Ailes could come out on top at News Corp. as phone-hacking damage spreads

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Putnam Pays $13,800 for Defense in Elizabeth Ailes Newspaper Lawsuit

Editor & Publisher – 2012-02-03

CARMEL — Putnam County is paying more than $13,000 to an outside law firm for defending it against a lawsuit brought by Elizabeth Ailes, a weekly newspaper publisher and the wife of Fox News...

Ailes wants to elect a president, but he can’t find a candidate

Poynter. – 2011-05-23

New York Magazine All the 2012 candidates know that Fox News chief Roger Ailes is a crucial constituency. “You can’t run for the Republican nomination without talking to Roger,” a GOPer tells...

Roger Ailes Suspected His P.R. Man Was Leaking to a Reporter

The Atlantic Wire – 2013-08-22

Brian Lewis should have seen the writing on the wall when he lost his sweet office space. Lewis had been Roger Ailes' top PR guy at Fox News for 17 years, but Ailes began to suspect Lewis was...

Book On Roger Ailes Says He Had Horrible Temper, Offered Raise In Exchange For Sex

The Huffington Post – 2014-01-08

Fox News chief Roger Ailes offered a raise in exchange for sex, dubbed Bill O’Reilly "a book salesman with a TV show" and has a terrible temper, a new book alleges. Gabriel Sherman's The Loudest...

Inside the Paranoid World of Fox News's Roger Ailes

The Atlantic Wire – 2014-01-09

Picking the most bonkers part of New York magazine's excerpt from Gabriel Sherman's The Loudest Voice in the Room, a book about Fox News chief Roger Ailes, is like picking...

Roger Ailes Leery Of Arab Investor, Seen As 'Caricature' By Murdoch: New Book

The Huffington Post – 2014-01-10

The latest excerpt from Gabriel Sherman's new book includes a claim that Roger Ailes once refused to meet with a Saudi News Corp shareholder due to Ailes' views on the Middle East. The rollout for...

Fox News campaigns against unflattering Roger Ailes biography

The Christian Science Monitor – 2014-01-10

The biography by Gabriel Sherman, titled 'The Loudest Voice in the Room,' will hit shelves on Jan. 21, but has already created a firestorm.

Gabriel Sherman Defends His Roger Ailes Book From Fox News Attacks

The Huffington Post – 2014-01-10

Gabriel Sherman answered critics of his upcoming book about Fox News CEO Roger Ailes on Friday's "CBS This Morning." The rollout for "The Loudest Voice In The Room" began this week, revealing...

Roger Ailes Had Gawker's John Cook Tailed: Capital New York

The Huffington Post – 2014-01-14

Here's something you won't read in Gabriel Sherman's hotly anticipated, scoop-filled book about Roger Ailes: Gawker editor John Cook told Capital he was reliably informed that Ailes, the powerful...

Fox News’ greatest failure: Roger Ailes, Chris Christie and the quest for a Republican president – 2014-01-15

Fox honcho Roger Ailes started 2012 dreaming of a Christie presidency. By the end, his dreams had become nightmares

Gabriel Sherman: Roger Ailes Might Have Tried To Plant 'Misinformation' In My Book

The Huffington Post – 2014-01-17

Gabriel Sherman, whose new book about Roger Ailes has caused a major stir in the media world, appeared on HuffPost Live on Thursday to discuss his own experiences covering the famously secretive and...

Roger Ailes Will Run Fox News For Years To Come

The Huffington Post – 2015-06-25

NEW YORK -- Roger Ailes, who built Fox News into a cable news powerhouse, will continue as chairman and CEO for the next several years, the company announced Thursday. The announcement of a...

Media as kingmaker: Roger Ailes rules over first GOP debate

Poynter. – 2015-07-31

New York Magazine Roger Ailes, chairman and chief executive officer of Fox News in 2006. (AP Photo/Reed Saxon)Amid ample confusion, one thing is clear: Fox News boss Roger Ailes is the power behind...

Roger Ailes Thinks Jon Stewart Is Sad About Not Getting Rid Of Him

The Huffington Post – 2015-08-06

Jon Stewart will host his final episode of "The Daily Show" on Thursday night, and Roger Ailes made sure to hurl a few insults at him on his way out the door. The Fox News chairman and CEO told...

Trump, Ailes kiss and make up

Poynter. – 2015-08-11

Good morning. Making virtue out of necessity So Donald Trump, as we know, was furious with Fox News because of its questioning of him in the Republican debate. It was also believed that there's...

Ousted Fox anchor Gretchen Carlson hits Roger Ailes with sexual harassment suit

Los Angeles Times – 2016-07-07

Gretchen Carlson, who quietly disappeared from her afternoon shift on Fox News Channel last month, has filed a sexual harassment suit against her former boss, Roger Ailes. Carlson’s complaint filed...

Murdochs decide to oust Fox News chief Ailes: report

Reuters – 2016-07-19

(Reuters) - Rupert Murdoch, executive co-chairman of 21st Century Fox Inc , and his sons James and Lachlan agree that Fox News Channel boss Roger Ailes should leave the company but they have not...

