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100 tablets to choose from%2C and you can name just one -- iPad

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Why do smartphone owners buy tablets?

For a company which business depends on collecting data, Google sure was slow tabulating its report on smartphone usage. The study is available today, but the data is already outdated given strong... | Betanews – 2012-01-26

Ownership of tablets, e-readers jumps during holiday season

In the U.S., 19% of adults owned tablets and electronic book readers in January, nearly double the percentage in the previous month, a survey finds. The growth comes as PC sales slow.Remember when... | L.A. Times – 2012-01-24

Tablet Advertising: Are Ads Run on iPad and Other Tablets More Effective?

Companies advertise for many reasons. To create or reinforce a favorable impression of their brand, for instance. But mainly they advertise to sell products. Associating advertising with sales is... | Editor & Publisher – 2012-01-19

Kindles and tablets strong for Tesco

Sales of Kindles and tablet computers helped boost revenue for Tesco electronics over Christmas,... | The Bookseller – 2012-01-12

100 tablets to choose from, and you can name just one -- iPad

The year 2011 will go down in the history books as a great year for tablets mostly for Apple?s iPad, however -- not all tablet vendors fared as well as Apple. It'?s not for lack of products that... | Betanews – 2011-12-16

Kristen Baldwin on Bringing EW to Tablets: 'We really wanted to wait until we got it right'

Video: Entertainment Weekly's executive editor says rushing into the tablet field too early could be a mistake for publishers, and gives the key to writing EW's signature punchy blurbs. Kristen... | Media Bistro – 2011-12-15

Ring in the holidays with "A Charlie Brown Christmas" for tablets

Yesterday I coughed up $6.99 for Loud Crow Interactive's digital pop-up remake of the Charles Schultz holiday classic. "A Charlie Brown Christmas" is available for Android and iOS from the Amazon,... | Betanews – 2011-11-19

Tale of the Tablets: Comparing New Devices

Amazon’s Kindle may have launched the e-book boom we’re seeing today, but Barnes & Noble’s NookColor brought on a new generation of 7-in. multimedia tablet devices priced to undercut the 9.7-in.... | Publishers Weekly – 2011-11-11

Yahoo unveils digital magazine designed for tablets

Yahoo is joining the computer tablet bandwagon with a digital magazine designed for the iPad. | San Jose Mercury News – 2011-11-03

Browser, Not Apps, Still Biggest News Channel on Tablets

While consuming news has become one of the more popular activities for tablet users, access to it is still largely conducted through a browser, not specialized apps, says a new study released by the... | Folio Magazine – 2011-10-25

Tablets wars: Apple is from Venus, Amazon is from Mars

They say Apple has met its first real tablet competitor. And no, it is not Samsung or Motorola. Instead it is from a company that started out selling books on the Internet: Amazon. And while there is... | GigaOM – 2011-09-29

Optimizing Tablets for “T-Commerce”

Along with creating a user-friendly design, publishers are now faced with the challenge of optimizing e-commerce (along with the rest of their content) for tablets. | Folio Magazine – 2011-09-08

Mario Garcia: Newspapers need to carve their niche on tablets

Renowned newspaper designer Mario Garcia was quick to get his hands on an iPad when the Apple tablet first hit the market. It didn't take long for him to realize that tablets can be a "game changer"... | Editors Weblog – 2011-08-16

Tablets More Effective Than E-Readers in Ad Engagement

In a new study released by Gfk MRI Starch Advertising Research, the collected data finds users are more likely to engage with magazine advertisements on tablets than on the e-reader platform. | Folio Magazine – 2011-08-09

Time Inc puts its faith in tablets

Time Inc is laying claim to be the first major US magazine publisher to make all of its titles available on all tablet platforms. It has also announced an agreement with America's largest book... | Guardian – 2011-08-04

Time Inc. Doubles Down On Tablets, Promises All Magazines On All Platforms By End Of Year

That's 21 titles, available everywhere from iTunes to Android to the Nook. | AllThingsD – 2011-08-03

All systems go! Sports Illustrated releases on multiple tablets

Sports Illustrated has dared to tread where few other publications would; as part of its all-access subscription strategy, it has decided to design multiple digital editions of its magazine for... | Editors Weblog – 2011-07-28

Tablets and digital newsstands: Are they really a good deal for publishers?

