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Officina Publishing

Budapest, Hungary

Publisher of highly illustrated non-fiction books with particular emphasis on cultural history, archaeology, art and nature. Officina Junior is the children's book label within the publishing company.

Egmont Hungary

Budapest, Hungary

Atlantisz Publishing House

Budapest, Hungary

Philosophy, theories of knowledge, of history, of arts. History of culture. History of Hungary. International book-centre of humanities in Budapest: Atlantisz Book Island". International bookseller service."

Mano Konyvek Publishing

Budapest, Hungary

Mano Konyvek is one of the leading children's book publisher in Hungary.

Oriold & Co. Publishing Services Ltd.

Budapest, Hungary

Oriold & Co. LTD. has published more than 70 books since itÂ’s establishment in 2005, and is a leading publisher of books in the fields of psychiatry, and psychology is Hungary. We also have books in other medical fields, including geriatrics, diagnostics, gastroenterology, etc. We have launched no less than 3 online magazines in 2011 in different medical fields. Most of our books are in Hungarian, but we have German, Russian, and Polish language books too.

Kráter Publishing

Budapest, Hungary

Múlt és Jövö Publishing House

Budapest, Hungary

Múlt és Jövö Publishing House publishes novels from Hungarian Jewish history, philosophy, sciences and art. It also publishes a quarterly cultural revïew.

Csimota Publishing

Budapest, Hungary

Csimota Publishing House has become the most progressive children book publisher in Hungary shortly after its foundation in 2003. More than 50 titles were published in recent years - mostly works of Hungarian young writers and illustrators, accomplished and well known artists by now. Csimota's books are known to deal with taboo themes and topics, such as people with handicap, children rights, tolerance, and death. Several of its titles has been translated and published in different European countries.

VoxMedica Publishing Company

Budapest, Hungary

The VOX MEDICA PUBLISHER has been present on the Hungarian market of health-related publications for 15 years of publishing experience and with several popular products.
With many years of experience and with several popular publications, our main profile is the publication of medical- and pharmaceutical-related textbooks, but we offer medical and advisory books also for the general population.

Besides of our own published books, we are the editors and publishers of one of the market leader scientific journal of primary care physicians.

Magveto Publishing

Budapest, Hungary

Magveto is the leading publisher of contemporary Hungarian fiction and poetry and also has a selection of the finest from world literature. Our house was founded in 1955 and now publishes 40-50 new titles each year.

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