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Dongascience Co. Ltd.

Seoul [South Korea]

DongaScience is a company representing science as culture, which publishes 'Science Donga', the leading monthly science magazine boasting 22 years biweekly 'Children Science Donga', and contributes science-related contents to the DongA ilbo Daily and its online newspaper. Donga Science has been endeavoring to publish books that deliver enjoyable and enlightening contents obtained from the fast developing science media.

Moonji Publishing Co., Ltd.

Seoul [South Korea]

Moonji Publishing Co., has published more than 1.700 representative titles in the field of literature, humanities, and social sciences since established in 1975. The company organized Isan Literature Prize.

Sakyejul Publishing Ltd

Paju-si Gyeonggi-do [South Korea]

Sakyejul was founded as a humanities and social science publisher in 1982, and has grown to be one of the largest and best-known publishers in Korea. Over the years, Sakyejul has succeeded in expanding its focus into new areas (children's lit., etc.).

Iljinsa Publishing Company

Seoul [South Korea]

Established in 1978, the company is specialized in technical area, including textbooks for juniors. ILJINSA owns the brand, YesinBooks publishes on hobby, food recipes, and so on. The president of ILJINSA is Mr. Lee, Jung il who was a chairman of Korean Publishers Association(KPA), 2002-2004.


Seoul [South Korea]

YJmaru publishes educational books focusing on Mathematics and Science. YJmaru also publishes science experiment books and kits. Online lectures are also serviced.

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