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Greene and Heaton Ltd.

London [United Kingdom]

Literary agency handling general fiction, non-fiction and children's books in all markets. No film, TV or play scripts. More

The Seymour Agency

Canton, NY firm specializing in thrillers, literary novels and nonfiction stories. Contains information on upcoming events, titles in publication, and contact information. More

Riff Agency

Rio de Janeiro [Brazil]

Riff Agency works as a co-agent of international publishers and literary agents in Brazil and Portugal. An important list of Brazilian authors is also represented by the Riff Agency for domestic and foreign markets. More

Sanford J. Greenburger Associates Inc

New York [United States]

Literary Scouting firm, with clients located throughout Europe, Asia and Scandinavia. Greenburger is also a literary agency, with a number of best-selling authors, including Dan Brown and Nelson DeMille. More

Levine Greenberg Literary Agency

New York [United States]

We represent people, not just individual projects; more than selling books, we work as our clients, creative and business partners throughout the entire publishing process. More

Red Ink Literary Agency

New Delhi [India]

The Red Ink Literary Agency represents writings from South Asia with an international appeal. Contemporary fiction, from non-fiction to New Age and illustrated books. More

The Sagalyn Literary Agency

Bethesda [United States]

We are a literary agency based in the heart of Washington, D.C. and represent journalists, academics, thinkers, business writers, and novelists. We work primarily with the large New York houses, focusing on upmarket nonfiction, business books, and commercial fiction. In 2012, the Sagalyn Literary Agency formed a strategic alliance with ICM Partners, creating ICM/Sagalyn. More information on... More

Greyhaus Literary Agency

Puyallup [United States]

Represents only romance and women's fiction. Stories should be at least 75,000 words or targeted directly for a Harlequin line. Please review for specifics More

1st Armenian Literary Agency

Yerevan [Armenia]

The First Armenian Literary Agency was founded to promote Armenian literature abroad. More

Severn House Literary Agency

Sutton [United Kingdom]

A literary agent and book publisher specializing in hardcover and trade paperback fiction by authors wellknown in public libraries worldwide. More

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