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Editorial Presença

Barcarena [Portugal]

General fiction. Children & young adult's books. Fantasy & Science fiction. Non-fiction: social sciences, history, philosophy, general science, reference books. Arts. Art techniques. Business. Computer. Self-help. Esoterics. Foreign languages. More

Editora Positivo

Curitiba [Brazil]

Editora Positivo is one of the largest Brazilian publishing companies. It holds the publishing rights of the most important dictionary of the Portuguese language. Yet, our publishing core is in the educational books and textbooks for schools. More

Edições SM

São Paulo [Brazil]

Formar leitores críticos, que encontrem prazer na leitura e descortinem novos horizontes pelas páginas dos livros, é um dos principais objetivos da Educação. Um conjunto de recursos integrados, que alia subsídios didáticos e tecnologia para potencializar o processo de ensino e aprendizagem, tanto para o professor como para o aluno. More

Todolivro Distribudora Ltda.

Blumenau [Brazil]


Qual Albatroz

Lisbon [Portugal]

We are a three people team fueled by a special passion for books and stories. In our own workshop we print and bind our own books using sustainable and traditional techniques. We also publish a few offset printed books and e-books. We are interested in Children's books, Comic Books and Art Books or Author's Books. More

Ambar-Ideias No Papel

Porto [Portugal]

Ambar was founded (stationery products) in 1939 and is a publishing house since 1980 (fiction, non-fiction and books for children). In our Catalogue the quality (design, materials and contents) are our main goal. More

iCharacter Ltd.

Dublin [Ireland]

Children are not born with knowledge of the virtues; they need to learn what they are. As parents, we are responsible to teach our children to care deeply about the good. Our mission is to help parents and caregivers by creating children's products that can help set their moral compass. We specialize in children's picture books that focus on morals and Biblical values. www.icharacter.org... More

Ajanta School of Foreign Languages

Amritsar [India]

Ajanta School of Foreign Languages was established in 1966 . This institute offers foreign languages like French, TEF , ( DELF, DALF Exams ) , German, Italian, Spanish, Russian, Dutch, Norwegian, Portuguese, English etc. Foreign Language Translation and Interpretation services are also available. Ajanta Foreign Language books through the medium of Hindi-English, Punjabi-English are also available... More

Livros Cotovia Lda

Lisboa [Portugal]

Literature and literature-related texts (classics, poetry, drama, short-stories, movels, essays etc.). Orientalism Portuguese contemporary fiction, wine books and guides (Portuguese and English). More


Bertrange [Luxembourg]

Combining law and technology Legitech provides high added value document processing in the legal and fiscal field, covering the whole value chain. In each of its activities, Legitech seeks to reach excellence and turn each link of the legal information chain into means of efficiency for its clients. Online databases Legitech has devised, developed and published three online databases on... More

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