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Torino, Italy

UTET is the fourth book publishing group in Italy, and is made up of the following components: UTET S.p.A., which exercises 100% control over Petrini, Garzanti Grandi, Opere and UTET Diffusione. Utet output includes history, social sciences, literature.

Vincenzo Bona SpA

Torino, Italy

International publishers, printers (web and sheetfed offset) and binders of art and photographic books comics and encyclopedias.

Verba Volant (Italy)

Torino, Italy

Verba Volant offers a complete book-packaging service of excellence, specialized in books on food, art, educational and gardening. We create books and multimedia resources for publishers, providing them services such as content development, translation, editing, illustrations, iconographic research, photo sessions, photo-editing and data conversion.

Lastrego & Testa Multimedia

Torino, Italy

Lastrego & Testa Multimedia is an independent studio based in Turin, Italy, providing educational and entertaining material for children, families and teachers through animated series, books, and activity labs.

Agnese Incisa Agenzia Letteraria

Torino, Italy

Italian authors for the international market. Representation of international publishers and agents in Italy.

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