Amazon Might Slash e-Book Prices to $9.99

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Amazon Among Rumored Quercus Suitors

Publishers Weekly – 2014-03-11

Rumors about who will be purchasing the publisher circulated at the Folio Awards ceremony in Central London.

Amazon Starts German-Language Publishing Program

Publishers Weekly – 2014-03-12

Amazon Publishing is starting a new German-language publishing program.

Amazon Publishing launches German language programme

The Bookseller – 2014-03-12

Amazon Publishing is launching a German language programme, after being "delighted"...

Amazon Raising Prime Price to $99

Publishers Weekly – 2014-03-13

Rumors of a potential price-hike began to circulate late last year.

US price hike for Amazon Prime

The Bookseller – 2014-03-13

Amazon is to increase the price of its Prime membership in the US by $20 to $99 a year. This...

Amazon Prime price jumps to $99 per year

PC World – 2014-03-13

Amazon is tacking $20 onto the price of its Amazon Prime service, bringing the yearly cost to $99.This is the first price hike for Amazon Prime since it was introduced nine years ago. The service...

As It Warned, Amazon Boosts the Price of Prime

Business Week – 2014-03-13

Amazon’s two-day shipping service, which also includes e-book borrowing and media streaming, jumped 25 percent

Amazon Is Raising The Cost Of Prime Membership

Fast Company – 2014-03-13

Analysts say the $20 bump, from $79 to $99, could add up to $1 billion to the company's revenue.Amazon Prime is a great deal. You get free two-day shipping on most of your packages, unlimited access...

Amazon Trio: New German Imprint, Kindle Drop, Higher Prime

Publishing Perspectives – 2014-03-13

Amazon news this week includes the launch of a new German language publishing imprint, lower Kindle sales for 2013, and a hike in the price of Prime.

Should I Get Amazon Prime?

Slate – 2014-03-14

The cost of Amazon Prime is going up. The retail giant has announced that its membership program—which gives users free two-day shipping on most popular items as well as access to Amazon’s...

Amazon lands major textbook distribution deal in Brazil

Betanews – 2014-03-18

Amazon began its retail life as an online book distributor, though it's something we rarely consider the company now -- unless you choose to count digital versions for Kindle and Kindle apps....

Why Book Publishers Need to Think Like Amazon

Publishing Perspectives – 2014-03-17

Two branding experts argue that the future for publishers lies in going direct to consumer, offering examples of companies that have succeeded.

Amazon Publishing Is Hiring, Says Belle

Publishers Weekly – 2014-03-19

On the heels of last week's announcement about its new German-language publishing program, Amazon has said, in an internal memo from Jeff Belle, that the company plans to hire 70 more staffers for...

Amazon Publishing UK plans 500 titles this year

The Bookseller – 2014-03-19

Amazon Publishing plans to release more than 500 titles in the UK this year, the company's...

Amazon’s near sweatshops and awful conditions: It doesn’t have to be this way – 2014-03-16

Labor conditions at Amazon and Wal-Mart are like the pre-New Deal era. These reforms, working elsewhere, would help

Amazon buys stake in Yodel from Barclay brothers

The Guardian – 2014-03-25

Yodel accounts show Amazon given option to acquire 4.2% of parcel delivery service in deal valuing business at £207mAmazon has struck a deal with the Barclay brothers, owners of the Ritz hotel and...

Check Your Email, Amazon May Have Just Given You Money

The Huffington Post – 2014-03-25

Good news: Amazon is giving out a whole lot of money, and you might be getting some of it. On Tuesday morning, the online retailer sent emails to many customers informing them that they had earned a...

Amazon sends money to Kindle readers affected by e-book price-fixing scandal

PC World – 2014-03-25

If you bought a lot of bestsellers, you could see a hefty credit on your Amazon account on Tuesday.

Does Amazon owe you money? – 2014-03-26

Does Amazon owe you money? If you’re one of the millions of people who’ve purchased a book or e-book between April 2010 and May 2012, it might. The Seattle-based company will pay out $166 million...

Amazon paying e-book settlement cash back to Kindle users

Engadget – 2014-03-25

Remember that antitrust suit concerning publishers, ebooks and price rigging? The good news, at least if you bought one of the affected titles between April 2010 and May 2012, is that Amazon is...

A Guide to Spending Your E-Book Antitrust Loot on Amazon

Business Week – 2014-03-26

Kindle owners who bought certain publishers’ e-books from April 2010 to May 21, 2012, get some money back from a price-fixing settlement

Amazon's customers get credits from e-book antitrust settlement

Silicon Valley Business Journal – 2014-03-26

Customers of Inc. found credits in their inboxes Tuesday from the settlement of an antitrust lawsuit over e-book prices. Amazon, in a Customer FAQ posting on its website, said the...