The advent of tablet computers fueled publisher’s dreams of combining an immersive user experience with a new subscription market. However, Apple’s steep cut and tough rules has given many... | Online Journalism Review – 2011-07-26

iPad is king of corporate tablets

Tablets are a major part of the ongoing digital publishing revolution. But when it comes to considering platforms on which to publish, making the choice between Apple v Android is a complex... | Editors Weblog – 2011-07-21

Sony's Tablets Definitely Aren't iPads

Sony's S1 has a wedge shape that angles the screen for comfy typing and feels like a folded magazine, while its S2 is clamshell device with two 5.5" displays which, in unfolded mode, can operate... | PC World – 2011-07-15

Sony provides 'peek' at new tablets, and not much else

By Patrick Houston The WiFi-only S1 has a wedge-shaped design -- like a magazine with the cover folded back -- that gives it a center of gravity that makes it, Sony says, easier to hold. The S2,... | Betanews – 2011-07-14

Still think iPad is the future of publishing? Philly papers offer cheap Android tablets to subscribers

By Tim Conneally, Betanews The withering newspaper and magazine industries began to gravitate toward Apple's iPad as a possible anchor publishing outlet last year, but a pair of Philadelphia... | Betanews – 2011-07-11

Understanding development strategies for tablets

As more newspapers and magazines roll out iPad apps, development strategies are becoming more refined. Some apps are already on their second generation, while others, who waited to see how to best... | Editors Weblog – 2011-06-20

Flipboard Users Take Their Tablets to Bed

Flipboard fans, if you tend to do most of your reading before bedtime, you’re not alone. According to Mike McCue, the company’s CEO and co-founder, the peak hours for Flipboard browsing are between... | AdWeek – 2011-06-14

FT launches Web-based app to work on all tablets

LONDON (Reuters) - The Financial Times is launching a new, Web-based version of its mobile app, the first of its kind by a major publisher, that will allow it to adapt quickly to new tablet PCs and... | Reuters – 2011-06-07

Magazine publishers take steps toward ‘digital newsstand’ for tablets

Ad AgeA consortium of major magazine publishers, including Time Inc., Conde Nast, Hearst, Meredith and News Corp., is preparing to launch an app marketplace to sell digital editions on their own... | Poynter. – 2011-05-19

Now to Sell Advertisers on Tablets [Voices]

If you wanted to get your message in front of a reader of The New Yorker, it would cost you $141,174 for a full-page ad in the magazine’s glossy pages. | AllThingsD – 2011-05-09

The Media Equation: Now to Sell Advertisers on Tablets

Magazine publishers are making plans to be part of, rather than run over by, the digital revolution. | The New York Times – 2011-05-09

Sony's two tablets to ship in the autumn

Written By: Bookseller Staff Publication Date: Wed, 27/04/2011 - 09:15 Electronics giant Sony has unveiled two rival tablets that it hopes will target the Apple iPad market. Codenamed S1 and S2 the... | The Bookseller – 2011-04-27

Sony Announces Two Android 3.0 Honeycomb Tablets for the Fall

Sony is the latest company to come to the market with products powered by Honeycomb. The newest pair in the Sony tablet line are codenamed S1 and S2. | Editor & Publisher – 2011-04-26

Could subsidised tablets be the way to go for publishers?

Poynter's Damon Kiesow presented some convincing arguments why the publishing industry should consider following Amazon's example and look into selling subsidised tablet devices. Amazon announced... | Editors Weblog – 2011-04-14

12 reasons why developers should favor Android tablets over iPad

By Robert Scoble OK, maybe Steve Jobs' reality distortion field is wearing off a bit, and I might feel differently in a week when I get my iPad 2, but after playing with my Motorola XOOM a lot more... | Betanews – 2011-03-06

Yahoo follows News Corp, announces Livestand 'magazine' for tablets

By Tim Conneally, Betanews Yahoo on Thursday announced that it will soon debut a new magazine-style method of digital content delivery especially aimed at touchscreen mobile devices like tablets and... | Betanews – 2011-02-11

Yahoo plans digital newsstand for tablets

Yahoo unveiled plans Thursday to launch a digital newsstand for tablet devices, distributing content from a broad range of publishers to users in exchange for a cut of advertising and subscription... | San Francisco Chronicle – 2011-02-10

Beyond Digital Magazines: Tablets, E-Readers and Mobile Apps

APPLE PRODUCTS SUCH AS the iPhone and iPad are dominating much of the content-centric behavior of consumers but casting a wide net across all emerging devices in the e-reader, smartphone and tablet... | Folio Mag – 2010-07-29

