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Gannett CEO, Chairman resigns for health reasons

Boston.com – 2011-10-07

Gannett Co. chairman and CEO Craig Dubow has resigned for health reasons. His tenure coincided with a steep decline in print advertising that triggered painful cutbacks at the largest U.S. newspaper...

The Kindle Fire: three reasons why Amazon's new tablet could be a game-changer

Editors Weblog – 2011-09-29

The whole world is talking about the new Kindle tablet as if it were the greatest thing since the discovery of... well, fire. The television ad certainly tries to sell the Kindle Fire as if it were...

3,044 Reasons Why CTR is the Wrong Metric for Media Buying and Selling

Folio Magazine – 2011-09-01

What skews CTR to be a poor metric of performance? Engagement.

Five Reasons Why Paper Prices Could Drop This Fall

Folio Magazine – 2011-08-30

Despite the decline of paper product use among publishers, prices for paper haven’t fallen the way many hoped they would. Some say that this is the result of demand meeting supply, while others...

Three Reasons To Buy The New York Times

Editor & Publisher – 2011-05-24

Is the time ripe to place a bet on a brighter and profitable future for the grand dame of the publishing world?

12 reasons why developers should favor Android tablets over iPad

Betanews – 2011-03-06

By Robert Scoble OK, maybe Steve Jobs' reality distortion field is wearing off a bit, and I might feel differently in a week when I get my iPad 2, but after playing with my Motorola XOOM a lot more...

Three Reasons Why the iPad WON'T Kill Amazon's Kindle

New York Times – 2010-01-28

The Kindle has met its most formidable competition yet in the Apple iPad, but there are reasons to believe Amazon's e-book business will continue to grow.

USA Today’s Larry Kramer: “We Have to Give You Reasons to Buy It”

Editor & Publisher – 2012-05-31

Thirty years ago, USA Today revolutionized newspapers with color, infographics and concise stories; whether competitors liked it or not, publisher Gannett was beyond cutting edge for launching it....

10 reasons to check out Funny Or Die’s iPad magazine

GigaOM – 2012-06-10

Funny Or Die has never been afraid of diversifying, leading to a history filled with successes and less-than-successes. It's early to say what category The Occasional, the company's new experiment in...

Why the Nook is failing: One chart, four reasons

GigaOM – 2012-08-21

Microsoft invested $300 million in Barnes & Noble's Nook business. As the following chart shows, that probably wasn't a great idea: Production problems, slowing ebook sales and other factors are...

Five reasons why media companies should pay attention to The Atlantic

GigaOM – 2012-09-27

While it has gotten attention recently for the launch of its new online business offering, The Atlantic magazine has been making a lot of innovative and interesting moves in transforming its business...

650,000 Reasons to Translate Finnish Literature

Publishing Perspectives – 2012-10-17

Looking ahead to Finland's turn as Guest of Honor at the Frankfurt Book Fair, lit organization FILI is offering translation support to international publishers.

J.K. Rowling reveals more about her reasons for writing with a pseudonym for 'Cuckoo's Calling'

The Christian Science Monitor – 2013-07-26

Rowling recently discussed her reasons for making her literary alter ego a military man and why she chose to write a mystery on Robert Galbraith's author website.

7 Reasons Your Favorite Books Were Banned

The Huffington Post – 2013-09-22

Risqué-averse readers, cover your ears. Sunday marked the beginning of this year's National Banned Books Week, for which libraries and bookstores across the country will promote and celebrate...

'Periodic Table Of Pride' Kickstarter Depicts Reasons For Gay Pride In Chemistry Class Format

The Huffington Post – 2013-10-03

It looks like the periodic table of natural elements is about to get a fierce makeover if Kara Bishop's Kickstarter is funded. Bishop has created a "Periodic Table of Pride," which shows various...

'Run, Brother, Run' author David Berg discusses his brother's murder – a crime made famous for the wrong reasons

The Christian Science Monitor – 2013-10-05

Berg's memoir chronicles the death of his brother and the aftereffects of the crime.

'Once Upon A Time In Wonderland' Premiere: 7 Reasons To Watch ABC's Whimsical Spinoff

The Huffington Post – 2013-10-11

ABC's "Once Upon a Time in Wonderland" premieres tonight (Thurs., Oct. 10 at 8 p.m. ET), and if you're a fan of the whimsical world that "Lost" alums Eddy Kitsis and Adam Horowitz have created on the...

