Amazon prices for books. And it's not a temporary measure. | The Christian Science Monitor – 2013-08-22

Apple: Feds aim to “give Amazon a significant competitive advantage” in ebooks case

Apple responded to various aspects of the DOJ's proposed injunction against it in the ebook pricing case. It doesn't want to change the way it does business in the App Store, but agreed to stagger... | GigaOM – 2013-08-27

Jesus is first subject of Amazon’s ‘Icons’ biography series

Last month, a clueless interview on a Fox News webcast made Reza Aslan’s biography of Jesus a cause celebre. This month comes word of a less zealous take on the man from Galilee. Jay Parini’s... | The Washington Post – 2013-08-27

Apple Says DOJ's E-Book Remedies Are Biased in Amazon's Favor

"Plaintiffs are seeking a remedy that would give Amazon significant competitive advantage over Apple -- an advantage it is neither entitled to nor deserves." | AllThingsD – 2013-08-27

Amazon Publishing Chief Larry Kirshbaum Accused of Sexual Assault

Larry Kirshbaum, one of the most influential figures in the publishing world, stands accused of twice sexually assaulting his former mistress in 2010.     | The Atlantic Wire – 2013-08-28

Amazon to drop Marketplace price parity

Amazon is to drop a clause banning third party Marketplace traders across the EU from offering... | The Bookseller – 2013-08-29

Amazon launches Mexico Kindle store

Amazon has launched the Kindle store in Mexico with over 70,000 Spanish language e-books. The e-... | The Bookseller – 2013-08-30

Ka-ching! Amazon explains benefits from ebook price-fixing settlement

The direct results of the ebook price fixing scandal between Apple and the five major U.S. book publishers are one-step closer to turning into real money for millions of Amazon... | PC World – 2013-09-02

Amazon US offers e-book/print bundling

Amazon has unveiled a new US initiative to bundle print and e-books, called Kindle MatchBook.... | The Bookseller – 2013-09-03

Amazon's Kindle MatchBook turns past print purchases into low-cost ebooks

It's yet another step in Amazon's merging of the physical and digital worlds—and another ploy for platform lock-in. | PC World – 2013-09-03

Amazon upgrades Kindle Paperwhite

Amazon is upgrading its Kindle Paperwhite electronic book reader with a sharper display, expanded dictionary and faster computer hardware.     | – 2013-09-04

Amazon's New Offer: Discounted Kindle Versions of Print Books You've Already Bought

Amazon said on Tuesday that it will unveil a program that will let Amazon customers purchase the digital versions of print books they've already bought -- or will buy -- from Amazon, for $2.99 or... | AllThingsD – 2013-09-03

Publishers will be able to use Amazon’s new ebook bundling feature for promotions as short as a day

Amazon's new Kindle MatchBook program will let publishers bundle print books with ebooks for very short periods -- even as short as a day. That could give reluctant publishers the incentive to try it. | GigaOM – 2013-09-04

Amazon's new Kindle Paperwhite officially announced, ships September 30th

In case you needed official confirmation, Amazon's new Kindle Paperwhite is indeed real and on the way. While we still don't have much in the way of specifics, according to the public listing, we do... | Engadget – 2013-09-03

Amazon launches Kindle Matchbook: discounted e-books for those who own the hard copy

When Amazon launched AutoRip, we looked at our bookshelves and wished that us readers would get something similar. Fortunately, the company had the same idea, and is now announcing Kindle Matchbook.... | Engadget – 2013-09-03

Kindle MatchBook: Re–Purchase your Library from Amazon for $2.99 or less

In October Amazon launches Kindle MatchBook, an arrangement that lets you purchase the Kindle edition of books you've already bought from them in print for $2.99 or less. The agreement currently... | Fast Company – 2013-09-03

Amazon unveils MatchBook; service isn't money saver for e-book buyers

Now when you buy a print book from Amazon, you might be able to get a cheap e-book version of the same title.     | Los Angeles Times – 2013-09-04

Amazon bundles print and e-books

Amazon is to offer US shoppers the ability to obtain digital copies of previously purchased printed books for free or at a discount. | BBC World – 2013-09-04

Amazon lights a Matchbook

Playing with fire is generally considered bad practice -- I know, as a parent I recommend my kids avoid it. Amazon, however has a whole new Matchbook that it can not wait to set alight. In this... | Betanews – 2013-09-04

Amazon Launches Kindle Reader With Goodreads Integration

Looks like Amazon is making good use of its Goodreads acquisition. When it debuted the latest Kindle e–reader Tuesday, among the features and specs touted––faster processor,... | Fast Company – 2013-09-04

The Washington Post embarks on Amazon adventure with Jeff Bezos | Dan Gillmor

The entrepreneur's message to Post staff is 'Put the customer first. Invent. And be patient.' Not too patient, I hopeWho could argue with Jeff Bezos' prescription for the Washington Post?... | Guardian – 2013-09-04

Amazon's Kindle MatchBook will let consumers buy print and e-book versions together

The new program, which is scheduled to launch in October, would let Amazon users buy a discounted e-book for qualifying titles if they bought the print version as well. But many publishers have yet... | The Christian Science Monitor – 2013-09-05

Oyster, a Netflix for e-books, is promising to rival Apple, Amazon

Netflix did it with movies. Spotify did it with music. And now a New York start-up hopes to do the same with e-books.     | Los Angeles Times – 2013-09-06

