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Tuttle-Mori Agency, Inc.

Tokyo [Japan]

Kontakte/contacts: Halle 6.2 LitAg or Hotel Intercontinental (Tel.: 26050)- We are the oldest literary agency in Japan, mainly representing foreign authors in Japan. Among them are: Patricia Cornwell, John Grisham, Umberto Eco, John Grisham, Umberto Eco, John Kenneth Galbraith.

Japanese Writers' House TranNet KK

Tokyo [Japan]

We are the only literary agency providing the information of the latest Japanese literary works on the web.

Japan Foreign-Rights Centre (JFC)

Tokyo [Japan]

Literary agency handling foreign rights of Japanese publications and coproduction on all fields as well as planning and editing books on Japanese subjects. JFC also introduces foreign titles to Japanese publishers.

The English Agency (Japan) Ltd.

Tokyo [Japan]

Literary agency based in Tokyo, selling translation rights to Japanese publishers on behalf of foreign clients. Also representing residents of Japan, both foreign and Japanese in sales of their work to foreign publishers.

The Kashima Agency

Tokyo [Japan]

Literary Agency.

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