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There are a total of 9 publishing companies in our database that publish in the Swahili language. These publishing firms publish a range of materials including Swahili books, Swahili e-books, Swahili magazines, Swahili newspapers...
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Longhorn Kenya Ltd

Nairobi [Kenya]

Longhorn Publishers is a leading provider of core and non-core learning materials within the East African region. Longhorn is a household visionary publisher of choice, with publications that are trusted by teachers and learners across the region. More

TellingTales Press


TellingTales Press seeks to set a steady ground for the landing of outstanding publications. Comprising of a team of professional individuals, TellingTales Press has immensely constituted its ventures with youth and women initiatives. The youth in this regard have progenies of ideas that, in one way or the other, intertwine with contemporary issues of the evolving world. The focal point has... More

Focus Publishers Ltd.

Nairobi [Kenya]

Focus Publishers Limited is a fast growing and dynamic Kenyan publishing firm with a vast range of book titles written by some of the best authors, both African and non-African. Focus Publishers' titles include creative African national and international award winning children and adult titles, some of which are translated into Spanish, Italian and Lithuanian. Our list boasts of scholarly... More

East African Educational Publishers

Nairobi [Kenya]

East African Educational Publishers Ltd is one of the largest Publishing Houses in Africa. Based in Nairobi, Kenya, we publish Creative Works, Theory and Criticism of African Literature and other Literary Texts. We publish Children's Stories in English, Kiswahili and other African Languages. We also publish School Books and Learning Materials for Students in East Africa and the whole world.... More

Evangel Publishing House

Nairobi [Kenya]

Evangel Publishing House is an indigenous Kenyan company that has consistently excelled in the area of publishing resources that nurture and equip Christians of every stage of life and at the same time provide general readership books that will prepare the reader for service to God, church and community. More

R. Koeppe Publisher

Cologne [Germany]

African Languages, Ethnography / Cultural Anthropology / African History. Grammars, Dictionaries and Collected Papers on major African Languages and the endangered Languages of Africa. African Oral Literatures (history, tales and proverbs) and their Analyses. More

Win2Bid eBooks

Athens [United States]

Win2Bid eBook auction site is a site created to help publishers easily publish their eBooks. Win2Bid eBook auction site allow the author to accurately gauge a price for his or her eBook by allowing site visitors to bid on your eBooks. The site was started with one idea in mind : low price eBooks for customers. The fun, auction venue allows for bidding, buy it now, and lower pricing structures More

Mture Educational Publishers

Dar es Salaam [Tanzania]

A leading Quality Oriented Educational Publisher with Quality Textbooks, Course books, Supplementary Books, Readers, Wall Charts and Dictionaries (Kamusi) for Pre-schools, Primary Schools, Secondary Schools and Colleges. Most of Our Books are Accreditted by The Ministry of Education to be used for teaching and learning in Tanzanian Schools. We have over 22 book titles which are passed by KIE and... More

Oxford University Press Tanzania

Dar-es salaam [Tanzania]

Oxford University Press (T) Limited is a leading publishing company in the country. we have all books categories from local curriculum (primary to secondary) and higher learn like medicine for doctors also we have books for engineers,and Mwalimu Julius Kambarage Nyerere history books and dictionaries. You All welcome More

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