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Random House Inc.

New York [United States]

Paperback, hardcover, bestselling fiction, non-fiction, children's, leading teenage, romances, westerns, sci-fi, popular psychology, sociology, reference, dictionaries, classics, audio cassettes.

Melville House Publishing

New York City [United States]

Melville House is an independent publisher located in Brooklyn, New York. Melville House is also well-known for its fiction, with two Nobel Prize winners on its list: Imre Kertesz and Heinrich Boll. In particular, the company has developed a world-wide reputation for its rediscovery of forgotten international writers — its translation of a forgotten work by Hans Fallada, Every Man Dies Alone, launched a world-wide phenomenon. The company also takes pride in its discovery of many first-time writers — such as Lars Iyer (Spurious), Tao Lin (Shoplifting from American Apparel), Jeremy Bushnell (The Weirdness) and Christopher Boucher (How to Keep Your Volkswagen Alive) — all of whom have gone on to greater success.

Eggplant Literary Productions

Bolingbrook [United States]

Eggplant Literary Productions is a small electronic press, specializing in speculative fiction. We love fantasy, science fiction and horror in all it's myriad flavors. Our first and foremost goal is to publish entertaining and thought provoking stories in electronic format. It has always been our belief that e-zines and e-books are the perfect vehicles to publish uniquely formatted stories that aren't possible in print. Meta-fiction that may or may not rely on hyperlinks, novellas which are too long for magazine publication but too short to be printed as standalone novels, interstitial fiction that has a limited audience that precludes wide-spread distribution in physical stores: these are the stories we want to find and share with readers. Eggplant is dedicated to publishing attractive and affordable e-books. We put an emphasis on readability and accessibility, accomplished by creating standout covers, clean text and eschewing DRM. We respect our readers and trust that they have a vested interest in our success. Our commitment to our readers extends to our pricing structure. Eggplant e-books will always be priced less than the cost of a mass market paperback. We are staunch supporters of the arts and those that create them. The most prominent way we show this support is through the partnership we've forged with authors and artists, offering fair terms within our contracts.

Rhemalda Publishing

Moses Lake [United States]

Rhemalda Publishing's mission is to provide high-quality books through careful treatment of manuscripts by working hand-in-hand with authors so as not to take away, but enhance, the original vision for the written word.

More Short Stories

Tampa [United States]

More Short Stories is a website by short story writers for short story readers. We publish interesting short stories in a variety of genres and by beginning writers as well as proficient writers. Take a look at what we have, read some stories, and be sure to give us your opinion. Leave comments, rate the stories, and be sure to share with your friends the ones you enjoy.

Books Launch Vast New Possibilities (BLVNP) Incorporated

Walnut [United States]

BLVNP has had vast Internet Success as well as Standard Publishing Success over the years since it was founded in 2003. BLVNP brings to the market a wide range of book genres, across both digital and traditional platforms. We embrace adventurous themes and we aggressively use new techniques and social media profiles to bring readers the entertainment they crave and writers the success they deserve. We collaborate with authors to publish unparalleled and exceptional books. These books will ensure our readers' enjoyment which in turn will contribute to making their lives better. We hope to assist in achieving a stress-free life, to cultivate imagination in children, and to promote fun projects for adults. BLVNP is NOT a vanity press. We believe in giving credit where it is due.

F + W Publications, Inc

Cincinnati [United States]

F+W Publications is an international leader in special interest book publishing. Best known for quality titles in the areas of practical art and fantasy drawing instruction, crafts, woodworking, scrapbooking, graphic design and writing reference.

Dancing Lmeur Press, L.L.C.

Pikeville [United States]

Our mission, our vision, our goal ... Our trademark is not just a logo - the Dancing Lemur represents optimism, enthusiasm and belief. We strive to publish works that uplift and inspire, encouraging the reader to explore and discover while remaining morally grounded. At the heart of our science fiction, New Adult/YA, and fantasy lies positive relationship dynamics, optimistic attitudes and non-salacious material. Our non-fiction offers insightful information, uplifting ideas and real-life opportunities. Our goal is to provide hope for the reader's dreams and aspirations. Share the vision and come dance with us!

Alfresco Press

Seminole [United States]

Alfresco Press"Publishing outside the box..." So, what does that mean?al•fres•co (ăl-frĕs´-cō) adj or adv : Taking place or located in the open air : OUTDOORSIn other words, outside the mainstream, not confined by genre, offering some fresh perspectives...and, we hope, beyond your expectations.We only accept original material which has never been published elsewhere, including on the web. Simultaneous submissions are okay with us.Our natural predilection is for fiction, either novels or short story collections. This doesn't mean we're strictly averse to nonfiction submissions, merely that they ought to be decidedly other than mainstream fare. The best way to gauge our perspective is to read what we publish. Our tastes are somewhat eclectic, our views open-minded, and our editorial policies rather liberal. We're interested in bringing the reading public something fresher than what's normally stocked on the shelves. This publishing venture was motivated by belief in the lingering power of the written word, its ability to be provocative or transformative, to alter or to heal, and by what was perceived as a need for an alternative outlet. We regard narrow genre classifications as marketing ploys run amok. A writer's ability to tell a story well is much more important than figuring out what shelf to put the book on. To give you some clues, however, we tend to prefer what was once called speculative fiction (what if...? stories, for lack of a better description). Also magic realism, alternative history, steam punk, and the like. These options seem to leave more elbow room and scope for provocative ideas.

New Worlds Fiction

Hillsborough [United States]

New Worlds Fiction provides a place for beginning fantasy and science fiction authors to submit work for critique and publishing. Publishing costs nothing, and we will consider all submissions regardless of whether the author has requested a critique. An author whose work is published will receive no payment for their work, aside from a bio page on the site.

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