Amazon, Barnes & Noble to issue settlement credits – 2014-03-26

Amazon and Barnes & Noble are issuing customer credits as a result of a settlement. If you purchased an e-book from either retailer between April 2010 and May 2012, you may be entitled to a...

Amazon to open bookstore on International Space Station

The Bookseller – 2014-04-01

Amazon is to open a bookstore selling physical books on the International Space Station (ISS)....

The independent bookstore lives! Why Amazon’s conquest will never be complete – 2014-04-04

Borders might have gone the way of the buffalo, but indie booksellers are actually growing. Here's why

Amazon to buy digital comic book publisher comiXology

Reuters – 2014-04-11

SAN FRANCISCO, April 10 (Reuters) - Inc will buy New York-based digital comic book publisher comiXology for an undisclosed sum to beef up its entertainment content.

Amazon to Acquire Digital Comics Vendor Comixology

Publishers Weekly – 2014-04-10

Amazon has reached an agreement to acquire Comixology, the dominant digital comics marketplace, and a platform that has been instrumental in driving the growth and popularity of digital comics.

Bezos Pens Long Amazon Shareholder Letter

Publishers Weekly – 2014-04-10

In one of his longest shareholder letters, Amazon founder Jeff Bezos gave readers a “tour” of 21 Amazon initiatives.

Amazon Renews Lambda Grant

Publishers Weekly – 2014-04-16

The $25,000 grant supports LLF's Writers Retreat for Emerging LGBT Voices.

Amazon partners with Samsung for new app

The Bookseller – 2014-04-17

Samsung has today launched a new app created in partnership with Amazon, which will allow Galaxy...

Thomas Piketty Is No. 1 On Amazon Right Now

The Huffington Post – 2014-04-22

The number-one book on isn't a guide to green juice or an erotic romance novel. No, the top seller on Amazon right now is a 700-page book, translated from French, about rising inequality...

Amazon takes half of UK's online retail spend

The Bookseller – 2014-04-22

More than half of Britain’s online retail spend goes to Amazon, working out at £70...

Occupy Amazon: Elizabeth Warren, Thomas Piketty, Michael Lewis Books Surging Online

The Huffington Post – 2014-04-25

If Amazon's top-sellers list is any indication, Americans are fed up with rising income inequality. As of Thursday evening, Sen. Elizabeth Warren's new memoir, A Fighting Chance, is the number two...

Amazon Net Income Up in Quarter

Publishers Weekly – 2014-04-24

Net income at Amazon rose nearly 32% in the first quarter of 2014, to $108 million, compared to the same period in 2013 and revenue increased 23%, to $19.74 billion.

The 1-Star Amazon Reviews Of Thomas Piketty's Book Are Pretty Funny

The Huffington Post – 2014-04-25

Thomas Piketty seems to have stirred up a new Red Scare. His new book, Capital in the Twenty-First Century, is being hailed as the most important book of the decade, even the century. The French...

Seven Questions About Amazon’s Acquisition of Comixology

Publishers Weekly – 2014-04-25

The announcement that Amazon intends to buy Comixology has raised a number of questions from consumers, publishers and retailers. Here are seven big questions about the future of digital comics on...

Amazon’s hypocritical tax scheme: How exploiting a massive loophole helped it destroy bookstores – 2014-04-25

A free market success story? Hardly. Amazon's built on a billion-dollar loophole, and they're still manipulating it

Blurb Debuts Amazon Distribution

Publishers Weekly – 2014-04-27

The self-publishing platform is expanding its services, adding broader distribution through, a new set of free online design tools, and offset printing.

Windsor, Ont., writer Wayne Grady wins First Novel Award

CBC – 2014-05-01

Veteran author and editor Wayne Grady, best known for his compelling writing on science, nature, natural history and culture, is now an award-winning novelist as well.

Amazon's Best Books Of The Month: May 2014

The Huffington Post – 2014-05-01

Originally published on Amazon We're happy to share with you the unique mix of books that our editors have hand picked as this month's best. For more of Amazon's Best Books of the Month list,...

Amazon Expands Sunday Delivery

Publishers Weekly – 2014-05-08

Amazon has opened up Sunday delivery to an additional 15 cities.

Hodge on Amazon: 'We should shop elsewhere'

The Bookseller – 2014-05-09

Outspoken MP Margaret Hodge has said customers should not use Amazon after it emerged that the...

