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Editions du Centre Pompidou

Paris [France]

The Centre’s publishing house, the Éditions du Centre Pompidou, has a worldwide reputation for its publications in the field of modern and contemporary art. With some forty new titles a year and more than three hundred in the catalogue, the Éditions du Centre Pompidou always has something new to offer and something for everyone, from newcomers to experts. Its publications complement the Centre’s own events and activities, with monographs, catalogues, picture albums, essays and anthologies, as well as many titles for children and young people. All these are produced to the highest editorial standards, particular attention being paid to the lavish, high quality illustrations.

Editions du Musée Rodin

Paris [France]

The editions of the Rodin Museum publish up-to-date works on the sculptures and work of Rodin. Aside from the catalogues and scientific works that make up the backlist, the editions of the Rodin Museum have been publishing and promoting an art book series known as ,Tout l'oeuvre" since 2001.


Paris [France]

Portal of journals in social sciences. est né de la volonté de quatre maisons d'édition (Belin, De Boeck, La Découverte et Erès) ayant en charge la publication et la diffusion de revues de sciences humaines et sociales, d’unir leurs efforts pour améliorer leur présence sur l’Internet, et de proposer à d’autres acteurs souhaitant développer une version électronique de leurs publications, les outils techniques et commerciaux développés à cet effet. En février 2006, la Bibliothèque nationale de France s’est associée à ce projet, de façon à faciliter le développement d’une offre éditoriale francophone, sous forme numérique. réunit, en outre, différents investisseurs institutionnels, notamment Gesval, la société ayant en charge la gestion des participations de l’Université de Liège.

Groupe Eyrolles

Paris [France]

We specialize in professional books. Main areas include computer science, design, arts and crafts, building, engineering, management, marketing, economy and photography.

Librairie Mollat Editions

Bordeaux [France]

Sciences humaines/humanities-art beaux livres/art, illustrated books, histoire régionale, oenologie.

Réunion Des Musées Nationaux

Paris [France]

The Réunion des Musées Nationaux is the publisher of French national museums such as the Louvre, the Musée d'Orsay, Versailles and the Musée Picasso among others. Its children publications embrasses all of the art history periods and includes monographies on numerous artists, as well as activity books dedicated to explaining art to children.


Paris [France]

naïve is the major independent record company in France. Its book department publishes books about music but with a special feeling, literature, art books, children's books and audio books.

Ankama Editions

Roubaix [France]

Part of the Ankama Group (, Ankama Editions quickly established itself as a major actor of the Ninth Art in France and in Europe, by publishing DOFUS (a manga based on the famous MMORPG) and creating WAKFU, an imprint derived from the young teenagers' favourite animation series. Our culture: a mix of video games, books and cartoons: our range of products is in constant evolution. In form and in meaning, it's a whole world of discoveries, sensations and boldness, which increases as years go by.

Editions Gründ

Paris [France]

Jeunesse, nature, loisirs, art de vivre, beaux-arts, tourisme.

Editions Citadelles & Mazenod

Paris [France]

Histoire de l'art, beaux arts, architecture, peinture, art et nature, arts décoratifs.

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