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Arab Scientific Publishers

Beirut, Lebanon

All Prints Distributors & Publishers s.a.l.

Beirut, Lebanon

All Prints Distributors and Publishers is one of the leading publishing houses in the Arab World and Middle East region. Operating out of Beirut since 1969 we are solidly established in the Arab Gulf region, the Levant, and North Africa. Our publications encompass a variety of topics and genres, covering major themes in both fiction and non-fiction categories. Translation is also one of our strong assets, employing a team of experts in the field, exclusively translating the works of the most renowned authors in the world. We also publish the works of major Arab authors, including several major political figures.

Hachette Antoine

Beirut, Lebanon

Hachette Antoine is a joint venture between international publishing leader Hachette Livre of France (founded 1826) and reputed Librairie Antoine of Lebanon (1933). Formed at the end of 2009, Hachette Antoine publishes school and extracurricular books in Arabic, French, and English as well as original works and translations (into Arabic) of general literature primarily for the Levant, Gulf, and North Africa. In addition to the variety of fiction and nonfiction genres published under its own imprint, Hachette Antoine boasts the eminent Naufal label with its plethora of famed Lebanese authors, along with children’s and youth’s publications of Beit Al Hikmat.

Al Iman Establishment

Beirut, Lebanon

Al Iman Establishment has paid special attention to the Quran, the holy book of Islam. Accordingly it released miscellaneous editions of Quran with interpretation (tafseer) and selected Haditu on its margin. It released new editions of Quran including meaning translation and text transliteration with coloring the main rules of modulation (Akham Al Fajweed).

Dar Shehrazad

Beirut, Lebanon

The oldest leader of Arabic childrens book and educational materials in the Arab world.

Dar El Ilm Lilmalayin

Beirut, Lebanon

Dar El Ilm Lilmalayin is the oldest and largest leading privately owned publishing and distribution house of Arabic books and educational materials in the Arab world.

Dar Al Kitab Al Alami

Beirut, Lebanon

Al Hadaek Group

Beirut, Lebanon

Dar Al Hadaek is an independent publishing house specialized in printing, publishing and distributing children’s books and magazines in the Arab world since 1987. It publishes two monthly magazines “Ahmad” magazine (8+) since 1987 and “Touta Touta” magazine (5+) since 2000 as well as books to all age groups. - The publishing house is a member of the following bodies: - Arab Children Book Publisher’s Forum - Lebanese Board on Books for Young People (LBBY) - The syndicate of Lebanese publishers - The syndicate of Arab publishers

al Mada for media,culture and arts

beirut, lebanon

Arab Diffusion Company

Beirut, Lebanon

For publishing & distribution, in different Arab cultural sides, and modernism the Arab heritage. It issues Al" Kashkoul as a monthly published magazines, distributes free on the internet. Publishing contemporary cultural issues in the Arab world.

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