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Delta Air Lines to alter reward program; other airlines may follow

Los Angeles Times – 2015-07-27

If you are saving up reward miles to pay for a trip on Delta Air Lines, you might want to book the trip before the airline switches to a new format that could raise the number of miles you need for...

Boris Johnson to write Shakespeare biography

The Bookseller – 2015-07-28

Boris Johnson is to write a biography of William Shakespeare for Hodder & Stoughton for October 2016. The publisher has confirmed the deal, which was reported in the Sunday Times to have been...

Writers Write Dazzling Love Letters, Remind Us That Texting Is Insufficient

The Huffington Post – 2015-07-30

Once, while thumbing through my favorite book -- To the Lighthouse by Virginia Woolf -- I found a scrap of paper wedged within the "Time Passes" section. "Hey," it read, "you found me! I love you."...

'Go Set a Watchman' is an odd follow-up to its classic sister

The Christian Science Monitor – 2015-07-31

As rough as this novel is, readers will thrill to Lee’s sly humor and vivid storytelling.

What album would you write a book about?

Stuff – 2015-07-31

Okay, it's a hypothetical - what album would you/could you write a book about? - but it comes from a specific place, a real thing; it comes from the announcement that the latest open call for...

Swedish author says he was destined to write 'Millennium' sequel

Yahoo! News – 2015-08-03

The Swedish author tasked with writing the upcoming sequel to the late Stieg Larsson's best-selling Millennium trilogy said Sunday that he was "born for" the job. David Lagercrantz,...

In America, only the rich can afford to write about poverty | Barbara Ehrenreich

The Guardian – 2015-08-06

There’s something wrong with the fact that a relatively affluent person can afford to write about minimum wage jobs while people experiencing them can’tBack in the fat years – two or three...

Robots that write fiction? You couldn’t make it up

The Guardian – 2015-08-10

Computer-generated fiction might seem a tipping point for artificial intelligence, but it could help us to understand the world we live inIn 1983, William Chamberlain and Thomas Etter released a book...

Toshiba to write down over $800 million after accounting probe: Nikkei

Reuters – 2015-08-11

TOKYO (Reuters) - Toshiba Corp plans to book more than 100 billion yen ($802 million) in impairment charges for the last fiscal year in addition to marking down past results following an accounting...

Author Raises Awareness For Fact That Only Rich Can Afford To Write About Poverty

The Huffington Post – 2015-08-13

One in six Americans doesn’t know where he’s going to get his next meal. But chances are, you won’t hear about those struggles from anyone who has actually experienced them,...

Follow the money? It's not always so easy

Los Angeles Times – 2015-08-16

During a hotly contested race this year to replace Los Angeles City Councilman Tom LaBonge, three apartment rental companies that listed the same chief executive and same address in state records...

Vlogger advert guidelines published

BBC World – 2015-08-19

New guidelines for video bloggers who enter marketing relationships with brands are published by the Committee of Advertising Practice.

NPR news chief condemns Pentagon guidelines governing treatment of journalists

Poynter. – 2015-08-21

Michael Oreskes, the senior vice president for news and editorial director at NPR, has drafted a letter objecting to guidelines regarding the treatment of journalists in the Pentagon’s new Law...

Staff Pick: How to Write a Thesis

Publishers Weekly – 2015-09-04

Reviews editor Annie Coreno recommends 'How to Write a Thesis' by Umberto Eco, translated into English for the first time this year.

How To Write a "Big Book"

The Huffington Post – 2015-09-07

Lots of writers dream of writing a big book. A book that gets advertised and reviewed everywhere. A book that people are reading on trains, planes, and listening to in their cars on cross country...

How to Write a Roger Federer Think Piece

Slate – 2015-09-11

It has been a bit more than nine years since David Foster Wallace delivered “Federer as Religious Experience,” the Magna Carta of what has become one of the most popular genres in sports...

Dear Self-Published Author: Do NOT Write Four Books A Year

The Huffington Post – 2015-09-13

No matter what experts tell you, no matter what trends, conventional wisdom, social media chatter, or your friends in the Facebook writers group insist upon, do NOT write four books a year. I mean...

If You Write A Novel In GIFs, Is It Still A Novel?

The Huffington Post – 2015-09-15

Set a copy of Pride and Prejudice next to this: Could any two forms seem more distinctly unlike than a novel and a GIF? But in the eyes of Dennis Cooper, the prolific artist and writer...

Not done yet: ESPN’s Van Natta says follow-ups likely after takeout on Patriots

Poynter. – 2015-09-17

Screengrab from ESPN’s investigation of the Patriots and the NFL. This won’t come as good news for NFL commissioner Roger Goodell and the New England Patriots. Don Van Natta says there...

Wildfire deaths now at 5 as officials urge residents to follow evacuation orders

Los Angeles Times – 2015-09-18

As the death toll in Northern California's massive wildfires rises, authorities urged people Thursday to heed evacuation orders and leave even before official orders come if they feel threatened.

Can One Write Serious Fiction on Twitter? Yes, One Can

Publishing Perspectives – 2015-09-22

More literary authors, from David Mitchell to Jennifer Egan, are turning to Twitter to publish fiction, a form that mimics both poetry and serialization. The post Can One Write Serious Fiction on...

Ta-Nehisi Coates To Write New Black Panther Comic Book Series For Marvel

The Huffington Post – 2015-09-23

Ta-Nehisi Coates will be writing a new Black Panther comic book series for Marvel, The New York Times announced Tuesday. Coates, 39, a national correspondent at The Atlantic, National Book Award...

