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Pitara Kids Network

Gurgaon, India

Pitara literally means ‘a chest full of surprises’. For over 15 years, kids have been coming to us to explore, discover, learn, play & enjoy. We continue to surprise and delight children with our unending treasure trove of activities, games, stories, poems, folktales, educational reference materials… We started as a website with an Indian/Asian perspective and our values still are multi-cultural, multi-lingual and inclusive, but our audience is global. Many International school systems consider us an important educational resource and provide links to us and encourage children to use us for their school work. Some of the world's leading publishers (Pearson, Cambridge University Press, Orient Longman, Harcourt Assessment) license our content for their books and related educational material. The idea of Pitara was born out of the recognition that education is not an end in itself. That it has a higher goal - of helping our children become intelligent human beings. Intelligent and sensitive to their immediate social-political-cultural-ecological surroundings. From our own experiences as parents we have realised that, as a general rule, we underestimate children. They are far more intelligent, sensitive, and concerned than we believe them to be. As they grow, it is from us that they learn to become indifferent, and unconcerned. They take on our mortal fear of failure and paranoia for success.

Gurgaon, India

Includes news coverage on Indian politics, business and economy.

Zorba Publishers

Gurgaon, India

Your manuscript represents your passion, joy, hard work and creativity. How do you share it with the larger public (ideally, while earning some money along the way)? Self-publishing is the fastest growing segment of the book publishing industry. Authors find it attractive for many reasons. Traditional publishing companies are difficult to approach and make it hard for authors to be heard. It is time consuming and there is no assurance of getting published. Why do authors prefer to Self Publish with Zorba Publishers? We stand out in our professionalism and honesty. We help turn the manuscript into your dream book. We have the LOWEST COST in the industry. You pay approx. only as much as a return flight Delhi - Mum - Delhi ! OR for a new smartphone There are no false promises or pretences. We believe that your inputs and ideas should be given utmost importance at every step of the development of your book. We strive to keep your best interest at heart. We believe that in your success lies our success. We help you through the process of marketing. We take care of online distribution to make sure the book reaches the reader. We provide you editing services at some of the lowest costs. The copyright of the book remains with you! What can I self- publish? Books in all topics and categories: fiction, nonfiction, management, technical, self-help, reference. Training manuals Biographies and autobiographies Coffee table books Booklets Novellas

Shubhi Publications

Gurgaon, India

Publisher of coffee table books in Indian art, architecture, travel, religion, philosophy etc. Also scholary work in history, social sciences. Publish overseas publishers in India. Also interested in buying and selling of rights on English language.

MTG Learning Media Pvt. Ltd.

Gurgaon, India

MTG Learning Media is a leading publisher of academic books meant for Olympiad, medical and engineering entrance exams like NEET/JEE Main, School (English, Science, Math, Hindi, GK and Computer) books, Foundation course book and competitive exam magazines. It offers books for Class 1 to 12 and medical/ engineering entrance exams for better learning of students. MTG materials and workbooks enable students to self-pace, self-study and self-evaluate their knowledge and grasp over their course matter and syllabus. MTG is the brand name and more than one crore students have benefitted by their guidebooks and workbooks which are now available in many countries. The sole aim of MTG Learning Media is to provide best books and study material for proper growth of students. It is engaged in B2B and B2C business also.

Monograph Publishing Pvt. Ltd.

Gurgaon, India

Monograph Publishing Private Limited is a jump start publishing company with its core focus on sales and marketing of professional reference books from select reputed Indian and International publishers, self-published authors, and co-published Monograph reprints. Promoted by Marketing and Finance Professionals, Monograph aims to establish its niche in corporate and institutional sales of books and journals on Finance, Financial Markets, Commodities and Currency Markets, Equity Research, Economics, Derivatives, Insurance, Real Estate, Infrastructure, Risk Management, Marketing Management, Robotics and Automation, General Management, Investments, Human Resources, Taxation & Law, Accounting, Technology and Engineering, Science & Metallurgy, Design, Productivity and Quality Management. We at Monograph recognize the changing trends in printing technology, design, digital publishing and online marketing. Conforming to the current business scenario, Monograph also aims to build its business strategy by acquiring electronic and print publishing rights of international publications. In a recent development, Monograph has been awarded an institutional tie-up by Harvard Business Review (HBR) Press Publications (India) for HBR and HUP (Harvard University Press) Publications for Indian sub-continent. We are the first and only such publishers in India to be awarded this privilege. HBR generally sells through trade distributors in India. Monograph has also expressed to do contract publishing with universities for their out of print/ out of circulation titles and distribute best sellers in institutional libraries. Monograph has a registered office in New Delhi and a corporate office in Gurgaon, Haryana. The company also has a corporate web presence at

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