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Global Science Books Ltd., UK

Ikenobe, Japan

Publisher of academic journals and books in the life sciences, focusing primarily on plant science.

PIE Co., Ltd. (PIE Books)

Tokyo, Japan

Specialist publisher in wide-range graphic design, visual art, photograph, Japanese culture. High quality, international and unique works captivate both professionals and ordinary readers worldwide.

Nankodo Co., Ltd.

Tokyo, Japan

Long and well established medical publishers in Japan, active in domestic publishing and importing books and journals as well. Big list of textbooks in medicine and allied health field including translations. Detailed and concentrated marketing.

Bronze Publishing Inc.

Tokyo, Japan

United Nations University Press (UNUP)

Tokyo, Japan

The United Nations University Press publishes scholarly books in the areas of peace and governance, multilateralism, environment and sustainability, development and urban management.

Koguma Publishing Co., Ltd.

Tokyo, Japan

One Stroke

Otaku Tokyo, Japan

One Stroke was founded in 1986 in Japan. The first series of books for children to be published was “Blue To Blue”, “Green to Green” and “Yellow to Red” by Katsumi Komagata. One Stroke aims to create various projects such as books, products, workshops, exhibits and environments, which encourage and stimulate communication.

Froebel-kan, Co., Ltd.

Tokyo, Japan

Established in 1907. Named after Professor Friedrich Froebel. Manufacturer of educational materials for kindergartens. Publishers of Japan's most popular character ,,Ampanman“ series as well as many books for young readers.

Graphic-Sha Publishing Co., Ltd.

Tokyo, Japan

A publisher specializing in books on design, art, architecture, photography, manga techniques and culture.

The Association of Japanese University Presses

Tokyo, Japan

Founded in 1963.

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