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TellingTales Press


TellingTales Press seeks to set a steady ground for the landing of outstanding publications. Comprising of a team of professional individuals, TellingTales Press has immensely constituted its ventures with youth and women initiatives. The youth in this regard have progenies of ideas that, in one way or the other, intertwine with contemporary issues of the evolving world. The focal point has weight on revamping both the reading and writing culture of the youth and orchestrating innovation. Our publications are exclusively bound on exogenous youthful writers as they launch their art of expression.

Mvule Africa Publishers

Nairobi [Kenya]

Mvule Africa Publishers is dynamic publishing house in kenya that has accepted and embraced e-Books systems

Evangel Publishing House

Nairobi [Kenya]

Evangel Publishing House is an indigenous Kenyan company that has consistently excelled in the area of publishing resources that nurture and equip Christians of every stage of life and at the same time provide general readership books that will prepare the reader for service to God, church and community.

3 English publishing companies in Kenya in the directory.