Hachette Says Amazon Is Delaying Delivery Of Some Books -

The Huffington Post – 2014-05-10

Amazon has begun discouraging customers from buying books by Malcolm Gladwell, Stephen Colbert, J. D. Salinger and other popular writers, a flexing of its muscle as a battle with a publisher spills...

Amazon takes shot at Colbert, Gladwell in bitter publishing war – 2014-05-10

The tech giant is delaying shipments from Hachette, one of the largest New York publishing houses

Much at Stake in Amazon-HBG Fight

Publishers Weekly – 2014-05-12

Among the issues in dispute between Amazon and the Hachette Book Group are negotiations over new e-book terms, sources familiar with the matter said. And publishers also see the latest fight with...

BAM Steps Into Hachette, Amazon Fray

Publishers Weekly – 2014-05-13

While Amazon slow-tracks HBG titles, at least one chain is stepping up HBG's presence.

Amazon, Bezos and Book Publishers: Can One Reconcile the Cognitive Dissonance?

The Huffington Post – 2014-05-15

For readers and free expression lovers, here's a new one for the cognitive dissonance file: simultaneously holding optimistic feelings about Jeff Bezos, the owner of a major newspaper, with...

Tracking Amazon: Killer Book Climbs the Chart

Publishers Weekly – 2014-05-13

A memoir by a man who claims his father was the Zodiac Killer, kept under lock and key by HarperCollins for months, rocketed up Amazon's bestseller chart on May 13, the book's publication date.

AAR Calls Out Amazon in Hachette Dispute

Publishers Weekly – 2014-05-14

In a letter sent by the AAR to Amazon, which PW has obtained, the organization says it "deplores any attempt by any party that would seek to injure and punish innocent order to pursue...

16 Hilarious Negative Amazon Reviews For Classic Books

The Huffington Post – 2014-05-15

Anne Rice and a handful of other popular contemporary authors recently signed a petition against Amazon comments that are "gratuitously destructive to the creative community." Rice claims that some...

BA re-promotes indies' Amazon tax campaign

The Bookseller – 2014-05-15

Bookshops are being encouraged to redisplay "We Pay Our Taxes" posters following the...

Amazon's 10 Summer Blockbuster Books You Should Read

The Huffington Post – 2014-05-19

Originally published on Amazon This summer's biggest hits include the continuations of popular series, such as Janet Evanovich's, as well as a new release from Stephen King, and further reading for...

Amazon's 10 Best Summer Beach Reads

The Huffington Post – 2014-05-21

Originally published on Amazon Ah, summer. What better time to lounge on a breezy beach with a breezy book? Amazon's recommendations cover the gamut of page-turners, including John Green's...

Goodbye, Amazon: We’re through! – 2014-05-21

I quit Amazon because of its monopolistic tactics. Is it impossible for book publishers to do the same?

Amazon's standoff with book publisher Hachette escalates

San Jose Mercury News – 2014-05-23

If you're hoping to pre-order books by J.K. Rowling, Michael Connelly and other Hachette Book Group authors, you'll have to go somewhere besides Amazon.

Amazon Won't Sell You The Paperback Version Of The Anti-Amazon Book

The Huffington Post – 2014-05-23

You do not want to go to war with The retail giant will crush you like a tiny, tiny microbe and make you rue the day you were born. The latest evidence: Amazon has escalated its battle...

Amazon Ramps Up War Against Hachette

Publishers Weekly – 2014-05-23

Amazon has now removed the preorder capabilities for many major forthcoming Hachette titles. The publisher said that it is "doing everything in our power to find a solution to this difficult...

Amazon's battle with Hachette reflects growing e-book competition with Apple

San Jose Mercury News – 2014-05-24

Amazon, which reportedly is in tough negotiations over the terms by which it sells Hachette's e-books, has blocked its customers from pre-ordering many titles from the Paris-based publisher, which...

Amazon escalates standoff with publisher Hachette Book Group

Los Angeles Times – 2014-05-27

If you're hoping to pre-order books by J.K. Rowling, Michael Connelly and other Hachette Book Group authors, you'll have to go somewhere besides

Why Amazon Can Toy With Book Publishers

The Huffington Post – 2014-05-27

Amazon, the largest bookseller in the world, wields immense control over publishers. And right now it's busy flexing its huge muscle in a very public battle with the publishing house Hachette,...

Hachette US 'seeks solution' to Amazon dispute

The Bookseller – 2014-05-27

Hachette Book Group in the US has said it is doing “everything in our power to find a...

