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Picsean Media

Bangalore [India]

Picsean Media provides New Media and Content Solutions to Publishers globally via their proprietary technology platforms Publishing++™ and EarthNXT™.
Publishing++™ is highly customizable Software as a Service (SaaS) platform that helps publishers monetize better via their new media initiatives for tablets and smartphones.
EarthNXT™ is a one stop Content Shop that helps Publishers feature trending content from award winning Photographers and Writers from over 200 countries.
Picsean Media was founded in 2009 and has teams working from Bangalore, Denver and London.

Atypon Systems, Inc.

Santa Clara [United States]

Atypon is the leading e-publishing technology provider to the information industry. We provide software, hosting and related services that help publishers and other content producers create and manage an online presence that maximises the internet.

InBetween Deutschland GmbH

Stuttgart [Germany]

InBetween steht seit über 15 Jahren als Synonym für hochperfomantes Dynamic- und Database-Publishing. Die Standard-Software InBetween erstellt regelbasiert, automatisiert und formatunabhängig Kataloge, Broschüren, Datenblätter, Preislisten und andere Medien. Mit InBetween erstellen Sie Ihre Publikationen für Marketing, Vertrieb und technische Dokumentation unternehmensweit künftig ressourcenschonender, schneller und effektiver.


Ontario [Canada]

Mygazines is a digital publishing software-as-a-service provider dedicated to revolutionizing the publishing industry.

CNI Corporation

Supplier of publishing and pre-press systems. Provides a range of systems and services, including hardware, software, networking, planning, integration, training and support.

CatBase Software Ltd.

Database publishing software to automate the production of catalogs, directories etc. using page layout programs such as QuarkXPress, InDesign and FrameMaker from a database.

Mizpah ePublihers India

offers e-publishing and web-publishing services of academic,scientific and technical books, journals, medical publications and software user manuals.

Smart Brochures

Electronic publishing software that creates e-brochures, e-catalogs, e-books and digital photo albums. Software features an easy-to-use point and click interface, no programming or HTML knowledge is required.


The Association for Suppliers of Printing , Publishing and Converting Technologies is a trade association who members manufacture and distribute equipment, systems, software, supplies used in printing, publishing and converting.

Serif Products

Developers of desktop publishing and graphics software, products include PhotoPlus and DrawPlus editing and drawing packages, as well as WebPlus, PagePlus, and 3DPlus.

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