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Triarchy Press

Axminster, United Kingdom

Triarchy Press aims to disseminate and publish information, and to foster knowledge-sharing, learning and debate in the following areas: Organization Studies Leadership Business Ethics Organizational Strategy Organizational Behaviour Human Resources Management Corporate Social Responsibility Broadly speaking, we are talking about how organizations work, how people work in organizations and how to make both work better. For now, we limit our use of the terms 'organizations' to human organizations and we apply the usual definition of a group of people who come together with the aim of achieving a common objective (although, as in the case of an organization as broad as a society, the coming together may be enforced and the objective implicit or even unacknowledged). At times we are also prepared to extend the definition of organization to include 'how things are organized', whether those things be the health service, the legal system, primary education or whatever. We are open to using all available media to do this, principally printed publications and seminars and their electronic equivalents.

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