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BSC Publishers & Distributors

Hyderabad [India]

We are the publishers for all academic and general books.

Dreamland Publications

New Delhi [India]

Dreamland Publications, one of the leading publishing house for children books of international standard, having more than 800 titles of various topics and interests of children like pre-school, activity, art and craft, colouring, fairy tales, atlases, dictionaries, board books, charts, posters, etc. Dreamland is catering to their buyer's need with co-publishing their publications in more than 10 languages and also doing exports in more than 30 countries worldwide.

Ponytale Books

Delhi [INDIA]

Media Fusion (India) Pvt. Ltd.

Bengalore [India]

A publishing house based in Bangalore, into Children books,are attractively priced and offer you a wide range of media to choose from. We not only showcase to a child the culture of the world he or she is growing up in, but also attempt to reach out to the child and use the art of storytelling to put ideas out into the world and shape the future.

i-manager Publications

Nagercoil [India]

i-manager Publications is a leading publishing house specialized in publishing Scientific, Technology, Education and Management Journals. Our Journals reflect international perspective on research and serves as a knowledge mirror of the technological advancements around the globe. At present i-manager Publications brings out 24 Academic Journals.

Jahanvi Publications Pvt.Ltd.

Jaipur [India]

JAHANVI PUBLICATIONS Pvt. Ltd. formed in 2009 with the vision and affirmation to serve excellence globally. The first step of JPPL was PROFICIENT. JPPL started a International Refereed Journal of Management with the title "PROFICIENT" on Quarterly Intervals. The very title "PROFICIENT" has been chosen to define skills and expertise in one's respective field. It is an academic periodical, with peer-reviewed contents, presenting articles on diverse subjects from academia and industry that is published at fixed regular intervals. JPPL also started an International Journal of Medicine with the same title, PROFICIENT. PROFICIENT created innovation in Journals and launched Pictorial Presentation of Articles with complete 4 colour printing, which was a new pattern for Journals. By proving the quality, PROFICIENT has taken all certification i.e. ISSN, RNI and PNR and has also been listed in Publishers Global and other various directories i. e. Cabells, EBESCO, Conect Journals etc. By taking a further step, JPPL has launched Text and Reference Books i. e. Tourism Marketing, Organizational Behavior, Principles and Practices of Management, Financial Management and Brand Management and some more Edited Books likewise on Tourism Opportunities and Ventures etc. After getting encouraging response of appreciation from Industry people and researchers, some changes in the title have been made i. e. Jahanvi Publications is changed into JAHANVI PUBLISHING Pvt. Ltd. and PROFICIENT "An International Refereed Journal of Management and Medicine" and given a short title PIRJMs "PROFICIENT International Refereed Journal of Management and Medicine". JPPL has launched some more books on Business Communication, International Business, HRM, Company Law, Strategic Management and Sales & Distribution. JPPL also enters in the field of Engineering and we are soon launching some question banks of Engineering & Polytechnic i. e. New Pattern JEE Mains Physics, New Pattern JEE Mains Chemistry, New Pattern JEE Mains Maths and Solved Papers of Polytechnic. Now we are coming out with four new online refereed journals titled - 1. PIRJMs ( PROFICIENT International Refereed Journal of Management ) 2. PIRJSET (PROFICIENT International Referred Journal of Science, Engineering & Technology ) 3. PIRJCM ( PROFICIENT International Referred Journal of Commerce and Management ) 4. PIRJASE (PROFICIENT International Referred Journal of Arts, Social


Goa [India]

Goa,1556 was founded by journalist Frederick Noronha. The name was inspired by the accidental arrival of the Gutenberg printing press to Goa in the year 1556 - the first of its kind in all of Asia. The primary goal of his publishing company is to "democratise the production of knowledge". It argues that "today, more than ever, Goa needs a voice to articulate its own priorities." The editorial modulation of Goa,1556 is non-fiction writing related to Goa, with emphasis on books which "shed interesting new light on various aspects that help better understand the complex region called Goa." As of November 2012, Goa 1556 has amassed an assortment of 50 titles to its credentials.


Kolkata [India]

Book on Photography, Nature, Wildlife, conservation etc

Divine Books

Delhi [India]

Publishers of Books on Indology,Buddhism,Ayurveda and Tibetan Studies,since 1976.

whitewater Publications Pvt. Ltd.

Delhi [India]

The White-water Publications was founded at the end of 2011. Since then it has specialized mainly in spiritual and fiction publications. White-water also publishes healthy lifestyle books, books on gardening and hobbies. White water's original books are offered for co editions to foreign publishers and their rights are also sold abroad.

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