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Livanis Publishing Organization S.A.

Athens, Greece

Books on all subjects including poetry, drama, literature, art, music, children's books, fiction and science fiction, religion, politics, history, military, travel, sports, gardening, cookery, medical, nursing and feber paperbacks and titles on CD-ROM and CD-i.

Patakis Publishers

Athens, Greece

Patakis Publishers were established in 1974. The first books published by the company were educational. Since 1981, the company has extended its range to cover many genres and styles. Every year, more than 500 new titles and educational material are being published. At present, Patakis Publishers are considered the leading company in the field and are distinguished for their commitment to quality and their pioneering spirit.

Kedros Publishers

Athens, Greece

Foremost publisher of contemporary literature:fiction, theatre. Essays, art, foreign fiction. Greek fiction in English translation (modern Greek writers). Children's books.

Kastaniotis Editions S.A.

Athens, Greece

Publishers of general fiction and non-fiction: Greek and international authors, modern literature and novels, essays, poetry, theatre, art books, classics, philosophy, psychology, sociology, activities, children's books, multimedia. 30 years in operation.

Apostoliki Diakonia of the Orthodox Christian Church of Greece

Athens, Greece

Apostoliki Diakonia is the official publishing house of the Orthodox Christian Church of Greece. Since 1936 it has published hundreds of books on christian theology and tradition, Orthodox spirituality, biblical studies and fiction for children.

Praxis Publications

Athens, Greece

"Praxis", a publishing house specialized in textbooks for German as a foreign language, was founded in 1985 in Athens from his current owner and leader Spiros Koukidis, German teacher and author with work experience of more than 30 years in the field. In the forst years of its existence the publishing house was focused on the distinctive features of the Greek market for German as a foreign language (concentration on the various exams and need for general supplementary materials). The break of the century brought a change of direction to the company. A series of textbooks with clear orientation towards the international market have been published, mainly from language B1 upwards, ensuring their quality by first trying them out in the classroom before launching them. Praxis Publications grew in this way into a medium-sized (for Greek standards), heavily export-oriented publisher, well-known for its learner-friendly textbooks of highest quality, which sometimes serve highly specialized market segments.

Kritiki Publishing Lambiris Panagiotis

Athens, Greece

Philosophy, sociology, pedagogics, literature, business-management, children's books, history, economics, educational books, politics, essays, studies.

Hestia Publishers & Booksellers

Athens, Greece

Founded in 1885. Publishers and distributors of more than 1,500 titles, including Greek and non-Greek (M. Kundera, J. Fowles, D. DeLillo, C. Simon...) literature, classics, philosophy, history, politics, children's books, psychology, etc.

Periplous Editions

Athens, Greece

Literature, history, marketing, lifestyle.

Agra Publications

Athens, Greece

Agra Publications were founded in 1979. They have published 800 titles of Greek and world literature, art, architecture, drama, crime fiction, children's books, essays and ancient Greek and Byzantine texts.

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