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Internet Bookshop Italia S.r.l.

Assago [Italy]

IBS.IT is the most visited e-commerce site in Italy and it offers a catalogue that includes: 480.000 Italian books, 1.200.000 English books, 70.000 music CDs, 21.000 movies on DVD and more than 3.000 videogames.

Text Publishing

Melbourne [Australia]

An award-winning, distinctive, independent Australian publisher of a broad range of quality fiction and non-fiction titles for adults and young adults.

Ha!art Corporation Foundation

Krakow [Poland]

Ha!art Corporation is an independent publishing house run by a group of young writers, curators, artists and editors who were born in the 1970s and 80s. Its main fields of activity include publishing a quarterly review, running a publishing office and a bookstore, operating a website and organizing festivals, workshops and conferences. What mostly interests people running Ha!art are new phenomena in culture.

Hyperion A Unit of ABC, Inc. A Division of The Walt Disney Company

New York [United States]

Hyperion, founded in 1991, publishes general-interest fiction and non-fiction hardcover, trade, and mass-market paperback books for adults and includes the Voice, ABC Daytime Press, Hyperion East, and Miramax imprints. Hyperion is the adult trade book publishing unit of ABC, Inc.

Nouveau Monde Editions

Paris [France]

History / biographies, cinema and media historical novels.

Fanucci Editore S.R.L.

Roma [Italy]

Publisher with over 20 years experience, specialising in science-fiction, fantasy and horror. In October 2005, Fanucci Publishing House opened up a new collection named Teens. The Teens Collection aims at giving a chance for reading, fun and meditation to a hidden public that has often been under valuated but has contributed to create some of last years’ most outstanding successes. We’re referring to the so-called young adults or teenagers (14-18 yrs), people just coming out of adolescence who usually give up reading books because they do not find in them any significant reference to their world and their own problems. A series of sudden and unpredictable hits such as Federico Moccia’s novels Tre metri sopra il cielo (Ten Feet over the sky) and Ho voglia di te (I Want You) as well as the movie Notte prima degli esami (The Night Before the Exam) has made it perfectly clear that all teenagers are more than willing to read when facing a product they consider near to their sensibilities and their visions. Their approach to such products has been so enthusiastic and involved that in a few months they’ve found themselves at the heart of a social and commercial phenomenon of national relevance. Obviously, Fanucci detains all TV and Film rights of the novels, whose sinopsies are available on-line in English.

Sunstone Press Publisher

Providing books, movie and TV rights, and more.

Aspire Magazine


Aspire Magazine is an inspirational magazine aimed at building up young people as distinct individuals who can craft their future and serve as positive influence to society.


Hanoi [Vietnam]

I'm a publisher. My website have 10000 visit/day.

JR Books Ltd

London [United Kingdom]

Launched in 2007, JR Books is an exciting new name in publishing. Headed by Jeremy Robson and backed by the Quarto Publishing Group, it publishes mainly non-fiction books across a wide range of subjects.

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