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Designhouse Inc.

Seoul, South Korea

Established in 1976, Designhouse Inc. is a media communication company which publishes monthly magazines and non-fictions which could contribute to raising the quality of life through design, culture, and art.

Dongascience Co. Ltd.

Seoul, South Korea

DongaScience is a company representing science as culture, which publishes 'Science Donga', the leading monthly science magazine boasting 22 years biweekly 'Children Science Donga', and contributes science-related contents to the DongA ilbo Daily and its online newspaper. Donga Science has been endeavoring to publish books that deliver enjoyable and enlightening contents obtained from the fast developing science media.

Korean Publishers Association

Seoul, South Korea

With a membership of 890 publishers in Korea, Korean Publishers Association (KPA) is the main voice of the nation's publishing industry, publishing ,,Korean Publishing Journal" and Korean Publication Yearbook".

Korea Literature Translation Institute

Seoul, South Korea

Korea Literature Translation Institute is a government-funded organization committed to increasing the awareness of Korean literature all over the world.

Woongjin Thinkbig Co., Ltd.

Seoul, South Korea

Since its establishment in 1980, Woongjin ThinkBig Co., Ltd. has been enjoying its reputation of high quality publisher by contributing to shape the unique map of Korean publishing industry through lots of quality books.

BookTopia Inc.

Seoul, South Korea

BookTopia has a contents pool that provides eBook contents through over 1,000 contracted publishers and most of Major authors. Most recently, Book-Topia developed the Ubiquitous book for the first time in the world.

Moonji Publishing Co., Ltd.

Seoul, South Korea

Moonji Publishing Co., has published more than 1.700 representative titles in the field of literature, humanities, and social sciences since established in 1975. The company organized Isan Literature Prize.

Archiworld Publishers Co., Ltd.

Seoul, South Korea

Archiworld is an international publisher of books on the most wide ranging aspects of architecture, interior, landscape and urban design.

Korea Culture & Content Agency

Seoul, South Korea

Public organization that promotes activities relevant to development of Korean cultural content business including animation, music, character, comics, games and mobile and internet content.

Damdi Publishing Co.

Seoul, South Korea

Damdi Publishing Co. is a newly founded company established on Sept. 16, 2002. It has cherished the philosophy of publishing quality books and making the world richer. It publishes books solely on architectural designs.

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