Roger Ailes on his way out at Fox, report says

Baltimore Sun – 2016-07-19

Roger Ailes' tenure as the leader of Fox News may be coming to an end, according to a report by Gabriel Sherman of New York magazine. According to Sherman, it is no longer a matter of if Ailes will...

Murdochs to remove Fox News chief Roger Ailes, NY Mag reports

Baltimore Sun – 2016-07-19

21st Century Fox Inc. plans to remove Roger Ailes, the chairman and chief executive officer of Fox News who has been accused of sexual harassment by former anchor Gretchen Carlson, according to New...

Roger Ailes' Days Running Fox News May Be Numbered

The Huffington Post – 2016-07-18

Roger Ailes, the political and media mastermind who launched Fox News with Rupert Murdoch two decades ago, may soon lose his position atop the cable news giant amid sexual harassment accusations. New...

Fox News Stars At The GOP Convention Really Don’t Want To Talk About Roger Ailes

The Huffington Post – 2016-07-19

CLEVELAND – On the first day of the Republican National Convention, potentially seismic news for the politics and media world was unfolding offstage. New York magazine reported...

Fox Spokesperson Downplays Roger Ailes Departure Report

ABC News – 2016-07-19

A New York Magazine report suggests he would soon be forced to leave Fox News.

Fox's Megyn Kelly alleges Ailes harassed her, NY Mag says

Baltimore Sun – 2016-07-20

Fox News Channel anchor Megyn Kelly told investigators that Roger Ailes made unwanted sexual advances toward her about 10 years ago, New York magazine reported, citing two people briefed on 21st...

Ann Coulter Says 'Every Woman Who Has Ever Been Employed By Fox' Has Stories About Roger Ailes

The Huffington Post – 2016-07-20

CLEVELAND ― Conservative author Ann Coulter said she expects Fox News chairman and CEO Roger Ailes to lose his position with the cable network following another high-profile report of sexual...

Megyn Kelly reportedly tells investigators she was harassed by Ailes

Crains New York – 2016-07-20

Fox News Channel anchor Megyn Kelly told investigators that Roger Ailes made unwanted sexual advances toward her about 10 years ago, New York magazine reported, citing two people briefed on...

Roger Ailes' next project? A book

CNN – 2016-07-24

Ousted Fox News chairman and CEO Roger Ailes has told friends he's getting to work on an autobiography he has been mulling for years

The 'Formula' That Made Roger Ailes and Fox

The Huffington Post – 2016-08-04

In the beginning, there was Rupert Murdoch. He created the formula. Then he met Roger Ailes and installed him as head of what would become America's most successful cable news channel, Fox News...

HarperCollins Pushes Ahead With Plans for Ailes Memoir

The Wall Street Journal – 2016-08-19

Roger Ailes has a story to tell. And HarperCollins Publishers is still eager to publish it, despite his recent ouster as the head of Fox News, another branch of the Rupert Murdoch media empire.

Fox News Calls Ex-Anchor Andrea Tantaros An 'Opportunist' Over Ailes Harassment Claims

The Huffington Post – 2016-08-30

By Daniel Wiessner Aug 29  - Fox News Network LLC on Monday said anchor Andrea Tantaros was an “opportunist” who made sexual harassment claims against former chairman Roger Ailes...

Why Roger Ailes’ lawyers’ attack on New York magazine is dangerous for both sides

Poynter. – 2016-09-01

Lloyd Grove should have no remaining illusions about Roger Ailes being a gutter fighter as he observes the noxious spectacle of Team Ailes going after another reporter. The Daily Beast editor at...

Why Isn’t It a Bigger Deal That Trump Is Being Advised by Sadistic Pervert Roger Ailes?

Slate – 2016-09-03

In a new New York magazine story, the invaluable Gabriel Sherman gives us fresh details of the depravity of ex-Fox News head Roger Ailes. Sherman quotes a former television producer who says Ailes...

Roger Ailes Hints at Suit Against New York Magazine

The New York Times – 2016-09-06

Terry Bollea, known as Hulk Hogan, left, and his lawyer, Charles J. Harder, in 2012 at a news conference about his legal action. Mr. Harder has contacted New York magazine on behalf of Roger Ailes,...

Roger Ailes Hires Lawyer For Possible Lawsuit Against New York Magazine

The Huffington Post – 2016-09-06

Roger Ailes, the co-founder and recently ousted CEO of Fox News, has hired a well-known libel lawyer for a possible suit against New York magazine and its reporter Gabriel Sherman. Ailes has retained...

Chuck Todd Questions The Wisdom Of Having Roger Ailes On The Trump Campaign

The Huffington Post – 2016-09-06

Last week, I found myself wondering if anyone else had noticed that one of the recent additions to the campaign of GOP presidential nominee Donald Trump was this Roger Ailes fellow, who came to the...

Roger Ailes shouldn’t sue New York magazine. Here’s why.

