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Kalandraka Editora

Pontevedra, Spain

Kalandraka produces picture books for children with the highest literary and artistic quality to make them learn how to enjoy reading since their first years of life. We want them to find the endless possibilities hidden on every page of a book.

Lynx Edicions

Barcelona, Spain

Lynx Edicions is a publishing house committed to providing high-quality natural history books since 1989. Our children's literature collection is designed to transmit our love of nature and our experience in the fields of natural history books. The books present original stories set in the natural world and aim to inspire young readers to greater discovery and protection of the environments.

Editorial Oceano S.L.

Barcelona, Spain

Publisher of reference books, encyclopedias, technical, historical, geographical and art series. Children's books of high scientific rigour and colour illustrations. Multimedia editions (DVD) and CD-ROM), also publisher of travel guides and fiction.

Grupo Anaya

Madrid, Spain

Spanish group of companies that publish educational books, Spanish and foreign literature for children and adults, reference and trade books, among others.

Editorial Juventud, S.A.

Barcelona, Spain

High quality picture books of the most representative authors and illustrators around the world.

OQO Editora S.L.

Pontevedra, Spain

OQO publish in Spanish, English, French, Portuguese, Galician and Catalunian language. Picture books with the best quality, has been awarded with the most important children's books prizes.

Grup 62

Barcelona, Spain

Grup 62, with a total of 18 publishing imprints, covers the full range of literary genres and all types of publishing. It publishes Catalan and Spanish authors and translations of the works of foreign writers. It has a specific division for children’s and juvenile books.

Cossetània Edicions Imatge 9 S L

Valls Tarragona, Spain

Basically Catalan books edition about different subjects. Throw into relief in our catalogue; mountain guides and cook books, moreover we also dispose of an important catalogue with history books, essay books, literature books, traditions books, etc.


Madrid, Spain

El título provisional de mi opúsculo es VENEZUELA XXI: La Revolución de la Estupidez (alrededor de 170 páginas, y 8 ilustraciones). Trata el tema de la estupidez (definida según la Real Academia) como una condición síquica que afecta gravemente el devenir histórico de Venezuela en el siglo XXI. Ofrece una serie de soluciones enfocados al futuro renacimiento de esa nación. Prohibida su publicación en Caracas luego que el autor, Dr. Gonzalo Palacios Galindo, publicara “Desde Watergate hasta Chávez: diplomáticos, espías y farsantes en la capital del Imperio” Caracas, ACTUM, 2008.

Santillana Ediciones Educativas

Madrid, Spain

Educational books, reference books, cartography. Spanish as a foreign language.

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