5 reasons Alice Munro was awarded the Nobel Prize in Literature (+video)

The Christian Science Monitor – 2013-10-11

Merit trumped politics this year when modest, retiring, universally admired Canadian author Alice Munro received the Nobel Prize in Literature. 

7 Unconventional Reasons Why You Absolutely Should Be Reading Books

The Huffington Post – 2013-10-12

In a world of omnipresent screens, it can be easy to forget the simple pleasure of curling up with a good book. In fact, a recent HuffPost/YouGov poll of 1,000 U.S. adults found that 28 percent...

6 Reasons Never To Get Married

The Huffington Post – 2013-10-21

Not everyone needs -- or wants -- to say, "I do." The author of I Don't Know: In Praise of Admitting Ignorance (Except When You Shouldn't) explains why. By Leah Hager Cohen 1. Because not-married...

11 Reasons Why 'The Witches' Is The Only Movie You Need To Watch This Halloween

The Huffington Post – 2013-10-24

In 1990, Anjelica Huston went on a mission to terrify children with her purple eyes, square toes and horrifying witch convention. Twenty-three years later, "The Witches" remains the best Halloween...

10 Reasons Why The 1980s Were The Ugliest Decade For Everything (PHOTOS)

The Huffington Post – 2013-10-31

It started out with a simple challenge: Find actual examples of good decor trends from the '80s. Three days of scouring the internet produced little more than a miniature obelisk (why were they so...

Five Reasons Men's Magazines Had a Very Good 2013

Advertising Age – 2013-11-27

For men's magazines, 2013 was a very good year.Ad pages across the category swelled 13% compared with last year, according to Media Information Newsletter, with all but one title gaining pages.The...

7 reasons Alan Mulally should be Microsoft’s new CEO

GigaOM – 2013-12-17

Ok, he might be a bit biased, but Bryce Hoffman, author of American Icon, a book about Alan Mulally's tenure at Ford, thinks Mulally would be a good pick to lead Microsoft. Here's why.

Analysis: Euro zone - reasons to be wary in 2014

Reuters – 2014-01-06

LONDON (Reuters) - Last year was the least tumultuous for the euro zone since Greece revealed a vast hole in its books back in 2009.

Journalist lists 13 reasons for PCC complaint about Daily Mail

The Guardian – 2014-01-23

Investigative journalist Jon Danzig has announced that he is taking the Daily Mail to the Press Complaints Commission about its reporting on Romanian and Bulgarian migration to Britain.In his 13...

15 reasons to love BuzzFeed's style guide

The Guardian – 2014-02-05

From explaining what 'juggalo' means to recipes for sweet potato bourbon noodle kugel, the website's guide is well worth a visitNo, not the Coco Chanel kind of style; the other kind: the writing and...

More reasons to hate the Yankees: It’s history, and much worse than A-Rod

Salon.com – 2014-03-22

Sometimes, baseball is propaganda. The ugly history of Del Webb, Yankees owner, and World War II internment camps

5 reasons we love Gloria Steinem

CNN – 2014-03-25

Feminist icon Gloria Steinem has helped rewrite the rule book for what women can do. On her 80th birthday, CNN takes a closer look at the journalist turned political activist.

The Top 10 Reasons Why Marketers Should Forsake Top-10 Lists

Advertising Age – 2014-03-26

There's a top-10 list for just about anything. Personal health. Tax returns. The greatest events in history. Favorite bands. Reasons why the other political party stinks.As a communicator, I'm...

Canadian Judge Reveals Reasons for Suspending E-pricing Agreement

Publishers Weekly – 2014-03-28

Kobo's arguments against a Canadian e-book pricing consent agreement convinced judge to put the agreement on hold.

12 Irrefutable, Amazing Reasons We Need More Diversity In Books

The Huffington Post – 2014-05-03

CHICAGO -- Less than 24 hours after a group of authors, publishers and writers launched an online campaign calling for more diversity in publishing, the #weneeddiversebooks effort has already gone...

107 Reasons to Love Foyles of Charing Cross Road

Publishing Perspectives – 2014-06-05

In appreciation of the reopening of London’s most famous bookshop, Foyles of Charing Cross Road, we look back on its history and into its future 107 ways.

