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Gilbut Children Publishing Co., Ltd

Gyeonggi, South Korea

Founded in 1995, we’ve been publishing more than 120 titles loved by both children and parents in Korea. With our books with the quality text and illustrations, we’ve been known as one of the leading Korean picture book publishers. In spite of its short history, Korean picture book publishing has been growing so fast, and we’re proud that we’ve played an important role in it.“Introduce better picture books to more children” is our vision. It’s not limited only for Korean children, but we also want to show our books to children abroad; Gilbut has consistently manned an exhibition booth at the international Bologna Children’s Book Fair since 2000 to introduce Korean illustrated books to foreigners. Our titles are being published all over the world translated into Japanese, Chinese, English, French and German. In addition, Gilbut plans to expand its scope beyond original illustrated works and also focus on information and educational books for upper elementary students.

Jaimimage Publication Co.

Gyeonggi, South Korea

Jaimimage has been trying to publish books to resemble the mind of our cheerful children who have no stick, to let them give different voices to anything without difficulty, to lead them to the larger universality of culture and internationalism. Our company understands the development of children's books as a concept of market and to stipulate our children as special human beings.

Borim Press

Gyeonggi, South Korea

Borim Press has delighted and inspired children with its artistry and storytelling since its inception in 1976. Both children and adults can enjoy unparalleled quality and innovative spirit faithfully reflected on its Picture Books, Korean Art Gallery Series, Jinkyeong Series and Music Collection.

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