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Ediciones Siruela S.A.

Madrid [Spain]

Contemporary fiction and non-fiction books, art books, World's religions studies and sources, young readers fiction, philosophical essay.

Libros del Asteroide

Barcelona [Spain]

Independent publishing company of general fiction, biography and memoirs, established in 2004.

Acantilado Quaderns Crema, S.A.

Barcelona [Spain]

Contemporary fiction, classics, essays, philosophy, poetry, art, music.

Editorial Oceano S.L.

Barcelona [Spain]

Publisher of reference books, encyclopedias, technical, historical, geographical and art series. Children's books of high scientific rigour and colour illustrations. Multimedia editions (DVD) and CD-ROM), also publisher of travel guides and fiction.

RBA Holding Editorial S.A.

Barcelona [Spain]

RBA Coleccionables are publishers of partworks and RBA Revistas publishers of magazines including National Geographic. RBA Libros is a trade publisher of fiction, crime, non-fiction, self-help and children's books.

Lengua de Trapo S.L.

Madrid [Spain]

Contemporary Spanish and Hispanoamerican fiction, foreign fiction, essays and rescued rarities. We are an independent Spanish publishing house since 1995, known for our high quality literature and for taking the risk of publishing new authors.

Alba Editorial, S.L.

Barcelona [Spain]

Founded 1993. A literary publishing house specializing in finely produced classics, quality fiction and non-fiction.

Sandra Bruna Agencia Literaria, SL

Barcelona [Spain]

Literary Agency representing Spanish and Catalan authors and foreign representations for both adult and children's books, fiction and non-fiction.

Antonio Machado Libros S.A.

Madrid [Spain]

Art studies, philosophy, fiction, music and history books of the classics and the more innovative writers.

Editorial Casals, S.A.

Barcelona [Spain]

Set up in 1870, Casals aims to encourage children to read and learn. It offers a wide range of educational books, activity books, fiction for readers from 6 to 16 years old, comics and biographies for youngsters.

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