Amazon lands anti-iPad Kindle deals, sees tablets as future

Amazon on the same day as it posted financial results obtained a potentially key book deal in its escalating wars with Apple and Barnes & Noble. The online retailer has bypassed publishers entirely... | Yahoo – 2010-07-22

Producing Content for Tablets and Apps

The growing swell of e-reader and tablet devices has reached deluge proportions—and if the population at large didn’t know it, Apple’s iPad debut will help mainstream the concept. Yet the... | Folio Mag – 2010-01-29

E-Books on Tablets Fight Digital Distractions

Reading a book on a tablet like the Kindle Fire is “like trying to cook when there are little children around,” David Myers said. | The New York Times – 2012-03-05

Are Tablets Killing Our Attention Span for Books?

Today in the "modern life is hard" department: Reading books on tablets may be more difficult than reading print books. Sure, a tablet is lighter, more convenient, and saves you a trip to... | The Atlantic Wire – 2012-03-06

Supercharge PDFs on Tablets via Uberflip's HTML5 $29.95 Answer

"Mygazines" becomes Uberflip, redefining its digital publishing solution as an affordable inbound marketing and communications tool. | CNW – 2012-03-21

New Media Professionals Expect Tablets to Transform the Internet and Traditional Businesses

Austin, TX (PRWEB) — A recent survey conducted by DigiCareers among more than 250 new media professionals reveals that tablets will be transformational -- helping to reshape the magazine... | Editor & Publisher – 2012-03-28

Magazine Group Offers Guidelines for Tablets

Terms used to describe magazine content on tablets are inconsistent, and the type of data that can be collected on readers varies by device. | The New York Times – 2012-04-02

HCL intros trio of Android 4.0 tablets aimed at Indian classrooms

HCL, previously known for launching those budget-friendly MiLeaps, is now getting ready to take its low-cost approach to the tablet market. Earlier today, the Indian outfit announced a trifecta of... | Engadget – 2012-04-02

Media Decoder Blog: Seeing a Future in Tablets, Magazines Unveil the Digital Newsstand

A consortium of publishers wants to offer a full buffet to readers, including big titles like The New Yorker and Time, for a single price. | The New York Times – 2012-04-04

Advertisers Recycle Print Ads For Tablets

With Conde Nast, Hearst and Meredith launching their own digital newsstand in the form of Next Issue Media, it’s clear that magazine publishers are counting on tablets for future... | Editor & Publisher – 2012-04-09

Advertising: Magazines Get Ready for Tablets

Sports Illustrated developed a demonstration version of how it might translate its print articles on a tablet computer. The tablet version can pull live sports scores and display videos and other... | The New York Times – 2009-12-16

Print, Digital, Tablets and More: World Publishing Expo (IFRA Expo) Announces Conference Schedule

Already the world’s largest global trade exhibition for the news publishing and media industry, the World Publishing Expo is expanding the conferences and seminars that accompany the event,... | Editor & Publisher – 2012-09-18

Barnes & Noble’s two new tablets want to help you find your next book

Barnes & Noble's new Nook HD tablets, priced starting at $199, aim to stand out from the pack with reader-centric features and enhanced reading experiences for magazines and catalogs. The... | GigaOM – 2012-09-26

B&N to launch tablets, Waitrose, Sainsburys to sell Nook

Barnes & Noble has announced it is to launch two tablets simultaneously in the UK and the US... | The Bookseller – 2012-09-26

Barnes & Noble launches new tablets in e-books fight

NEW YORK (Reuters) - Barnes & Noble Inc's first high-definition tablets, unveiled on Wednesday, were well received by analysts who said the devices keep the bookseller in the fight with | Reuters – 2012-09-27

DC's monthly comics heading to tablets

DC Comics is expanding its digital storefront, putting all its monthly titles — from Batman to Superman — on sale at iTunes, Amazon's Kindle store and Barnes & Noble's Nook shop. | CBC – 2012-11-08

Tale of the Tablets

One day, the year 2012 may be remembered as the year of the multimedia tablet device. . | Publishers Weekly – 2012-11-09

Nook tablets go on sale in UK

As anticipated, the Nook tablet e-readers, the Nook HD and HD+, have gone on sale in the UK today... | The Bookseller – 2012-11-22