How a Man in Austria Used Legos to Hack Amazon's Kindle E-Book Security

A little robotics, a little OCR and voila. | AllThingsD – 2013-09-07

Amazon has '79% of e-book market in UK'

An Ofcom study into consumers' digital consumption has found that Amazon has a dominant 79%... | The Bookseller – 2013-09-12

Amazon once again gets exclusive streaming rights for Under the Dome

Many of novelist Stephen King's books and short stories have found their way to the screen either through a movie or mini-series. Some, like The Shining, have become classics in the eyes of fans,... | Betanews – 2013-09-13

Jonathan Franzen on Amazon: “Jeff Bezos may not be the antichrist, but he surely looks like one of the four horsemen”

In an essay in the Guardian, Jonathan Franzen scores a direct hit on Amazon | – 2013-09-14

Franzen Says Amazon Presages the Apocalypse

"Jeff Bezos of Amazon may not be the antichrist, but he surely looks like one of the four horsemen," writes Jonathan Franzen in The Guardian. | Publishing Perspectives – 2013-09-16

Amazon title on Financial Times shortlist

The Financial Times and Goldman Sachs Business Book of the Year shortlist has been announced,... | The Bookseller – 2013-09-19

Kindle Fire HDX From Amazon To Be Faster, Weigh Less Than Previous Generation

SEATTLE -- SEATTLE (AP) — Amazon is refreshing its line-up of tablet computers with devices called Kindle Fire HDX. The tablets are significantly faster and weigh less than the previous... | The Huffington Post – 2013-09-25

Scribd Challenges Amazon and Apple With 'Netflix for Books'

Spotify did it for music. Netflix did it for movies. And now, Trip Adler and Scribd are doing it for books. The 29-year-old entrepreneur and his six-year-old San Francisco startup just unveiled an... | Wired – 2013-10-01

France approves law stopping Amazon from shipping discounted books for free

French lawmakers have had it up to "here" with Amazon's book-selling tactics and they're not going to take it any more. In a rare alliance, France's ruling Socialist Party and the opposition UMP... | Engadget – 2013-10-03

France takes aim at Amazon to protect local bookshops

PARIS (Reuters) - French lawmakers on Thursday took aim at Amazon to protect local bookshops by voting through a law that bars online booksellers from offering free delivery to customers on top of a... | Yahoo! News – 2013-10-03

Amazon takes on PayPal, now offering Amazon login and pay service to online business

Amazon, having extended far beyond the realm of book selling into the world of tablets and online marketplaces, is reaching ever further in its latest effort: "Login and Pay with Amazon." The new... | Engadget – 2013-10-08

Andrew Wylie criticizes Amazon's 'megalomania' in the New Republic

Andrew Wiley argues that Amazon has entered the business of print publishing to mislead the Department of Justice into thinking it's something other than a digital distribution monopoly.Andrew Wiley,... | Los Angeles Times – 2013-10-08

'Divergent' finale outsells 'Hunger Games' conclusion by almost five to one on Amazon

According to Amazon, the novel 'Allegiant,' which is set to come out Oct. 22, is already far outpacing the sales for the third book in the 'Hunger Games' series for about the same time before its... | The Christian Science Monitor – 2013-10-09

'Divergent' finale outsells 'Hunger Games' conclusion by almost five to one on Amazon (+video)

According to Amazon, the novel 'Allegiant,' which is set to come out Oct. 22, is already far outpacing the sales for the third book in the 'Hunger Games' series for about the same time before its... | The Christian Science Monitor – 2013-10-09

Dohle tells Frankfurt of Amazon 'co-operation'

Penguin Random House c.e.o. Markus Dohle has told the Frankfurt Book Fair that the relationship... | The Bookseller – 2013-10-09

Amazon Matchmaker mashes cheap Audible audiobooks with Kindle ebooks

And even better, Amazon's Whispersync technology picks up where you left off no matter whether you're reading, listening, or mixing the two. | PC World – 2013-10-09

Candid Facts from Amazon’s Russ Grandinetti

At the Frankfurt Book Fair, VP of Kindle Content, Russ Grandinetti, shared some numbers about consumer usage of Kindle ebooks around the world. | Publishing Perspectives – 2013-10-09

How Jeff Bezos Crushed So Amazon Could Buy

Tales of ruthlessness in leadership and competition from Bloomberg Businessweek journalist Brad Stone's new book about Amazon. | AllThingsD – 2013-10-10

Amazon removes abuse-themed e-books

Amazon removes abuse-themed e-books from its Kindle Store after a report highlights titles depicting rape, incest and bestiality. | BBC World – 2013-10-12

Book review: ‘The Everything Store: Jeff Bezos and the Age of Amazon,’ By Brad Stone

“Explosive.” That’s how the cover of Bloomberg BusinessWeek bills “The Everything Store” by journalist Brad Stone. That’s an overstatement — but the meticulously reported book has... | The Washington Post – 2013-10-16

Amazon: Threat or menace?

"The Everything Store's" big, unanswered question: What happens when the entire economy has been "Amazoned?" | – 2013-10-16

Warily Following Amazon’s Lead with Subscription Sales

The Amazon and Condé Nast deal may be tough to follow for smaller pubs. | Folio Magazine – 2013-10-18

How Amazon and Goodreads could lose their best readers

When Amazon bought Goodreads it got a community of passionate readers, not all of whom want to follow the new rules | – 2013-10-24

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