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Publishing company profile: Omnia - Amsterdam Publisher, Amsterdam, Netherlands

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Omnia - Amsterdam Publisher is a non-profit publisher in the field of philosophy, religion and literature.
Omnia - Amsterdam Publisher has as objective: "Improving and disseminating discussions and views on the interface between literature, philosophy and religion. By its publications, Omnia - Amsterdam Publisher wishes to contribute to peace, happiness and a better world for everyone and everything".
Omnia - Amsterdam Publisher preferably publishes its books in license under the Creative Commons attribution, non-commercial. The publisher releases its titles as e-books in Pdf-format on its website. The titles may be viewed and downloaded free of charge. Printing of the titles is allowed for your own use or for educational purposes. Instructions for printing of the titles are included on the website. When publications of Omnia - Amsterdam Publisher may be included in curricula for education, the writer of the title and the publisher appreciate to be notified thereof.
Dissemination of the titles is allowed within the license of Creative Commons with attribution for non-commercial ends. Herewith the writers of the books and the publisher have confidence in the presentation of the works resembling the nature of the title and the objective of the publisher. Omnia - Amsterdam Publisher and the writer of the title appreciate to be notified of the further dissemination of their work.
Distribution for commercial purposes is only allowed after written permission of Omnia - Amsterdam Publisher and the author.
Omnia-Amsterdam Publisher is for the publication of its titles depending on the goodness and generosity of the writers who make their works available under the license Creative Commons Attribution, non-commercial. The writer and Omnia - Amsterdam Publisher assess whether the title fits within the portfolio of the publisher.
Omnia-Amsterdam Publisher is grateful to everyone who has contributed to the creation of its publications. Readers and users of publications by Omnia - Amsterdam Publisher may show their gratefulness by donations to charities of their choice.


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