6 Reasons Why English Writers Should Self-publish in Germany

Publishing Perspectives – 2014-06-16

The German ebook self-publishing market is exploding and here are 6 reasons why smart English-speaking writers should take advantage of the opportunity.

Javier Marias’ 7 Reasons Not to Write Novels and 1 Reason Why

Publishing Perspectives – 2014-07-23

Spanish author Javier Marias argues that while there are plenty of reasons not to write novels, there's one that is very important — a shot at immorality.

5 Scientific Reasons A Beach Vacation Is Necessary For Your Health

The Huffington Post – 2014-08-23

If you don't already have a beach vacation planned, marine biologist Wallace J. Nichols's new book will make you seriously reconsider. Blue Mind: The Surprising Science That Shows How Being Near, In...

Two reasons now might finally be the right time for iPhone to gain NFC

GigaOM – 2014-08-29

Every year, we hear the rumor that the next iPhone will get NFC support and this year is no exception. However, there are two important differences that could mean the time is right for NFC in the...

Gallimard's Amis rejection 'for literary reasons'

The Bookseller – 2014-09-01

Gallimard rejected Martin Amis’ latest novel The Zone of Interest not because of the...

Apple reveals the most common reasons that it rejects apps

Engadget – 2014-09-02

Apple is such an opaque company that even app developers can be left, out in the cold, wondering why their app was rejected from the app store. Thankfully, the company does have some sympathy for...

12 Reasons Why Writer Jamaica Kincaid Is A Total Badass

The Huffington Post – 2014-10-24

Jamaica Kincaid is simply not one to mince words. When she speaks, the revered 65-year-old Antiguan-American novelist does so deliberately -- and she's not afraid to interrupt a question when she...

6 reasons UK magazines are struggling online

Digiday – 2014-12-04

James Carson, a London-based content strategy consultant, identifies six internal, structural legacies from the print era that are preventing U.K. magazines from taking off online. The post 6 reasons...

Defending Zoella: 10 reasons not to hate on Zoe Sugg

The Guardian – 2014-12-09

It looks like Zoe Sugg’s bestselling super hit Girl Online may have been written with the help of a ghostwriter – but does that even matter? Teen author Matt Haig makes his case in Zoella’s...

10 Reasons It Sucks to Lose 'Stephen Colbert'

The Huffington Post – 2014-12-18

As we prepare for the end of The Colbert Report, it is time to reflect on exactly what we are losing as Stephen Colbert retires his character and moves on to host The Late Show. Sure it's a great...

24 Reasons Books Are Your One True Love

The Huffington Post – 2015-02-14

The tail end of the gift-giving holiday season is upon us, and whether you celebrate Valentine's Day, Galentine's Day, Anna Howard Shaw Day, Singles Awareness Day, or none or all of the above, it can...

Confucius fights the 1 percent: More reasons to mistrust all wealthy elites

Salon.com – 2015-03-29

“The gentleman understands what is moral,” Confucius said. “The small man understands what is profitable”

The Many Reasons 'Toddlers Are A**holes' In Under 3 Minutes

The Huffington Post – 2015-04-09

A new book from Bunmi Laditan might be just what parents need to get through the vortex of exhaustion known as "the toddler years." With Toddlers Are A**holes: It's Not Your Fault, the hilarious mom...

9 reasons to get excited about the cloud

Betanews – 2015-04-09

You could be forgiven for thinking that there’s nothing more to say on the subject of cloud computing. After all, the technology has been available and widely adopted for some years now, with...

12 Reasons To Date A Woman Who Reads

The Huffington Post – 2015-05-12

Filmmaker John Waters once said, "If you go home with somebody, and they don’t have any books, don’t f**k ’em." Excellent advice. I may be biased when I say that readers are cool, dateable...

For a Variety of Reasons, Brands Remain Silent on Caitlyn Jenner

Advertising Age – 2015-06-04

Three days after Caitlyn Jenner introduced herself to the world on the cover of Vanity Fair -- sparking an outpouring of media coverage and social media chatter -- one cohort remains noticeably...

More reasons to hate Amazon: Ursula Le Guin is right about their model of books as commodities “written fast, sold cheap, dumped fast”

Salon.com – 2015-06-04

The online bookseller does more than just shut down indie bookstores, says the venerable fantasy author

Brands Remain Silent on Caitlyn Jenner, for a Variety of Reasons

Advertising Age – 2015-06-04

Three days after Caitlyn Jenner introduced herself to the world on the cover of Vanity Fair -- sparking an outpouring of media coverage and social media chatter -- one cohort remains noticeably...