Poynter. – 2016-09-07

Good morning. Here's our daily summary of all the media news you need to know. Want to get this briefing in your inbox every morning? Subscribe here. On Tuesday, 21st Century Fox announced a...

Media Matters Steps Up Legal Threat Against Fox News And Roger Ailes

The Huffington Post – 2016-09-10

NEW YORK ― Media Matters for America took another step toward legal action Friday following a report that Fox News obtained phone records for one of the progressive organization’s...

Grit vs. Goliath: A Reporter’s Dogged Pursuit of Roger Ailes

The New York Times – 2016-09-26

Gabriel Sherman, a reporter for New York magazine, has spent six years covering Fox News and its powerful former chairman, Roger Ailes. His biography of Mr. Ailes, “The Loudest Voice in the...

What Advice Is Roger Ailes Giving Donald Trump About His Sexual Assault Comments?

The Huffington Post – 2016-10-08

Donald Trump found himself in his biggest campaign crisis to date Friday after audio emerged of him bragging about groping and sexually assaulting women in 2005.  “When you’re a star...

NYT Review Of Megyn Kelly's New Book Details Shady Trump And Ailes Behavior

The Huffington Post – 2016-11-11

Fox News host Megyn Kelly’s new book, Settle For More, has promised to be a revealing look into the inner workings of Fox News, her relationship with disgraced former CEO Roger Ailes and the...

Megyn Kelly’s Book Sheds New Light on Fox Inquiry Into Roger Ailes

The New York Times – 2016-11-12

Ms. Kelly writes about how she may have ensured that the investigation into Mr. Ailes’s behavior was a genuine one that he was not able to impede.

Roger Ailes biographer: 'The impact could be greater than phone hacking'

The Guardian – 2016-08-21

Gabriel Sherman on the Fox News chief’s battle to stifle his critics, why he finds the allegations so credible – and what the scandal means for the rightwing mediaWhen Fox News chairman Roger...

Elizabeth Ailes sells Putnam County newspapers

Poynter. – 2016-12-14

Elizabeth Ailes, wife of former Fox News chief Roger Ailes, announced on Tuesday that she's selling two newspapers in Putnam County, New York. Ailes, the owner and publisher of the Putnam County News...

Gretchen Carlson Will Make First TV Anchoring Appearance Since Roger Ailes Lawsuit

The Huffington Post – 2016-12-31

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CNN’s Camerota: ‘Roger Ailes did sexually harass me’

Yahoo! News – 2017-04-23

The “New Day” host revealed Sunday that the former Fox News chief propositioned her early in her career at the top-rated cable news network. Ailes, through his attorney, called the claims...

Conservative media remember Roger Ailes as 'brilliant' but flawed TV executive

Los Angeles Times – 2017-05-19

Roger Ailes, the founder and former head of Fox News who died Thursday at 77, was a towering figure in the world of conservative news media -- a trailblazer who gave right-wing political voices a...

Roger Ailes, Fox News founder forced out by scandal, dies at 77

Los Angeles Times – 2017-05-18

Roger Ailes, the controversial founder and longtime head of Fox News — who also worked as an advisor to Republican presidential candidates from Richard Nixon to Donald Trump — died Thursday at...

A look back at Roger Ailes, founder of Fox News, dead at age 77

Yahoo! News – 2017-05-18

Fox News confirmed Thursday morning that its founder, Roger Ailes, has died at age 77. It was first reported by Drudge Report, who published a statement from the former network executive’s wife.

Fox News founder Roger Ailes dead at 77

Yahoo! News – 2017-05-18

Fox News confirmed Thursday morning that its founder, Roger Ailes, has died at age 77.

How I survived Roger Ailes' wrath in 1988: 'He wanted to beat you up a little bit'

Los Angeles Times – 2017-05-20

Before Roger Ailes made TV history with the launch of Fox News, he was considered the best political media strategist in the business. I first got to know Ailes in 1988 when I was a writer for the...

Roger Ailes, former Fox News boss, is dead

Yahoo! News – 2017-05-18

Roger Ailes, the founding CEO of Fox News Channel, is dead at the age of 77. His wife, Elizabeth, broke the news to Drudge Report. Ailes was ousted from Fox News last summer after allegations...

Ex-Fox News Chief Roger Ailes Dead at 77

Yahoo! News – 2017-05-18

Former Fox News chief Roger Ailes is dead at age 77.

Roger Ailes cause of death: Media mogul died of bleeding on the brain after a bathroom fall

Yahoo! News – 2017-05-19

Fox News founder Roger Ailes died of bleeding on the brain following a fall, medical officials have said. Emergency services were called to Mr Ailes’s Palm Beach, Florida residence on 10 May. Who...

Fox News' Janice Dean Weeps on Air Over News of Roger Ailes' Death

Yahoo! News – 2017-05-19

There have been mixed reactions to the Fox News founder's death.

Fate Of Late Roger Ailes' Sexual Harassment Cases

Yahoo! News – 2017-05-19

The sexual harassment cases filed against Roger Ailes by Andrea Tantaros and Julie Roginsky may get caught up in complications following an old New York law.

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