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AEL Data

London [United Kingdom]

AEL Data provides end-to-end content-related technological solutions and services for publishers. We help to create, enhance, distribute, protect and manage your valuable digital assets. We are specialised in digitisation, ePublishing, and the design and development of software solutions for web and mobile platforms. We develop eBooks, audio/talking books, interactive and enhanced eBooks, edutainment books and Book as an APP. We also provide mobile application development services to publish digitised content in mobile devices such as iPad, iPhone, Android smartphones and tablets. Our team of 600+ highly skilled and experienced professionals is dedicated to providing our clients with the best possible solutions and services to meet their requirements. We have three state-of-the-art development centers in India and customer service offices in the US, Malaysia and UK.

AMA DataSet Ltd

Preston [United Kingdom]

AMA Dataset has a 160 yr history in the print industry. The business has evolved and stayed ahead of the curve by developing innovative solutions to support Publishers and organisations who produce digital and printed Directories, guides, catalogues, indexes and yearbooks. AMA AUTOSET gives book and directory publishers a rapid, efficient means of creating and editing pages for publication. With AMA's proprietary Content Management System (CMS)at its core, AUTOSET gives users a powerful and flexible editorial tool, enabling much faster typesetting of publications than is possible using traditional manual methods. AUTOSET offers very significant benefits to publishers, especially where a large amount of information needs to be gathered from many different sources, for example an annual directory. Automating the editing process speeds up your information gathering, reduces the cost and time for proofing and enables you to produce a more accurate and up to date printed publication. Fully customised web portals enable editors to create, amend, proof and sign off complete pages online, in real time, with no paperwork needed. Multiple remote users can edit their pages online - with access levels determined by you - while the editorial team can check progress and proof any entry in real time. A change log provides immediate notification when an entry is updated. Indexing is automatic, saving time and ensuring accuracy with no omissions. The system will layout pages automatically in the style you require, and can easily accommodate different formats for the same publication, for example, A4 or pocket sized, with minimal intervention from the editor. Section pages, images, fillers, table of contents and cross-index can be compiled all at the same time, saving time in production. And auto pagination means that you can calculate the precise length of the copy at any stage. AUTOSET can produce typically 250 pages per minute, allowing you to make amendments up to the last possible moment in the publishing process, with proofing and re-proofing at no extra cost. Once the publication is signed off, the system provides a finished press ready proof at the touch of a button. We custom build these interfaces for publishers around the world and specialise in multilingual data management including Right-to-left languages such as Arabic or Chinese, in addition to managing works with scientific or mathematical special characters.

HL Studios

Witney [United Kingdom]

Since 1985 HL Studios has been producing books and illustrations for publishers worldwide.
There are shortcuts to many things, but there are no shortcuts to experience.

Beamreach Printing

West Yorkshire [United Kingdom]

Book Printing: Short run and long run printing. Print on demand or printing to stock. Black and white or colour. Free specification advice, quotations, case binding, limp binding, jackets, litho, digital, specialist finishes, storeage, print management. Typesetting, repro, e-books, book scanning, PDF creation and manipulation.

Data Standards Ltd

Frome [United Kingdom]

Data Standards are a typesetting company specialising in producing publications from straight books to complex reference material. Our niche is handling structured source data, for example, Database extractions and XML. We can also offer an on-demand typesetting service.

Siliconchips Services Ltd

London [United Kingdom]

We at Siliconchips Services serve clients in publishing industry to help them overcome day-to-day challenges they face in pre-press publishing processes. We have undertaken some complex prepress projects and delivered exceptional results with minimal involvement of our clients. This allow our clients to focus on the high end area of revenue generating activities. We are a London based company offering the global means to provide a competitive advantage in bespoke end to end publishing services. Our experienced and expert team will handle almost any job related to: • Publishing Services • eBook Conversion Services • Copyediting Services • Typesetting Services • Content Production Services • XML for Journals • Scanning & OCR • Translation Services • Creative Services • Printing Services Contact us http://www.siliconchips-services.com/


London [United Kingdom]

WorldAccent has been providing high-quality foreign language services to publishers and designers since 1989. With our years of experience in the translation industry, we are adept at handling complex multilingual projects, and our flexible workflows can be adapted to a range of scenarios. We are committed to maximising quality and value for our clients through use of the latest technology. We were pioneers in the use of personal computers for multilingual electronic typesetting, and our in-house team can professionally reproduce your documents in any language you require. Our thoroughness and typographic attention to detail are second to none. Contact us for a free quote for your language project.

Market House Books Ltd

Aylesbury [United Kingdom]

Market House Books Ltd specialize in the typesetting and compilation of reference books. In the 35 years of its existence some 180 major reference books (including the APA Dictionary of Psychology and Collins English Dictionary) have been produced.

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