10 Reasons Why You Should Study Abroad in The United Kingdom

The Huffington Post – 2015-06-30

By College Tourist; Author: Susanna Olson The United Kingdom is one of the most popular study abroad locations in the world, and here are 10 reasons why you should study there too! 1. You can blame...

5 Reasons To Drink More Coffee

The Huffington Post – 2015-06-30

SPECIAL FROM Grandparents.com The verdict is in: If you take your coffee daily and often, and abstain from smoking, you’re likely to live longer than the average adult, says a study of 500,000 men...

5 reasons to wish Amazon an unhappy birthday

Salon.com – 2015-07-11

As the online behemoth turns 20, let's remember how destructive it's been to the literary world

10 Reasons For Startups To Be Wary Of Outsourcing

The Huffington Post – 2015-07-25

These days, it is almost impossible to find a small business where everything is done at the home location, by full-time employees. We are in the age of outsourcing, by any of many popular names,...

4 Reasons Why The 90's Are Making A Comeback

The Huffington Post – 2015-08-03

Originally published on Unwritten by Alexandra Sakellariou. My sister and I have an almost 10-year age difference between us. While I grew up in the '90s, she's a child of the mid 2000s. Watching...

7 Reasons To Choose 'Real' Books -- At Least Sometimes

The Huffington Post – 2015-08-04

Twitter trolling. Interoffice email. Netflix binges. Spreadsheet drudgery.  Not everyone in the U.S. works in front of a glowing monitor, and not everyone is addicted to TV and digitized...

Whistling Straits gives golfers, fans reasons to smile at PGA Championship

Los Angeles Times – 2015-08-17

Talk of bumpy greens and horrendous weather dominated the U.S. Open and British Open.

Three Reasons Why You Marketing Pros Should Join Us at the Folio: Show

Folio Magazine – 2015-08-18

There are a ton of ‘trends’ swirling around the magazine media industry these days. A lot of it is around advertising—programmatic, The post Three Reasons Why You Marketing Pros...

5 Reasons Indian Publishers Should Not Ignore China

Publishing Perspectives – 2015-08-20

Hersh Bhardwaj outlines five reasons why Indian publishers have much to gain by working with Chinese publishers and should pursue more business in China. The post 5 Reasons Indian Publishers Should...

11 Simple Reasons The Print Book Doomsayers Are Wrong

The Huffington Post – 2015-09-24

Print book lovers have suffered long under the rise of ebooks and the smug condescension of tech idealists, happy to remind old-school readers that their beloved format is headed the way of the...

Editor’s Picks: 3 Reasons Why Magazine Marketers and Audience Development Pros Need To Be at the Folio: Show

Folio Magazine – 2015-09-30

As consumers scatter across an increasingly fractured media landscape, it’s getting harder to attract and keep them, let alone identify them. The post Editor’s Picks: 3 Reasons Why Magazine...

Five reasons 'MacGyver' will be the reboot that saves television (and one reason it won't)

Los Angeles Times – 2015-10-06

According to the Hollywood Reporter, CBS is rebooting “MacGyver.” Though typically we’d be skeptical of yet another take on an existing Hollywood property, it’s entirely possible that...

3 Reasons Amazon is Losing the Plot in India

Publishing Perspectives – 2015-10-12

A late arrival and a poor mix of products and pricing means Amazon has ceded ground in India to bookselling startups like Flipkart and Infinibeam. The post 3 Reasons Amazon is Losing the Plot in...

Playboy: doing the right thing for all the wrong reasons?

The Guardian – 2015-10-13

The magazine is dropping the photographs of women with no clothes on, in a bid to attract a younger, more sophisticated audience (who are apparently accessing their pornography elsewhere)Age:...

5 Reasons To Let Go Of Someone You Never Wanted To Say Goodbye To

The Huffington Post – 2015-10-20

Originally published on Unwritten by Isabelle Zanzer. If there's one thing you need to know about Aries, is the fact that they're fiercely loyal.  It takes one to know one. They  won't...

5 reasons not to buy Microsoft's Surface Book

Betanews – 2015-10-22

There is no denying that the Surface Book is a great computer. There is no denying that a Ferarri is a great car either. Just because something is wonderful doesn't mean it can't have flaws, and it...

