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Collins Bartholomew

Glasgow [United Kingdom]

Times, Collins and Bartholomew have long been synonymous with quality map creation and delivery. Owned by HarperCollins Publishers since 1985, the mapping business has been an integral part of Collins Division, since September 2001.Visit our latest website for all the latest information on our World renowned Times Atlas range. www.timesatlas.com More

Livraria Civilização Editora

Porto [Portugal]

Literautre (Poruguese and foreign authors), hisotry, geography, biogrphy, art, children's books, generalities. More

QuidNovi-Edição e Conteüdos, S.A.

Matosinhos [Portugal]

Founded in 1995, QuidNovi established itself as the national provider of books to newspaper sales and an important contents producing enterprise. More

Minutos de Leitura

Lisboa [Portugal]

A new publisher, exlusively dedicated to children's and juvenile books. Have been working with co-editions and foreign rights, but also with projects of new Portuguese authors and illustrators. More

Climepsi Sociedad Hédico Psicologica, Lda.

Lisboa [Portugal]

Publisher in Portuguese of psychology, medical, nursing and health books. More

Arteplural Edições Lda.

Cascais [Portugal]

Publisher of practical guides, travel guides, gift-books and YA fiction with nation-wide distribution. O Quinto Selo imprint publishes romantic, historical, noir and chick-lit fiction. Main authors: Ian Fleming, Marian Keyes, Nora Roberts. More

Martin Meidenbauer Verlagsbuchhandlung

Munich [Germany]

Wir publizieren für Forschung, Lehre und berufliche Praxis: Geistes-und Gesellschaftswissenschaften, Medien und Kultur. Dissertationen, Habilitationen, Berichte, Editionen, Fach-und Lehrbücher. More

Actual Editora Conjuntura Actual Editora

Lisboa [Portugal]

Actual Editora is a young publishing company, specialized in business, management and economic titles. More

Publishing House 'Siesta'

Tbilisi [Georgia]

Publishing House 'Siesta' had been operating since 2004 translating and publishing world classics, poetry, drama, children's literature and much more. More

Blackbetty Mobilmedia GmbH

Vienna [Austria]

Tätigkeitsschwerpunkte sind die Entwicklung, Produktion und Vermarktung von "Mobile Content". Hauptprodukt sind die von uns entwickelten MOBILEBOOKS: Literarische Anwendungen für mobile Endgeräte (Mobiltelefone, Smartphones...). More

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