Amazon Says Hachette Dispute Likely to Drag On

Publishers Weekly – 2014-05-27

Amazon has finally broken its silence over the dispute with Hachette, saying that while the two sides are working hard, the company is “not optimistic [the issue] will be resolved soon.”

Amazon 'not optimistic' about quick Hachette resolution

San Jose Mercury News – 2014-05-28

Amazon says a dispute between it and publisher Hachette that has made it more difficult to find Hachette books on the site could drag out.

Amazon says quick end unlikely in dispute with Hachette

Reuters – 2014-05-28

SAN FRANCISCO (Reuters) - Inc is preparing for a long battle with Hachette Book Group over a contract dispute that led the U.S. online retailer to curtail sales of some of the publisher's...

UPDATE 1-Lagardere targets growth, downplays Amazon row

Reuters – 2014-05-28

* Publishing arm seeking quick end to Amazon dispute (Adds background, analyst comment, Amazon)

Amazon steps up publisher spat

BBC World – 2014-05-28

Amazon has said a bitter dispute with publisher Hachette, which has led to a block on pre-orders, will not be resolved soon.

Tracking Amazon: 'Silent Spring' Moves and Shakes

Publishers Weekly – 2014-05-27

Thanks to a Google Doodle commemorating Rachel Carson's 107th birthday on May 27, the writer and environmentalist's signature work, "Silent Spring," jumped nearly 3,000 spots on Amazon's bestseller...

Hachette US: Amazon actions 'affect authors' lives'

The Bookseller – 2014-05-28

Hachette Book Group in the US has continued the public discussion of its terms battle with Amazon...

Amazon speaks out on HBG dispute

The Bookseller – 2014-05-28

The usually reticent Amazon has spoken out over its terms stand-off with Hachette Book Group in...

Book publisher Hachette says working to resolve Amazon dispute

Reuters – 2014-05-29

(Reuters) - Hachette said on Wednesday it plans to work to resolve a contract dispute with Amazon after the online retailer said it was preparing for a long battle with the book publisher.

BEA 2014: Can Anyone Compete with Amazon?

Publishers Weekly – 2014-05-28

With Amazon's Tuesday evening blog post that it doesn't expect its dispute with the Hachette Book Group to end any time soon, the standoff between the company and one of its vendors is once again...

It's Actually Pretty Much Impossible To Quit Amazon

The Huffington Post – 2014-05-29

You may want to quit shopping at Amazon these days, considering how the whole blow-up with Hachette is going. Amazon has come under fire for its handling of e-book negotiations with Hachette, the...

Amazon’s last defenders? Literary nonprofits wrestle with ethics of taking Amazon grants – 2014-05-29

Despite the e-tailer's bigfooting, some nonprofits still view taking Amazon's money as a necessary evil

Amazon/Hachette dispute unlikely to provoke regulators, experts say

Reuters – 2014-05-30

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - The U.S. government's unwillingness to stop from using hardball tactics in fights with book publishers has angered book lovers but antitrust experts say regulators...

BEA 2014: Strong Traffic, Talk of Amazon-Hachette

Publishers Weekly – 2014-05-29

Show-goers have been impressed with BookExpo America 2014 so far, saying it's one of the most exciting and energetic in recent years.

BEA 2014: Amazon’s 'Bullying' Dominates Bookseller Sessions

Publishers Weekly – 2014-05-30

ABA's Oren Teicher speaks out against Amazon’s “bullying assault of a major publisher” at the ABA annual meeting.

ABA: Hachette/Amazon feud an opportunity

The Bookseller – 2014-05-30

Leaders of the American Booksellers Association board urged their members to capitalise on the...

Shoppers Boycott 'Big Bad' Amazon, Head To

The Huffington Post – 2014-06-02

The battle between Amazon and publishing giant Hachette has created an unlikely opportunity for Walmart -- free publicity and a sales bump for The world’s biggest retailer, long...

Amazon Reportedly Will Launch Music-Streaming Service This Summer

AdWeek – 2014-05-30

Amazon will launch a music-streaming service under its Prime membership plan, BuzzFeed reported Thursday. According to the news site, the e-commerce giant has inked deals with two out of the three...

A remedy for Amazon-Hachette fight?

CNN – 2014-05-30

Lina Khan says the government isn't powerless to stop Amazon from exerting undue pressure on publishers, to the detriment of writers like J.K. Rowling and Malcolm Gladwell

Amazon not ready to bury the Hachette

Crains New York – 2014-05-29 Inc. said it is "not optimistic" that a dispute with publisher Hachette Book Group will be resolved soon and added that it is acting "on behalf of customers." The comments, which...