5 great reasons why you should buy Microsoft Surface Book

Betanews – 2015-10-23

If you are the sort of person who can't see the forest for the trees then Microsoft's new Surface Book is not for you. This much is clear after reading Brian Fagioli's article on why you shouldn't...

Eeek! Halloween is on a Saturday this year: 9 reasons why you're not ready for it

Los Angeles Times – 2015-10-30

This year, Halloween goes prime time. A Saturday celebration means monstrously good conditions for parties, parades, pumpkin carving and a tsunami of zombies and Jedi Knights trick-or-treating their...

The Top Ten Reasons You Should Work for Free -- Unless You Are Wil Wheaton

The Huffington Post – 2015-11-06

I recently ran across a blog written by Wil Wheaton titled, "You can't pay your rent with "the unique platform and reach our site provides." In it and on his Twitter account he took shots at the...

5 Reasons Books are So Expensive in South Africa

Publishing Perspectives – 2015-11-15

Jeremy Boraine, publishing director of Jonathan Ball Publishers, offers five reasons why books are so expensive in South Africa. The post 5 Reasons Books are So Expensive in South Africa appeared...

3 Reasons Why You Should Get Rid of Your Scale

The Huffington Post – 2015-12-14

Every day, tons of women and men have the morning ritual of standing on a bathroom scale. If weight was truly just a neutral number for most people-then perhaps you could make the case that this is...

10 Reasons You Should Write a Children's Book in 2016

The Huffington Post – 2016-01-06

No one thinks pediatric medicine is a lesser form of medicine. So why do some people think writing for children is a lesser form of literature? I happen to love writing children's books. You might,...

3 Reasons UK Publishers Are Not Buying into Diversity

Publishing Perspectives – 2016-01-15

Trying to instill diversity into the UK publishing industry is like “working on a car while it is still running,“ says Bobby Nayyar. The answer, he asserts, can only be entrepreneurship. The post...

The 10 Worst Reasons to Quit

The Huffington Post – 2016-02-17

1.You're tired of repetition. My mom used to say that learning, accomplishing or doing anything is like playing the piano. You'll never be any good if you don't sit down every day and do it....

16 Reasons To Be Proud Of Being A Book Hoarder

The Huffington Post – 2016-03-03

Your tallest TBR pile nearly collapsed on your cat the other day. You're out of both bookshelf space and space for more bookshelves. Your best friend has started meaningfully reading passages from...

Adblocking: what are your reasons for blocking ads online?

The Guardian – 2016-03-04

Web users turn to adblockers to speed up page load times, but the software is criticised for robbing publishers of vital revenue. If you block ads online, we’d like you to tell us whyEarlier this...

16 Reasons Why Print Books Will Always Be The Best

The Huffington Post – 2016-03-15

When readers talk about the future of books, two roads diverge: the pixelated path paved with Amazon ads, and the road less traveled, a path for those committed to old-fashioned ink-and-paper. But,...

Three Reasons Why Ad Blockers Are Good for Advertising

Advertising Age – 2016-03-22

As publishers continue the "arms race" with ad blockers, and the IAB continues to be outspoken in educating consumers on the economics of content and how ad blockers diminish the ability for free...

(VIDEO) Four Reasons FreeWheel Is Buying StickyADS: Rooke

The Huffington Post – 2016-05-20

The video ad-tech roll-up continued this month, as Comcast-owned premium video ad-tech vendor FreeWheel announced it was acquiring France-based server-side platform (SSP) StickyADS. StickyADS...

For All the Wrong Reasons, New Activists Must Push for Justice

Publishers Weekly – 2016-11-04

Social justice is at the center of today’s national conversation and is a special concern for millennials. Books provide perspective and guidance for the push toward a more equal nation.

Cheap rooms, ice skating and s'mores: 8 reasons to spend Thanksgiving in Las Vegas

Los Angeles Times – 2016-11-17

If your idea of giving thanks is to let others pamper you – and cook the turkey – then Las Vegas may be the perfect destination for a relatively-cheap Thanksgiving road trip. 1. $109 rooms at...

20 reasons why Super Bowl LI is a classic Good vs. Evil matchup

Los Angeles Times – 2017-02-01

Full coverage | Super Bowl LI: Atlanta Falcons vs. New England Patriots Jan. 31, 2017, 8:30 p.m. In less than a week, the New England Patriots and the Atlanta Falcons will play in the final game of...

