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My eBook

Johannesburg, South Africa

We specialize in the conversion of author manuscripts from MS Word, PDF, In Design source files into the most popular eBook formats for all devices. We also help authors publish their eBooks online, we have great experience in publishing and marketing through Amazon.


Johannesburg, South Africa

Africa's #1 Job Board and career advice connecting employers, recruiters and jobseekers. Over 1 million registered African professionals worldwide search fresh job listings posted daily.

The Institute for Corporate Social Development - ICSD

Johannesburg, South Africa

The ICSD Creates Public, Corporate and Political Awareness regarding Corporate Social Investment, responsibility and Sustainability through various media,training, associations and partnerships with local and global organisations that advocates commitment within these and related areas. We strive for the advancement towards an economically-just and environmentally- sustainable society as we embrace the way for new standards of corporate citizenship. South Africa has carved a foothold as one of the global destinations of choice, showcasing the collective will of South African society to tackle the challenges of economic growth, job creation, education and environmental issues through various Corporate Social Investment initiatives. For these reasons the ICSD proudly introduces the first of its kind, Corporate Social Review magazine, a comprehensive source of CSI and sustainability information, current and relevant business news integrated to identify common shared values within commercial, economic and social activity. The ICSD provides various media and communications platforms for Corporations / Organisations / Government and its agencies to publicize and promote their Corporate Social Investment programs and initiatives, sustainability endeavours, environmental commitment and corporate governance and other related news and information. The ICSD encourages and promotes the commitment of Corporate Business to investment in various programmes related to training and development, the environment, Health and Safety and all facets of business and education. The ICSD aims to create mutually beneficial associations between non profit organizations and corporations through targeted corporate philanthropy. This belief is entrenched in the understanding that successful economies the world over are characterized by the strong and strategic nature of the engagement between the public and private sector.

Wits University Press

Johannesburg, South Africa

Wits University Press is strategically placed at the crossroads of African and global knowledge production and dissemination. We are committed to publishing well-researched, innovative books for both academic and general readers. Our areas of focus include art and heritage, popular science, history and politics, biography, literary studies, women’s writing and select textbooks.

Buka Publications

Johannesburg, South Africa

We are a young dynamic publishing company set up in South Africa in 2005. Since setting up our company, we have also registered internationally in the United Kingdom and in Ghana, West Africa where we have published a number of consumer magazines and books. In 2010 we opened our offices in South Africa and we are ready to work with our clients in achieving the highest standards in custom publications. We bring our international experience to bear in offering our clients exceptional products accompanied by exceptional service.

Kindle Books South Africa

Johannesburg, South Africa

eBook distribution. Cover Design. Editing for conversion to digital format (Kindle and others) and distribution to South African market.

Damaria Senne Media

Johannesburg, South Africa

Damaria Senne Media is a media development based in Gauteng. The company was founded in 2010. However, its team members are experienced writing and publishing veterans with decades of experience which spans journalism, publishing, broadcasting, digital media and corporate communications. Damaria Senne Media develops content for a number of businesses, non-government organisations clients and mainstream media. We also offer custom publishing services and work with mainstream publishing houses that outsource some of their books to us. Damaria is the author of several children's books including "Waking Up Grandma", and "The Doll That Grew" as well as "How to Get Quoted in the Media"

Sun Media Metro

Johannesburg, South Africa

Sun Media is integrated content manager and specialist supplier of publishing, design and printing services for the higher education market and private sector.

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