Flipboard rolls out magazine app for Android tablets

Flipboard, the popular social magazine, launched a version of its Android app Thursday that's optimized for large-screen tablets, including the Google Nexus 10. | Los Angeles Times – 2012-12-21

Pearson invests in Nook tablets

UK publisher Pearson says it will invest in the Nook series of e-readers and tablets, buying a 5% stake in the business for $89.5m (£55.5m). | BBC – 2012-12-28

IDPF: Tablets eroding e-reader sales

Europe and the rest of the world may trail the United States in the size of their e-book markets... | The Bookseller – 2013-03-25

Barnes and Noble posts $119 million loss in Q4 2013, will partner with third party on future Nook tablets

Barnes and Noble has not had an easy go of it. The brick-and-mortar stalwart has seen its revenues and profits steeply decline as we've entered the age of the e-book. In fact, profits haven't just... | Engadget – 2013-06-25

Barnes & Noble to stop manufacturing Nook tablets as losses mount

Sales plummeted at Barnes & Noble bookstores in the latest quarter and its Nook e-book devices failed to keep up with competitors, pushing the company to a net loss that more than doubled from a... | San Jose Mercury News – 2013-06-25

B&N to Stop Manufacturing Nook Tablets

For Barnes & Noble's Nook tablet, content isn't king anymore. | Folio Magazine – 2013-06-27

Study: Gamers Play More and Spend More on Tablets vs. Smartphones

Tablets are the "mobile platform of choice" for gamers, according to a new study from research firm Frank N. Magid Associates. The study, sponsored by Diner Dash publisher PlayFirst, estimates that... | AllThingsD – 2013-07-10

Keep taking the tablets - magazine's success shows good health of B2B sector

I am often taken to task for overlooking the fact that business-to-business, B2B, magazines have done better than newspapers and consumer magazines during the print media downturn.One of my regular... | Guardian – 2013-07-17

Ebook Sales Are Flattening Out: Are Tablets to Blame?

With reports showing ebook sales growth is in serious decline, Nicholas Carr examines possible reasons why and wonders if tablets aren't to blame. | Publishing Perspectives – 2013-08-09

Engadget's back to school guide 2013: tablets

Welcome to Engadget's back to school guide! Today, we're talking tablets. Head to the back to school hub to see the rest of the product guides as we add them throughout the month. Be sure to keep... | Engadget – 2013-08-14

BBC launches CBeebies Playtime app for smartphones and tablets

No in-app purchases for iOS, Android and Kindle Fire app that showcases 'channel-defining' Alphablocks, Octonauts, Tree Fu Tom and Something Special brandsThe BBC has launched a free iOS and Android... | Guardian – 2013-08-15

Kobo launches new e-reader and tablets and partners with read-it-later service Pocket

Kobo rolled out a new e-reader and three new tablets at an event in New York Tuesday evening. The company is also launching a digital newsstand and children's ebookstore, and it partnered with... | GigaOM – 2013-08-28

Indigo introduces the robust fall line up of Kobo eReaders and tablets available for pre-order today


New Kindle Fire tablets; B&N continues Nook price cut

Amazon has announced the US release of three new Kindle Fire Tablets. Meanwhile Barnes &... | The Bookseller – 2013-09-25

New Kindle Fire tablets receive good response from reviewers

The tech community seems especially impressed by a feature called Mayday, which calls up an Amazon tech support employee via video chat to help with tablet issues. | The Christian Science Monitor – 2013-09-26

Delta picks Microsoft for pilot tablets

ATLANTA (AP) — Delta Air Lines says it will buy 11,000 Microsoft Surface 2 tablets for its pilots, to replace the heavy bundles of books and maps they haul around now.     | – 2013-09-30

How Tablets are Changing the Way Writers Work

Journalists have long defined themselves by the medium that carries their work. They say they write for magazines, newspapers or the Web. No one says, “I write for tablets.” Yet... | Editor & Publisher – 2013-10-01

Bay Trail tablets with Windows 8.1 will hit stores next week

With the release of Windows 8.1 next week will come new tablets with Intel’s latest Atom chip code-named Bay Trail. The tablets, with starting prices from $299 to $350, include Dell’s Venue 8... | PC World – 2013-10-12

Books still beat tablets for reading to children

Over half of British households may now have a tablet, but when it comes to bedtime stories parents still prefer the feel of paper. | Yahoo! News – 2013-10-22