3 Reasons to Celebrate Love Your Pet Day

Yahoo! News – 2017-02-20

We know you love your pet because he or she is cute, loyal, and entertaining, too. But scientific evidence suggests that you might want to show your pet some gratitude for your good health. Pet o...

7 Reasons Why We Love MAC Retro Matte Liquid Lipcolours

Yahoo! News – 2017-02-25

Watch Yahoo Beauty Director, Dana Oliver, try on the 7 new shades of the MAC Retro Matt Liquid Lipcolour line. Here's why we love them so much!

5 Reasons a Riding Mower Snow Plow Is a Bad Idea

Yahoo! News – 2017-02-26

Anyone with a lawn tractor or ZTR riding mower who lives in a snowy region has probably pondered the notion of attaching a plow or snow blower to it, especially when the snow falls heavy and deep...

5 Reasons Too Little Sleep is Bad for Your Health

Yahoo! News – 2017-03-05

In this video, we show you five surprising ways sleep deprivation can harm your mind and body.

Book Review: So Many Reasons ‘Why the Right Went Wrong’ in Conservative Politics

Publishers Newswire – 2017-03-11

REVIEW: Greed, bigotry, and treason head the list of “Why the Right Went Wrong: Conservatism From Goldwater to the Tea Party and Beyond” (ISBN 9781476763798), the generally helpful new book from...

Five reasons Rihanna should replace Amy Schumer in the new Barbie movie

Los Angeles Times – 2017-03-25

Amy Schumer told Variety on Thursday that scheduling conflicts prevent her from playing Barbie on the big screen. That means the live-action film is now missing a key component: its star. With...

7 Reasons to Work Part Time in Retirement

Yahoo! News – 2017-04-10

The financial benefits of a part-time job in retirement are obvious. If you do most of your socializing with colleagues at work, you might find retirement to be isolating. A part-time job will give...

6 Reasons I’m Buying the Galaxy S8 Over the Pixel and LG G6

Yahoo! News – 2017-04-15

Since I’m about to upgrade my phone after two years, it’s time for me to put my money where my mouth is (and maybe help others decide on what to buy): So here's why I’m planning on picking up...

3 Reasons Not to Fear Retirement

Yahoo! News – 2017-04-17

Many people are scared of retirement and worry about what life will be like without a paycheck. Preparing for retirement can at times seem like a daunting task. If you've managed to find and keep a...

Three reasons Donald Trump's meeting with the pope could be very awkward

Yahoo! News – 2017-05-05

President Donald Trump has a scheduled meeting with Pope Francis later this month, but the two men haven’t exactly seen eye to eye on a number of issues. Without mentioning Mr Trump by name, the...

11 Reasons To Always Have Chocolate Chips in Your Pantry

Yahoo! News – 2017-05-15

Get into it.), we've rounded up 11 ways to incorporate chocolate chips into everyday recipes. Yes, even the healthiest of humans can partake in the chocolate chip celebration. Breakfast always gets...

iBooks Bestsellers: 'Thirteen Reasons,' Two Slots

Publishers Weekly – 2017-04-19

Jay Asher's 'Thirteen Reasons Why' nabs two positions on the iBooks bestseller list this week as its Netflix adaptation continues to dominate watercooler discussions.

iBooks Bestsellers: 'Thirteen Reasons Why' Enjoys Netflix Bounce

Publishers Weekly – 2017-04-12

Jay Asher's 'Thirteen Reasons Why' eclipsed Liane Moriarty's 'Big Little Lies' to take the top slot on the latest iBooks Bestsellers list, two weeks after Netflix's adaptation of the former debuted...

5 Reasons To Buy A Tesla Model 3 As Deliveries Begin Soon

Yahoo! News – 2017-06-07

Tesla is expected to deliver the first production Model 3 by next month.

5 Reasons Why Amazon Buying Whole Foods Changes Everything

Yahoo! News – 2017-06-16

In its biggest acquisition yet, Amazon will purchase Whole Foods for a whopping $13.7 billion in an all cash transaction. This deal marks the beginning of an era where the e-commerce giant pushes to...

Nine Reasons Manga Publishers Can Smile in 2017

Publishers Weekly – 2017-06-16

U.S. manga publishers see strong sales ahead thanks to more ways for readers to access their products, new subject matter, and original series.

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