“People Who Eat Darkness”: The disappearing blonde

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Joe Manganiello is not a meathead, but he's flattered when people think he is

Los Angeles Times – 2015-07-02

Joe Manganiello is deep, you guys. Like, there's way more to him than buff pecs and that killer smolder, and he readily turned preconceptions upside-down in a recent interview.

Airstrike hits livestock market in Yemen; at least 42 people killed

Los Angeles Times – 2015-07-07

An airstrike hit a popular livestock market in Yemen on Monday, killing at least 42 people, witnesses and medical officials said, as a Saudi Arabian-led coalition continued...

California lags in checking whether dangerous people own guns

Los Angeles Times – 2015-07-10

A program to determine whether potentially dangerous people own guns in violation of state law is plagued with delays that pose a "continued risk to public safety," California's auditor reported...

Why Are the Most Important People in Media Reading The Awl?

Editor & Publisher – 2015-07-10

In February, at the Code/Media* conference in Dana Point, California, some of the most powerful people in media found themselves discussing an unsettling story published two weeks prior.   The...

Taylor Swift invited so many famous people to her show in New Jersey

Los Angeles Times – 2015-07-12

Taylor Swift's so-called squad keeps growing.

How else can people contribute to public media? Code.

Poynter. – 2015-07-13

Nieman Lab On Monday, Nieman Lab published Visiting Nieman Fellow Melody Kramer’s report, “Putting the public into public media membership.” In her report, Kramer, who is also a...

Harper Lee drops a bombshell in “Go Set a Watchman” first chapter and people are losing their minds

Salon.com – 2015-07-10

The Guardian and the Wall Street Journal published the first chapter today

Disability benefits for 11 million people at risk as Congress in stalemate

Los Angeles Times – 2015-07-23

Nearly 11 million Americans who receive federal disability benefits risk seeing their checks reduced unless Congress acts by next year to replenish the system's trust fund, the Social Security...

On Managing Creative People in Publishing

Publishing Perspectives – 2015-07-23

Like other media industries, book publishing fundamentally relies on creativity. Here, agency executives offer some tips on managing creative people. The post On Managing Creative People in...

Talk show. Podcast. Live streaming. Everywhere you turn, people are talking

Los Angeles Times – 2015-07-24

There is a lot of talk going around these days - about nothing in particular and about everything in particular.

The Humans of New York parodies that will save us: Talking cats, lizard people and the power of the subversive meme

Salon.com – 2015-07-22

Give me a dead-eyed kitten or anthropomorphic reptiles among us over the treacly pathos-lite of HoNY

My daughter vs. AOL’s profits: “There’s no point in offering health benefits if you’re going to point fingers when people actually need to use them”

Salon.com – 2015-07-19

The mother of the "distressed baby" shamed by Tim Armstrong tells Salon what happened after the media firestorm

British Columnist Katie Hopkins Wants 'Euthanasia Vans' Because There Are 'Too Many Old People'

The Huffington Post – 2015-07-30

A British TV personality and columnist said she supports "euthanasia vans" because there are "too many old people."  Katie Hopkins, who is currently a columnist for The Sun, made the comments...

'I don't know why people do evil things,' says grandma of 4-year-old boy shot to death in Highland

Los Angeles Times – 2015-07-30

A 4-year-old boy who was playing in front of his grandmother's house was shot and killed in the small San Bernardino County city of Highland.

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