Catching Up with Kobo’s Michael Tamblyn on New Content, Tablets

Michael Tamblyn, the Chief Content Officer at Kobo, offers an update on the ebookseller's magazine store, kids shop and international expansion. | Publishing Perspectives – 2013-11-14

Google Play update showcases big-screen optimized apps on tablets

As promised a month or so ago, Google Play is implementing a few changes today that'll push tablet-optimized apps to the forefront. That is, if you're using a device not quite small enough to be... | Engadget – 2013-11-22

Tablets face a turning point

The downturn in the personal computer industry may be ready to reach rock bottom, where it could stabilize even as cheap tablets stay hot, an analyst said today. In a piece published earlier this... | PC World – 2013-12-21

Texas library has plenty of tablets, but not a single book

In the San Antonio area, Bexar County recently opened a library with rows of glossy iMacs, iPads and hundreds of tablets available for checkout. But the $2.3 million facility might be most notable... | San Jose Mercury News – 2014-01-04

Print book reading tops in US despite rise of tablets

A Pew Research Center study release on Thursday showed that US readers reach for ink-and-paper books despite the rising popularity of tablets and digital works. | Yahoo! News – 2014-01-17

Scribd takes on Amazon, brings its subscription e-book service to Kindle Fire tablets

The whole point of owning an Amazon tablet is that you're eventually gonna buy stuff. Want movies? Amazon's got you covered. Music? Time to check out Amazon's MP3 store. And then, of course, there's... | Engadget – 2014-01-29

B&N Partners with Samsung for Tablets

Barnes & Noble has reached an agreement with Samsung for the technology giant to develop co-branded tablets that will include Nook software. | Publishers Weekly – 2014-06-05

Barnes & Noble to spin off Nook tablets

Bookseller Barnes & Noble Inc said it would spin off its Nook tablets and college books business, sending its shares up about 8 percent in early trading. | Baltimore Sun – 2014-06-25

FreedomPop starts selling tablets with free data and voice plans

FreedomPop today started selling the iPad mini and the Samsung Tab 3, offering the same free voice and data plans available to its smartphone users. FreedomPop starts selling tablets with free data... | GigaOM – 2014-07-30

Amazon’s Fire TV-exclusive game opens its companion app to Android tablets

In a surprise move, Amazon opened up a companion app to Sev Zero, its exclusive Fire TV game, to all Android tablets. Amazon’s Fire TV-exclusive game opens its companion app to Android... | GigaOM – 2014-08-07

It’s back to school time: Here’s how students can get the most of our their tablets

Hoping to rely on a tablet as you (or your kids) head back to school this fall? Consider some of these tips. It’s back to school time: Here’s how students can get the most of our their... | GigaOM – 2014-08-10

“PC Plus” company Lenovo now sells more phones and tablets than computers

Lenovo is quickly becoming a force to be reckoned with, thanks to strong mobile device sales on top of its world-leading PC sales. Being in China, the company is well positioned as what it calls a... | GigaOM – 2014-08-14

On stage or in the boardroom: How tablets can improve your public speaking

With a few apps and the right approach, you can turn a tablet into a public speaking or performance aid that doesn't get in between you and your audience. On stage or in the boardroom: How tablets... | GigaOM – 2014-08-17

Are Tablets the Solution for Latin American Education?

The past few years have seen global surge in tablet adoption schools throughout the world, particularly in Latin America, where digital textbooks are taking hold. | Publishing Perspectives – 2014-08-27

Acer’s affordable 8-inch tablets give you a choice between Windows and Android

Acer launched a trio of tablets, including a Windows 8.1 tablet that retails for $150. The same processor and screen are also used on a very similar tablet running Android. It's another sign the... | GigaOM – 2014-09-03

Amazon Rolls Out New and Upgraded Tablets, E-readers

Amazon is rolling out an upgraded suite of tablets that includes an enhanced 8.9-inch Kindle HDX ($379), a new tablet designed for children ($149), and a new Kindle HD tablet ($100). | Publishers Weekly – 2014-09-18

FutureBook Census shows shift to tablets

For the first time in the five years of the FutureBook Digital Census, more respondents say they commonly read on an iPad (41.9%) than do a Kindle (37.9%). However, Amazon is still by far the... | The Bookseller – 2014-10-28

Black Friday Drives Sales of Kindles, Fire Tablets

Amazon kicked off this year’s cyber Monday by claiming that Black Friday sales of its Kindle e-readers and Fire tablets were up significantly over last year. | Publishers Weekly – 2014-12-01

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