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FCM Publishing

Southampton, United Kingdom

Because every author and every book that is written is unique, so is the service that we provide. Please contact us at any stage of your writing process and we will put together a package that suits you and your book perfectly. We will support and guide you through all the stages of your book from initial concept through to publishing both in print and as an ebook. Our marketing team can then get to work telling the world why they should read your book! For Non Fiction authors, book sales are important but so is using your book as a platform for public speaking, interviews and media interest. We help you to make the most of your expertise. Your book will probably represent many months of late nights, frustration and countless re-writes. Even the most experienced authors will be unsure about their finished manuscript, which is why the back up of a professional editing/publishing team is so important to give you the proper perspective and encouragement that will give your book the best possible chance of success. FCM Publishing UK is the perfect balance when publishing your work. You remain in creative control, whilst being supported by a publishing house. We have access to distributers for both print and ebooks, we can also provide a POD service as well as marketing & PR.

CGW Publishing

Birmingham, United Kingdom

CGW Publishing is an independent publisher specialising in business and non-fiction books for authors who want to build a service business around their intellectual property. We work with a wide range of expert business authors, and we work with selected creative authors too. We have a second imprint which is reserved for religious and spiritual books which is 'Revelation'.

Access publishing international

Birmingham, United Kingdom

CGW Publishing has been supporting authors for over 10 years. We are a full service independent publisher, working closely with all of our authors to help them develop both their books and their businesses. While we have a great deal of expertise and experience in supporting business authors, we do work with selected creative authors too. Find out more about all of our books and authors on the 'Books' page. You can buy all of our books in any online or High Street book shop, and you can also buy selected titles as ebooks and audio books. ebooks are available through Amazon Kindle, Apple iBooks and many other good ebook retailers. Authors should take a look at the 'Authors' page. Our author contracts are flexible and recognise a true partnership between author and publisher. We follow the Publishers Association's Code of Practice on Author Contracts and build unique relationships with our authors that recognise their own needs and plans. By publishing with us, you will have our full support as well as access to our unparalleled expertise in building a service business around your intellectual property.

Mirador Publishing

Langport, United Kingdom

Mirador Publishing have a good track record of helping new authors actually sell their novels. In the days of self publishing getting a new book published is easy, the challenge is trying to get it noticed without breaking the bank. Check our success rates on our website, We are proud of our authors and support them totally

Penrose Publishing

Felixstowe, United Kingdom

Penrose Publishing aim to give authors more support and more say than they would normally have with agents and major publishing houses.

Seereer Heritage Press

London, United Kingdom

Seereer Heritage Press is the imprint and publishing house of the Seereer Resource Centre (SRC). It is an important part of the SRC's overall model, and helps it in its mission to preserve and promote Seereer heritage by publishing and distributing works relating to Seereer cultural identity. Our primary activities are the publication and distribution of print books, e-Books and audio books relating to Seereer history, culture and religion (a ∆≠at Roog). As well as publishing books which are important to Seereer cultural identity, we also publish history and culture related books about Senegal, The Gambia and Mauritania (the three main countries where the Seereer people are found). To learn about their submission guidelines or submit your manuscript, visit their website at : or write to them at : Seereer Heritage Press 152-160 Kemp House City Road London Greater London United Kingdom EC1V 2NX

BK Books

Coleford, United Kingdom

Children's book publisher based in the UK. Specialise in animated interactiveCD-ROM and audio books at highly competitive prices.

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