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Random House Inc.

New York [United States]

Paperback, hardcover, bestselling fiction, non-fiction, children's, leading teenage, romances, westerns, sci-fi, popular psychology, sociology, reference, dictionaries, classics, audio cassettes.

Dancing With Bear Publishing

United States

Dancing With Bear Publishing is a full service, innovative publishing house owned by author Marie McGaha. We are a Christian publisher and strive to publish only the best works that glorify God, and help people in their walk with the Lord. No matter where we've been, God has a plan for our lives. And no matter what we've done, it's never too late to ask God to forgive us. He is a ready and willing help in times of trouble, and through the pages published here, we hope to inspire, minister, help, and show the love of God. Dancing With Bear Publishing keeps the author in mind with higher royalties, promotional help, the best editors, and cover artists. If you are an author, whether aspiring or multi-published, check out our submissions page and send us your manuscript. We think you will going to love being a part of the DWB Publishing family!

Open Books Press

Bloomington [United States]

Open Book Press is an imprint of Pen & Publish Inc. founded in 2005 to serve schools and nonprofits. Our book-publishing mission is to serve each individual or organization by offering them a choice of services to fit their objectives. Each project and person is unique and deserves to be treated fairly and communicated with honestly, even if it means sending them elsewhere for services. While we strive to be efficient, we will never adopt a factory model to crank out books in mass. We will not hide costs and information, or violate our ethics to grow our business. We will recommend choices based on the value to the client/author, not our potential profit. Open Books Press is a traditional-hybrid imprint--no author fees, but no royalty advance. We welcome hearing from you at any point in your writing and publishing process. When you are ready to have your work considered, we need your finished [final edit] manuscript and your marketing/promotion plan or proposal, including details on your current platform. This should lay out what you specifically will do to promote the book, ideally organized in chronological pre- and post-publication order, and what base/platform you have established to do so. Please include your past publishing history, if any, with sales numbers. Most of our agreements include trade paperback and e-books, but we try to be as flexible as possible. Our royalty percentages range from 30-50% of our net proceeds (wholesale price minus book printing for POD, or the amount we receive from the sale minus any direct expenses), with the higher percentages as certain sales volumes are reached or for self-published work (see Pen & Publish for publishing services). We want to give authors every chance to prove their ability to reach their audience. We are incorporating crowdfunding ( and/or advance orders into our process to help un- or little-known authors with advance promotion. This provides flexibility to publish more authors with quality work we want to invest in. We will allow authors the option to crowdfund direct or use our Pubslush account.

Dancing Lmeur Press, L.L.C.

Pikeville [United States]

Our mission, our vision, our goal ... Our trademark is not just a logo - the Dancing Lemur represents optimism, enthusiasm and belief. We strive to publish works that uplift and inspire, encouraging the reader to explore and discover while remaining morally grounded. At the heart of our science fiction, New Adult/YA, and fantasy lies positive relationship dynamics, optimistic attitudes and non-salacious material. Our non-fiction offers insightful information, uplifting ideas and real-life opportunities. Our goal is to provide hope for the reader's dreams and aspirations. Share the vision and come dance with us!

Bracket Books

New York [United States]

Bracket Books was founded by publisher Sam Majors and is based in New York, New York. The company was established to fill a niche, a publishing void that grows larger as traditional print publishers continue to consolidate, struggle to maintain their narrow profit margins, and hold onto outmoded methods of distribution and old-fashioned book marketing techniques. Our business model embraces digital distribution and online marketing, and although we love to design and devour books that are produced in a printed form, we understand that the key to succeeding in the book industry in the coming decades won't be price points or corporate alliances; the key will be, as it always has been, matching the right author with the right audience, and doing so in an efficient, intelligent way. Although we publish fiction, our focus is non-fiction, and we'll be releasing approximately four non-fiction titles for each fiction title we publish. At this time, we do not publish coffee table books, art books, or children's books, and we cannot imagine ever being interested in publishing poetry or plays. We are primarily interested in books about the art of photography or about photographers, but we will also publish fiction that is connected, in an important way, to pop culture, particularly to movements in film or genres of popular music.

VSP Publishing

United States

VSP Publishing is an independent book publisher firmly committed to opening the way to all the writers whose lives and ideas gave them the ability to better the world. Our editorial line centers mainly on fictitious works with stories allowing the craziest dreams, and on non-fictitious works with serious, sensitives an responsibles themes, such as feminism, human rights, ecology, environment, religions, politics, economics, medicine. Our team supports authors through each rigorous step leading to the publication of a book: editing, design, production and distribution, sales, marketing, public relations. We provide them with the best tools, the best services, so that their stories, their lives and ideas may spread on every continent.

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