Man Bites Dog: A Small Publisher Speaks Up on Amazon's Behalf

The Atlantic – 2014-05-29

The latest version of an argument that has been with us for a very long time.

How the Amazon-Hachette Fight Could Shape the Future of Ideas

The Atlantic – 2014-05-29

While the bookseller and publisher are battling over mundane business specifics, the state of publishing hangs in the balance.

James Patterson calls Amazon's practices 'a national tragedy'

The Christian Science Monitor – 2014-06-03

Patterson criticized Amazon's practices while accepting an award for being an Indie Champion at Book Expo America. 

Amazon: Hachette dispute may not be solved quickly

The Christian Science Monitor – 2014-06-03

Amazon and Hachette are reportedly at odds over terms for e-book prices, at a time when Amazon is in a position of strength and vulnerability.

Amazon releases statement on Hachette dispute

The Christian Science Monitor – 2014-06-03

Amazon said of its delays on and lack of availability of Hachette titles, 'Unfortunately, despite much work from both sides, we have been unable to reach mutually-acceptable agreement on terms.... we...

Amazon 'Not Optimistic' It Will Resume Selling Hachette Books Normally Soon

Advertising Age – 2014-05-28 said it is "not optimistic" that a dispute with publisher Hachette Book Group will be resolved soon and added that it is acting "on behalf of customers."The comments, which Amazon made...

Is Amazon wrecking your beach reads?

The Guardian – 2014-05-29

The retail giant has been good to customers so far, but its petty fight with a publisher should make fans nervous about the futureForget the cable companies for a minute. A spat in another corner of...

Amazon tells customers to shop elsewhere in Hachette row

The Guardian – 2014-05-28

Row between world's largest distributor of books and publisher over ebook royalties shows no sign of being resolvedAmazon has advised readers to buy from other retailers after breaking its silence...

Amazon war with Hachette over ebook profit margins intensifies

The Guardian – 2014-05-28

Dispute has also dragged in authors including JK Rowling and James PattersonIt is another mystery for inspector Rebus to solve. Why is Amazon UK selling Saints of the Shadow Bible, the latest...

Amazon halts sales of some Hachette books as publishing battle escalates

The Guardian – 2014-05-23

Hachette author Jeffery Deaver among those speaking out against Amazon's decision to stop selling certain Hachette titlesStray punches in a corporate slugfest knocked spectacles from authors noses...

Amazon Is Now Re-Stocking Some Hachette Titles

The Huffington Post – 2014-06-03

Amazon finally seems to be loosening its grip after weeks of choking off titles from publisher Hachette in a fight over e-book prices. Hachette title Instinct by T.D. Jakes was available on Amazon's...

Tracking Amazon: 'Special Heart' Skyrockets

Publishers Weekly – 2014-06-03

Bret Baier‘s book about the challenges his family faced caring for his son, who was born with congenital heart defects, "Special Heart: A Journey of Faith, Hope, Courage, and Love," rose from...

Amazon appears to be re-stocking formerly blocked Hachette titles – 2014-06-04

Several books published by Hachette have been restored, despite the publishing group's feud with Amazon

Publishers may hate Amazon, but the retailer may be helping us read more books

Silicon Valley Business Journal – 2014-06-05's negotiations with publisher Hachette Books Group have sparked a wave of anger toward the e-commerce giant from authors and readers alike. Several authors and analysts have spoken out,...

The war on Amazon is Big Publishing's 1% moment. What about other writers? | Barry Eisler

The Guardian – 2014-06-04

More people are buying more books than ever, and more people are making a living by writing them. Why do millionaire authors want to destroy the one company that's made this all possible?As an author...

Colbert Takes On Amazon With A Special Delivery Of His Own

The Huffington Post – 2014-06-05

Nobody, but nobody messes with Stephen Colbert's book sales, not even Jeff Bezos. In the midst of Amazon's ongoing fight with Hachette, the "Report" host took a little time on Wednesday to express...

ABA Thanks Amazon

Publishers Weekly – 2014-06-04

The Amazon contract dispute with Hachette has given the ABA the chance to create signs touting indie bookstores as retailers that carry all publishers' titles.

EU 'looking into' Amazon/HGB dispute

The Bookseller – 2014-06-05

The EU’s Competition Commissioner has said he is “trying to understand” the...

David Streitfeld on Amazon: ‘They don’t care if they’re liked’

Poynter. – 2014-06-05

Around 1998, David Streitfeld gave Jeff Bezos a quick tour of The Washington Post. It really wasn’t a big deal. “It was a newspaper,” Streitfeld told Poynter. “There...

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