PW Asks: What 'Book' Author Do You Wish Would Write A Comic?

Publishers Weekly – 2015-09-22

Lately, lots of traditional book authors have been writing comic books. What author do you wish would write a comic?

PW Asks: Murakami Should Write Catwoman Comics

Publishers Weekly – 2015-09-25

We asked our readers which traditional book authors they'd like to see writing comics. Here are a few of their suggestions.

With Digital Ads Shifting to HTML5, the Industry Now Has a New Set of Guidelines

AdWeek – 2015-09-28

The long-called-for migration of digital ads from using Adobe Flash to HTML5 is becoming a reality. It's a shift underscored by, among other developments, Amazon's switch to HTML5-only promos...

Lakers Media Day: Follow the action with Bresnahan, Plaschke, Pincus and Rohlin

Los Angeles Times – 2015-09-29

Will this be Kobe Bryant's final season in the NBA, or just with the Lakers? Can the Lakers rebound from last season's miserable record and become a playoff contender again? And exactly what will...

Edward Snowden Is Now on Twitter, and He's Picked the One Perfect Account to Follow

AdWeek – 2015-09-29

He made his name by showing us all that the NSA can and very well might be listening in on our conversations, and now Edward Snowden is having a bit of fun turning the tables. Snowden's...

Richard Glossip's execution delayed; follow his path to death row

Los Angeles Times – 2015-10-01

Richard Glossip didn't personally kill Barry Van Treese in 1997. He wasn't even in the room when his former boss was murdered inside an Oklahoma City motel. But unless a desperate appeal prompts the...

The hardest scene to write in 'The Martian' involved a 'Lord of the Rings' joke

Los Angeles Times – 2015-10-06

Forget the giant, rotating spaceships or gargantuan red mountains of Mars. The hardest scene to write in Ridley Scott's "The Martian" was set inside a conference room, on Earth.   Screenwriter Drew...

Quvenzhane Wallis has a deal to write Children's books

Stuff – 2015-10-08

An Oscar nominee at age 9, Quvenzhane Wallis is now getting an early start on a writing career.

Former SNP press chief to write weekly column for Sunday Times

The Guardian – 2015-10-09

Previously an adviser to Alex Salmond and Nicola Sturgeon, Kevin Pringle will write about politics for the Scottish editionThe Sunday Times has signed the Scottish National Party’s former press...

Protests and skepticism in Turkey follow bombings at peace rally

Los Angeles Times – 2015-10-12

Protesters took to the streets across Turkey on Sunday, a day after two apparent suicide bombings killed nearly 100 demonstrators in the capital and set off incendiary political recriminations just...

Here's why you can't believe everything economists write

Los Angeles Times – 2015-10-13

Economists' papers typically possess the veneer, at least, of analytical rigor--those elaborate formulas bristling with symbols, statistical tables worked out to four decimals, color-coded charts. A...

Women Who Write About Tech Are Still Being Abused Online

The Huffington Post – 2015-10-14

Women who write about tech are no strangers to online abuse -- an issue some women say is serious enough to push them to change careers.  Catherine Adams, a researcher at Nottingham Trent...

Lagercrantz to write two more Millennium books

The Bookseller – 2015-10-15

David Lagercrantz has been contracted to write two more novels in the late Stieg Larsson's Millennium series.

NYT Can't Find Minorities To Comment On Politics, Asks Them To Write In

The Huffington Post – 2015-10-16

As the New York magazine’s Rebecca Traister pointed out on Twitter, The New York Times somehow managed to offer less diversity in its roundup of reactions to the Democratic presidential...

David Lynch to co-write a hybrid biography/memoir

Yahoo! News – 2015-10-19

The American director will team up with journalist Kristine McKenna to produce an autobiographical study of his life and work. David Lynch will be working with McKenna to publish a part-memoir,...

Help! For Writers: 10 things to do when you can’t think of anything to write

Poynter. – 2015-10-29

I have written five books – all published by Little, Brown – in the last ten years. They are, in order, “Writing Tools,” “The Glamour of Grammar,” “Help! For...

Just Because You Love Books, Doesn't Mean You Have To Write One

The Huffington Post – 2015-11-03

Every writer needs a reader. Hopefully more than one, even. There’s just one problem: Most people don’t want to read most books. Every year, many thousands of manuscripts are rejected by...

Moby to follow ancestor Herman Melville into print with memoir

The Guardian – 2015-11-03

The bohemian turned pop star’s book has already won pre-publication praise from Salman Rushdie and Dave EggersThe musician Moby is following in the footsteps of his long-distant ancestor Herman...

How to write a book – top tips for National Novel Writing Month

The Guardian – 2015-11-03

Welcome to NaNoWriMo! MG Leonard (who wrote her first book Beetle Boy in six months, one hour a day) has tips on how to do it. And it starts with writing EVERY SINGLE DAY NaNoWriMo stands for...

Dozens Of High-Profile Hispanics Write Blistering Open Letter To Donald Trump

The Huffington Post – 2015-11-06

Dozens of prominent Hispanic figures from across the political divide have come together to formally "condemn" Donald Trump and the comments the GOP candidate has made against Latinos since the...

As China moves to payment cards, cybercriminals follow

PC World – 2015-11-24

As China increasingly embraces payment cards over cash, Trend Micro is seeing an uptick in cybercriminal activity aimed at card fraud. The security company published a new study of the Chinese...

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