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Palitra Media Holding

Tbilisi, Georgia

Georgia Today

, Georgia

Weekly newspaper. Contains news and articles on a number of topics.

Bakur Sulakauri Publishing

Tbilisi, Georgia

Publishing priorities: fiction, children's books, school textbooks, cookbooks.

Diogene Publishers

Tbilisi, Georgia

Textbooks for schools and universities, books for children and teenagers, fiction, scientific and popular scientific literature.

Karchkhadze Publishing

Tbilisi, Georgia

Leading Georgian publisher of children's educational books, references, encyclopedias, atlases; children's fiction, myths and fairy-tales; Georgian modern classic.

Elf Publishing

Tbilisi, Georgia

Elf Publishing takes part in many international projects. It received a special award from Business Initiative Association. Kinderbücher, Literatur, Enzyk-lopädien, Sachbücher.

Logos Press Ltd.

Tbilisi, Georgia

School and academic textbooks, giftbooks, books for children, fiction.

Artanuji Publishing

Tbilisi, Georgia

Publishing House 'Siesta'

Tbilisi, Georgia

Publishing House 'Siesta' had been operating since 2004 translating and publishing world classics, poetry, drama, children's literature and much more.

Amodis Natdeba Literary Agency

Tbilisi, Georgia

Translation Publishing

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