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Caleidoscópio, edição e artes gráficas, SA

Casal de Cambra [Portugal]


Lisbon [Portugal]

Ésquilo is an independent house that publishes books mainly in areas such as Philosophy, History, Espirituality, Psychology and Human Relations, mythical and historic fiction, new scientific paradigms, and other topics related to new century vision.

QuidNovi-Edição e Conteüdos, S.A.

Matosinhos [Portugal]

Founded in 1995, QuidNovi established itself as the national provider of books to newspaper sales and an important contents producing enterprise.

Editorial Verbo, S.A.

Lisboa [Portugal]

After 46 years of existence, Verbo has concentrated its publications mainly in two areas: reference books (such as encyclopaedias, dictionaries and history compendiums) and books for young persons. University textbooks and essays are also worthy of mention.

Guimarães Editores, SA.

Lisboa [Portugal]

Publishers since 1899. Novels, poetry, theatre, philosophy and history. A wide range of Portuguese authors such as Agustina Bessa-Luis, Ferreira de Castro, Agostinho da Silva, Oliveira Martins, Fernado Pessoa,Nietzsche,Russell, Kafka .

Bertrand Editora, Lda.

Lisboa [Portugal]

A major Portuguese publisher with a very wide range of subjects, novels, thrillers, (photo)biographies, history of art, children's books, management. Our catalogues include renowned authors such as Aquilino Ribeiro and Vergilio Ferreira.

Chaves Ferreira

Lisboa [Portugal]

Publishes books with improved graphic quality of rare books, facsimiles, encyclopaedias, guides and history of art.

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