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Oxfam Publishing GB

Oxford [United Kingdom]

Oxfam is an international development agency. It publishes in the fields of international affairs, economics, development, health, gender and disaster relief. It produces online resources (policy and research papers, programme learning, training and learning packs, and evaluation materials) on a free open access basis at www.oxfam.org.uk/policyandpractice, co-publishes books and digital packages for a development professional audience with Practical Action Publishing, and co-publishes with commercial partners for children and general trade.

Dunedin Academic Press

Edinburgh [United Kingdom]

Small independent publisher of academic titles based in Edinburgh but with international . Special areas of focus include earth sciences, education policy, early medieval history, health and social care.

Whitelocke Publications Limited

United Kingdom

Named after the 17th century English lawyer and parliamentarian Bulstrode Whitelocke, Whitelocke Publications specialises in scholarly books in Law, Philosophy, History, Theology, and Cultural Studies. Our strengths lie in the speed with which we respond to authors' queries, the highly-personalised service we offer our authors, and the enthusiasm and determination with which we are set on marketing and selling our authors' books. We publish books on international law, constitutional law, criminal law, civil law, administrative law, private international law, history of law, comparative law, comparative legal history, philosophy of law, jurisprudence, legal theory, Roman law, commercial law, intellectual property law, human rights law, European Union law, industrial law, taxation law, forensic medicine, law and ethics, conveyancing law, notarial law, company law, trust law, procedural law, environmental law, family law, divorce law, aviation law, in all aspects, be they international, comparative, national, historical... Our mission is to partner with and market new authors while maintaining high academic standards and developing intercultural understanding. Our focus is on early career academics and others who are trying to get their first books published. We take a supportive and enabling approach with authors and send copies of their books to leading libraries and for review in academic journals.

Global Oriental Ltd.

Folkestone [United Kingdom]

2008-9 marks further growth in our reference titles on Japan, Korea and China, as well as Inner Asia and the language of Asia. Global Oriental provides scholars with a robust, independent voice across all disciplines in East Asian and Inner Asian studies.

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